Monday, May 18, 2009

Bits and pieces

Bilderberg group ended with a bang! LOL! (interesting to me that Greece experienced a 4.7 magnitude earthquake yesterday). Here is the list of those attending this years meeting. take the time to Google some of these people. You can learn more about what they are trying to pull. I might add they are meeting with increasing resistance as more of us become aware of their plans to bring one world government to the sovereign nations of the world.

Looks to me like the Fed is rapidly expanding their program for control over the citizens of our wonderful country. Now in a piece that dovetails with the Hitler Youth blog from last week, comes another story of interest you can view here. Americorp's organization, City Year is an amazing example of training the youth of our nation to be snitches on their own citizens, thus making the governments job of controlling us all so much easier. Again we find, The Department of Homeland Security, lurking in the shadows, behind this organization.

Speaking of control, an issue that's been on my mind for some time. Torture. I remember being a kid and hearing about the worst form of torture anyone could go through. It was the infamous Chinese water torture! Remember that? I wonder now if it was a kin to water boarding? The mere fact that a public discussion takes place over torture is a very bad sign. What have we become? And it is far worse then that. Unfortunately history is full of examples of what happens when the Empire of the moment conquers and occupies a country. It is no wonder to me our country does all of it's horrible acts in the name of national security. We have become the tyrannical, oppressive, government that we supposedly are fighting against! Read 1984 and dare to tell me that isn't' happening. Facts can be found all over that point to the true cause of our problems. We have become a nation of blind, frightened, little sheep, cowering to our leaders to protect us from the evil doers in the world. Guess what gang? I will let you in on the little secret. shhhh, ......listen, you've heard how if your not careful history repeats itself. Guess what piece of history you and I are are reliving, right now? I will give you a hint. His name started with an A. He was German. Only this time, the take over of the world, is by and large, not through military force, but through economic force. They will try to disarm the population with the promise of feeding us in exchange for our right to bear arms. And for our right to speak our truth. Our government has sold us out, and are now securing the means to enslave us, before they pull the plug. Understand it now, stand up to it, or you won't recognize this place. Hell, I already don't recognize this place! Know that the only way to have a future is to stand up to this attempt to enslave us. Please understand this, the time is running out,.......quickly! May you all be blessed and loved, and may you be protected from the dangers, that are rising up, right before our vary eyes!


  1. Some Bilderbergers who caught my eye:
    Paul Wolfowitz, a member of Bush's inner circle, was asked to resign from the World Bank over financial irregularities, how interesting to see he's the president of it now ....hmmm. And once again the evil head of THE AMERICAN FREE ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE rears it's three heads.
    Thomas Enders, CEO AIRBUS, the company at the center of the Mulroney/Schrieber bribery inquiry I commented on in my blog.
    Jaap De Hoop Scheffer beat out Peter Mackay
    for the top job at NATO. Peter Mackay is currently Canada's minister for international trade, and the son of Elmer Mackay, who did the same for Mulroney's government. Mackay greased the way for the current Neo-con government here by screwing over David Orchard, the last democratically elected true Progressive Conservative.
    Robert F**KING Kagan (Keigkan, or Kleiglan, or whatever alias he's hiding under these days) Wherever THIS F**KER goes, the
    torches and white sheets aren't far behind!!!!
    Hey! General Betray-Us made it!! and what a shock to see a Rockefeller among this group!
    There's Kissinger, the grand daddy of them all! Whotta PART-EE!!!!

  2. Whats interesting is that the original list was posted in a foreign newspaper

  3. I knew you guys would jump all over this! Thanks for the insights, I wish EVERYONE was studying these people. The only way they can carry out their plans is if everyone stays tucked away all comfy in their little suburban dreamscapes of my life is so wonderful because I live in the greatest nation in the world, with all my rights and freedoms! Wake the FUCK up people!!!!