Sunday, May 31, 2009

Left vs. Right

As we continue down our merry way we inevitably come to a place where we realize that things aren't always as they seem. Something clicks, and just simply doesn't make sense. We ask ourselves a question. We are often afraid to ask out loud for fear of appearing stupid, or for fear of causing a problem. Ask enough questions and people label you a trouble maker. I have earned just such a label many times in my life. I actually have an aversion to following the herd to the point of out right rebelliousness. If I notice too many people sharing the same ideas I get nervous. I suppose it would be considered a phobia of sorts. So as more and more people awaken to what are quite obvious realities to me, my space becomes crowded. One particular exception I can make comes in the division of the political left vs. the political right. When you go as far down the rabbit hole (down in a hole) as you dare go things begin to take on a slightly different meaning in life. I love my country and everything that it is supposed to stand for. I also know there are many people out there that feel the exact same way as I do. All ages, all races, all political affiliations. All religions, the rich, and the poor, the gay and the straight. ALL OF US! This country was supposed to be founded on the principle that any person feeling persecuted or oppressed could immigrate here and start a new life, with certain inalienable, god given rights. A REPUBLIC, based on these rights with laws to protect the people. Many warnings were given to us by our founding fathers to remind us of our responsibilities as citizens. Many of our own ancestors gave their life in order to allow future generations to prevail in our country. How many citizens would die for these rights today? Today, I am asking everyone to awaken from the lies and stand as one people against the true enemy that has infiltrated our beloved nation. Our common enemy seeks to deceive us in many ways. None more effective then to divide us into two perfectly opposed groups, forcing us all to fall within the narrow parameters of these two groups. The truth of the matter is there are several different, wonderful ideas that make us all up. We are all very complex and unique. The enemy would have you believe your neighbor is the real enemy. Or anyone that doesn't look like you, or act like you, or think like you. Our political system is supposed to be comprised of two political parties. This is one of the more dangerous lies being accepted as truth today. Our congress, our house of representatives, our president all answer to the same group of people. They are supposed to answer to us, the people of this country, but they do not. They are completely bought for and paid in full by the corporate menace, that many have and are trying to warn us of. Powerful, rich, lobbyists, have completely hijacked, and taken over control. The last part of their mission, to control and enslave the entire population. While we argue conservative vs. liberal, they continue to pass legislation that continues to attack and erode our economy, our rights, our ability to rationally think for ourselves without being deluded by their constant cooperate programing that not only lies to you, but threatens the very existence of your family as well as mine. They have been poisoning the water with fluoride, telling you it is necessary for your teeth. They have systematically removed all the vitamins and nutrition from your food, made health care into a pharmaceutical bonanza for drug makers and insurance companies alike. They have convinced you to buy a house, drive a gas guzzling S.U.V., buy all the toys you could possibly want. Then try to convince you that YOU are the one destroying the environment by your reckless ways. Soon they will try to levy a carbon tax on your lifestyle, that they convinced you was your right. They tax you to death, then turn around and give the money that is supposed to be helping us to their rich, ponzi scheme, bankster buddies. One of the most soundest economic principles would be to end the Federal Reserve banking system. Do your research. This system, that began in 1913, is one of the main reasons we are in the situation we are in today. Left unabated, our upcoming depression will make the great depression appear like kindergarten. Lets not forget the wars we were lied into by one administration just to be continued by the next, and expanded it appears! Or lets not forget the thousands of innocent people that were killed that day in September, by box cutter wielding terrorists from a cave in Afghanistan (WINK!) How many assaults will it take? The landscape is littered with rabbit holes, all begging to be explored. Stop tripping on the damn things and go down one and check it out. My friends, they are fighting us from a unified, powerful, advanced position. The only way we stand a chance, is to set aside our juvenile differences, and band together in a overwhelming opposing force of one, and civilly disobey them. We must get off our asses, clean ourselves up, and take responsibility for ourselves, empowering ourselves, standing together as one. Divided we fall. The enemy is within. Once you realize that, the real work can begin. Cleaning up the god awful mess we have aloud to take place. We owe it to ourselves. We owe it to our children. We owe it to the rest of the world! Why not go viral with making this Independence day, the day we reclaim our country. Tell your friends, family, anyone and everyone. Take a stand. It may be our last chance. The enemy is not the conservative republicans, or the liberal democrats, or the vast majority of middle of the road, conscious, hard working Americans. It is your government, carrying out the agenda of the rich elite multinational bankers, seeking to control the whole world. You may not like that, but it is the simple truth! PEACE! To all I wish happiness and the right to pursue it, no matter who you are! And under no circumstances allow yourselves to be sucked into their little game. They want you to fight. Then they have the reason to kick our asses and lock us down. The only way this battle can be won is through peaceful means. CIVILLY DISOBEY THE MASTERS!!! NO IS THE WORD!!!


As an amateur researcher I have learned to follow my instincts on what to study. I study ancient civilizations, world events ( geopolitical, religious, social movements, nature, etc.), spiritual philosophy, myths, symbols, and belief structures. One of my favorite things to read about are crop circles. If you study the history of crop circles, you will find accounts of them hundreds of years old. Only recently have they gotten attention in the alternative media. You rarely see any news on them on the nightly news. Many people have dismissed them as being created by two drunken Brits named Doug and Dave. They show how using rope and boards they tramp down the crops to create the patterns. There is no doubt that some circles are created this way. When a crop is trampled down the stalks actually are broken. When a crop circle is created by some other means, the stalks are seldom damaged, they are only bent, and continue to grow. The other interesting thing in a genuine circle is the water content in the ground around and within the circle is sucked right out of the ground. Some people think the circle is created by a high temperature, steaming effect, where the moisture is used to cool the stalk as it is heated and bent. The alternative explanation is some sort of alien, as in not of this world, force is creating these genuine circles. Whatever is behind these circles, they seem to be trying to tell us something. The most recent circles are thought to be possibly warning us about our sun. See this link for a further explanation. Some Australian researchers think there may be a large solar event in our very near future, as shown buy May's crop circles. They suggest the circle makers are telling us that early July, 2009 is this date. I find this interesting on many levels. First of all, if you study the Myan prophecies carefully you will know that the famed 12-21-2012 end date of their calender is more representative of a window of time and not a literal date of transformation. From my studies of the Myan elders, they are saying that a window of possibility of transformation opened in the fall equinox of 2007. This window of possibility is open for 7yrs. So they say the shift of the ages possibly occurs between 2007-2014. Factor in the solar minimum that has been occurring since 2005, (notice the much cooler temperatures?), is currently the 2Nd greatest minimum of the century. My logic tells me that when the sun does become active again it could do say very abruptly. The other thing I find interesting is our current social climate. Never before have we faced the challenges that we do right now in society on so many levels. I think this 4Th of July could be very interesting on many levels. On the economic front, the mass media have been trying to convince us the economy is getting better, but the actual information is quite contrary. It all seems to be building. The bright side to all of this is we would have a 2-3 day window, if the sun pulled a crazy stunt. The down side is I doubt if the government would say a word. In any event, sudden solar activity could be the beginning of some really interesting changes. As we all know, the sun provides us with life, and many, many spiritual disciplines worship the sun as the principle Deity. Could the sun have the potential to change us, on all levels of being? Could the sudden influx of electromagnetic, highly energized photons, change us at the most fundamental level? Could the sun have the power to systematically change and upgrade our DNA to thus evolve us on the quantum level, in one fantastic moment? That would be a day to remember! I have no idea what will really happen in July, perhaps just another month of business as usual, but maybe, just maybe...........My hopes are always of the highest nature for the good of us all! PEACE to all of you! Be well. If you are interested you can monitor the suns activity here. Really neat information about the sun, and different space related information.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


It alarms me to no end that people in this country sit placidly awaiting the proverbial slap in the face that is coming. Why can't we read the writing on the wall? Oh, that's right, we can't read. Or more to the point, we wont read. It is much easier to sit and watch the corporate, mass produced, propaganda that passes as news. The dumbing down of the populace has achieved the desensitized, care only for our selves, zombies we have become. If this article does not shock you, then your brain dead! (Which most of you certainly are!) Wake up people. The mere fact a mother is considered a negligent parent for choosing to find alternative ways of dealing with her teenage son's cancer, other than taking a shot of highly toxic chemicals, is absolutely criminal! Since when are we forced to accept certain treatments over others? Since now! Only in AMERIKA! We are losing our country faster then you can say; "I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America, and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands; one Nation, under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." Anyone saying those words and truly meaning them should understand and educate themselves to the true reality of the high tech, unconstitutional, police state, dictatorship the Federal government has become. Through the corporate cooperation, our society is being turned into a massive control paradigm of control and consent that would make Hitler envious. Every level of liberty is under attack. Wake up, before it's too late! The only recourse we have is to civilly disobey, en mass, this wicked plan of control. They always say, "But it's for your own good." Bullshit!!! It's always for their own good, and profit!! One simple word empowers you. NO! Say it with me. NO! It's time to get mad as hell and not take this bullshit any longer! No I will not allow you to dictate my health care. No I will not allow you to feed me poison. No I will not allow you to poison the drinking water. No, I will not take your drugs to pacify me. No I will not support your privatising corporate profit while socializing the debt! No I will not support the systematic rape and torture of the planet, as well as human beings. No, I will not support the brain washing of the population to blindly follow your destructive plans. No, I WILL NOT BE SILENCED! WAKE UP PEOPLE! SAY NO! NO! NO! NO! I WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS SHIT ANY LONGER!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Sometimes you just get plain fed up with all the bullshit! Overload kicks in and kicks your ass. You just want all the crap to cease and desist. That's where I found myself at the moment. Enough already. Why can't we just be left alone to do our thing here on this earth? No someone has always got to fuck with us. Tell us we SHOULD do this, we CAN'T do that, some silly bastard always claiming some new fucked up law is for our own good! Lies! Out right fucking lies. Anytime someone says that, they just want to control your ass! What we need is to wake up to what is going on around us. Pry our little minds out of the t.v. and take a look around. Notice anything odd? If you are not shocked and outraged at what you see, you are still sleeping, and unfortunately deserve what is coming! But alas, what the fuck do I know? I'm just a crazy fucker who is paranoid. Regardless, this shit is going to pop real soon. I can feel the immense pressure building. It is seething all around. What will happen? I have not a clue, but if it's business as usual, there will be some sort of stupid TERRORIST attack, or some new stupid war, or some new stupid virus, or some new stupid climate crises. Whatever, I don't even care, I am just sick of all the ignorance and stupid bullshit that goes on that I could just puke! Ah, that's better, sometimes you just gotta SHOUT AT THE DEVIL! LOL! Anyway this rant is over! Peace out!

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Dance of the Jester.

Orwellian utterances bark rabid concessions under misguided consent of protection. The populace falls further into slumber amidst desires of Disney dreams embraced. Sudden impact of reality to jostle awake a precious few, who in response declare a personal war on fascist dictators, opposing your right to even breathe. Faceless, spineless, parasitic response to a growing morbid attack on pursing happiness, the Juggernaut crushes the soul of all who dare oppose it. Programmed from within, new walls appear as old ones are torn down. The endless cycle of terror, provides comfort of control for masters beckon call. Slaves must revolt, until assumed justice, predicates a new view from the summit. Once lofty vision placates desire, a new form of justice repeals the next generational murmurings of lost vision from the depths. Thus repeated mutations of the same gene unfold before the seers eyes can adjust to the new terrain. Self imposed restrictions continue to perform the valiant deed, prison but an arms length away. Just past the normal perception, time and space collide in the illusion of now. Foretelling of the battle of yesterday to unfold tomorrow. In sheer folly the jester tosses the final ball into the air, the kings astonishment foretold the lie, accustomed to the ridicule, the armies march on cue. Embattled justice to ensue as darkness devourers the spark. Three fold evenings to pass beyond awareness, the spark emerges, dawn of a new time, a place where time unwinds, to rekindle the forgotten elders words, spoken softly, on the dew of the mornings sun.

Laid Bare

I am an open book, for all to read.
I will talk to anyone, about anything.
I will be honest with what I believe.
I will not care if you agree with me.
I will not care if you like me.
I only wish to exchange ideas.
To further expand my understanding.
I respect your opinion, even if I disagree.
I invite you to write. Whoever you may be.
Come, sit awhile, let's talk of the moment.
You are welcomed. You are honored.
Whoever you are. I am laid bare for you.
Be honest, what have you got to lose?
We can remove our masks and be real.
As real as it gets. Come, join me, whoever you are!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Personal Observations

The ruling elite are losing their grip on society. They are falling into disarray as we continue to shine the light of reason upon them. I personally have no doubt we are on the verge of a new time of awakening and understanding in our world. It is a very hectic time, of rapidly evolving ideas and change. As with any change of this magnitude it will not be without some turmoil. As I am wholehearted in my support of all investigators who are trying to teach the public of the true nature of our dilemma, I would also caution against becoming afraid of such information. Fear is what they seek. Rage is what they seek. This is not just a material control scheme. It has a spiritual component as well. Please try to keep in mind, when the game is projected on the world stage, it is the culmination of every ones lesson needs at once. Some of us need the jolts of the outer world more than others. These ruling elite have a very negative need to create complete chaos and destruction that goes all the way back to their inception. They truly believe that they are doing what is best for mankind. They truly believe they are the pinnacle of evolution and anything they do for their advancement is within their rights as controllers, and overlords. They have become Gods in their own minds. They view themselves as unstoppable, and morally superior to all other humans. They set the agenda, they are to be obeyed at all cost. We are possessions to them, to be used at their leisure. To be sacrificed and enslaved. They have created the control mechanisms that they are above. In other words, while the rest of us are trying to play by the rules, they break them constantly. They create the problems, feed off of the response, then present the solution to the problem, which rarely helps and usually only worsens the problem, then feed off the negative responses to that. It is a perfect, self contained, self perpetuating, hell that their seems to be no way out of. There is a way out. But first a little more insight into the overlords game, and what is happening to their organization. Please also keep in mind, you can not fight them with violence. You must learn to confront them from a spiritually informed place of love and strength, that gives you the understanding of what civil disobedience means, and how best to pursue it effectively.

Right now, as you read these words, there is a war going on inside a war. There has been a coup going on inside the ruling elite. First you have the Rothschild faction, they would be the Illuminati, the luciferian occultists who have ties to multiple different groups including free masonry. Then you have the recently developed, Neocon faction, comprised of far right, evangelical, corporate banking elite( Bush, Cheney, Rockefeller's) also free masons. Now as the Bilerberg meetings prove, these groups comprise the overall group but there are disagreements within the group overall. They are both negative, they both wish to strip us of our rights and our wealth. They both are consumed with the need to control us. They are also secretly afraid of us. The main reason for controlling us is to keep us from realizing our true nature of being. For if we realized what that is, there would be absolutely no need for government, religion, law enforcement, courts and prisons, societal control structures, none of it!! That terrifies them! They would no longer be needed. The only way they remain in power is to deceive us with the belief we need all these things to have a order. But look how well the system is working! It is literally a house of cards ready to fall at any moment. There also is another faction of very highly developed, masonic masters, that I believe exists to undermine all of the ruling elite's efforts. They will never truly be known in the public mind, but I suspect they are there. They are the branch, of our masonic founding fathers. They are spiritually empowered through the cornerstone of secret, masonic teachings, combined with the positive energy of love for us all. They wish no harm on any of us. They seek only to teach us who we really are. However they may not directly violate our free will. They believe in, and follow universal law, as deemed by the enlightened ones who could truly be considered gods in the loosest sense. I have every reason to believe the late Joseph Campbell was one of these "White Hat Masons". Now please keep in mind this is an extremely simplified version, as there are many other components involved, including a oriental secret society putting tremendous pressure on the Bilderberg group to stand down. So where to go from here?

As I said at the close of the first paragraph, there are solutions. We need to understand that old methods of fighting are not going to work. If we Overwhelm them with force we will end up with a system very similar to what we have now. What we need is truth. What we need is a place where scarcity is not focused upon, but solutions for abundance are realized. That can only happen in a spiritually mature society, not obsessed with material growth, but with spiritual growth. Trust and love and expanding our understanding of our true nature of being. This not only can come about, but will come about. As long as I breath, I will accept nothing less than that. I give you my word as a human BEING , I will continue in every way possible, to try and teach and live this understanding. The time has come to change the lesson plan of the worlds stage. It no longer reflects the needs of the people. The beginning to doing just that lies in civilly disobeying authority on the grounds of answering to a higher authority. This will take tremendous courage and a complete understanding that this is indeed more important than living here in fear. I will respectfully disobey. I will not be bought, or enslaved, or killed. My true being is much more than this physical body. My mind shall not be stopped from expecting the very best conditions for us all! Even in death I will not abandon this mission. This I give my word to the universe. I KNOW WHO I AM! I ALSO KNOW WHO YOU ARE! All we need to do is stand up, and do what is right. We will succeed. Our children will not have to live like this. I will accept nothing else. May you all have a wonderful weekend, and make sure to love and protect each other with all your intent. May you all be well and happy. Don't be afraid of them, they are losing their power, everyday! Peace!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chasing Bilderberg


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You can't handle the truth!

Or maybe you can, check this out.

U.S. economic outlook improving!

BBC America reports " The U.S. Federal Reserve (the Privately owned bank that prints all the money it LOANS the government, with interest) says it is seeing "Tentative evidence" the U.S. recession is easing despite cutting it's economic growth forecast". What? Did I pass over to complete moron parallel universe? I admit, I am not the brightest bulb in the pack, but come on! How the hell can things be improving? If you read the second paragraph of the article, they even admit the economy will shrink more than they thought! The real news behind the improvement, is they say the rate of descent is slowing! But still falling! Nothing about where the bottom is, just falling a little slower. I feel so much better. I think I will go buy something really nice. That way I'm doing my share to help the economy as 70 per cent comes from consumer spending! We are so fucked it's not even funny! Any way here is the good news! Yay! we are all saved! HA!


I never thought I would say this but, Jesse Ventura is cool. He's not only cool but he's got a lot of guts! watch this here, to see what I mean. Torture, is a nasty little secret that's been around a long time. BushCo didn't invent it, nor are they the first administration to use "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques ". I love the new terminology we have developed. Like the phrase "collateral damage". A cleansing of the lingo as if it makes the acts less heinous also! Give me a fucking break, oh I mean give me an inter coursing break! The fact is it is a reality of what we have become. Like a school yard bully, getting his joly's, pushing the weak around. Well I say, if you don't like what that suggests, it would be a good idea to speak up. Just like speaking up about the fact that, innocent women, and children, are NOT just collateral damage. They are human beings, just like us. The double speak that I see on the idiot box now a days is staggering! So you folks tell me. Is it okay to torture, and rape. Because there is a lot of physical evidence to prove that is going on also. You know the old adage, to rape and pillage. So lets just go back to the dark ages, and have another Inquisition and tell everyone the world is flat. Oh and if you think it's okay for our enemies, guess what? The elite run your government, and in their eyes we are all equal. Equal to carry their yoke of slavery! And the best way to make a slave obey? If you would be interested there is a good article here, about Channey's brand of torture. Happy hunting folks!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

5.6 earthquake in western Saudi Arabia

Just had a weird feeling when my earthquake reader said 5.6 in western Saudi Arabia! That's where the Ghawar oil field is. Sky rocketing oil prices? Is the noose tightening? I hope I'm wrong! I for one can't afford 5 dollar a gallon gas! We will see won't we. Incidentally, the earthquakes have been increasing, noticeably in the past week. Today has been especially active. Swarms in Alaska recently, with some occurring in very strange places! I'll keep you all posted! Be well folks! Things are heating up!!!

Politicians I Trust, no really!

Cut to crickets chirping!.............Just kidding. this says it all. One of the only politicians I trust, Ron Paul, see what he has to say about the Federal Reserve Bank, here. I also really like Cynthia Mckinney, but she was ran out of government! These people have integrity, and care about us! Check them out! Peace to you all! Take good care of each other. Love someone, very deeply!

Monday, May 18, 2009


I love this! Please watch, our lives may depend upon it! Literally! My apologies for the malfunctioning z key! It will not work in upper case! Video Here!

Bits and pieces

Bilderberg group ended with a bang! LOL! (interesting to me that Greece experienced a 4.7 magnitude earthquake yesterday). Here is the list of those attending this years meeting. take the time to Google some of these people. You can learn more about what they are trying to pull. I might add they are meeting with increasing resistance as more of us become aware of their plans to bring one world government to the sovereign nations of the world.

Looks to me like the Fed is rapidly expanding their program for control over the citizens of our wonderful country. Now in a piece that dovetails with the Hitler Youth blog from last week, comes another story of interest you can view here. Americorp's organization, City Year is an amazing example of training the youth of our nation to be snitches on their own citizens, thus making the governments job of controlling us all so much easier. Again we find, The Department of Homeland Security, lurking in the shadows, behind this organization.

Speaking of control, an issue that's been on my mind for some time. Torture. I remember being a kid and hearing about the worst form of torture anyone could go through. It was the infamous Chinese water torture! Remember that? I wonder now if it was a kin to water boarding? The mere fact that a public discussion takes place over torture is a very bad sign. What have we become? And it is far worse then that. Unfortunately history is full of examples of what happens when the Empire of the moment conquers and occupies a country. It is no wonder to me our country does all of it's horrible acts in the name of national security. We have become the tyrannical, oppressive, government that we supposedly are fighting against! Read 1984 and dare to tell me that isn't' happening. Facts can be found all over that point to the true cause of our problems. We have become a nation of blind, frightened, little sheep, cowering to our leaders to protect us from the evil doers in the world. Guess what gang? I will let you in on the little secret. shhhh, ......listen, you've heard how if your not careful history repeats itself. Guess what piece of history you and I are are reliving, right now? I will give you a hint. His name started with an A. He was German. Only this time, the take over of the world, is by and large, not through military force, but through economic force. They will try to disarm the population with the promise of feeding us in exchange for our right to bear arms. And for our right to speak our truth. Our government has sold us out, and are now securing the means to enslave us, before they pull the plug. Understand it now, stand up to it, or you won't recognize this place. Hell, I already don't recognize this place! Know that the only way to have a future is to stand up to this attempt to enslave us. Please understand this, the time is running out,.......quickly! May you all be blessed and loved, and may you be protected from the dangers, that are rising up, right before our vary eyes!


This is an ink drawing titled "Capitulation" I created this about 2 months ago. I chose the title, to make reference to the sometimes overwhelming need to surrender. Many times we feel completely overwhelmed by all that is happening. You can feel completely drained with trying to just live in today's modern society. Pressure is mounting from every angle. As the true nature of our world is being revealed it is staggering to the senses. Corruption, greed, and control, seem to take the driver's seat over love, compassion, and helping our fellow man. I am in complete overload, most of the time, as I try to establish just why it is we allow our world to be this way. The fact of the matter is to me, the vast majority of us "common folk" are hard working, sincere, kind hearted people. We believe that our morals are sound, our perceptions correct, and our feelings true. We try to play by the rules as established, in order to make a better place for us and our children. We want so desperately to believe in the power of good! We are trained to think evil is wrong and that we must overcome the evil with acts of purity, and goodness. Or sometimes we rationalize that it's okay to fight evil with evil. What capitulation is trying to say, in symbolic imagery, is this place is comprised of a duality of existence. And only to the extent that both energies are balanced is the experience either engaged in or denied. Think about it. How fully engaged in our world are we? Do we realize the extent of our give and take in this world. Capitulation represents the surrender of all thoughts, emotions, and consciousness to the pursuit of learning the exact nature of who and what we REALLY are! It is my way of saying, the most important thing to me is truth, be it good or bad, positive or negative, right or wrong. That's me sitting in the middle, in a half fetal half meditative position, contemplating truth. My dual connection through my DNA representing my inside world, to the outside world and back again. A perpetual cycle of give and receive, life and death, the alpha and the omega. The gas mask I'm wearing represents many different things. Most importantly, my imperfect thinking, my falling prey to my own illusions, my inability at times to balance the energies. My erroneous, assumption that all things poisonous come from outside of me, forgetting the outside world is a projection of our collective inside worlds. Also the need to hide my identity behind a mask, thus at times hiding my own nature from myself, or symbolically being afraid to integrate the shadow self. Despite all of the spiritual coming of age struggles, the end result is a new born self, taking shape in between the new DNA strands that emerge as a result of integration of the dualistic nature. A lively little bugger, already climbing up his own source of life in the never ending pursuit of truth! I hope you enjoyed a little behind the scenes take on my motivation for my artwork. As it's own piece, it can take on whatever meaning you need. As an experiment I am going to look it again 6 months from now, and rewrite it's symbolic meaning. If anyone would like to share what the piece means to them I would be thrilled to hear from you! May you all be blessed, loved, and protected as you live out your lives in these crazy times! Take care.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Control Paradigm

Once you start to question the reality of your life you begin to realize that we all are brainwashed to one degree or another. We have been sold a bill of goods. By our very nature we our societal animals. No one really wants to be cast out of their social group. It is a very frightening experience. To question the very societal paradigms we have all put our trust in takes a lot of intestinal fortitude. Many of us are doing just that. How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go? Just as an experiment I ask you to suspend your beliefs for a moment. Just as an exercise I ask you to allow your thoughts to venture out into uncharted territory to consider an idea. What if EVERYTHING you have been taught was centered around making you dependent on something or someone? What if your religion was nothing more than a control paradigm to rob you of your self worth? What if your government was nothing more than a series of laws and rules designed to rid you of your freedoms and liberties? What if the very world you know and love is all just an outer illusion, and in the truest sense of the word, does not exist in reality at all. What if science, the beloved study of proven facts, was nothing more than a sham to keep you contained in the knowable, proven, accepted reality that is before your very eyes? What if you were actually participating in an agreed upon illusion, in order to teach your conscious self the true nature of your soul? What if you agree, before you are born here, to a set up set of experiences, good and bad, to lead you to a place where you realize, this is all just a game? What if you suddenly woke up one day and knew that dying is just an illusion, and you never really die you just transform? Would you be afraid anymore if you knew, this is just a temporary state that is designed to be "REAL" in order for you to "buy in" to the game? The fact of the game to me is, it doesn't really matter what the game tries to do to you. What matters is what do you do to the game. Do you perpetuate the pain and suffering on others, or do you try to alleviate the turmoil? No matter where you are in your souls development, it's okay. Very old souls can live with very young souls quite easily. There's room for us all. Chances are if you are reading this blog you are at a crossroads in life. There is no such thing as accidents. I can assure you with all my being, the control paradigm is a mass produced, mass accepted, false reality, that once recognized, will melt away like an ice cream cone in summer! Just be yourself. Stop letting, religion, government, society, mass media, think for you. You know what I'm saying is true. Deep inside that inner voice dying to Say something is stirring. Listen to it. There is so much more going on here! This is the most powerful class room our souls have ever designed! Learn the simple lessons so we can all graduate! Peace, and liberty to you all. May you all be truly blessed with love and compassion each and every day!


I figured I would post soft stories on the weekend, but since TYRANNY never rests why should I? 30,000 dollars for every man, woman, and child in the united states! that is the federal debt obligation, at the moment. Since September of last year there is 9 TRILLION in off - balance sheet transactions that the federal reserve CAN NOT account for! Is there anyone out there with a fucking pulse understanding what is happening here? WE need to wake up, and share this valuable information of what our federal government is doing to us all! People, they are fucking robbing us blind! Oh that's right, you are all far to busy distracting yourselves with mindless bullshit to notice or care! You will be the first ones crying when your hungry too! Come on! What is it gonna take to wake the blind sheeple up? We must stand up to this! We must tell them in no uncertain terms, WE will not accept your bullshit any longer. If you would like to learn more about our current state of affairs I highly recommend Here is a link to this story about the federal reserve. Come on folks, we are running out of time! Please consider, that if we continue to allow this Bankster New World Order Cult to proceed with their agenda, we all will be equall............ as in SLAVES!


This is my band. We are a very odd lot. We play music from our hearts and have a very unique sound and vibe. We are a three piece, with very simple music, but very raw and honest! If you have ever struggled in life you could relate to one of my favorite lines from the song Shudder. " My reflection, in your tears, is someone I don't recognize". We have 16 all original songs, and are trying to scrape up the money to go in the studio. We have made rough recordings, but they don't do us justice as we have progressed immensely since they were done. We are playing around S.E. Wisconsin, not exactly the best place for original music. We of course are poor, struggling musicians, but I'd have it no other way. We never have to worry about selling out, our intent will always be, to make honest music, on our terms, answering to no one! Check us out! I will be posting periodic updates. From the band, thanks for the interest. Peace, be well!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hitler youth?

Here you go folks! Does this make anyone feel safer? This should terrify every one in the United States. If you will notice the message of who is being demonized in this article. Our veterans! Oh my God! Look you can say what you want about the bullshit wars these people are fighting in. You can make a strong case that some of these people are not exactly the kindest people in the world. (They are trained warriors!) But to target them as the bad guy is just ridicules! Let me ask you, why do you think this is happening? It's happening because your Government knows returning war vets will NOT go alone with arresting, or imprisoning, or killing American citizens. Think about that a minute. Let that sink in, before you dismiss it as bullshit. Look who is behind the training of these Boy Scouts! DEPARTMENT of HOMELAND SECURITY! WAKE UP PEOPLE! Have any of you checked out how many people are on the no fly list? Have you checked out, the governments own definition of what a possible terrorist could be? If you are a gun owner you could be trouble. If you are talking about the constitution, you could be trouble. If you are a conservative, you could be trouble! Do not take my word for it. Do some investigating for your self! One other thing, to all you police officers out there. Do you think you will be safe because you are administering the muscle behind these bankster thugs? No my friends. Check your history. They are running right down the playbook from every totalitarianistic government in the 20Th century! So I am asking the police to carefully consider, the next time you are dressed in your riot gear, facing your own brothers and sisters who have the balls to stand up to this new world order bullshit, Am I on the right side? Am I one of the good guys? Or am I stomping on the face of society so the ruling elite can continue to rape the unwilling masses? Here you can find an awesome article about our Hitler Youth! The first step to moving beyond all of this is to stand up to it, and send them scouring back into their dark little holes! May we all be blessed with freedom and liberty.......some day!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Price of FEAR!

As the Bilderberg group continues their meetings in Greece, I wonder to myself, what is the price of fear these days. As I drove home from a first grade choir concert tonight a black helicopter flew over us. I looked at my girlfriend and laughed. As I turned the corner I noticed an orange sticker in the upper left hand corner of a road sign, on the back of the sign. At the concert there was a strange feeling in the air. The parents seemed especially enthusiastic about their kids performances. Then in between songs they looked like zombies. Weird. Is it just me? Have years of research into the exact nature of our existence, searching constantly for the truth, left me delusional? I think not. I trust myself today, and my motivation, and most importantly, my gut. There is in our presence a force, a disease so widespread, so malignant, so constant, at every level of life. It tears at the very fabric of our being. It threatens to destroy everything we hold dear on this planet. It has infiltrated every level of society. It has committed the most despicable crimes against humanity, and yet few people know it exists. It has managed to crawl right into our very beings, and controls us from within. It has mesmerized us with promises it never intended on keeping. It paralyzes us in an inability to think. It allows us to be overrun with indifference. It robs us of our most valued possessions. It is of course, fear. However not the kind of fear you might think. Not the fear of death, although many are afraid to die. Not the fear of poverty, although many wish to retain their possessions. Not even the fear of loneliness, although many wish to be loved. No the fear I am speaking of is the fear of who and what we REALLY ARE! Guess what folks? That is the biggest fear of the most powerful, ruling elite! They are completely horrified of the idea that You, the person who thinks there is nothing you can do from stopping the machine of the global elite banksters, will wake up to the realization that not only can you stop them, but YOU, possess, right inside of you, the power to make any reality instantly exist! ANYTHING! It all starts with a very simple journey. Look in the mirror. Who are you? I can assure you. You are not the name given you at birth, or the job you perform diligently, or the religion you practice faithfully. You are much more than those things. You are a wonderful, fantastic, miracle of life, with depths inside of you that equal all of the universe! Look in the mirror. You are so much more than what you see. And remember, if your afraid of dying, your already dead. We all need to wake up to the cause of the horrible reality around us. Look in the mirror!