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Here We Go Again

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sibel Edmonds Deposition

Transcript of deposition here in pdf format.
Video series of deposition here.
This is huge! Where is the NEWS coverage? ( cut to cricket's chirping)
Same old song and dance! (Tom Delay on dancing with the stars? WTF?)

Here is a simplified run down, but please take the time to watch or read the deposition. This has been 7 yrs in the making. This is the most important story to understanding just how corrupt our government really is. It is the norm, not the exception. The fact Obama has done nothing to change these things does not bode well. However, the fact that Obama's administration did not invoke a gag order on Sibel Edmonds is a step in the right direction, even though there is little chance of any news coverage on t.v. so most people will not know about it.

Sibel Edmonds worked as a translator for the F.B.I. from 2001-2002. Here is her blog.
She was witness to a lot of investigations and a lot of corruption. She was silenced by the Bush administration from talking. The level of corruption is staggering. She has been threatened, fired from her job with the F.B.I., and as a result formed a whistle blowers group. Her story needs to be heard and understood. It is proof that 9-11 was at the very least, allowed to happen. This is the most important political story of the decade. Many congressmen and women are implicated in these allegations, including working with foreign governments against the best interests of this country, including selling military secrets, running drugs, and many other criminal activities you wouldn't expect from high ranking government officials. Although she was not placed under a gag order by Obama's administration, she was told not to testify. She is a very brave woman. She is a true patriot and hero. Please take the time to study this deposition. Every one should understand what we are up against in this country. Hopefully, as a result of her deposition, criminal charges can be brought against many people. I won't hold my breath though. I will try to remain optimistic.

Monsanto Day!

This is a ten part series. Very good synopsis of the concerns over Monsanto. Quite chilling actually if you consider future ramifications. Monsanto was strictly a chemical company when I was young. They have made the quantum leap into genetically modified seeds for growing increased yield crops. Some say they are an extension of the Illuminati. Their primary goal, to control the worlds food supply. They appear to be well on their way. The results of which could be devastating, by having the power to decide, who lives, and who dies. Just my opinion. Decide for yourselves. Wonderful video series!

More Monsanto Fun


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As you lay sleeping, peacefully dreaming, no cares in the world, I wish I could leave you there, undisturbed. For it was never my intent to shake you so hard. I do not mean to rattle your soul. Know I too would only wish to sleep, all of the time, to only forget this nightmare of pain and suffering that continues to happen to so many, at the hands of so few. I have tried so many times to look away, to pretend it is all wonderful, but for me it is not. I see them, I watch them hunt the innocent and slaughter the weak and helpless because they can. I would gladly take them all away from here, to protect our unborn and our old and weak. Maybe it's only my dream that I need to awaken from. Maybe it's my illusion that I feel them tighten their grip on us. Maybe I am no better then them for wanting to eliminate them, but I do. It feels like such an old battle. I feel I have been fighting them forever. I cant' stop. They are wrong. The young, the old, the weak, the handicapped, all have a right. As long as one of them is still here, we will never be safe. They live beside all of us. They whisper into our ear when we sleep. So please awaken, and help me fight, for if we stop, if we accept their evil deeds, as a part of us, we will never sleep peacefully again, for the whispers never end, and the pain never ceases, and I will always oppose them, till my final breath. Where once I used the sword, now I use words, though my fight is still the same.

Swine Flu Conference

I wrote about this conference in D.C. about 2 weeks ago. This guy thinks it's pretty interesting also. You combine this with all the WHO news about the swine flu and it paints a pretty interesting picture. Why is main stream media not covering this? Always remember, what they want us to know, and what they don't want us to know, are always perfectly planned. There is no independent news source!

Left Vs. Right

As I keep harping about left-right false front arguments, main stream propaganda continues to prove the point front and center. As long as the public framed argument remains left-right, the criminals continue to run the farm. While these clowns argue for our entertainment, if its not entertaining that's too bad because then it has absolutely no value, the total economic collapse gains speed and severity. The longer they intentionally try to pull the wool over our eyes, the more we all pay, and when we run out of money, they will demand the pound of flesh from each of us. They are hoping that the swine flu is really bad this fall. That way the game can continue under the guise of all the devastating effects the pandemic will have on the economy. Yet another sacrificial lamb, or pig as the case may be, to keep the masses directed at all the wrong reasons. Hopefully all of us Americans will wake up to the real cause of all of this. The criminals who are in every branch of the government, and their international corporate banking masters. Wake up gang, they continue to sell us out! 2 TRILLION added debt, over night! WE are BANKRUPT!! Our society as we know it is finished! If we allow this to continue unabated we will all experience an event that will last for decades! With such a large population of elderly it is obvious what direction they are going. At a time when we should be taking care of so many, who worked so hard, to make this place better for us all, what are they doing? Yeah, your government appreciates your lifetime of hard work and paying taxes! The town hall rage is justified! Just wait when it becomes clear that there is no recovery! I'm glad I don't work in the federal government!
Please understand, they have no respect for human life. We are nothing but cattle to them. We are now being led to the slaughter house. Do we just obey and follow each other to death, or do we do something about it? You all know my vote! Dump the Federal reserve banksters! Make the thieves pay! Demand a return to constitutional economic policies that are to help us live, instead of killing us. They call us useless eaters. They think they have a right to live with every luxury and perk, all taken from our hard work! Come on people, let's get off our knees and get on our feet and show them just how worthless we really are! We must see past the illusion and join together. As a united peoples we can demand, honesty, accountability, and the long overdue restoration of the rule of law. If they do not respond to our constitutional demand for a redress of grievances we have no choice but to declare a revolution! It not only is our right, but our moral obligation. You may not see it now, but if things continue in the present direction, you will see it very soon. Good luck gang, see yall at the town hall meetings, and then if nothing changes, I will see you all on the streets of D.C.!

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Cool Robotic Hand

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Meet the New Boss

The last three posts have an obvious thread that runs through them. Many truly believed they were getting change when the voted for Obama. They have gotten their wish, only not like they had hoped.
It was widely believed that the new boss was going to come in and clean up the government. He was going to start a new era of openness that would be a refreshing change from the previous 8 yrs of a building of a giant, oppressive, military run dictatorship that seemed to offer wars and constitutional attacks on our freedoms that were never before witnessed in this country. We were promised the end of wars, fiscal responsibility, CHANGE, from what we had. He even has his own logo for Christs sake! It's called the Obama wave and it reminds me of the Pepsi logo.

We were promised change, and what we got was a polished, Madison Ave, corporate puppet. We were sold down the river. The only wave washing over us is debt, which will drown us.

1. Continued corporate bailouts (for those too big to fail)

2. Wars! WARS! and more fucking wars!

3. Government health care! Who is going to pay for 50 million uninsured? Nazi T-4 death panel, forced vaccinations, government mandated lifestyles!

4. Increased militarization of police forces, wire tapping, spying on citizens, Loss of rights

5. Cap and tax, EVERYONE will pay more for energy of all types!

Guess what? Nothing has changed because your federal government is nothing but a bunch of puppets dancing on their strings, being pulled by the Illuminati. There is your unifying thread. This is a planned demolition of society. We are being manipulated by government and the media pets who advance their agendas. Have you noticed how MSNNBC, ABC, NBC, push Obama's agenda. when Fox complains? For the last 8yrs we have listened to Fox fall all over Bush. Can't you see the game? The right and left switch positions, and your made to think each time things will change. The same people remain in control! The same folks who are crashing our society, then they will show up with the solution! Just be good citizens and we will let you live, to be our slaves. We will save you!

The new boss is worse then the old boss. He is outright telling us, in his arrogant manner, what is going to happen. Only problem is we are telling him to shove it! I do feel sorry for him. If he doesn't perform properly, the Masters have no qualms over removing him. If that happens, the media would blame right wing extremists, when all along it would be the same group who killed, all our past presidents when they didn't perform properly. Wake up to your wonderful world. Run by the same assholes, for thousands of years! Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, no worse than the old boss.

The time has come to realize, our current government, economic, and societal structures are crumbling before our very eyes. This destruction is no accident. It is an intentional reset. Once the reset button is pushed, there is no going back. It will not be easy. Most will just freak out, when it happens. If those who remain freak out too, they will become very obedient slaves, and the world will become a very dark place indeed. But, if those who remain, keep their heads and realize the only ones who can save us are ourselves, and we do not give in to the master's demands, but rather demand our own set of rules, being that of natural law and a constitutional approach to a world of sovereign respect, for all nations and cultures, working in conjunction for what is truly the good of mankind, we will in no doubt earn our respective place in the galaxy, as respected, mature, spiritual beings, who will then, be shown just how small, and large, the universe really is! We will become welcomed members in a far greater family then we ever imagined. But first we have to earn our way there, by standing up, and reigning in these psychopathic control freaks. Ah yes, good times indeed! Good luck gang, we are going to need it!

BBC now admits al qaeda never existed

Monday, August 17, 2009


New World Order

Was A Deal Struck Between Whitehouse and BiG PHARMA?

Internal Memo! Done deal, now everyone is happy!
I also am impressed with the media blitz on healthcare reform.
In this time of economic collapse, our government is spending millions to try and convince us healthcare reform is so good. ANYTIME I see such a media campaign I know they are up to no good. HELLO, these are the same people saying the economy needs 23.7 trillion to be fixed!
WAKE UP PEOPLE! Hold your ground and yell these criminals down at town hall!
Watch for the swine flu media campaign to ramp up soon too! Obamacare will use the swineflu scare to push the agenda! Keep your eyes open and resist the lies!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Socialism-the NEW N Word!

Just Another Day in Paradise

Pentagon to ask Congress for 400,000 Troops to be placed in Amerika!

I feel safer already!

Fun and Games

As I have said in the past, and will continue to state over and over, the delusional left-right paradigm that has gathered incredible energy in this country serves only one purpose. The division of our country, which then plays perfectly into the Master's plan to conquer. If we continue to get caught in this trap, we will most certainly fall, very far, into a very deep abyss, that will send us to a dark age, never before experienced by modern man.

Do the research. Turn off the t.v.
Think for yourselves.
Obama, health care reform is nothing but a back room brokered deal to bring 50 million uninsured Americans into the clutches of the mega corporate insurance-pharma industry that will net them billions of dollars, and expand governmental control over those who are forced to accept the government's health plan, all of course paid by increased taxes on us all.
It also serves a most important purpose of creating a smokescreen to hide the collapse of the government and the economy. The Federal Government is bankrupt, and they know it. If Obama was really concerned about the people, he would not continue to give our money to the bankrupt bank system, who have not unfrozen credit, and kept all the bailout money to pay for their self created toxic debt.
If the government really cared about us they would have forced the broken monetary system into bankruptcy, and immediately protected people's homes and jobs, along with the country's infrastructure. It should be obvious how well of a job they have done those things.
Obama promised change. We are getting change. The government sanctioned war on terror has accelerated, the big brother style police state has grown, all of the Bush era policies are not being stopped, but expanded. We were promised truth and transparency in government! The only thing we got was a Madison ave created cult of personality who is deceiving a lot of good hard working people into thinking "He cares about us!" WAKE UP!
The only way we stand a chance is to continue to stand up and say NO!!! We must collectively force the foreign bankers out of our country and set up a constitutional credit system that is not owned by foreign bankers, but is owned by we the people! Anything short of that we will be living in a new dark age! Real world problems demand real world solutions. We must do it now!
Study Lyndon Larouche's proposals, we can turn it around!

Watch This!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bank overdraft fees to total $38.5 billion

Story here!
Our banking system is like a gigantic hoover, sucking all the wealth out of us while we work harder for less money!
Anyone see a pattern here?
Gee, I wonder where all the money goes?
Wake UP! Government run by corporations = Fascism!
Endless wars against non existent enemies (War On TERRORISM)
Prison population 2million + (War on Drugs)
Obama's promises? Why are all these Obama Joker posters appearing all over?
Obama=Bush3 or 3 times the threat!!
And THIS Is What THEY Tell US!
It's all fine, every things fine, shhhhhhhhh, go back to sleep, shhhhhhhhh, it's ok.

But It's On T.V.!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

International Swine Flu Conference in D.C.

Here is the pdf brochure of the conference.
Topics include:
Mass Fatality Management Planning
Public's Distress of Exposure and Safety
Unwillingness to Follow Government Orders
Breakdown of Public Services, utilities
Effectively Undertake Mass Vaccinations
Enforce Quarantines
Control traffic, evacuation and mass transportation
Plan for 30-40 % Drop in Labor Force
Isolate Prisons and other facilities

It looks like they have many plans in place as these topics are training panels. I think we would all be wise to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I think a reasonable supply of food, water, first aid kit, your standard emergency supplies, vitamin D3, would be a really good idea. They seem to be preparing for lots of disruptions. We will see. Better safe than sorry. Be well, take care of each other. The best defense against illness is a positive attitude.

The Evolution of Promise Software and Swine Flu

I found this intriguing article here. I have always deeply respected some of the people mentioned in this article. The Article is entitled "The Illuminati Agenda For The Coming New Order". It pieces together the unfolding story of a intentionally created, pandemic virus, coupled with the legendary Promise software as the means to launch the current level 6 pandemic.

The author relies on some very noteworthy research by Michael Ruppert, and Catherine Austin Fitts, two people I have immense respect for as I have read many research documents by both. If you would like some original research into Promise software you can go here. (This is Ruppert's archived website, From the Wilderness, a wealth of research that almost cost Mike his life!)

I do think this is a very organized attempt at enacting a depopulation program. Hopefully, it will fizzle and not have the devastating affects on us that they hope for. In any case I would suggest being in the best state you can, physically and mentally, in order to resist the swine flu. And please, educate yourself before you make the decision to get a swine flu shot. You must access if the risks outweigh the benefits. I think they do, but you should always make your own, educated decisions on these matters. Be well, and take good care of yourselves.

Monday, August 10, 2009


It's not about LEFT or RIGHT!! or being a RACIST!! It's about being tired of being fucked over by ALL of these CLOWNS. When will they all see this? It has only just begun. Wait until the little Wall St. rally wears off. Wait until 1.5 million people run out of unemployment benefits. This is about fucking over the American people on every level. And guess what, all you politicians and corporate thieves and talking heads of the media? WE ALL ARE WAKING UP TO YOUR LITTLE GAME!! YOU WILL HEAR US! YOU WILL FEEL OUR RISING ANGER!!! YOU ALREADY DO. THAT'S WHY YOU HIDE!!!

Health Care Reform?

This is, quite possibly the biggest load of shit I have ever seen in my life! Don't take my word, read this bull shit for yourselves. I am shocked at some of the bullshit in the bill.

For example, a lot of the "particulars" will be decided by a health commissioner. As usual, focusing power into the hands of an individual. Who will, among other things set a government enforced standard of living. The Commish, also has some other extraordinary powers. Such as these:
(1) STUDY.—The Commissioner, in coordination with the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Secretary of Labor, shall conduct a
study of the large group insured and self-insured employer health care markets. Such study shall examine the following:

(A) The types of employers by key characteristics, including size, that purchase insured products versus those that self-insure.
(B) The similarities and differences between typical insured and self-insured health plans.
(C) The financial solvency and capital reserve levels of employers that self-insure by employer size.
(D) The risk of self-insured employers not being able to pay obligations or otherwise becoming financially insolvent.
(E) The extent to which rating rules are likely to cause adverse selection in the large group market or to encourage small and mid size employers to self-insure
(2) REPORTS.—Not later than 18 months after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Commissioner shall submit to Congress and the applicable
agencies a report on the study conducted under paragraph (1). Such report shall include any recommendations the Commissioner deems appropriate to ensure that the law does not provide incentives for small and mid-size employers to self-insure or create adverse selection in the risk pools of large group insurers and self-insured employers. Not later than 18 months after the first day of Y1, the Commissioner shall submit to Congress and the applicable agencies an updated report on such study, including updates on such recommendations.

Consider these things carefully! This was taken from the bottom of page 21 into page 22 of the pdf version of the bill. And what about this:
(4) BENEFIT STANDARDS DEFINED.—In this subtitle, the term ‘‘benefit standards’’ means standards respecting—
(A) the essential benefits package described in section 122, including categories of covered treatments, items and services within benefit classes, and cost-sharing; and
(B) the cost-sharing levels for enhanced plans and premium plans (as provided under section 203(c)) consistent with paragraph (5).

BENEFIT CLASSES! Your trusted government decides which benefit class you fall into! Hm, somehow I think this will have to do with how much money you make. Look, this shit is nothing short of EVIL!! It is exactly what LaRouche said it is, A NAzI death care plan. Here is some more fun:
Pg 765 Section 1711 Government will require Preventative Services including vaccines. (Choice?)

PG 620 Line 1-9 The Government will define, prioritize, and nationalize your Health Care Services.

PG 503 Line 13-19 Government will build registries and data networks from YOUR electronic medical records.

PG 503 Line 21-25 Government may secure data directly from any department or agency of the US including your data.

PG 504 Line 6-10 The “Center” will collect data both published & unpublished (that means public & your private info)

PG 506 Line 19-21 The Center will recommend policies that would allow for public access of data

PG 489 Section 1308 The Government will cover Marriage & Family therapy. Which means they will insert Government into your marriage.

PG 494-498 Government will cover Mental Health Services including defining, creating, rationing those services.

PG 502 Section 1181 Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research Established. - Hello Big Brother - Literally.

PG 502 Line 5-18 Government builds the “Center” to conduct, support, & synthesize research to define our HealthCare Services.

PG 434 Section 1234 Military Active, Reservists, Families - If you’re not enrolled in Tricare it is mandated.

PG 434 Section 1234 Military Active, Reservists, Families - Once HealthCare bill is passed your premiums will go up.

PG 438 Section 1236 The Government will develop a patient decision making aid program that you & Dr. WILL use.

PG 443 Lines 7-24 Government at taxpayers expense test out an “Accountable Care Org” program (Government doesn’t have plan.)

PG 444 Lines 1-6 Government’s Accountable Care Program will mandate services & infrastructure thru reward/penalty system.

PG 448 Lines 4-17 Government will set performance targets for ALL Accountable Care Organizations including private.

PG 427 Lines 15-24 Government mandates program for orders for end of life. The Government has a say in how your life ends.

PG 429 Lines 1-9 An “advance care planning consultant” will be used frequently as patients health deteriorates.

PG 429 Lines 10-12 “advance care consultation” may include an ORDER for end of life plans. AN ORDER from Government.

PG 429 Lines 13-25 The Government will specify which Doctors can write an end of life order. Logan’s Run anyone?

PG 430 Lines 11-15 The Government will decide what level of treatment you will have at end of life. Would this coincide with benefit classes?

PG 432 Lines 18-21 The Government will publish “quality measures” for individual’s end of life in Federal Register. Again what benefit level are you?

This is just some of the interesting things in the health reform bill. I will end with this interesting little tid bit, entitled " U.S. Religious Left Wades Into Health Care Fight" And as usual they try to make it a left right battle. Or go HERE for your White House Reality Check!
I'm outta here to continue the hunt...........

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ride The Wave!

Look for the red jackets coming to a town near you!

Cult of Personality

Revolution Against Fascsism?


Interesting, Alex Jones will probably be one of the first to be completely shut down. He speaks of the false left - right paradigm, and the need for people to see beyond that. Very dangerous to the powers that be. If we were to come together as Americans first, before black, or white, republicans or democrats, they would certainly be shitting their pants. We shall see. I am very concerned about the increasing racial tensions. Will we be able to see beyond the manipulations? I hope so!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Turn Them IN!

Ha! I turned myself in to the white house for my own "Fishy" points of view! Now we need to turn in LaRouche!!! I'm sure Obama is well aware of them already. Have fun with this

Very Interesting, These Town Hall Meetings

Watch this first! Then my comments will be in proper context.

The first thing I find very interesting is the average "protester" at these town hall meetings is between 55-65, (my own guess from watching several of these town hall videos). That would be the baby boomers! Not the radical, anarchist, or the far right crazies the media loves to talk about. Just common everyday folks like you and me! This is every politician's worst nightmare. They are scrambling to try and put out this fire. I hope they don't succeed. Lyndon LaRouche came out months ago saying this proposed health care reform is identical to the Nazi plan of 1939. No wonder since the exact same people who funded and encouraged the Nazi party are behind the despicable acts of our government. All roads lead to the international banking cartel headed by none other than the Rothschild family. All one has to do is follow the money to see that.

Hopefully people will continue to awaken to the truth of the matter. That is why LaRouche insists our federal government, (all branches) are subservient to the British Empire. The real issue here is the Federal Reserve Bank. This is how our wealth as a nation is being stripped from us. Combine this with the shipping of our manufacturing jobs out of the country, (a planned agenda by the same people) and you see how we are teetering on the edge of a complete collapse. The tsunami that is about to hit the general public will be phenomenal! WE must continue to hold them accountable! We must force them to stop the bullshit! Our very lives depend on it! The baby boomers know this. Where is everyone else? Still stuck in Obamaland?

The next question is how will the powers that be respond to this. It is my guess they will hit back very hard to try and quell the masses. They always try to distract the general public with something else. They are not going to roll over and play nice, just because some people yell at them. Although I must say it is so refreshing to see people getting fed up with their bullshit! My concern now is to what extent are they willing to go to try and quell the outrage. If they send in the stormtroopers and start clubbing and tazzing the elderly what will that do to the masses? No I am afraid that their response could come in the form of a different distraction. They are getting very desperate and frightened. The first thing that comes to mind is a nation wide terrorist attack. It would have to be much larger, and more frightening then 9-11. Something that throws us all into a state of panic. An event large enough to justify shutting down the country. Martial Law. I hope I'm wrong.

No matter what happens, now is the time to keep this fire burning. We need to support each other and realize that the only two groups in existence in this country are not Republicans and Democrats, but citizens and our controllers! If we back down now they will surely run over us like roadkill. We need to seize upon the moment and wake our children up to this absolute necessity to stand up to these thugs.

One other thing I would like to add here, I have noticed many government officials referring to our democracy. THIS IS NOT A DEMOCRACY! THIS IS A REPUBLIC!!! If you do not know the difference you need to educate yourselves on this matter. It is very important! Also educate your local politicians because they don't seem to know the difference either. Thank you all! Be well, and be safe, and don't be afraid to go yell your displeasure at the criminals who are robbing us blind, and trying to completely turn us into slaves!!! I am so proud of the people standing on their feet, telling the powers that be, "HELL NO! WE WILL NOT ACCEPT YOUR BULLSHIT ANYMORE!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Here and Now

Just a couple of thoughts to share today. We are living in fascinating times. Never before have we been at a juncture of possibilities that are truly staggering to the senses. It should become quite clear that the high stakes game of living has never been more interesting.

If you follow my blog you understand a few things. You know how I feel about the importance of understanding what is happening to us. Knowledge of the game is vital to learning the lessons from the experience. My interpretation is we our stuck here in a sort of, illusion, or paradigm constrained prison of the mind, not too much unlike The Matrix. The agents in the movie would be the Illuminati of our world. The interesting thing is, much to the contrary of mounds of evidence, many people do not believe they exist. Much of this can be attributed to their watching television and believing the programing that is occurring, without their knowledge. You can not see it. You can not feel it. But you know it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It shapes all of your thoughts, dictates how you feel, tells you how to react in certain situations.

Now obviously the programming is not that cut and dry with all people. We are all in various states of awareness. Some people are still delusional in the idea that government exists to assist us in our lives. While it is true, there are individuals that are dedicated to the well being of their fellow man, the overall structure has become compromised and corrupt. This simple fact is what I believe is necessary to understand to correct the problems. For how can we prevent the ship from sinking if we can not identify the cause of the gaping hole in the hull, or even get people to believe there is a hole in the hull. Maybe the ship must sink and we need to build a new one.

There will undoubtedly come a time when the ship will be beyond repair and when it goes down, it will take many people with it. Most likely the people who have been programmed not to see the hole or feel the water rising inside. There are such unfortunates. They will refuse to evacuate to the life boats, because of their unwavering belief the ship is unsinkable.

Enough with the Titanic analogy. The Illuminati do exist and are enacting their plans. They have been for over 230 yrs. You must understand, they are very patient. They will spend a generation or more just achieving one aspect of the overall plan. For instance, it was 123 years from the time of infiltration of the masonic temples in America (1790) until the time of controlling the country's monetary system in 1913 through the Federal Reserve Act. Then once they achieve a phase, they do not waist time celebrating, they move immediately to the next phase. Always remember their method of operation is to divide and conquer.

From their inception, (Google Adam Weishaupt), the single minded goal has been world dominance through the destruction of government and religion. This is a multi-front battle, being waged on us simultaneously. The enacted plan is responsible for the vast majority of conflict worldwide. Their wealth and technology permits them access to every major government (and thus their military). Every single war dating back to Napoleon has been funded on both sides by their international bankers. Every single recession, depression, since the same time, has enriched their position of power and control, for what we lose, is their gain. (Wealth never disappears it only transfers).

Even the societal structures and movements are well within their grasp and therefore control. Have you ever wondered what the humble beginnings of the isms were? Communism, Socialism, Fascism, all creations of the Illuminati to create the division required in people in order to conquer them. The other governmental philosophies, so we would always have an enemy to fight. Then they would equally fund both sides in order to ensure a long, bloody, drawn out war, to ensure all would be in their debt at the end. This also provided the wearing down of the people, through bloodshed, to be willing to accept their solution to all these wars. That would be the United Nations. The formal public face of the Illuminati. That was their promise, no more wars. Of course that never happened. These wars still continue today, all for profit, not once for the reasons they say they are being fought.

Today, they have more power than ever. They are in the process of crashing the world economy to get us all under one standard currency. It will be the final plunder of the working people all over the world. To use their currency will cost us even more in interest then what we pay today. The Federal Reserve charges 17 percent interest on the money they print. That goes right into the pockets of the Rothschild's and the Rockefeller's of the world. Plus as an added bonus, they control the value of the currency by either flooding the banks with money, or withholding the money. All this power in the hands of individuals whose soul purpose is to force us into a world wide government, (which would make China's government look like Santa Claus), a world wide health care program, (can you say GENOCIDE?), and a world wide religion.

Finally, this all ties in with the swine flu. It is through this created virus, that they hope to vaccinate us all, under mandates by the World Health Organization. You know how I feel about that. I cant believe any sane person would consider taking these experimental vaccines, actually thinking they are doing themselves anything good. I am almost to the point of saying if you are that stupid, you get what you deserve. I know that would not be helpful though sometimes it is how I feel. It is a direct depopulation program! They have come right out and brazenly admitted they want the world wide population at 500 million. We are at 6.8 billion. The biggest lie, other than the swine flu, is the earth can not sustain current populations. The whole truth is the earth can not sustain current populations under currently used energy and technology. Who do you think is withholding the much needed upgrades in technology and energy?

So, what to do? Well I think it must start by giving credit, where credit is do. The Illuminati are directly responsible for a lot of crap in the world. However, they can only do these things if we are not aware, and through ignorance, allow such things to happen. Once we begin to see their diseased programing, we must help others to see it also. Nothing happens by accident or random chance. Many people have tried to warn us. We still don't listen. Educate yourselves. Time is running out. I for one, do not wish to live as a slave to their whims, even though I already am, I'm trying to change that! Be well. Wake up, pass the word, and please do not accept the poisoned vaccines!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Here is My Email!

To whom it may concern at the White House,
I am sending you this email in response to the White House Blog Post, Facts are Stubborn Things. It appears that you are asking for citizens to turn in others, who have opposing viewpoints to the proposed Health Care program. I have decided to make you aware of my own viewpoints, which can be viewed at my blog Down in a Hole.

My concern is you are attempting to silence opposing views. If my concern is accurate, some action will take place. I am completely supportive of any and all honest attempts to reveal the truth of our current situation. Many things are not as they seem. I do firmly believe that my Blog posts are grounded in truth and facts. If anyone can disprove, with verifiable facts, that anything I have posted is a lie, I would be more than happy to post a retraction with a complete explanation and apology for any misunderstanding. From what I see, the truth of our collective situation, will never be exposed on television or in main stream news. The folks who own the media, also own you. There are many of us who know that. Lyndon LaRouche, and Ron Paul, just to name a couple of people. More of us understand the insane actions you are taking to destroy us then you realize. We are normal people who are awakening to the obvious truth of the corruption and genocidal plans you are enacting. We number in the millions. We don't want to hurt you. We just want you to stop trying to control us and kill us. Not all of us are mesmerized by the television, or are completely dumbed down by fluoride, or are too busy being entertained to not notice what you are doing.

My intent in sending this email is simple. PROVE to me my observations are wrong. I will be the first in line to support you. You can do this by following these simple suggestions.

1. Throw the Federal Reserve system out! Set up a constitutional, congressional backed credit system, we can no longer afford to pay interest to your world banking buddies. Also create a credit system pact with China, India, Russia, they need us as much as we need them.

2. Using the credit system create viable, long term infrastructure projects to create a future for our grand children.

3. Truly reform health care by throwing out the HMOs and insurance companies and return to the system that worked before the corporate leeches had their way with us.

4. Come clean with the true intent of lab created Swine flu virus and stop pushing the vaccines which you know will harm us. Have you read the charges filed by Jane Burgermiester? Did you do anything when Baxter shipped live avian flu virus to other countries, mixed in with the vaccine? Do you really think we trust you or the World Health Organization? Why should we, because the television tells us too? Should we really believe you have our best interests at heart?

5. Stop being the bulldogs of the British Empire by policing the planet with our military bases, and rescind all acts which are unconstitutional such as the Patriot Act. We know what that is really all about.

6. Release the stranglehold on the alternative, free energy systems, so the illusion of scarcity you project, in order to control us by fear, can cease and desist, once and for all.

7. Ban all modified food, and the corporate control that is involved.

Finally, break the obvious love affair with the huge corporations, including the world bankers, as Fascism will never win in the end. Rule of law, once again should prevail. Not your idea of it, where citizens are thrown in jail on trumped up charges and the blatant, obvious criminals are free to run the show! We see your corrupt judicial system. We are the eye at the top of the pyramid!
Remember, we are loving, kind people. We number in the millions. We don't seek to hurt you, we only ask you to stop hurting us, stop oppressing us, stop killing us. If you do the right things we will be the greatest nation, and will be able to share our freedom and liberty with the rest of the planet. Just like our founding fathers envisioned. ALL of us ILLUMINATED, not just a chosen few. If you choose to stick to your plan, of order out of chaos, it will surely backfire on you. I trust you know that. Thank you for your time, and please check out my blog, through the link below. Have a great day.
Most sincerley, Doug A. Layman, not DOUG A. LAYMAN.
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Down in a Hole

This is Very Interesting

This is very interesting. Notice the White House, has hired a person to be head spin mistress. This is a clear message that they are very concerned about the public's ability to see through their lies. The elite are running for their lives everywhere! They know their days are numbered. What is even more interesting is this paragraph taken from this White House Blog Post.

"There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to"

Does anyone see a problem with the above paragraph? There are asking the citizen who finds a dissenting view on health care to turn it in to the government. What the FUCK? What in turn will the government do with this information? This provokes me to do an experiment. More about that latter in the blog. So there is no misunderstanding with the government, or anyone else, I am convinced the only thing fishy about the health care reform, proposed by the government, is THE PLAN ITSELF! Why do I feel this way? Read on.

At this point in the blog I would like to direct your attention to this excerpt of the LaRouche Webcast from August 1st, 2009.

The simple truth, which is spun into a lie by the White House, is the insurance companies and the HMOs are the problem with health care. The Obama health care plan does nothing to deal with the exploitation of the sick, through the fraudulent insurance companies and the huge pharmaceutical companies, who are desperately counting on this health care plan to be implemented. The fact of the matter is these very institutions are often directly responsible for the illnesses themselves. That is the truth that the White House thinks nobody can see! Guess what? We are waking up to the many crimes committed against us! We are awakening to the fact that Obama is a lap dog of the elite. We are aware of his desire to engage in the treasonous act of GENOCIDE against all of us, as perpetrated through his Nazi health care plan. Have I got your attention yet?

The reason I say "Nazi" health care plan, is because it is the same overall philosophy as that of Adolph Hitler, in 1939 Germany. The cornerstone of this philosophy is the focus on eugenics, or the need of the rulers to cull the undesirable segments of the population who are deemed, unfit, or do not serve a useful purpose to them, and those who hold a dissenting opinion. It is also vital to reduce the population so the ruling elite can have it all while we must be content to fight over their scraps. Disgusting, if you ask me!

Let's take it a step further. All this health care talk is important, but it is not the most important thing at this time. It is merely a smoke screen, set up to obscure our vision of the fact that our country, is in the middle of complete collapse of ALL social, financial, and religious paradigms. Arguably the most important being financial. We all know at some level we are being looted by the very people we have placed our faith in to lead and protect us. Our federal government in all it's institutions are corrupt, lieing, murderous thieves. There are however, certain individuals who are opposed to these crimes. It is very easy to spot them, as they are marginalized and discredited by the rulers.

The main plan, the smoke screen attempts to hide, is the intentional collapse of the worlds economy, through destroying the largest driver of that economy ( the UNited States) by extracting the wealth and resources of the people. This is done primarily through the Federal Reserve. If you watch the August 1st, 2009 webcast, by Lyndon La Rouche, you will see a clear, concise, constitutional, plan laid out, to start to rebuild our decimated country. The mere fact that our government, headed by Obama, is doing the exact opposite, proves to any sane, intelligent, human being that they are completely insane. Criminally insane, would be a better term.

We are now at the point of the experiment. I personally will send a copy of this blog to the above email at the White House, with a detailed explanation of WHY I am sending it! I will also post a copy of the email here on my blog so you can all follow along. Enough is enough. I will close with reminding you all, contempt prior to investigation is the only thing required to keep man in everlasting ignorance. Do some research. Federal Reserve. Vaccinations. World Trade Organization. World Health Organization. Trilateral Commission. The Council on Foreign Relations. Bilderberg. Czars in the Obama administration. It will be interesting to see what happens after I send this blog to the White House, stay tuned for further developments! Oh and by the way, our secretary of health is a member of Bilderberg.

Monday, August 3, 2009