Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dancing On The Edge Of Oblivion

It seems appropriate to write this post today given the twos are wild today! As we approach the unholy Jewish holiday of Purim, (the celebration of the slaughter of 75,000 Persians) I must wonder what acts of perversion are in store this time around?

We have all seen the corporate news media breathlessly fawning over how much Iran is a threat to the world, and yes we see your Zionism shining through! The Zionist controllers are all riled up that poor little innocent Israel feels threatened. Awe, that just makes me so sad! I would simply ask that before you go running to join in on the beating of the war drum, please consider a couple of points of fact.

1). Iran has signed the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, thus entitling her to peaceful use of nuclear enrichment capabilities, and has willingly allowed inspections of nuclear facilities.
2). Israel has not signed the N.N.P.T. after repeated requests by the U.N. Israel does not allow inspections of nuclear facilities and possesses Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction! Over 200 by most counts!
3). Iran has not attacked any other nation in over 200 yrs.!
4). Israel on the other for yourselves these incredible facts of aggression, and throw the United States of America in there too since they are the most aggressive country on the planet! The amount of wars and aggression these two countries have started fills a whole page easily. GEE I WONDER WHO THE REAL THREAT TO WORLD PEACE IS?
5). How many duel citizen Iranians are running the United State's government?
6). How many Iranians run huge media outlets, huge international central banks, huge entertainment industries in the United States? I think you get my point here.

Many military experts have come out in recent days and have stated that attacking Iran's nuclear facilities would be devastating to the entire world for many different reasons. Not to mention very difficult if not impossible for Israel to do alone. Israel would want the U.S. to do it for them. The only reason I can see that Israel can force the U.S. into yet another war to destroy Israel's enemies is the fact that Israel holds the dirt on the American government's complicity in the 9-11 false flag operation where almost 3,000 U.S. citizens were murdered in a mass ritual sacrifice in order to usher in a new era of war and draconian control of the world. That event also rekindled the blood lust of the American people. The obvious question here is would a larger mass sacrifice achieve the same result once again?

When you step back and look at the big picture I think the patterns become clearer as to the extent that the ruling elites will go to remain in power. Countries mean nothing to them when their gaze is fixed upon ruling the entire planet. Countries are just pawns to be used to agitate and rile the planet's population into turning on one another for whatever stupid reason works at the time. Israel is expendable just as the United States is. The plan seems to be make conditions so horrible through war, economic collapse, starvation, hatred, and fear, that we will look to them to restore order and peace, beg them to control us so we feel safe and secure. This may very well work with the majority of the populace, but there are those of us who understand that they themselves are responsible for all of this confusion and mayhem, but only because we all let them!

Stepping still farther back we can see this planet is a perfect interactive spiritual classroom where the stakes appear to be very high. It does seem to be quite a real simulation! While we are here in a physical body, the focus of our consciousness is made to believe that this is the end all be all of existence, when in reality it is nothing more than a place where certain lessons of a spiritual nature can be demonstrated with sufficient energy in order to imprint experience on our consciousness. Make no mistake, this shit is intense, but it has always had a certain surreal quality to me! I do think we each have a say as to what we will experience and that through gaining a greater understanding of this we see just how we accomplish this.

One of the biggest lies we buy into is that we have no control over external events here. I disagree. We all have subtle influence on each other and everything for that matter. This does not mean we will have everything go our way. We do have a say in how we react to external conditions. When we learn to express in terms of higher emotional energy we increase our ability to influence energetic gathering points. When we are driven by fear and hatred we exhibit different energetic projections. All of this energy gathers like a snowball. The subtle energies will always project into our external world along given parameters. The outcome is never a surprise. Unless of course we have misguided intentions. Then we are often shocked by events. Don't be surprised at what happens. The forces are natural extensions of the dynamic that has been put into place to maximize the experience.

With all this being said I personally think it is important to try to the best of my ability to align my intentions and therefore my actions with what is a true expression of the exact nature of our reality. We don't need war and yet it is all around. I have no desire to kill and harm, and yet I know I still could. This is all about our personal, collective, inner landscape struggling to reshape itself into a cohesive functioning unit that benefits us all. We are in a continuous feedback loop with our thoughts and emotions interacting with our external environment. I know I can do much more internal work to have a more beneficial outcome on the world. Part of my personal process is aligning myself against certain obvious external forces that I see as having a detrimental affect on us all. As we dance on the edge of oblivion never have we been presented with such a fantastic opportunity to balance the flow. Or we can ignore the inner work and opt for fear and hatred to overcome our being. I know which one the elite would prefer we operate from. They are convinced they have the answer for us. I am not.

Being secure in this place comes from inside and is not an external job! Breaking free of years of programming is not an easy task. To learn to think for ourselves and not be manipulated is a daunting task to say the least. I suspect very few even stop a moment to consider these things. Most people are here to occupy time and space merely as a neutral field generator. We all have our designated roles to play with the understanding that at any given moment an awaking can transpire and change the game forever. That exact moment is what it's all about. It can take on a different guise for each and every individual. I suspect it is about to happen on a collective basis, which in turn would mean something completely different for each of us. The end result will be unfathomable. This type of spiritual experience can only be gained in a place where a full range of emotional energy is available. We sure have that here and it is intensifying. Hang on to your butts!

I am trying to maintain the perspective that we will realize at the last moment that we do not need to risk destroying ourselves to realize what is truly important. Timing is everything. I think we will bring ourselves to the edge of oblivion to maximize the impact of the lesson. I think next month will give us some solid indications where we are in this process. Watch for a possible false flag event! Watch for the fear to spike. Watch for the lies to increase. Watch for the intensity to increase in all areas. Try not to buy into the bullshit. Stay focused and centered on what is truly important. Let the energy flow unrestricted though you, meeting no resistance. We will make it through with a better understanding this time around. I am confident of this!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Putin Trumps Zionist Plan For Syria

I'm sure this must make me a fucking terrorist in some people's eyes!
Ask me if I give a fuck?
The good Brother Nathanael has a way with words, and of course not all Jews are evil scumbags, just like not all Germans are Nazis, or all Americans are dumb asses! (percentages may very in these comparisons! you know, like the grand ole parties primaries!>cough< BULLSHIT!!!)
Our Zionist controlled government, media, and manipulated dumb asses need to understand something plain and simple.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Iran (is not the problem)

This is one hour and twenty minutes of time worth spending. This is from 2008 but still holds up nicely. Attacking Iran has become my personal line in the sand so to speak. I am not sure what exact actions I will take if the lunatics in D.C. attack this nation. I can assure you I believe in peaceful actions and I in no way shape or form resemble those assholes. Oh and I do not suffer from the Orwellian delusion that war is peace!!!

I would like to point out that this documentary also gave me an epiphany on how the grand chess board is manipulated!! Well worth a watch!!

Mischief in the Making

Many folks on many levels are warning of March as the month all hell breaks loose. The corporate media has been going on about the threat posed by Iran and Syria. Hell even George Noory, beloved host of Coast to Coast a.m. has jumped on the zio bandwagon! I wonder what his price was? Yes coast fans you have all been sold out to the corporate butcher to be slaughtered in the near future.

The same fucking people are telling the same tired ass lies just like before the Iraq invasion. The same people who brought us the reality changing false flag operation of 9-11 are at it again. Will their blood thirst ever be quenched? Probably not. There is a plan in place. Systematic roll out has been ongoing. They control the issuance of fiat currency, and they control the mass corporate media to pollute your brain with propaganda to support the status quo false left-right republicrat political paradigm. We here in the states have the best government money can buy! The ironic thing is it's the best for them, not us. Look no farther than the NDAA to see the proof!

Look no further than the corporate run death care system. Look at the genetically modified food we are forced to eat by Monsanto. Look at the damage caused by the B.P. disaster. Gee I wonder why Europe is in a deep freeze right now? Look at the largest heist in human history conducted in 2008, and now your beloved Obama says look at the wonderful help I have brought you by making the big corporate banks pay you back for your misery, to the tune of less than a penny per dollar, and no convictions or anyone held accountable for the crimes! Look at the overall crumbling infrastructure of the country all while the war machine rolls on, devouring all the countries who do not support the crippling world banking usury system of enslavement.

You may think, oh boy, what a fucking mess, there is no hope for us. Well that simply is not true at all. More people are now awakening to what is happening here. More people are choosing to stand up and proclaim hell no I will not support this bullshit in any way shape or form. Never underestimate your personal effect on the overall system that is teetering on the edge of ruin.
The fascist dictatorship that has stolen everything that is decent in this world is about to collapse. Watch the mischief makers closely. Tell all your friends and family who are under their spell of brain washing and manipulation to please snap the fuck out of it and wake up to the reality of our situation. They know they are losing. They are terrified of that fact. They should be.
They know their time is short. They are set to fail, just like last time!