Friday, July 31, 2009

New World Order 101

There is hope for our country! Not all of our children are asleep or don't care! This young man has a place in the future. A place, I hope, that doesn't entail a fema camp. Oh, but don't worry, that's just a conspiracy theory! How can something be a conspiracy if it is taught in school? This is so funny or, is it possible that they teach stuff that is not true? Which is it?

Left to Right

I suppose in the overall scheme of things, the left-right paradigm exists. Simply because almost everyone believes in it. Of course, those of us who are not attached to either side, can clearly see that both sides have perpetuated a seamless agenda without a hitch. The goal is to keep the masses divided by constantly introducing talking points that will aggravate everyone equally. They do a masterful job of this. Those of us who see through this charade, find ourselves on the opposite side of the coin, with every new president.

I myself, have always leaned left for many years. It took the Bush 2 presidency for me to see the light. Not that I have ever actually trusted them, it just appeared to me things were easier during the left years. When looking back the left was always more hidden in their attacks, more subversive if you will. The blatant attacks on our constitution, that prevailed during Bush 2,was my proverbial rabbit hole to go back and see the real agenda.

So now I find myself in strange company. Since we have a left president now, the right are in charge of pointing out the lefts agenda. This means that Fox News is now in charge of delivering the tiny fragments of truth, that the opposition is always put in charge of to release to the public. During Bush 2 Rupert Murdoch's Fox News was the rights staunchest supporter. Now they are crying out against the liberal socialist threat. On the other side of the coin, which is the same coin mind you, is MSNBC, proud supporter of the Obama administration. General Electric owns NBC and MSNBC. All mainstream media outlets are owned by large corporations who contribute heavily to whoever is determined will be the puppet in chief this time around.

Why the hell can't people see this corporate game being played at the cost of our freedom and at our nations riches, which are being plundered at an ever increasing rate. It's a god damned controlled illusion to make us feel like we have a choice in the matter. There is no such thing as left and right. It only exists in the minds of the ignorant. The only requirement for everlasting ignorance is contempt prior to investigation.

Wake up to the fact that we are to blame for this. We have become stupid, lazy, cowards, who have chosen to give up our rights because we were either afraid of Arabs with box cutters, or were too indifferent to give a shit! Well guess what, all of us are in for the rudest of awakenings very soon. If you can see beyond the foolish fascist's game of deceit, you can certainly see the shitstorm on the horizon. Once that hits you have two choices. Live as a total slave, on your knees, OR die fighting for the rights of your children to be free. I say, "Give me liberty, or give me death", I am sure they are more than willing to accommodate me!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


More Flu Info!

The evidence just keeps piling up. Please read this. This information is so important. We must come to grips with what is happening to us. Please DO NOT accept the swine flu vaccine. Please do wash your hands very often and take a vitamin D3 supplement. Get plenty of sleep. Try to keep an upbeat outlook, do not buy into the fear! We can get through this insanity! Be well and take good care of each other!

Vitamin D

World Homicide Organization

World homicide organization, I have seen this phrase in a couple of different articles that refer to WHO (World Health Organization). I find it increasingly accurate. This article, which appears in the American Chronicle is a very good wrap up of where we stand now.

The article, states that WHO's special vaccine advisory board, was mostly made up of top executives from the largest pharmaceutical companies. Imagine that. It further states that the minutes to this meeting are not released to the public. In other words, kept secret. If they are truly concerned about the health and well being of the planet's population, why the secrecy?

People have been conditioned to be naive. People, for the most part, want to believe our leaders have the same values we do. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It has been proven time and time again. We must let go of this childish notion that we will be protected and saved from the perils outside of us by these very people who are causing most of the threats. This is always been how they operate. They firmly believe in Order from Chaos! They create the threat, then come out and provide the solution. They are masterful at controlling the masses in this manner.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear. These people of power are not the same as you as you and I. They are intentionally created psychopaths. They have no remorse, they have no feelings of love or kindness, they are very convincing actors. These people's training begins at birth, and sometimes before. Their training consists of every conceivable form of abuse imaginable, and abuses most can't even conceive of. They are compromised in every way imaginable. From physically, to spiritually and all points in between. Systemic abuse creates heartless, soulless, obedient slaves. We all suffer from this on one degree or another. It is our adolescent behaviour as mankind, as a species, moves through puberty, into adulthood. We are still children.

Believe what you want, as that is always your right. When I started my whole hearted quest for the truth, I had no idea where it would take me. Some of my perceptions may be wrong. If I discover them, I will amend myself immediately. This created virus, known as the swine flu is, in my opinion, an orchestrated event, to coincide with a systemic collapse of our economy, thus confusing the exact nature, and cause of the collapse. It also creates a more obedient, subservient population, that is easier to manage for the powers that be. The truth is, as I see it, they control our economic system through the World banking system and the IMF, they control main stream dissemination of information through television, and newspapers, and are feverishly working on the internet, they control our health through the World Health Organization. They are also working on the religious front to combine all religions into one, all encompassing, NEW AGE RELIGION. Guess who sits at the top of the power structure, casting their all seeing eye over everyone? Believe what you want, but I strongly recommend preparing yourself for the inevitable challenges that lie ahead. Be strong inside, and bow to no other, yet always be prepared to assist each other in working through our collective adolescent period, so we may grow up to be kind, loving, responsible adults, and claim our rightful place among the cosmos. Be well, and please DO NOT ACCEPT THE SWINE FLU VACCINE!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Please Read!

Please read here. The swine flu vaccine is an opening of big pharma's, pandora's box. If you study enough you will convince yourself to never take another vaccine ever again. I am so alarmed by this, I am doing every thing I can to warn people. If they decide to try and administer these vaccines at schools I will personally go there and try to warn parents not to allow their children these vaccines until they at least educate themselves on ALL of the risks involved. I am very confident that most parents who do a little research will not allow their children to receive these poisons. Please pass this information on to your friends and loved ones. It is very important! Thank you!


I Am A FULL-MOONER!!! This is awesome. Watch how anybody who questions anything in the government is lumped together to be classified as INSANE! Of course you have the out the side of the mouth reference to Ron Paul, along with the reference to 9-11 TRUTHERS. I love how they create new words to try and discredit things that oppose their interests. As they are going on and on, notice how all things are tied up in a nice, tidy, package. Anyone who questions the government is insane! I find this extremely hilarious. Do they realize that they, the people who support the federal government, 100 per cent, are in the minority? Do you think they realize this in their little fairy tale lives, of high salaries, preforming for the cameras, spouting their telepromted propaganda, like little wooden puppets on strings? The best part is, there are people out there in tv land nodding in approval, joining the rest of the heard , bleating in unison, their indoctrinated language of sheepleneese. Let's see how well all the trusting masses do when they roll up their sleeves in the fall! " Oh my government would never do anything to hurt me, Chris Mathews said so." Well Chris, as this Full-Mooner would say, pucker up buddy, and plant a nice big smooch right on my.......( Oh sorry, I can't say that, I might be considered a cyber bully for hurting Chris's feelings!)

Plain and Simple

This can not get any more plain and simple. Fact. All of the manufacturers of the vaccines can not legally be held liable if their product hurts or kills people. Fact. Most vaccines are being Fast Tracked into production, therefore most vaccines will not undergo clinical trials to test their safeness or effectiveness. Fact. Each vaccine manufacturer has a different process of making vaccines, all of which are trade secrets so a full list of ingredients will not be provided. Fact. Given these facts can you honestly say you are comfortable lining up, not once, not twice, but three times to accept their vaccines? The simple fact the government and vaccine manufactures do not want you to know is, Their vaccines, which Your tax dollars pay for, will kill more people then their lab created virus! Fact! You decide, and ask yourself, do you feel lucky? Do you?

Monday, July 27, 2009

This Could Save Your Life!


Friday, July 24, 2009

My Government Loves ME......

My government loves me, as long as I don't disagree with them, if I do, and decide to demonstrate that with a group of my fellow countrymen here's what awaits me! If that don't get me there is always the riot police. I have never once advocated the use of violence to affect change. However as so many peaceful demonstrations have proven, they will crush dissent, any way they can.
These new, non lethal, crowd control weapons make me sick to the depths of my soul. I think we owe it to ourselves to try and protect ourselves. I will learn more about these things. For every measure to enslave and control there are counter measures. These are very sick people. We should actually take pity on them, for they are going to be paying a horrible price much longer then we will.
They consider me a terrorist you know. I support Ron Paul, I believe in our constitution, and I know the federal reserve needs to be abolished, along with fractional reserve banking. Plus, the thing that makes me more dangerous then anything is I tell the truth about them!
My government loves me, they are going to protect me from the terrorists, and save me from the swine flu, and make sure I have health care, and preserve my rights as a sovereign human. Gee I'm so lucky!

Watch This!

I post these things because as you watch your nightly news on television you are not being told what is really happening. The same people behind the federal reserve, are the same people who own the television and the print media. All news comes exclusively through AP News and Reuters.
Reuters owns AP. You will not be told that the federal reserve is a privately owned bank, which is a part of a global banking system. Your tax dollars are funding the new world order! These are the exact same people who are pushing all the swine flu hysteria in the news. The Bilderberg group, with the council on foreign relations, and the trilateral commission, make up the ruling elite, who through the United Nations, World Health Organization, and Nato are destroying the dollar in order to push their new world currency.
In this years Bilderberg meeting in Greece, it was decided to destroy the United States economy, and use the swine flu as a means to exert further control by declaring a pandemic in order to force vaccinations of poison in order to further weaken our ability to resist them. This is not a game. This is real.
On Monday the United States will conduct week long Department of Homeland Security- Fema- Nato, joint terrorist exercises. Read about it, here.
There is evidence everywhere about how they have planned for years. From fluoride in the water to dumb us down, to controlling what the schools teach us, to mass indoctrination of giving our rights away to be safe from terrorists. They create the problems and then provide the solutions. They run the show, from making you think the left right political system gives you a choice, to providing you with a religion to save your soul, cause your ass belongs to them. Even the air you breathe is being laced with chemicals to lower your natural resistance to their lab created bio weapon, known as the swine flu. They are starting their indoctrination propaganda with trying to frighten you into jabbing your children, the most helpless and weakest, with their poison! Wake up people. The time is coming to resist in mass. We must stand up to them and refuse the bullshit or we will be further enslaved. Get off your knees, and stand on your feet, with pride and dignity, and the demand to be treated as such. Lets send these evil little critters scurrying to their holes for once and for all.
Please awaken from your slumber and look beyond their lies and deceit. Look past how they try to divide us with fake political parties who both answer only to them. Look past how they try to divide us by creating false prejudices amongst us. Look past how the try to divide us by our religious choice be it Christian, Muslim, Jewish or what ever your choice.
Know this one simple truth. They are moving as fast as they can because the are terrified because we are waking up to their little plan of world wide dominance and population reduction. They are afraid because they know. Their time is limited. Soon all of us will realize the truth about this tiny number of very sick, twisted people who have brought so much pain and suffering to so many. They know that soon, we will mature, and stand up and take control of our own lives as we declare we no longer need them to enslave us anymore. That is a spiritual awakening. Taking back responsibility, that we gave away so long ago.

6 Main Stream Media Sources (Actually 2)

Turn off your T.V.s!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Money Masters

This is the most incredibly detailed video I have ever watched about the complete history of the federal reserve. Complete with all the historic warnings of why this system will enslave us all. If you want to know why we are having the economic problems we are having watch this. Unless we change how money works we will be experiencing a full blown collapse. The powers that be have decided the only way we will support the global currency is to completely collapse the dollar. A very simple solution is offered here also. Out of all the research I have done, these solutions are by far the best. Anything short of abolishing the federal reserve and returning to a government issued currency, without the fractional banking system would be useless, except of course for the international private bankers, that make up the federal reserve. See ya all in the bread line!!

Art Theft!

I furnished this video, not because of the news of the signing of the pipeline, but to draw your attention to the gigantic graphic art design behind the signers. It is a stolen design from a fellow deviant artist, on the art website,

You would not believe how much art is stolen off of the Internet. Many people do it out of ignorance. But for a multi- billion dollar corporation to do it is just incredible! The artist who's art was stolen, has retained a lawyer and will be going after them for copyright infringement. The Internet has been a blessing and a curse in many ways. Its no wonder as a musician and as an artist I can't make even a modest living. I am just asking that you please consider before you steal someones created works. Outside of a handful of us, hardly any of us are making a living. Part of the reason is no one thinks we are worth anything today, the other is the ease in which you can steal work. I know, there are much more important things to talk about, but it is pretty important to me. Thank you all.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wathch this About Main Stream Media

Flu Video Contest

Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, and Bilderberg member in good standing, announces a contest to make a flu video, educating the public about swine flu! First prize is 2500 dollars (125 dollars in pre-federal reserve money) and their video aired on T.V. Oh boy, our tax money used to run a video contest, yeah! They really do think we are stupid. I think that could be their undoing, underestimating our ability to actually think for ourselves!

What the fuck is going on in this joke of a government? We are supposed to be scared shitless of their killer swine flu virus, meantime the Secretary of Health is running a video contest! Is it just me, does any one else think this is fucking ridicules? I mean come on, at least make it somewhat believable that they care for are well being (yeah right). We are supposed to have transparency of government but this is ridicules. This would be laughable except for the eugenic agenda in play.

Please wake up and pass the message to not accept the poisonous vaccine. We must take a stand on this!

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Exact Nature

Divide and conquer is the most efficient method to weaken the opposition. This method has been enacted upon all of humanity for thousands of years. It has never been more obvious then today. The control grid is almost flawless. The end result of constant attention to detail. Where the handlers lack any understanding of empathy or concern for our well being, they more than make up for it with their vast knowledge of human behavior.

By constantly manipulating our environment, they change our perceptions of the parameters that dramatically affect, if not directly shape, our view of our world. It is through their created paradigm that all social rules evolve, very often from very deceptive means. Almost every aspect of society is under the influence of these parasitic control freaks. Technological advances have increased, in direct proportion their ability to create the invisible walls that are closing in on us, each day. As constricting as the pressure is, for most people, it is vital to awakening them to the exact nature of their reality.

They have maintained their control by intentionally stunting our growth. Their designed paradigm, a complex labyrinth of ever increasing, complex levels of illusions. The only way to see this is to question the validity of life itself here at this moment. The fact is, life ends, and begins at every moment. Once you sign on, your in for a completely unique experience, directly proportional to your level of being. My job is to help you strip away the superficial, self inflicted, controlled paradigm, to realize at a deeper level, how powerful and magnificent you really are.

Every single person on the planet is directly responsible for our shared reality. We all contribute to it's empowerment, we all add to it's decline. We are in a constantly shifting sea of consciousness, that ebbs and flows, through natural laws, as old as the universe itself. The more you understand the interconnected relationship between us all, the more you realize the role that the ruling elite play, in controlling and manipulating us. They are preforming a vital role in our evolutionary process, for we will either realize the lessons to be learned by being imprisoned, thus freeing ourselves from their grasp, or we continue to live by their warped inconsistencies, that will eventually consume us, to the point of being forced to return, time and time again, until we liberate ourselves, once and for all. Their rule over us, through their hidden mental prison, is the most important lesson to learn.

The process is one of slow, steady growth. The path is full of AHA! moments that keep you moving forward, in between the bouts of pain, sadness, and despair. Try to accept these challenges with grace and ease. The more you just feel these moments and try not to resist or cover them up, the smoother the transition process becomes. We are in a battle to unify ourselves. That is why you see all of the conflict in the world. It is simply a holographic representation of our inner conflict. We all have it to some degree, or we wouldn't be here in this moment.

My intent is simply to try and systematically dissolve the hidden prison we are confined by. The first step is to realize it exists. I don't think you can do that by denying the broken world that surrounds us. I think it is wise to accept and embrace what is being withheld from us. We have the power within us to make the internal change, thus creating a world where there would be no need for a ruling elite, who have their own spiritual needs that are not being fulfilled. If we would stand up to them, helping them to realize we are as worthy as they are, they would be able to change also. Their intellect and technology, coupled with our understanding and love, would change the world in a moment. That, my friends, is one of the most liberating solutions for all of us. Not a world wide government. Not a world wide monetary system. Not a world wide religion.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dr. Judy Wood and John Hutchison

At you find some fascinating research and information relating to the world trade center destruction on 9-11. I say destruction because it is very clear that it was no mere collapse. I do not believe the official story. Not for a second. Another one of several interesting anomalies of the day (9-11-01) is there was a Katrina size hurricane off the east coast that day. Does anyone remember that? It went completely unnoticed because no one reported it. Why? There are also some awesome photos of some strangely bent I beams and other interesting things. How can a 110 story, steel beam, reinforced concrete structure turn to dust? Twice? Three times if you cant building 7. Great stuff here. I strongly recommend looking over this website. I warn you though, there is a lot of scientific data here, so it might be a little hard to understand. There is also info on the Hutchison effect. Check it out, if your interested. Also some great info on H.A.A.R.P. and chemtrail spraying. See for yourself. If half the info here is true we are living in dark days indeed. Knowledge of these things is vital to understanding the effects the ruling elite have on us. Without this knowledge we are nothing more than unknowing victims. I believe we should know all we can about our environment and how things are manipulated in it. We have a right to know the truth! You have a right to decide for yourself, but you can't make an informed decision without researching all the data available.

Monday, July 13, 2009

No Shoes Required

Come as you are, stay as long as you like, just bring a willingness to change. That's really all we have to do. No matter what happens, if we are willing to let go of old ways, that no longer serve a useful purpose, we can learn new things to take their place. As long as we try. As long as we never give in to the little voice inside that says "It's hopeless".

I sometimes feel like giving up on trying to help people understand that things aren't always as they seem in this place. I can not profess to know exactly what will happen. Many times things occur that I never dream of. Sometimes I am so far off base with an outcome, I laugh at myself and think, what the hell was I thinking? Then there are other moments where I hit it on the money.

I have been told by countless people to stop trying to change things, that the only thing you can change in the world is yourself, and many people can't even do that! I have thought about those words very carefully. I have decided that it is true, to the extent that a person will change, if and when they see fit. I also think that just because a person thinks they don't want to change, doesn't necessarily mean they wont. Circumstance will dictate, at a moments notice what will happen next. The wild card is always how a person will act, or react to a given situation. We all have a unique set of experiences, and unique ways of dealing with things that are often overlooked in daily life. When we are suddenly thrusted into an unfamiliar situation we will respond in a certain way. Many of us never know how we will respond in these situations. Until we are there.

A fantastic example of a group dynamic playing out in a situation is a catastrophic event. The event of the decade for us was 9-11. The shock of the event changed us forever. No matter how you responded, it changed you that day. You may have been saddened or you may have been outraged, or a mixture of all kinds of extremely powerful feelings. The fact remains, we were transformed into something very different, than what we were before the event.

No matter what you think happened that day, the fact remains, many people lost something near and dear to them. Many people also gained something that day. I think we can all agree, a crime against humanity was committed that day. 9-11 was my personal wake up call. It was through that event I realized that things are not as they seem around here. That was the moment I completely lost all trust in my federal government. I have not looked back. 9-11 was a disgusting, mass sacrifice, of the most diabolical extreme that I ever seen. (Of course history is littered with far worse crimes against humanity but at the time my little brainwashed, materialistic, whitewashed world did not include those events).

Mass hypnosis prevailed that day, and still does. Until you wake up to the fact, you will probably continue falling prey to the ever increasing intensity of events. 9-11 has worn off on many people. The next event will have to be even bigger than that. I do not know exactly what they have up their sleeve, but I do know, an economic collapse, coupled with a weaponized bio attack (swine flu) could be just the event. The flu frenzy just the ticket for distraction from the economy, then the cause for the collapse. (Mexico's devastated tourist season proof is of that).

My hope in telling you all of this is not to try and make you feel overwhelmed. My hope is you will research these things and make up your OWN mind, and then with that information, act or change, according to how you see fit. Knowledge is power. The power to affect change, the power to not freely hand over your rights. The power to resist if we must. The power to reclaim our dignity and self worth. The power to be free again, and we will only regain our freedom if we are willing to be responsible for it. The power to be a person who is not afraid to think for themselves, as is not afraid to help others, and possess an open heart to care about others.

Come as you are, stay as long as you like. There are no shoes required to join this club!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Coming State of Chaos

This article sums it up very well. It all boils down to how you play the game. In the moment of crisis, do you show your best to the world, or do you show your worst to the world. That will be the final judgment here. Do you take advantage of the chaos and cause more chaos, or do you reach inside and direct all your energy to relieving the pressure by helping those in need. There will be many in need. Or do you lock yourself inside, and shoot at the first noise you hear. Many don't understand what is coming. They will be shocked, those that know are already prepared, inside, where it counts the most. 90% of surviving a crisis is not panicking, keep your wits about you, and never give up. We will all need to be on top of our game. As you will see in the end, the only thing that matters during the final test is how you play the game. Don't worry, if you are reading this, you have probably done this before. You know the drill. Just trust your gut, and try to help those who need it most, the rest will fall into place. This I know. Peace to you all, and may you all be blessed in your lives.

FDIC Insurance

FDIC Insurance doesn't actually exist. This is not very comforting. However as the house of cards, that is the economy, falls apart with alarming rapidness, we get closer to the truth of our dilema. Only when the truth is known, and embraced, can we create a new system, predicated on truth, that actually does help us all, and promotes reason, transparency, and hope for all of us, not just the top level of society. The need for power and control is behind 99% of the bullshit you see today. Wake up and look around, we can make this a better place, but we first must accept, with 100% conviction, that the current system is corrupt and broken, beyond repair. To this end, the collapse is the best thing that can happen to us. Peace, and be well!

99 Ways To Die

As you can see our military has used experimental weapons on numerous occasions. Depleted Uranium is another hot topic, and there is evidence it is being used in Iraq as well. Google Depleted Uranium for more information. Many soldiers have suffered from this as well.

Another disturbing trend is talk of using the new micro wave technology for crowd control. As you may or may not know, your constitutional right to peacefully assemble is under attack. The government has spent a lot of time working out the details on how to quell crowds. I think they are expecting an increase of protesting and demonstrations against the government. The use of these new crowd control weapons is disturbing to say the least. Google Active Denial System, and learn the horrifying truth about how the powers that be, plan to put down any demonstration in this country. It is considered a non lethal weapon. It causes intense pain and would be extremely effective in disbanding a crowd. How much trust do we have giving these psychopaths a pain weapon? The last time I checked, the military was taking possession of 13 of these units.

With all their talk of domestic terrorists, as I have posted in the past about the watch list of domestic terrorists, including but not limited to, Ron Paul supporters, Tax protesters, right wing Conservatives, any one concerned with the Constitution, and dissenters in general, if you oppose them they consider you a threat. Also throw in the advent of Obama's call for a citizen militia, to quell all of these domestic terrorists, us see the federal government is amassing an army to fight against it's own people. If this does not disturb you consider this. When the swine flu frenzy breaks out in the fall, the first thing they will do is outlaw public gatherings. Interesting timing, which by the way, should co-inside with a complete economic collapse.

I could be wrong about all of this, and I hope I am. Time and time again the plans of the ruling elite have been delayed or scrapped all together once their cover of darkness is cast into the light for the people to see. The only thing required for evil to exist, is for good people to do nothing about it. Pas the word. Encourage open, honest conversations about what is happening. They have always relied on stealth and surprise to pull off their agenda. Remember, they have decided to crash the economy, release a bio-warfare agent, and attack the last people on the planet, who still have the where with all to stand up to them. We are the last hope against the New World Order. If they take us down, the world is theirs. Then you will see what it means to be a slave in their New World Order. Get off your knees, America, and stand on your feet again!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm Sorry, The Truth Sucks!

I hate to say this, I really do, I am a optimistic person. Hard to believe, isn't it? Even in my optimism I can honestly say, things will never be the same for us. Why do I say this? Let me elaborate.

We are in the midst of a slow motion, catastrophic, break down of society. The proof is everywhere.
#1). The Economy
As we all know by now the economy has turned south on us. We are in what most people call a recession. It is characterized by less jobs available, rising costs, and little credit available. What caused it? Most people blame the housing industry, saying sub prime mortgages are the main culprit. Yes and no. Sub primes were the first step in the housing bubble breaking. We have yet to reach the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, steps of the economic breakdown.

The 2nd, step will be the explosion of not so prime loans, that aren't as bad as sub prime, not as good as prime. There are actually more of these type of loans then sub prime loans. They will start to reset at higher interest rates late 2009 into 2010. When this happens the sub prime fiasco will look quite tame in it's results. This will then officially begin the depression. The mistake every one is making is trying to compare this financial disaster to others in the past. Stop doing that. There is no comparison. This is completely uncharted territory.

First off there has never been a time in our past where there was not some sort of goods or food that we produced that we could sell to the world in order to rebound from a recession/depression. We have no industry, we are not producing much food. As evidenced by 70% of our Gross national product, or GNP, is created from consumer spending. Secondly, all past melt downs were created only to transfer money from one class to another, always with the intention of rebuilding the economy to do it again. This time the goal is total collapse in order to assume complete control over the lower classes. Third, there has never been an outright, pilfering of the public's coffers like we have seen last year, when private banks who were deemed, to big to fail, were bailed out at tax payer's expense. The whole point of giving these banks all this money was so they would loan it. There are not. There are hanging on to it all because they know we are nowhere near the bottom (they know this because they created the ponzi lending schemes that got us into this mess to start with). They preyed upon the ignorance of the public, and are now doing it again by blaming them for getting into such debt. Your government, and your baking system are flat out broke. The only thing keeping the breath in their lungs is controlling the paper, fiat, money system that the globe runs on. That will change very soon. Then the bottom of the hole will rush into view very quickly. A event not recommended for the faint of heart.

#2) The Rule of Law.
As our system has given certain individuals power over others, as they are given powers of governance, and enforcement of laws, and dispatching judgement of laws, we have had to trust they will also abide by said laws. Absolute power has corrupted absolutely. So many examples of our corrupt justice system abound it is mind boggling as where to begin.

Our country has by far more people incarcerated then any other industrialized nation on the planet. A very obvious result of the ridicules WAR ON DRUGS! Thousands of people have been thrown in prison for marijuana, with completely unjust prison sentences, while legalized drug dealers or the pharmaceutical companies rake in billions of dollars a year, getting society hooked on way more damaging drugs than marijuana. This is a unjust law that costs states millions a year in expense. Marijuana has clinical proof of having medicinal value. It has been proven to be non addictive, and is not a "Gateway" drug as many have said. Legalization would create billions in revenue, and I will say society would be a lot more laid back. You might think I smoke it. I do not, but do not think it would be bad to release ALL of the non violent marijuana users who are locked up in prison!

The WAR ON TERRORISM, has broke the rule of law so much it is like a revolving door, and continues to this day. The constant assault on our rights, which we no longer have, and actually lost a long time ago, continue on and on. Under the guise of security they watch every move we make. We are being monitored more today then ever. We are one "EVENT" away from out right policed society, through the declaration of martial law. Once they boldly move on our last remaining freedoms, there is only one choice left for us.

They lied us into wars, over and over again. They try to convince us that torture is ok, they have been doing it for a long time. They pass ridicules laws that we must abide by. Yet they have no intention of living with themselves. They cannot even live the simple moral code our forefathers left with us not so long ago. People used to have pride in their honesty and prudence, and just a simple, just way of living life. A man would seal a deal with his word. His word meant everything to him. We seldom see such morals today, even contracts are loaded with fine print to excuse someone from a moral obligation. Those of a truly conservative nature are just in their outlook. However conservatism in government means just the opposite, and liberalism within earshot of communism. The simple reality we live in is a constant assault on every thing we were taught as being just or right, perpetrated on us by those who claim to teach us, lead us, and inspire us.

#3) Spiritual decay of society
As a result of these constant deceptions it is no wonder rule of law does not prevail. People who look to others to lead them, follow by example. The herd mentality has been efficiently taught and mastered by the public. Regurgitation of the empire's facts coupled with the populace being well entertained leads to a death of core creativity necessary for societies growth and well being. And needed for a well informed, independent, self correcting, society, that never lets anyone get too big for their britches. Especially its leaders, who should always lead by example, rather than drive by mandate. The whole entire point of this forced collapse is to make us look to a global saviour for our problems. We have been set up for it for many years. We need to have a global system in place, where everybody is friends and we all rely on each other. They even have a religion for us. Its called the new age. A global awakening of mankind where every one is connected and, as long as you don't think anything negative or bad, you are welcome. Step right up, one size fits all and the global governing system? Look to China to see how they operate. Their Utopian government where everyone behaves and no one is different or creative or thinking for themselves. It's ok, they will do all that for you, just OBEY! Welcome to paradise!!

What we must realize is that our reality has been carefully planned and crafted to test and challenge us as much as possible, so we can learn the spiritual lessons necessary to continue in our evolution as spiritual beings. There are as many levels of being as their are people. We are sharing this place together in this moment. Challenges will abound with some wonderful solutions as well as some horrible ones. We will move on through the difficulties. We will change as a result. We will never be the same. Ever again. The optimism for me is, it doesn't mater if I win or lose in this game. It only matters how I play the game. As a result of a complete, systematic breakdown, we will have the opportunity to create, from anew, a system of existence that has honesty instead of deceit at the core of being. I look forward to that day!

Engineering Jobless Rates Are Sky High

Back when the powers that be were trying to convince us how good a GLOBAL ECONOMY would be for everyone, one of the main things they told us was only the shitty jobs that no one wanted to do would be shipped out of the country. We were told all high tech jobs would stay put. YEAH RIGHT! I gotta alien in my basement and all you need to do is send me 5oo dollars and I will......You get the point! Here is proof of all this bullshit! See the writing on the wall yet? Or are ya gonna keep your heads buried in the sand. Oh, if you stand on your feet, instead of being on your knees you can keep your head up top where you can see what is going on. It is not a nice view always, but you can breathe at least! Good luck!

China Passes U.S.

China passes U.S. auto market in first-half sales. What? I thought all of our industrial jobs were shipped over to China because they were paying such shitty wages to their workers. Someone is making money over there. Oh and GM, sales in China rose 38% from last year! Imagine that.
Bankrupt G.M., who screwed over American workers, are doing just fine in China. Ah you gotta love this global economy. Meanwhile Obama contemplates another relief package because the first one wasn't big enough. Guess who pays? Meanwhile many thousands lose good paying jobs to be replaced by low paying, shitty jobs with no benefits and little job security. Oh thank you master, for the wonderful job, I'm just happy to be a member of the working poor! Get off your knees America! Stand on your feet and reclaim your country before nothing is left to reclaim! OHHHH, how do we do that, they whine in unison? Start by not feeding the master that keeps you enslaved. Do not fund the illegal federal reserve bank! Do not buy shit on credit. Stop using their little devices that keep you in servitude. Get out of debt. Stay out of debt. Live below your means so they don't get all your money, through taxes or interest. That's the first step. Also talk to people and inform them of the criminal federal reserve banking system that is robbing us blind! Organize. We must set aside our stupid left/right bickering and become united again, to be able to stand up to these murdering thieves! GET OFF YOUR KNEES!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Global Warming (yeah right)

All 31,478 scientists who signed the petition to reject global warming can't be all wrong. Of course the fear mongering, cap and trade thieves, would have you think otherwise. Who's behind all of it? The usual thieves and murderers. Gotta love the environmental movement. Be sure to jump on the new green movement and feel good about yourself! Meanwhile you make the elite even more powerful buying into that bullshit! But oh you feel better because your saving those poor polar bears! (they do know how to swim!) People need to wake up! GLOBAL WARMING IS BULLSHIT!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Audit the Fed!

These two bills, HR 1207 and S 604 are the most important step to taking back control of our economy. If we can rein in the economy we can take back our country from the banksters who now own us. This is so important. Please follow the link at the bottom of the previous post. You can also copy and paste a letter to send to your representatives to tell them to support these bills. This is vital to our country, we can make a difference! Please pass this along to all of your family and friends. Thank you!


July 6, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Earlier today, the first shot in our battle to pass Audit the Fed through the U.S. Senate was fired on the Senate floor by Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina.

Senator DeMint, who has a well-deserved reputation for taking the battle to the other side in the Senate, once again proved why he is such a valuable ally in our fight to bring transparency and accountability to the Federal Reserve.

A little while ago, the Senate voted to pass HR 2918, the Legislative Branch Appropriations Act. This $3 billion bill contains, among many other things, provisions for GAO audits on certain agencies.

Seizing on a chance to take quick action to bring Audit the Fed up for a vote, and with the GAO provisions in mind, Senator DeMint attached the full text of S 604, the Senate version of Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill, to HR 2918 as Senate Amendment 1367 before it was considered for final passage.

However, Senate Democrats refused to even allow a vote on the amendment! That's right. The internationalist, Fed-loving elite in the Senate used a parliamentary tactic to shut down DeMint's amendment.

After Senator DeMint brought Audit the Fed to the floor, Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska raised a "point of order" to prevent a vote, claiming that the amendment violated Senate Rule 16 by "legislating" on an appropriations bill. The Senate president agreed, and the amendment was shot down.

Senator DeMint did not back down, though, and directly challenged Senate leadership by pointing out the other GAO audits contained in the bill. As Senator DeMint listed them off, the Senate president was forced to agree with Senator DeMint that each one he described, all of which would be left in for final passage, also violated Senate Rule 16.

Which tells us at least one thing: the problem wasn't with "legislating" on the bill or violating Senate Rules (which is commonly done). Shooting down the amendment was about preventing a thorough audit of the Federal Reserve for the first time in its history!

Senate leadership is hoping this issue will just fade away so they can get on to what they deem to be more "important" business, like dictating what kind of healthcare plan you and I can carry or passing destructive Cap-and-Tax legislation.

But the American people deserve answers on what the Fed has done with trillions of our tax dollars and what they are committing us and future generations to as part of their secret deals with foreign central banks and governments.

The leadership decided today to turn their backs on transparency, but our fight is just beginning.

As Senator DeMint made clear on the floor, the Audit the Fed bill has wide bipartisan support. He rightly warned the Senate that even if they delay today, they WILL have to deal with the issue on the floor.

It is up to you and me to back up Senator DeMint's words by making sure the momentum continues to build and the bill comes up for a final vote.

The rejection of the Audit amendment is just the first battle in our war. Now is the time to really put the pressure on the U.S. Senate to Audit the Fed!

Senator DeMint fired the opening salvo and showcased the hypocrisy of the Senate for allowing other GAO audits to be included in the bill while refusing to even allow a vote on Fed transparency.

Again, we're just getting started. Senator DeMint will keep fighting to pass Audit the Fed on its own or as an amendment, and we need to continue putting pressure on our senators to do everything in their power to achieve a floor vote!

Click here to sign our online petition. And visit our Audit the Fed action page for contact information to call, write, and fax your senators and urge them to support S 604 and to push for a final vote.

Together, we will finish this fight to Audit the Fed!

In Liberty,

John Tate


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Know Your Enemy


Friday, July 3, 2009

Can You Feel It?

As I conduct my daily studies I am taken aback for a moment. The pressure building in the societal structure that is our collective existence is staggering. We are pushed to the breaking point, individually and collectively. A centered, grounded approach is vital today. An overall understanding of this process vital to a physical, mental, spiritual well being. A weakness in any of these areas, a void for negativity to attack. We must stay optimistic. We must stay focused on love. To give in to fear and hate, an open invitation to sickness, be it physical, or spiritual.

Many, will continue to focus on the daily living aspect, keeping very busy so as to not have to look at the unfolding paradigm. Many refuse to accept the possibility that things are not as they seem, either out of fear, or ignorance. I do not hold them at fault. It takes the whole community, with all different views to make up the whole. We are in the midst of an ever increasing unveiling of a spiritual teaching of the duality of existence.

It seems that from time to time a massive shift occurs to humanity. Many will try to cling to the old ways, always seeking to return to the good old days, when things were simpler, and people seemed different. Unfortunately, there is no going back to the innocence that society has appeared to lose. We can though, learn the lessons of innocence lost, and move forward with a more spiritually mature view of life. A view that embraces humanity instead of condemning all those "useless eaters".

I think it is vital to understand the root cause of the exact nature of the lesson. It can be very confusing. It can be difficult to navigate the created illusions or as I like to call them, nets, that we get trapped in. Our precepts rely on trusting in something. We must as individuals have something to believe in.

I have changed my views on life and reality hundreds of times over the course of my life. As a result, my experience is constantly changing. I do think that it is a healthy thing to question the motives of perception. In other words, why do I spend so much time seeking answers? The answer to that question is simple. Those nets I referred to, are nothing more than control mechanisms to catch us, momentarily, to prevent us from maturing spiritually. Understanding those nets, and the reasons they are created, gives you the ability to avoid getting entangled in them. As your knowledge base grows, you learn to couple experience, or the daily practice of the knowledge you acquire. That then creates wisdom. This life is about progress, not perfection.

So many things that are common sense to some, become nets to trap others. The best example of this is the ability to gather information. For thousands of years information has been the key. Information is power. Above all else, information, and the control and manipulation of it, is the most powerful net, to catch all who fall into it. The information that you have access to, determines how you interact within yourself, and the world around you. The biggest event of modern times is, no doubt, the advent of the Internet. InterNET. Never before has so much information been available, to so many people. The possibilities for learning are limitless. The possibilities of disinformation endless as well. That becomes the real challenge. Discerning the difference between truth and lies, and maybe more importantly, how the interact and are reliant on each other to exist. The distortion of understanding truth and lie are at the heart of the largest net of misperception. Many believe it is necessary to lie in order to prevent someone from experiencing pain or suffering. It has been my experience that trying to prevent pain through lieing only causes more pain in the long run. Is it not the inability to change one of the largest contributors to ones own emotional well being? Or the inability to discern truth from lies?

I am not suggesting for one moment I possess the complete ability to discern truth from lies. I have learned, that through studying, outward causation's and inward causation's, the ability to discern can grow to be a little more accurate over time. Bottom line, I trust my intuition and my intellect more than I ever have. I only post information I believe to be true. If I find out to the contrary I will post that with equal vigor!

These times of crazy, chaotic events can be very unsettling at times. Please remember we are here only a short time. We are not expected to be perfect. I do think we do owe it to ourselves to make some attempts at learning and changing. We all have a place. We all have a purpose, in this carefully, choreographed dance. We all are in it together. My main hope is we realize this and learn from each other. There are certain future events that can be avoided. The future is not written in stone. We can change it, just like we can change ourselves, actually I think that is the only way we can change the future, by just changing ourselves. Be well, and be blessed.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fluoride Deception

Wednesday, July 1, 2009