Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We are going to let the process work its way through

If the press is starting to laugh at the white house press secretary, is true reporting in the main stream media closer than we think? Stay tuned to find out!

The Truth About the Left / Right Paradigm

The truth must be understood. The impact these lackeys are having on our society is astounding. I am talking about our government. I have been quietly sitting back waiting for Obama to turn away from the abyss and save the day. I honestly don't see it happening gang. I PRAY I AM WRONG!

Last week house vote on cap and trade carbon tax is one step closer to the abyss. This is one step closer to the end of OUR sovereignty. If the senate passes this bill, Obama is sure to sign it! GAME OVER SHEEPLE! Put your fucking chains on, get in line for your fucking death shot of flu vaccine, so you can go stand in another line with your fucking food voucher, to get your weekly ration of genetically modified shit to put into your already weakened body! WAKE UP! Do you realize how many jobs this bullshit carbon tax will cost this country? All for fighting against this bullshit fabricated story about global warming! Oh sorry its called climate change now. The only thing this carbon tax is, is a way for global banks to squeeze more fucking money out of us, while making that fucker, Al Gore, one rich bastard elitist, to fit right in with the rest of those lying scum! GET MAD! GET FURIOUS! THIS IS YOUR KIDS FUTURE THESE BASTARDS ARE STEALING. So what are you going to do? Sit on your ass and watch t.v.?

Here's one thing you can do. Call your fucking senator. Tell them, NO WAY, to the cap and trade carbon tax! Tell all your family and friends to do the same! Meanwhile wake up to the fact we are all being played by this stupid Republican, Democrat bullshit! THEY ARE THE SAME! They answer to the global elitists. They are the Federal Reserve, the United Nations, The World Health Organization. The Trilateral Commission. The Council on Foreign Affairs. The Bilderbergs, The Bohemian Grove assholes. Do the research. Learn about the luciferean worshipping occultists who control the world. These people are sick, savages who kill, rape, and steal from everyone. That's the simple truth. Don't believe me, look into it for your self. Or just go back to your little TV programs, and go back to sleep. It will all be OK in the morning! In the meantime, if you are still reading this, thank you if you are, you have intestinal fortitude, Watch this video by Ron Paul, one of the handful of politicians worth a shit, in this country!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fighting the New World Order: Information Revolution 2009

How Mercury Kills the Brain ~ Autism

Great video!

Awesome Vaccination Article

This is one of the best articles I have ever read on vaccinations. It is a little on the technical side but is an eye opener none the less. Please read it and pass it on. We need to all understand how serious this truly is. The experiments that the vaccine makers are engaged in is truly the most dangerous threat to us all. These people are monsters! Once we realize that, things can begin to change. This may be the most important thing in our lives! Thank you, be well.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Putting Some Pieces Together Pt. 1

In case you haven't noticed, I am a little wound up about this swine flu bullshit. I am going to start to try to put some pieces together to try to show how interconnected the events are, we are experiencing. I have shown some evidence in past posts how flu outbreaks, in the past, were not what we were told they are. There is a nice interconnected web of participants who like to operate under the pretext of caring about humanity. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is my fondest wish to have you research and carefully consider the dangers of accepting a H1N1 swine flu shot.

I will start by sharing a little information I found on the, newly appointed, Director of the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). As you may or may not know President Obama appointed Dr, Thomas Frieden as Director of the CDC in May. What the A.P. article does not tell you is that Frieden, is a member of the EIS (Epidemic Intelligence Service). What the hell is that? I had never heard of such a government organization. I think it is pretty damn important to understand just what they do.

The Epidemic Intelligence Service is a branch of the CDC. Some people like to think of EIS as sort of a CSI of the bio terror world. Others paint a slightly different picture. This article, written by Bryan Ellison, for Spin Magazine in 1993 gives an inside look into the organization. The organization had 2000 members at the time (over 3000 members now) and poses incredible power and control over what information is released about diseases and other threats. The organization reserves the right to call all past and present members into service in the event of an emergency. As the article states, they are the CIA of health care. The group has international members also.

As is pointed out in the above article, it is the EIA who was the driving force behind the 1976 swine flu debacle. As Mr. Ellison summed up in the last paragraph of his article, " The era of infectious diseases in the industrialized world, the age when most people died of tuberculosis, malaria, yellow fever, or polio, ended long ago. But the EIS, a relic of the past, has grown ever larger in its membership and influence. Its clandestine methods and near invisibility have allowed the CDC to virtually manufacture epidemics, and to make the whole process appear spontaneous. Now, as AIDS and the EIS moves into the '90s, some members are beginning to privately mourn the fat days of the mid- to late '80s, when AIDS research dollars flowed most freely from government coffers. Once again, the EIS may soon be forced to justify its existence to Congress in order to finance its ambitious program of centralized public health surveillance. Cloaked in science, the EIS's agenda threatens to expand public health controls over private beliefs and life-styles. Healthy suggestions are one thing; exploiting hysteria to impose emergency powers is quite another". One piece of evidence to this end is the anti-smoking campaign embraced by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the new CDC director, also interestingly enough, timed to coincide with the tobacco reform legislation the President just signed into law.

If this is actually the case, the 2009 swine flu outbreak takes on a different view, along with the presidents choice for Director of CDC. Here is another bit of information, from the book,Positively False, written by Joan Shenton. Interestingly, in the book, the symbol for the EIS was a pair of shoes with holes in the soles to signify hard, investigative work. Some how that morphed into the new symbol, a foot print on the north American continent! (The symbol appears on the right side of the page, towards the bottom.) WTF? YEAH! Their gonna stomp the shit outa us!

The above video is produced by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. I think it speaks for itself. The first images we see are the words, We remember, superimposed over pictures of the destruction of 9-11. Then the words, and we said, How did this Happen? What if it happened again? Then photos of hurricane Katrina destruction. Then the words, Would we be prepared?
Propaganda works mostly by attaching emotional response to the information they are trying to impart. In this case fear. Along with the suspenseful music in the background. Then they bring out an "Expert" to tell you the bad news. You need the "Expert" because he knows what he is talking about. In this case, a doctor. He tells us we are not prepared to deal with more events such as those, that we fell back into complacency. Then another so called "Expert" a Ph. d no less, comes out and says we are more ready then we were, but because of budget cuts we will be less ready next year.

Enough blow by blow, you get the picture. The Ph. d in the video is Jeff Levi, executive director for Trust for Americas Health. They are a non profit organization who get their primary funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. These two organizations are important because they are the driving forces behind stoking the fear surrounding the H1N1 swine flu hysteria. Trust for Americas Health has also put out a series of pamphlets entitled, "It's Not the Flu As Usual". The whole point of all of this is to try and frighten everyone into taking the pandemic flu vaccine.

Jim Marks appears a little later in the video, he is Sr. VP. of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. This would all be fine and dandy, when you first look at these groups you think, ok, they are trying to do some good things, which they are in some cases. Until you look at the board of trustees for RWJF. First thing to JUMP out is James R. Gavin who also happens to sit on the board of Baxter Int. BINGO! The same Baxter that shipped out live h5n1 virus in their vaccines to 18 different countries around the world, and no one said shit about it! Nothing on mainstream media, nothing said from the government, nothing! Not even a lousy fine for unsafe lab practices! WTF?

Some of the rest of the trustees have all different connections to many other corporations and lots of cross board sitting between banks and pharmaceuticals. Surprise, surprise. And of course connections to every one's favorite insurance company, A.I.G.! So it's business as usual. Create a huge problem, while making money, provide the solution, while making more money! All the while killing off a few million people or so. All in a days work for the controllers!

In part 2 I will go into the vaccine manufacturers, who they are, and some odd connections they have. Till next time, be well, and be blessed! And PLEASE, DO NOT TAKE THE POISON VACCINES!!!

Here We Go!

This is getting hot and heavy fast! Check this out. There is a link to a phone conversation, where a concerned citizen is told, “That’s constitutional, there’s no doubt about it….mandatory vaccinations are legal under the Supreme Court….absolutely.”

A 1905 supreme court case; Jacobson v Massachusetts is cited as the legal ground for the constitutional right of the federal government to force people to accept poison to be shot in their veins! All they have to do is Declare an emergency. This is a done deal folks. We must stand up to this forced injection plan en mass now! This is SO IMPORTANT! Please pass this along to all your friends and family, and please do not by into the bullshit of federally mandated genocide! LOOK AT THE FACTS OF ALL VACCINATIONS!!!! PLEASE DON'T ACCEPT POISON VACCINES!!!

Bilderberg 2009 Intel Already Proving Accurate

Bilderburg 2009 Intel already proving accurate. Good follow up piece showing how investigative reporters Jim Tucker, and Daniel Estulin have hit the mark again. This is evidence that this is not just fantasy. These guy's have learned a lot about what's in store for us this year, if the ruling elite have their way. One of the top agenda items is exploiting the swine flu scare to turn the World Health Organization into the governing health body of the entire world. Great videos in this article also. Be well folks!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

1976 Swine Flu Propaganda! MUST SEE!

This video is of a 60 minutes story done in 1979. It featured the truth about what that vaccination program was all about. Interview with the former head of the CDC, which by the way, was also in charge of the ad campaign to SELL the swine flu vaccinations. Also includes some of the adds that ran promoting the vaccination program. The more you understand whats behind these schemes, the easier to understand what is happening. MUST SEE VIDEO! Be well, and PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT THE POISONOUS VACCINES!

More Swine Hoggle Info! Bilderberg style.

Still more information linking the W.H.O. to this developing mess. We must expose this plan. We must say no to the poisonous swine flu vaccinations! We must stand up to these genocidal, eugenic, monsters! Please don't take the swine flu vaccine! Be well.

Sign the Petition Against Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccination

Sign this petition against mandatory swine flu vaccination. I have signed it. Please pass this around to all your family and friends. We should have a choice as to if we want to accept their poison in our bodies. Our bodies should be under our control! Not up to a international governing body such as the criminally charged World Health Organization, or the equally complicate Center for Disease Control! Here is another great source of information on vaccinations. Be Well!

Charges filed against WHO and the UN for Bioterrorism!

This is as IMPORTANT as it will get. Even though I'm sure that the general public will never hear about it, you will if you are reading my blog. This topic is one I feel extremely strong about. This vaccination scheme is nothing more then a ploy to exert more control and fear over our lives. It does not have to though. We can learn to have a collective voice and stand up to this insanity. Please research past vaccination programs. Read the material. Look what many people did in 1976 when the government tried this exact same shit! Pass the information around to family and friends. This is our chance, but we must act now. Thank you, and be well, and healthy!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baxter International

Here is some interesting information about Baxter International. You may remember Baxter is the company that "Accidentally" shipped live avian flu virus, in vaccines, shipped to 18 different countries. They are the lead manufacturer for the H1N1 swine flu vaccine for the bulk of the governments vaccine order. Hm. I feel safe already! PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT THE UNSAFE VACCINES!

Here is some information on petitioning the right to self quarantine, in the event of a declared mass outbreak. Many people are fearing that the government will force citizens to either accept the vaccine or be in violation of the law, and be locked up. No such law exists that I am aware of. Vaccines could be required to allow citizens to go out in public. (Vaccinations are already required for children to attend school. All but two states allow for religious reasons to deny vaccines. Home schooled children are not required to be vaccinated.) Even if it is not deemed, Illegal to refuse the H1N1 swine flu vaccine, I fear officials will make it very difficult to refuse, by generating a mass panic through propaganda aimed at suggesting people will be put at risk, by those refusing vaccination. Nothing is further from the truth! The evidence clearly states, that vaccines will kill as many as the virus! There is clear evidence that the World Health Organization, working in concert with the Center of Disease Control, created this new, never seen before virus, a combination H1N1 swine flu, H5N1 bird flu, H3N2 human flu, to be released, to "SEED" the public, then to produce the vaccine to "Save" the public. If it pans out that people of brown skin, die at a much higher rate, than people of white skin, it is very safe to say this is a race specific bio weapon. Not unlike AIDS, kills far more people of African descent than any other people.

You should understand that this game of creating the calamity, using the main stream media to fan the flames of fear, then producing the solution to the calamity, is the oldest trick in the book to keep the unaware public in need of the protection of the rulers. The ruling Elite cement their position as the benevolent overlords, by appearing to have the best interests of the people as their motivation. The reality is, they are only interested in profits from the calamity. Be it war, disease, starvation. The extremely wealthy international bankers and the corporations and governments that support them are only interested in power and control. They see this swine flu as a wonderful way to rid the planet of the excessive useless eaters that are what they define as the TRUE curse of the world. This flu is just one of many tools in their arsenal of contempt against us ordinary folks.

Again I ask you, DO YOU TRUST THEM? I don't! I can also give you many reasons why you shouldn't either. Please, take a vary long look around you. Consider what is important to you. If you honestly think I am full of shit, that's fine. But if you sense something is not quite right, welcome. Follow your instincts. Trust your intuition, and learn about the reality of our world. Only by honestly accepting the true nature of the situation can we discover the way to best affect the changes to make this world safe and free for all people. Be well, and be blessed. And please, DO NOT ACCEPT THE UNSAFE VACCINES!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Please read this transcript from an interview with Dr. Bill Deagle. Very important news about the swine flu! Be well, and many blessings to you all!


What would you call someone who intentionally releases a lab created virus with all of the worst flu viruses combined? ANSWER: W.H.O. and the C.D.C. or the World Health Organization, and the Center for Disease Control. PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO! PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT A SWINE FLU VACCINE!!! Be well, and take GOOD care of yourselves!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Swine Flu

I am not a medical doctor. I am not an expert. My opinions on the swine flu are my own. Take them for what they are worth. My only intent is to have you research this topic for yourselves. I hope you will try to learn the facts about H1N1 influenza before you go line up to get a vaccination.

I would like to talk a little about the 1976 swine flu outbreak. I think it is very important to understand what happened back then, as I believe many things have remained the same. In Jan, of 1976 a soldier was diagnosed with having swine flu. As a result of this single case many extraordinary events took place. In essence the vaccine makers ran to the government and convinced them to buy, at tax payer's expense, millions of doses of experimental vaccines. These vaccines were not properly tested, and as a result, the vaccine was directly responsible for killing, at least 113 people nation wide, and paralyzing 75 people just in the state of California. You can find a very informative book, entitled, Swine Flu Expose here, written by Eleanora I. McBean, Ph.D., N.D. It is vital to have knowledge of past swine flu events.

A big part of the propaganda behind the 1976 swine flu scare, was the insistence that it closely resembled the 1918 flu that killed an estimated 20 million people. Some people insist the numbers were much higher. I have seen estimates up to 50 million deaths. There is no doubt it was a horrible, tragic, event. What was the true cause? This is an excerpt from the above linked book, by Dr. McBean. "When doctors had tried to suppress the symptoms of the typhoid with a stronger vaccine, it caused a worse form of typhoid which they named paratyphoid. But when they concocted a stronger and more dangerous vaccine to suppress that one, they created an even worse disease which they didn’t have a name for. What should they call it? They didn’t want to tell the people what it really was — their own Frankenstein monster which they had created with their vaccines and suppressive medicines. They wanted to direct the blame away from themselves, so they called it Spanish Influenza. It was certainly not of Spanish origin, and the Spanish people resented the implication that the world-wide scourge of that day should be blamed on them. But the name stuck and American medical doctors and vaccine makers were not suspected of the crime of this widespread devastation — the 1918 Flu Epidemic. It is only in recent years that researchers have been digging up the facts and laying the blame where it belongs." Interesting how the current swine flu outbreak had it's origins in Mexico. Hmmm. Interesting how the current strain appears to target Mexicans with a higher death rate. That I find very suspicious. Much has been written about race specific bio weapons. What are the chances of bird flu, swine flu, human flu, all combining into a new super strain. The only place I can imagine this would happen, would be in a military lab. Time may tell. It is very suspicious though.

So where does this leave us? As all the vaccine makers are racing to make their vaccinations, promising to have millions of doses ready by fall, how safe are these vaccinations? The government has already said children should be the first to get immunized. Should we blindly offer our children as Guinea pigs for experimental vaccines, when given past track records are nothing more then poisonous concoctions that kill and Mame more people then anything else. How can it possibly be good to expose children to the exact virus that is threatening them? The question really is, DO YOU TRUST THEM? I do not. Not for one moment. I completely believe the real tragedy will come when frightened people line up for a series of shots, thinking they are protecting themselves, only to be poisoned and killed by this. Oh I'm sure there is a virus out there. I'm sure there is a risk. I for one, have made my decision. I have drawn my line in the sand. I will not line up and take their shots. Depending on how the fear mongering goes will depend on if they try to use that fear and force people to get the shots. In 1976 there was outrage against these dangerous poisons. Today, we seem to be begging for them. What the fuck?

If you are like me, and will not take the vaccine, what can you do to protect yourself? I think a little common sense goes a long way. Nutrition is a good place to start. Make sure you diet includes the most nutrient dense food as possible. A little more difficult with all the genetically modified food on the shelves. I read where a nutritionist said that we must eat 5 times the amount of food to get the same nutritional value as we had 25 yrs. ago. Think about that. Try to avoid the obvious things that will weaken your immune system. Too much of anything can do that. Exercise is always a good idea. One of the best things you can do to boost your immune system is get out in the sunlight, 15-20 Min's a day, WITH NO SUNSCREEN! If you do some very simple things you can keep your immune system in tip top shape.

What if you get sick with the flu? Again, I'm not a doctor, but what I have read and heard suggests very different treatments then drugs. Remember, doctors and drug makers need each other to survive. Drug makers are making more profits then ever, despite the economy. There are more drugs available today then ever before, and many people are taking multiple drugs. How well do you think their immune systems are working? I listened to a wonderful show on what happens when you get the flu. It was by a doctor who goes against the main stream because he doesn't believe in a lot of drug therapies. I will link it when I find it. He said that the virus is a spherical structure with little spikes all over the outside. The spikes serve two main functions. The first to attach to the healthy cell to leech the nutrients out of it, thus killing it. The other function is to attach a strip of the healthy cell on the outside of the virus. This serves as a disguise so the white blood cells cannot recognize the virus and attack it. As this infection gets worse the body seeks to rid itself of this infection. It produces a fever. What is the first thing we are taught to do when we get a fever? Yup! Take a fever reducer, or an antiviral, like Tamiflu. This of course brings down the fever, never allowing the body to completely rid itself of the flu. Why is a fever so important? Those little spikes that attach to the cells curl up and lose the ability to hold on. The little disguise falls off the virus also, allowing the white blood cells to kill the virus. This only occurs at body temperatures of 101-102. Anything over 102 gets dangerous and should be lowered. You don't need to use drugs either. A little rubbing alcohol in a room temp bath will bring the fever right down. The key is to keep the fever 101-102.

The truth is this is real. This is important, and I feel very strong about this. Please take some time to investigate. I'm not promising anything, however, a little peace of mind could be the most important immune system booster of all. Fear, can have devastating effects, if we allow it to. Be well, and hope you are all richly blessed.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Swine Flu Developments

I have been following the swine flu developments and have been very concerned. I am working on a complete article about this subject. My main concerns, FDA's stance on natural preventative actions you can take. Their stand, of course, is to try to force everyone into accepting the vaccine, which I will go into more later. The other, being the chemical antivirals to treat those who get the virus. I will also go into the 1976 swine flu debacle, for those who don't remember. So watch for this next post, and please, for all your own sake, research the flu and the effectiveness of vaccines and side affects, before you get a flu shot. This is really been pushed in the main stream media, and will not go away. The idea is to frighten the general public, to accepting a massive vaccination program, that I, quite frankly, believe, will be as dangerous as the flu itself. Be well.

Monday, June 15, 2009

National Security

After reading president Obama has appointed another Czar, Kenneth Feinburg, he's the Czar of deciding the pay scales of executives who receive government bail out money, I started thinking about the promised, transparency of this administration. transparency gives us all a chance to know what the hell is going on with our government. I'm not bashing him but I am sometimes saying, what the fuck dude! Look, I'm not an expert, I don't have any fancy initials in front of my name, but I do read a tremendous amount of information on a daily basis. I have studied many different subjects. I have learned a lot about what makes this place tick. I am even still holding out hope that, in the long run, Obama will pull a JFK, and be a real man, and stand up to the ruling elite. I realize that in order to do that, he must play the game and be very smart, pick and choose his battles, and bide time until the old paradigm is dismantled. Time will tell, if he is a white hat or not. The point is, secrecy promotes power over others. Power over others promotes control and oppression. I truly believe that there are factions, within the government, vieing for control. My confidence is waning. Under the last administration, National Security became the main reason given for not releasing information. I'm sure there was legitimate reasons for some withholding, but certainly not all. How much illegal activity is hidden under the guise of national security? More than we dare imagine, I'm afraid. You see, secrets, as I said, promote power. Power is achieved over us by control of information. Control of information is mind control. They have developed a system that is almost perfect in it's ability to keep us from truth. If that's not tyrannical oppression I don't know what is. I know what some of you are thinking. That has been going on for thousands of years, dumb ass! I know it has, but I don't remember being around at its inception, or I'm sure I would have had a lot to say about it. I've probably been killed hundreds of times for flapping my yap! Ha! If that's the case, I STILL DON'T CARE!! Did you know that a web based DoD test, asks a specific question regarding lawful dissenters. Oh by the way it is still LEGAL to disagree with some one, you just must be more diplomatic in this age of political correctness. The question asks which of the following is a form of terrorism. The correct answer is protests are a form of "soft" terrorism! What? The California ACLU sent a letter to the DoD, demanding this be rectified. Our trusted police forces, national guardsman, first responders, and Homeland Security forces are being trained that protests are a form of low level terrorism! If your okay with that go back to sleep, I'll wake you when it's over! Here is link to the full article. Our National Security is becoming a catch all, Orwellian force, that is gaining frightening strength every day. Couple in Obama's call for a civilian military force, to answer to homeland security and I get chills up my spine. I'm am still hanging on to hope, but I'm running out quickly! Hopefully, I'm just paranoid, but I don't think so. What have YOU got to worry about? You would never protest against your government, would you? YOU trust them don't YOU? Good luck with that, citizen.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Military Classifies all Incomming Bollides and Fireballs!

This one managed to slip under the radar on me. Military Hush-Up: Incoming Space Rocks Now Classified. Why the hell would they do this. The article presents some interesting ideas. Could it be possible to blame an explosion in the atmosphere, from an incoming meteor, on a hostile country, in order to justify an attack? Gees, what the hell is going on around here? It just keeps getting more strange each day!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mainstream News Media

To pick up a paper of watch the nightly news is just downright painful. I have not watched T.V. for a couple years now. What passes for news is incredible. When you detach from the program it is real obvious how easy it is to trick people. If you watch, you think you are getting real information but your really not. Your getting mesmerized. For instance, if you happen to question anything about what happened on 9-11 according to Fox news, you could be a terrorist. If you would like to see the Federal Reserve Bank audited, you could be a terrorist. If you support Ron Paul you could be a terrorist. There is incredible spin to lump, white supremacists, Ron Paul supporters, 9-11 truth movement people, veterans, with terrorism! Hello? I have even seen a story saying al qaeda are willing to work with these groups! Come on. How ridicules does it have to get for people to wake up? How long are we to continue trusting these people? How about the newest Wall st. trend. The so called "Green Movement". Brought to you by the same people who got the wonderful corporate bailouts because the Banks were to big to fail. Do not take my word on it. Research for yourself. See who good old Al Gore is partners with in his new company. See what they are up to. See how much more filthy rich the same people who brought us the recession, are going to get when they pass their carbon tax along with cap and trade. Please, open your eyes to the reality before you. Please research the Bilderberg group. See what these people are up to. Look at the World Health Organization. Your being fed a line of shit every night. And now they are trying to demonize the last groups of people who try to stand up to them. The time is now. Peaceful, civil, disobedience is what we must do. Say no now, or we will not have the chance latter. Time is running out folks! Wake up and turn off your tvs!

Friday, June 12, 2009

HR 1207

Great news! HR 1207 has enough support to probably go to a vote in the house! This is quite a breakthrough! Check this video out on Dr. Ron Paul's website. Oh and contrary to what Kieth Olberman says, this man is the real deal! Audit the Federal Reserve Bank!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Peanut butter and butter sandwiches!

My father used to love eating peanut butter and butter sandwiches. I just started eating them again myself. It reminded me of a special time with him. That was back in the early 70's and he had embarked upon his own search for truth. I remember him fondly considering how the great pyramid of Giza was built. He was amazed by them. He also started reading Chariots of the Gods and God drives a Flying Saucer. I asked if I could read them also, and he said yes. I don't remember having many conversations with him but it sparked my curiosity beyond most ten year olds of that time. Then suddenly, he stopped reading or questioning all these things. I would try to have different conversations with him but he never had much to say and I could tell he was uncomfortable. I never did understand that. He died 12-21-05 very suddenly, unexpectedly. I was fortunate enough to be there, kissing his forehead, telling him I loved him, and telling him not to worry about anything. I am grateful for that final moment with him. It was a moment I will never forget. I needed to be there for him. He finally knew how much I appreciated all he meant to me, and how much he taught me, and the best gift he gave me. The honor of watching him grow into a wonderful, loving, man. I miss him of course. He had a fantastic sense of humor, and was always the first to laugh at his own being! He had a way of making you feel comfortable and welcome. I hope he is approving of me today. I hope he sees what I have become and he sees all the ways he had a hand in helping me! So this peanut butter and butter sandwich is for you dad! Thanks for everything you did for us!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fear or Love

It's really that simple. Be afraid and project fear or love and project that feeling. In it's simplicity comes the difficulty however. In the logical, left brained, rational mind, where most people reside, you would have to be a fool not to be afraid. Turn off the T.V. Get your information from a purer source. Learn to activate your right brain. Creation, intuition, imagination reside there. Within the balance of both hemispheres comes objective thinking. If you don't think for yourself you will only follow others to their conclusions. Most of the fear a person feels comes from believing someone else's programming. Discover your agenda! Take a plunge into your deepest, darkest, hidden desires! The world is what it is. It is a mass projection of every one's intimate, internal, repressions of emotion. Do you feed that insane illusion out there? Or do you take responsibility for your part in creating the mess? Many people will never understand what I'm talking about. You folks will never read this blog long enough to try to understand what I am saying. For those of you who are reading this, know this. The battle is not one out in the world, fighting against all the corruption and hate and control. The battle is won in your heart when you realize the only thing to do is project a deep, strong, vibration of love to the sick, the poor, the deranged, the corrupt, the negatives of the world. That can only be possible if you know who you are. And if you know the true reality of your world. Many will never get to that stage, some will though. You people that have won your own internal battle understand what I am saying. Thank you for sending the love to the world just by being you. That is what will make possible the day when we no longer need be concerned with greed, hate, and fear. Until then the battle must continue, even if it is only an illusion! The only thing we have to fear is fear itself! Empower yourself with truth. Take the plunge down the hole! You will feel alive, I guarantee it or double your fear back! Peace to you all, choose love, and always stand with courage for the truth!

Esoteric Agenda

Esoteric Agenda is a must see video. I was extremely impressed with the amount and level of truth of this video. I can personally vouch for only about 30 per cent of the information, as verified through my own personally research. If you want to jump with both feet down the hole, this is the video! Not only do they address the most pressing issues of our time, they give the most solid, down to earth explanation of what to do about it. So do yourself a huge favor, carve out 2hrs, and sit down and absorb this video! It will help you to open your eyes a little wider to the reality around you! You can handle the truth! Peace All!

Friday, June 5, 2009

HR 1207

190 co sponsors of the bill Hr 1207! Demand your local representative join the growing list to audit the federal reserve! Lets demand our government take back the congressional authority to coin and distribute our own currency instead of paying interest to private international bakers (who are robbing us blind) to do it! This is big people, which is why you wont see this on your nightly corporate newscast! This is the only way to turn this sinking ship around! Please share with all your friends and family! We must take action now! Join me in support of Ron Paul! I an happy to report my representative here in Wisconsin is a supporter of the submitted legislature Hr 1207. His name is Rep Ryan, Paul [WI-1] - 5/14/2009 is the date he signed on to cosponsor this bill! Well done sir!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Twenty years ago! No one knows for sure how many died that day. A brutal display of power. The government of China unleashed its military on the protesters. And just yesterday it was announced China bought the Hummer line from GM as they declared bankruptcy. Why is it our government is so close with the Chinese government when they are clearly a communist dictatorship who slaughters any form of dissension. Could it be that our government doesn't really give a shit about human rights or citizen's rights? No shit eh? I think what you see in China is the official prototype government for the new world order. Welcome to reality kids. Now I'm sure there are many who think that what I just said is utter bullshit. How many thought GM and Chrysler would go bankrupt? Chrysler incidentally was taken over by Fiat. If you take a look at the Bilderberg roll call list you will find the c.e.o. of Fiat there. Interesting. Twenty years ago if I told you a group of international bankers where going to dismantle every major labor union and completely scrap the whole countries manufacturing sector you would have thought I was crazy. Or that your tax dollars would be spent on corporate welfare to bail out filthy rich bakers while jobs were being lost at the rate of over 500,000 a month average and nobody would say a god damned word about it, you would have really thought I was crazy, yet here we are. So why then is it such a stretch to think our government will and are going to turn on us just like Tiananmen square? Are you aware your children are starting to be taught how to identify a terrorist at school? Are you aware that if you speak out against your governments criminal actions you will be considered a terrorist? Are you aware your president is pandering to other countries right now, while he is on his I'm sorry we were such assholes tour around the world, while he increases military slaughter (Just like China) and would have no problem turning the military and law enforcement on us if we collectively voiced our displeasure of losing our jobs or being forced to watch our country be taken over by other countries (outsourcing). Or if we get mad because it takes a wheel barrow of money to by a loaf of bread? (hyperinflation coming to a neighborhood near you) Oh that's right, I'm sorry, the economy is getting better now. Do you really believe what they tell you on tv anymore? Can't you see through the bullshit they dish out? Or do you just want to be left alone, not bothered and everything will be alright? If you do I understand. But, they will not leave us alone. And if we try to raise up, they will squash us like bugs, and imprison those of us who don't lick their boots like good little compliant citizens. As is been said many times before, I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees! So as you remember the horrors of Tiananmen don't think for one second it could never happen here! GM! The largest corporation in the history of our country to declare bankruptcy! Oh I mean restructuring, that's what we say now. For the good of the country you know! BULLSHIT!!!


Sometimes I know I come across as arrogant, but if you really knew me, you would know I just get really upset because of what I see. I don't think I'm any better then anyone else. I just get frustrated because I see enough of the intentional programming to know how deep it runs. We are all in this together. We all need this planet at this time. This is where we act out our lives. It is where we learn our lessons, internal and external. Part of my contempt is the frustration that comes with understanding that the overall control paradigm was set up, on multiple different levels, to ensnare the entity who is trying to breech the security measures. in essence, the moment you see past the illusion, a new one materializes, with a little more depth, substance, and complexity. Daunting the task becomes to continue to progress through the maze. If you travel too far ahead, it becomes more difficult to show the way. Not that I think I am the only one solving the maze. The further in the labyrinth the sparser the population becomes. There is not a lot of guidance here. It is the way the maze is set up. I am not special, I am not extremely gifted, I only have a tenacious desire to think for myself, objectively, and try to encourage other people to do the same for themselves. That is where, what I call, the programing comes in. This is not a place where there is unlimited love and encouragement to be unique and think for ourselves. The exact opposite seems to be true. We are processed, molded, fashioned, manipulated, controlled to think, act, and behave within an ever narrowing chute of being. I keep trying to divert the procession. I don't even know why I exert so much of my energy doing this. No one seems to listen (except of course my loving partner in life) however I am propelled to continue to try. I have come to terms with this, and know I would be absolutely miserable if I ever stopped trying to question the program. Then comes the revelation. You CAN'T think your way out of the maze. Don't get me wrong, a clear perspective is vital but only half of the equation. The other half lies within the opening of the heart. If you don't know love, you will never get beyond the wall of the maze that seems to ensnare 9o per cent of the participants. There are many peaceful warriors working feverishly to breach the chute so the masses can stream through to a new place of being. I have experienced loving and being loved. It is the source of all that I am. It is the only thing that keeps me here. I am sure of that. Love also must grow beyond yourself or another human being, although it seems the logical place to start. It must grow to ALL who are in the maze, and even those who created the maze! The perspective that helps me with this is realizing I have chosen to be here. This helps me to take full responsibility for my thoughts, actions, and intents here. I can honestly say I am not interested in wealth or notoriety. I intend to be empowered here, but only to the extent I can help others to be empowered. That power lies in love and understanding and empathy. Which means EVERYONE has a right to be here and learn. Which is why I get so upset. The prime objective of the maze builders, does not appear to me to be a very nice one. It appears to me to be to enslave and feast upon the innocence and fear of others. The maze builders are incapable of love. That's why they will always seek to keep us. They will not allow themselves the opportunity to be what they know we ARE becoming. Once WE do become what we are capable of, their reign will end. Guess what? I cheated. I stole a glimpse at the end of the maze. They eventually become discovered. We all get out of the maze, and all get to go home........but only if we keep trying to get out. For you see, even though the past, present, and future are not what they seem, we still need to learn the truth of our reality to achieve the end. Which, of course, is just a new beginning, of a new maze, with new rules, to be questioned, challenged, and eventually broken! Peace to you all! May you all find your way through the maze, and, by the way, their are places to breach the walls, short cuts, if you will! ( The all seeing eye winks!)


This is soooo fucking ridicules. I would be laughing all day about it except for the fact there are people who will actually believe this shit. They really do think we are idiots, don't they? And then the linking of white militias and anti government people to terrorists. What the fuck? People who see what is going on are now the enemy! If that isn't fascism I don't know what is! (YAWN, yeah whatever, pass me a beer and put that NASCAR on the tv!) Typical response of the sleeping masses! Or the female counter part, I'm going shopping and getting my hair done,hehehe! I'm fucking dying here! We are our own worst enemy! WE NEED TO WAKE THE FUCK UP!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Daniel Estulin

Daniel Estulin's True Story of the Bilderberg Group. This is the most detailed writings on Bilderberg, I have read yet. Also information on The Trilateral Commission, and the Council of Foreign Affairs, two organizations that work hand in hand with Bilderberg. Must read material!

Monthly Summary

Sign of the times is one of my absolute favorite websites for a unflinching look at the reality of our world! Every month the editors of the site, summarize the key global events into an article called connecting the dots. Much of my truth seeking abounds from their format. I have analyzed their work for years. When they make a mistake, they admit it. They have been attacked many times for their views. A Must read for those seeking truth of reality. Take special note of the end of the article. This is the exact reasons why the truth is so important to me. The truth is really all we have. Once you get used to the idea of being wrong while pursuing it, it becomes much easier to access it. You will be fooled from time to time, but if your intent is pure, you will find the truth, sometimes in the most unbelievable places! Happy hunting. This months connecting the dots can be found here. Peace to all!