Thursday, January 12, 2012

NDAA, or Learning How To Grow Up

Please forgive, I am a little late on this observation.

On New Years Eve, while the country celebrated the ushering in of 2012, King Obama held a party of his own. It was a quiet little signing party. He proclaimed the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, into being. We of the 99 percent barely let out a whimper. Kiss your rights as a citizen of the United States goodbye. It really doesn't matter though. We were not using them anyway!

Sometimes I get really tired of trying to point out what the assholes of the planet are doing. Most people here in the land of Prozac and Botox don't give a flying shit unless it somehow pierces the armored plating that surrounds what could be loosely considered their brain. That single problem is the biggest problem we face. The assholes can only get away with what we allow them to get away with. We allow a lot. We stand for nothing but destruction and misery. Ask anyone who lives in Iraq. The truly ironic reality is we support this by compliance, and it will happen to us too. The fact is if you support the Federal Government of The United States of America, you support the largest terrorist network on the face of the planet! With the enactment of NDAA into law, now the military can legally lock you up and throw away the key, without trial or even formal charges.

Now the first thought many people still have is "That will never happen to me, I am a law abiding citizen". Well so am I, but I also am very vocal which now is cause enough to provoke scrutiny by the powers that be. Don't get me wrong, I have no skewed sense of value or self worth, (I am not special or better in any way), I am however not afraid to speak power to truth and they do not like that one bit. Especially if you stand for peace and the end to all wars!

The time has come when we all must decide what we empower. Once the line has been drawn there will be no bargaining or pleading that we didn't know. I stand firmly on the ground of love and peace as the main building blocks to a society that flourishes and survives. It should be no mystery why I have such a problem happily living in the middle of this fucked up country. This country has become the biggest breeding ground of totally disconnected people. Disconnected from reality. We are brainwashed, cradle to grave, to never think or question our mighty governments or religions. We are slaves of our own making, embracing a reality that extends no further than our outstretched hand to grasp food to pack in our faces or to grab sexual gratification by whatever means possible, and to hell with any ramifications that come our way.
Well those actions will provide the needed catalyst that will provide the proper situation to learn how to grow the fuck up!

Voices can be silenced. Dissension can be punished. Compliance can be demanded. Movements can be co-opted. Lies can be spread. Perceptions can be manipulated. People can be corrupted. Truth can be buried. Innocent children can be killed. Ethnic groups can be genocided. Planets can be destroyed. However though out all of these atrocities, the human spirit can not be extinguished. We come here to remember what the choice is we must make. If we do not remember it is made for us. Nothing is what it seems. It is a world of smoke and mirrors, which serve only to reflect and project the internal inadequacies that each of us have chosen to come here in order to change. I would say judging on the amount of external catalyst we are doing a swell job reaching that event horizon. (9-11 was just such an event for many!)

So what we have here is 1% dictating how 99% must live, with about 10% aware and trying to do the heavy lifting for the other 89% who are neutral at best, detrimental at worst. I think 10% is an accurate number. I am striving to be a part of the 10%. I hope many of you join me in my endeavor, to speak out and stand up to the 1% plan of enslavement and repression of the 99%.
Fuck their stupid laws! Fuck King Obama and all the other corporate bankster stooges who try to run our country into the ground. We need to simply turn our backs on this whole fucking facade that is our Federal Government! Join me in support of ending all wars of aggression. End the Federal Reserve central bankster system. Do Not Agree to pay back 15 trillion in odious federal debt! They spent it, they owe it! End the one party republicrat run government who serves only the lobbyists who bribe them. Restore constitutional law across the board including freedom of speech! Be a part of the 10% who refuse to fear the government! The rest of the world would greatly appreciate us regaining control of our government and restoring ourselves to the status of most desirable country to live in!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years!

As we begin the first day of the year I would like to wish a Happy New Years to all my family, friends, and readers. May you all receive your fondest heart's desires in the new year!

This year has been anticipated by many people. It would be a rare person who has not encountered the Mayan calender and what is in store for us in 2012. But what does it really mean? I will give you my interpretation and we can see for ourselves just how close or far off I am.

First and foremost I do not foresee this being the end of the world, but I do see the end of the world as we know it, and even more importantly I see the end of time as we know it also. I shall explain both opinions in depth.

The end of the world as we know it is already happening and will continue to happen as we proceed through 2012. Just about every social structure, political and religious is being scrutinized, not only by people but by other entities as well. December 21st. of this year marks not only the end of the Mayan long count calender of approximately 5125 years, but it also is the end of the grand cycle of the precession of equinoxes which is approximately 25,625 years. Interestingly enough scientists collaborate that roughly 13,000 years ago, or half way through the grand cycle, the last ice age came to an abrupt end in a cataclysmic fashion that not only saw many animal species disappear, but also vast amounts of land disappear as sea levels rose some 400 plus feet as the huge 2 mile deep glaciers melted! There is also rumors of the civilizations of Atlantis and another in the Indus valley region vanishing along with the Mammoths and Sabre tooth tigers and such.

Now to some this is all speculation and myth, and many others will wonder why the fuck should we care about what may have happened 13,000 years ago? One thing is for sure. The end of the Ice age was swift and tumultuous to say the least. One only needs to study the evidence left over in Siberia where a huge animal grave yard was deposited in a twisted mass grave, slammed against a huge river bank, containing millions of animals and carbon dated to 13,000 yrs ago. Perhaps this sudden onslaught of changes had many causes. I am not sure of a lot of them, but I do believe a cyclical phenomena occurs that is beyond our scope to completely understand.

I am of complete certainty that we are in the midst of one of these cycle changes at this moment. We must understand that the Grand Cycle is always a window of opportunity that comes only once every 26,625 years. This is not anything to fear. For any person that has the understanding of the significance of this window of opportunity it is an honor! It is very simple. Love what is worth keeping in this world, and allow what is not worth keeping to be swept away in the onslaught of energetic upheaval. This does not have to have destructive power in the physical world if we work with it in the spiritual world! The keys are awareness, openness, and a non judgmental attitude when identifying inside of ourselves what needs to go and what should stay.

The ground work for all of this is already laid within us. It is why we are here in this particular place at this particular time. We are on the cusp of the very beginning of a new grand cycle. Much is still to be determined as to how the cycle will commence. My loving advice to my children was to live 2012 like it will be the last year we are here. What I meant by that was try to live every moment to it's fullest, expressing burning passion for the things we love and identifying all of the things inside us and outside of us that need to be turned loose. When we begin to understand how attached we are to things we no longer need we have taken a huge step in comprehending what it truly means to be spiritually responsible for occupying space here at this moment. It is all about empowering yourself in your life, in your immediate space. Multiply that by half a billion and you begin to see the exponential power of organized energy and it's impact on the physical world. Don't worry about it, just do it. Even the slightest realignment can have profound impacts.

I say these things because if we are paying attention we see that societal structures are beginning to implode. This is by design. Be it human or divine, things will be pushed to the breaking point and beyond. This will seem very scary in the hopes you will recoil in fear or react with rage and lash out at the perceived enemy. Neither of the aforementioned responses will provide a clear conduit for the cleansing energy to perform it's task. It will get bottled up and cleanse the individual which also is needed, however it is my opinion that some of this will also need to spill into the physical world and it will through clear, unrestricted folks who are capable of seeing beyond the fear, terror, and rage. It becomes prudent to understand that those energetic responses (fear and rage) are being invoked to keep us spiritually enslaved to the lower frequency energetic responses which while sometimes needed for survival, detract from loving energetic responses. It may be useful to point out that the corporate media, Federal Government, economic, and religious institutions try to keep us in such a confused state that they can control the negative response mechanism like ticking hands on a clock, which also has been digitized to remove all reference to time and movement!

The bottom line is it is all about reclaiming your personal ability to decide your own response to all the stimulus offered by the establishments. Most of it is fluff and bullshit. The corporate media advertising known as "news" is nothing more than programing geared at keeping you enslaved by the establishments so you can be milked not only for money, labor, offspring, emotional response, and spiritual energy, but you will also vehemently protect your master's right to do so! This type of mental enslavement will not be overturned easily, but it will be overturned never the less. Stop watching that bullshit now. Give it 3 months and I promise you will see how much it affects you in very poor ways to say the least. It will also make it much easier to accept the decline of these establishments in the coming years.

Another very simple way to start freeing your mind is to understand how the Federal governments of the United States, Great Britain, Israel, and many others are not at all concerned with their citizens best interest, and that anything they say should be viewed through the lens of this is a lie and not this is true. It saves a lot of time in telling truth from lies! I would have to say Israel and the United States are at the top of the liars list. This is easily evidenced by how many wars of aggression are being waged by them. No war happens without lies being present. A standing truth if their ever was one. As these supposedly all powerful institutions crumble into dust before our very eyes, as a result of the epic cleansing cycle changing to a new era, we will then be handed the clean slate to start anew. Somewhere down the road our children and grandchildren will be busy with this task. May they not be wasting any precious energy feeling sad for the fallen governments, for in grand cycle endings are the new cycle beginnings!

The next posting will deal with the end of time as we know it. I would like to close with again wishing you all a very Happy New Year, and hopes that this ending of the grand cycle will find you in good health and spirit to usher in the new age of being! Peace to all!