Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Freedom from Ignorance

There is a war for your heart and mind. It has been waged full scale for many years. You probably haven't noticed it, and you probably wont accept it even now. It has been devised so as to escape detection. It is created out of the very culture that has taught you everything you know and take for granted. It has slowly, systematically become such a part of your life that to consider it a threat would be like calling Mother Theresa a murderer. You see, you have the potential to be a threat. A threat to the world society. A threat to global governance. A threat to the collective being of the planet. Your crime you may be wondering? You erroneously believe you are free, and live in a free, sovereign nation. You are not. You are a slave, a corporate fiction, as you do not exist as a human being, you only exist as a number, which determines your value to society.

You believe that a document, a proclamation uttered by the founders of the idea of a nation, gives you certain unalienable rights. The document you refer to is the constitution of the United States of America. That document wasn't even written for you. It was written for the founders, the slave owners. You are a slave. They, the rich property owners where only protecting themselves from each other. It never dawned on them that the slaves would some day proclaim these rights for themselves. You are not a sovereign entity, but rather a slave of your own government! Did you even know that the color of the skin, of the first slaves of the new world was white? The next slaves were Indian. Then finally African. Slavery knows no ethnicity. Slavery knows no religion. Slavery knows no peace of mind or heart. That is your battle, against the self imposed slavery of ignorance.

Now you are saying to yourself, "What a bunch of bullshit, this guy is crazy!" Mental stability set aside, I offer to you the following for proof. When you pay your federal taxes who gets the money? The American government? No! The World Bank, through it's international reserve system. This international private banking system is the lifeblood of the British oligarchs, controlling the rest of the planet through the British Empire's monetary system.

Further proof would be the corrupt judicial system imposed on us slaves. Proven further by the legal fact that the moment you sign any document after being charged with a crime, you sign away your rights as a sovereign entity and you become a corporate fiction. A corporate fiction has no rights under the law because it is not human, but a fictional corporation. Why do you think every contract you sign with any other entity has your name in all CAPS! Why do you think 95% of the government are lawyers? Why do you think the true power of the jury has been corrupted and stolen from the people. Why is it when people sit on a jury they not only have the power to judge innocence and guilt, but also the power to judge the relevance of the very law that is alleged to be broken, and none of us know that! The true check and balance to tyrannical government is the power of the jury. Why do you think they try to avoid them at all costs?

If you could understand the totality of the lies you have been culturally sworn to as truth, you would demand the complete reversal of all known systems of society! You would immediately fire every single judge, politician, and religious leader in the country. You would immediately install the proper people to these positions and demand every citizen know and fully understand their vital role in society so we would never have to go through this bullshit ever again. Hell you would even understand that this alleged government is not a democracy but a republic founded on the rule of law, not the rule of the mob or majority.

Every aspect has been kept neatly hidden from you. You feel tired, beaten, and that you can never do anything to change the way things are. You feel just like the slave they know you are. You are not. Stand on your feet and proclaim your sovereignty. If you chose to live on your knees your already dead. Your only a slave if you think you are. Think for yourself. Study what is really going on. Be the free person you were meant to be. Bow before no other, unlike Obama who bowed before the Queen of England! The time has come to stop obeying the master and rise up onto our feet and proclaim we will no longer comply. WE MUST PRACTICE CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE! Like all the great peaceful, spiritual leaders of the past, there comes a time when it is far greater to die in noncompliance rather than live, licking the masters boots! We either do this now, collectively, together, thus setting things right again within our world, or we will most certainly perish, frightened, beaten, lost. We must see beyond all of their lies and deceits, and come together to remind them WE are the people and they need to work for us. We need to remind them, without us they are nothing. We should give them fair warning and an honest chance of integration into our society. If they choose to balk, then let it be on their heads as to the nature of the awakening force they chose to ignore. Make no mistake, we are awakening to their lies and deceit and treacherous plans of control and slaughter. We will in some way stand against them, for the day we realize, it matters not if we comply or revolt, for they will destroy us either way, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I will be there, standing, will you?

Health Care Workers Revolt Over Swine Flu Vaccine!

Your Friendly Police!

I just love how we are all taught to be nice and be compliant or else! All the rules and laws designed to make us cooperate and allow ourselves to be gentile and docile. Just follow the rules and everything will be fine. Take your mandatory injections, watch the magic moving picture box, pay your taxes, and continue to buy a bunch of shit you don't even want or need. Move along, nothing to see here!

When will it be obvious to all what is really going on here in Amerika? When will you be inconvenienced enough to care? Did anyone notice what happened in Pittsburgh? How would you feel if your daughter was clubbed and handcuffed, then posed on her knees for a photo in front of the assholes who assaulted her, like their trophy catch. The thing that really gets me is what kind of a man dresses up in Darth Vader storm trooper gear, then goes out and clubs kids and women to make themselves feel important? I'll tell you what kind of man. A fucking coward that's what kind. You can see in some of the g-20 videos these guys are complete chicken shits! If they were not in a large gang together they wouldn't do shit to anyone. They are more than likely the bullies I used to confront when I was a kid. Now they are all grown up and can't feel like a macho man unless they are beating teenage girls! How sick is that?

I see the day come when these freaks will be overwhelmed at some event. When they least expect it they will go too far and someone will stand against them and disarm them and embarrass them. That will be the day when the news will be breathlessly describing how a group of terrorists attacked the police and the army had to be called in to restore order. All the good little passive sheep will stare in disbelief and be grateful that the police and military destroyed the terrorists for standing up to them. Wake the fuck up people. Look at what is really happening around you! You are paying for your own imprisonment by these insecure goons! Pull the plug on their bullshit. Wake up and join a mass strike against this bullshit! Say NO to oppression. If you can't find a way to get your fat ass off the couch and reclaim your country don't come crying to me about it.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Forced Vaccinations

This should make all of you who are considering a flu shot take notice. The health care workers themselves saying no to forced vaccinations. They are the front lines in this battle. If they are not successful at standing up to this we all will lose. We need to support them in demanding a choice in taking this vaccine. Once the government has the right to dictate forced vaccinations it's over.
What do you think Obama care is? WAKE UP!! Refuse forced vaccinations! Refuse the fascist HELLth care plan!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

AP Hangs out With Anarchists!

I saw this and had to post it! Anarchists chanting for democracy? What? This is too funny. Even the rebels are compromised!

What Have We Learned?

In response to the video in the preceding post:
Why do I feel we just witnessed the roll out of new crowd control measures? Militarization of the Police force. Weapons that were supposed to be developed for military use, being deployed, systematically against citizens, who supposedly have a right to peaceful assembly. Then in order to justify their presence and tactics, Anarchists are hired by the law enforcement to create havoc to allow them to play with their toys. What a fucking joke! Teenagers dressed in black, with A symbols! OOH SO SCARY!!!!

The thing is these cops and riot police are scarred shitless. Witness that in the part of the video where they are all facing off against nothing but people with cameras! On one note, the skinny kid who ran in and hugged one of the riot police, while they were hitting another person, was priceless! Note to self, if your going to go to a protest, bring hearing protection, a gas mask, and goggles or full faced eye protection!

They did at least refrain from using the microwave, pain weapon, that boils your pain receptors, which are just below the surface of your skin. The mere existence of all these weapons, these new technological ways of causing pain to large groups of people, is proof of how little our leaders think of us. The fact remains, if we are not allowed peaceful protests then we will have violent ones. They obviously look forward to such engagements. If that is the case then we all should organize our protests much more carefully.

The fact of the matter is they are bullies. Beating college kids with clubs, that's impressive. What do all you parents of those kids think of this? Fathers, are you ok with your daughters and sons being gassed in their own college? Or maybe beaten with a club is more to your liking? Or the use of the acoustic weapon that can shatter ear drums? How much is enough?

How about the fact that 10 million dollars was spent on security for the protection of the 20 richest nations to meet, so they can decide how best to rid you of every last shred of dignity! Bow to your masters sheep, don't say a word, or question anything, just go back to watching T.V. and being entertained and lied to. Go back to bowing at the alter of Obama and his change! Never mind the agenda they are rolling out to reduce the worlds population to 500 million. Never mind they are poisoning our food and water. Never mind they are stealing the wealth and resources of every sovereign nation on the planet. Never mind they have released a lab created, bio-weapon called swine flu, in order to con you into taking a toxic shot to save you. Never mind they have taken your ability of creative thought and have dumbed you down to the point of turning you into a senseless piece of meat, only concerned with consuming and buying stuff you don't even need. They tell you what to think, they tell you how to act. They have you under a spell of self imposed, perceptual prison. You are the perfect slave.

"By order of the city of Pittsburgh Chief of Police, I hereby declare this to be an unlawful assembly. I order all those assembled to immediately disperse. You must leave the immediate vicinity. If you do not disperse, you may be arrested and or subject to other police action!"

How long before the words are heard in your city? Hm, I wonder.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Welcome to Amerika!

Welcome to AMERIKA, land of the FREE home of the BRAVE!
The brave are dressed in black and body armor and have a slew of new Crowd Control Weapons!
This is the militarization of the police force I have been talking about.
This is what you will face if you try to gather in protest or demand a redress of government as per your constitutional right. You have no rights now! You are a slave. Welcome to AMERIKA!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It Happened in America

Here is a story about Camp Greyhound. This was a make shift prison camp created by the department of homeland security and FEMA. It seems many were rounded up and imprisoned with no charges filed, and many it seems were not engaged in any criminal activity. Unless of course you consider trying to survive a crime.

Many horrible events occurred following landfall of hurricane Katrina. Both natural and man made events. It was the first post 9-11 catastrophe where the government rolled out their disaster plans. The way the law reads, they can declare a disaster, (real or concocted) and completely take control of a city, a region, or a country!

You can believe what ever you want, but please understand this, the day is gone where you had constitutional rights. We have crossed over to some form of a dictatorship. The day our fate was sealed was 9-11-01. Deal with it.

Military Checkpoints

Interviews with National Guard in Kentucky, assisting local police. An off camera interview with a local 30 yr veteran of the Newport Police Department suggested the local force needed help from the guard because of budget cuts in the police department. Is this a sign of things to come? Integration of the military to ease the public and condition them to the military being present, thus programing them to accept an overt police state. The Federal Government can take advantage of local budgetary constraints to militarize the local police force!

Many guardsmen and active duty military have been asked, during their training, if they would be opposed to conducting operations on the general public, under emergency conditions. Shades of Katrina come to mind here. Many expressed concerns about being ordered to carry out such operations. There are rumors of U.N. troops being housed state side for joint exercises that were to be conducted in the summer. I could not substantiate this. Interesting to note that our President is now the Chairman of U.N. security council, the first ever sitting president to do this!
There is always guns for hire too, such as the infamous, Blackwater, renamed Xe services LLC.

Maybe it's nothing, maybe it's ok for the military to assist in civilian affairs. (Cough) BULLSHIT (Cough)! Being the trusting citizen I am, the government would NEVER do anything against us, would they? (Cough)! Oh, please take some time to check into the events of Katrina, it is an eye opener! Google Camp Greyhound Katrina!

Cancer Cure

Reminds me of the vitamin, B-17. Google it, for more info!
Big pharma, caring for humanity, one billion dollars at a time!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Aaron Russo

Important Message

Important message from Ed Asner
The truth can set you free!

The Tinfoil Hat Brigade!

Please note the smugness and arrogance of this guy.

Some people would say, "The tinfoil hat brigade was out in mass today". These people are usually holding contempt prior to investigating some very obvious facts. Many people who can not consider the possibility that our government had a role to play on 9-11 are of the herd mentality. They fear being ridiculed by their friends, family, and coworkers. It is indeed sometimes difficult to stand tall in the winds of adversity. Others just can not wrap their brains around the idea that our own government could do such a thing to our own people. Why would they hold on to such an immature world view? I know how hard it is to hold these and other unpopular views. Many say, "So what if the bastards did do it, what the hell can I do about it?"
WE can do a lot. WE are doing a lot. WE are educating ourselves about a lot of things that are not what they seem to be. WE are awakening to the facts of the true nature of our shared reality.

Here you can find a fantastic video dealing with the facts of the 3 high rise explosions, that occurred in New York on 9-11. This was made by an architect named Richard Gage. Currently there are 866 architects and engineers who support a new, independent investigation. Also, 6 of the 10, 9-11 final report writers are saying there needs to be a new, independent investigation into 9-11. The first investigation was stonewalled, underfunded, and whitewashed with lies. Why else would Bush and Chenney refuse to testify under oath, or separately from each other. Did you know that 5 times the amount of money was spent investigating Clinton's affair, then FEMA spent investigating 9-11! If that's not an outrage to you, I don't even want to know you!

The facts are over 3000 people died on 9-11. Thousands have died and are dying in the subsequent wars. Hundreds are dying and critically ill from the dust and asbestos from the planned detonations of the twin towers and world trade center 7. For what?

Some facts to consider:
1. Evidence for several wall st. investigations for fraud including Enron, was lost in the demolition of wtc7!(convenient)
2. Evidence of the missing 2 trillion dollars Donald Rumsfield revealed on 9-10-01 was mysteriously destroyed when the accounting department at the pentagon was destroyed by a.......?(convenient)
3. Fire has NEVER in the history of man caused a collapse of a steel stuctured high rise building, until 9-11.
4.Billions of dollars were made by new owner, Larry Silverstein, from the world trade center insurance policy, that interestingly enough, contained a special terrorist clause! (convenient)
5. Millions of dollars were made off of put orders placed on the very airlines involved on 9-11.

And the list of anomalies goes on and on. But hey, these are just conspiracy theories, so just go back to sleep. It's all fine, shhhhhh, sleep now little sheep, dream of rainbows and gumdrops and nice things that will never hurt you, shhhhhhhhh. SLEEP!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fair and Balanced!

To further continue to prove my point, LEFT-RIGHT= Deception!
Main Stream Media is a sham.
Prognosticators of the virtual prison perception!
Stop watching it for 1 month.
Then watch again.
You WILL laugh your ass off!

Beware of the Agenda!

Many people are shocked to hear about child prostitution rings. Rightly so. Then to expose tax payer funded child prostitution rings, WOW!
Do you actually think that this is anything new under the sun? Sorry gang, it is not. How many children are abducted in the U.S. alone every year? Who is responsible for all of these missing children? Another question to ponder. Who is most responsible for the illegal drug trafficking into the country? The facts that people are starting to understand are very overwhelming, but vitally necessary to understanding the true nature of our society. You must understand this is chaos by design.

I do not advocate any of the destructive activities I have spoke of. Most people I know do not either. I think it is very important to understand the broader context of all of this. Our country is divided, for very many reasons. The most important of which is to keep people from unifying into a single cohesive force that would oppose all of this corruption and manipulation and powerlessness over these horrifying things that seem to be occurring with more frequency.

I support people trying to understand the true reality we live in. Very often it is very far away from rainbows and unicorn's shitting skittles to the delight of the masses. Often it is very disgusting and twisted so far beyond our understanding that we cringe and cover our ears, trying to ignore the blatantly obvious truth. We really do not wish to accept that we share a planet with some of the most vile, evil, disgusting, controlling people imaginable. We do. And the fact of the matter is they are more like you and I than we want to admit. They are the people we look up to as our leaders and trusted officials. They are your neighbors, they are the people you work with, they are the people you attend church with, they are everywhere, in some shape and form. They have perfected the art of deception and the means of control, through a system of lies, one built upon the next, that creates a hidden prison of the mind, just beyond our perception. They are predators beyond our understanding, and have no feelings of remorse for destroying other people's lives.

At the very top of their agenda is to keep people divided. It takes an aware and open soul to not get caught up in the battle. They wish to split the population into many splintered and fragmented, tiny little powerless groups. They want us to be afraid, angry, and disorientated. In this state of being we are victims and rendered far less powerful. They want a race war. They want a political battle. They want us to attack everyone who is different from us. They want us to focus on how we are a threat to each other, when in reality we are the biggest threat to them. We must understand the exact nature of their game!

I posted these videos for further proof that the false, left-right paradigm, is also being enhanced by a further defined racial divide, that is threatening to destroy our country. I am not a supporter of Obama, any more than I was a supporter of Bush. They are nothing but puppets being jerked by the same master. I am asking the people who can see this to step up and help calm those who are falling for this. Racism is a sickness of the mind, that is present in ALL races of people, to one degree or another. It's roots are often housed in generational hand me downs of deceit and control. All of these things are projections of the controllers plans, and are working very well right now. None of us are chosen above our fellow planetary inhabitants as rulers. The system has created that illusion. The system instills that illusion. The system must collapse. A far better way of living is waiting for us. We only have to wake up to it. That will come, as a direct result of experiencing the true nature of the program we have been deceived into embracing! Please don't allow yourself to be compromised in this fashion any longer! Please step up and denounce the lies, fear, and hatred that control your mind. Please free yourselves from your self imposed prison. We need each other to do that now! We need to learn to stand together!

Fractured Fairy Tales

I keep picking at the carcass of the 9-11 event, hoping to help people realize that the fairy tale presented that day is the pivotal point of most current events today. It is the event of the century, the Pearl Harbor event, the government needed to rally the troops and garnish support for policy changes, war, and militarization of our country. It is far easier to believe the official story then to search for truth. I have read just about every piece of information about that day, including the official 9-11 commission report. I don't pretend to know what really happened that day, but I do know one thing, the more one looks for answers, the more questions one finds. I always end up back at the main question. Who benefits the most from the crime? It was all too set up that day. I say that because the main stream media was saying who was responsible for the act within hours of the attack. Too convenient in my book. Too scripted. Too complete, too quickly. As I have said before, it is the main rabbit hole to go down, which leads to many other things. I just want the truth about our world. That in and of itself is probably the most difficult thing to obtain, which is all the more reason to pursue it.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's Only Here To Help!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Operation Mockingbird

For more information Google "Operation Mockingbird"

Whats in the H1N1 Vaccine?

Here you can find a fantastic article by Jeffry John Aufderheide for VacTRUTH!
Here is a quick overview.
Let us recap.
1. The vaccine contains squalene (MF59) which has not been tested for causing cancer.
2. The vaccine contains thimerosal, a known culprit in causing autism and neurological deficits.
3. The vaccine curiously contains nonoxynol-9 used in spermicides.
4. The vaccine will likely cause (and spread) the flu.
5. No neurological testing will be done to ensure the vaccine is safe from harmful neurological side effects.
6. Monitoring for safety will last 13 months, well beyond the flu season.

Please read the entire article. This is for the vaccine made by Novartis.

The really astonishing thing here to me is if a new born is injected with all of the CDC recommended vaccinations, (including the recommended two doses of H1N1) this baby would receive 40 vaccinations! WHAT THE FUCK!!! Do you know how much MERCURY could be in 40 vaccinations?

I understand very well that there is a lot of evidence that some vaccines help to confer immunity in some people. But this is crazy! Please talk in depth with your doctor about this, and educate yourself, and never allow vaccinations without going over ALL the ingredients, and ALL the possible side effects! TO MUCH OF ANYTHING CAN BE BAD FOR SOME OF US!!!!!
Use common sense, and above all ASK MANY QUESTIONS!!!! If you are not getting reasonable answers do not hesitate to postpone the vaccinations, You are the ultimate protector of your child and your family! Please make INFORMED decisions regarding vaccines!

"End the Fed" by Ron Paul

Click Here for a review of Ron Paul's new book. "End the Fed.

The importance of this topic is staggering, yet few people know the Federal Reserve banking system is a private offshore bank. It is not government run. The government borrows all of it's currency from the Fed at interest. Few understand if the government shut down the fed and issued currency to it's own people through congress, under the constitution, we would eliminate the interest owed to offshore bankers who do nothing but print the money. The money that they loan us has no backing of any sort. It is simply printed out of thin air! Printing and issuing our own currency would accomplish two main goals. We would eliminate the loan shark type interest rates we are paying the central banking system, which is nothing more then a collection device for the British Empire (Illuminati). This was made possible through the federal reserve act of 1914. So you see, despite the valiant efforts of many true patriots, our country still remains under the British Empire! Why do you think Obama knelt before the queen of England!

Wake up people, the federal reserve is just a wealth extraction devise to weaken the country, along with globalization to reduce us to a third world nation. Why are they doing this? To break the will of the American people, because we are the only people who possess the power to break the backs of the British Empire. We have accomplished that task several times only to be infiltrated by traitors who were subservient to the British Empire. This has been done and continued through many other means also, most notably through the Rockefeller family.

We are on the brink of complete economic collapse. The positive note to that is an opportunity to reclaim our country, establish, once again, control of our own destiny, and in conjunction show the rest of the world, a system of government and an economy, based on natural laws, that come from a constitutionally driven Republic, where rule of law, by the people, for the people, regains its proper place. This will ONLY happen if we the people, GROW UP, and stop expecting the government to wipe our asses for us! It is all up to us. Do we want to grow up and shed the diapers, or do we expect the government to provide the ointment to sooth our chapped asses?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Obama Madness! Osama Reprise!

Holy shit is this man on a roll. If there was ever a doubt who O works for it should be clear now!
Here we find an article on O pushing for complete dictatorial control buy the international bankers, through the federal reserve, over the entire economy of the U.S.! Watch the video by Judge Napolitano on this matter!

Then this guy decides to chair the U.N. Security Council! The first ever, sitting president to do so!
What the hell, this guy is acting like someone who does not have to follow and uphold the constitution!

Let's not forget about the health care bill that 2 million marched down the streets of D.C. to tell O and congress to shove up their asses! Then to add to the insult, white house senior advisor, David Axelrod, says the protesters are wrong about what America thinks about the healthcare reform!

Combine all of those things with the threats of disagreeing with the mighty O makes you a racist! Throw in a little people who talk about the federal reserve or the constitution are terrorists, oh and this just in, the other O, Osama, just released yet another threat from his cave in the mountains! I think the O people will be threatening my grandchildren in one way or another!

Then of course we have the continued saga of Climate Change and the impacts on the world economy!

Oh and don't forget the World Health Organization and the novelH1N1 flu hysteria!

Whew! OK. Does anyone see a common denominator here? International this, world order that, globalization, world economic order. Still think I'm just crazy about a 233 year old conspiracy for the Illuminati to take over the world? If you can't see this shit unfolding at lightning speed your either blind or you don't give a shit! Both Os are puppets of the ruling elite. Both answer to the same masters! They know the time is short. It shall be interesting to see what happens at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh on 9-24 to 9-27. So many things happening at once. I hope there is an equally strong contingent of protesters there. What would they do if 2 million pissed off Americans paid them a visit? The world is watching. I hope we don't let them down. Be well. and throw a little extra food and water in your basement, now is not the time to be caught short handed!

March on D.C.

It sure looks different then what main stream media said it was. As usual. Play up the supposed Obama support, demonize those who question or resist. According to the government there was 2 million terrorists in D.C. on 9-12-09!

As we move towards the day of reckoning, (10-1-09) we find this story here.

Chilling to say the least. BANKRUPT! That is what many have been saying for at least a year.
Why don't they do the only logical thing and put the monetary system, and the federal government through a bankruptcy restructuring process? Because they don't care to save anything for us, they only want to save their own asses. They fucked us good with the bailout, and they have no problem doing it again!

Those 2 million marching in D.C. got their attention. They whisked POTUS away and sent him to Minneapolis, so he wouldn't have to see that many people do not support his globalization agenda, and eugenic health care debacle. The catch 22 is too many people protest too loudly, they will have the excuse to take over via martial law. If you think that is not possible, wake up.

So, make no mistake, the perfect storm is on the horizon. The immediate future looks grim.
In the next two months the likelihood of certain events occurring rises exponentially. We will experience challenges from many fronts. How desperate the powers that be become, will determine the exact nature of those events. If it is determined that lock down of the country is needed, watch the media hype. If the pandemic gathers sufficient strength, look for the media to fear monger and push the public towards accepting quarantines and mass vaccinations. If this does not properly materialize, look for increased war activity, or possible strike on Iran from Israel. In the background of all of this is the economic time bomb, set to explode. Or maybe they would divert our attention with another terrorist attack. They have many choices available in their playbook.

Remember, leaked information from the Bilderberg meeting in the spring, said the economy was going to be intentionally crashed, especially in the U.S. This could happen many ways. Time will tell. Lets hope none of the above happen. Lets hope the country finds a way to step back from the edge of the abyss. When the ruling elite think they have it wrapped up, they are at their most vulnerable moment! That is when you break their backs once and for all. This could be done by the following:
1. Declare the British controlled monetary system of central banks illegal and disband and confiscate all bailout monies given them.

2. Declare complete system wide bankruptcy, and protect all assets through reorganization.

3. Declare the formation of a congressional backed credit system with an interest rate of 2 percent.

3a. Use credit system to back nation wide infrastructure projects to create real jobs.

4. Set up a treaty system with Russia, China, India, and the U.S. all as sovereign states, supporting a world credit system as described.

As a result the world monetary system would be destroyed and the 2percent interest credit system would put power back in the common persons hands to take control of their own lives once again. People need to know the true evil of the world is the British monetary system that robs everyone of their wealth. This can be done if we ALL force our government to take these simple actions. If we cower in fear and lat them control us, we are done. If we get off our knees and stand again as proud, free people that we are supposed to be, we can free the entire world of all of this bullshit! So what's it gonna be?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Revealed: The Ghost Fleet of the Recession

This story here has staggering consequences for our economy.
Actually it is more of a barometer for what is to come.
Do not believe the lies being told in the main stream media.
This recession is about to take another turn for the worse.
Also the Baltic dry index has been taking a nose dive again.
That means goods are not being shipped.
This years Christmas season for retailers is bound to be brutal.
Batten down the hatches kids, the storm is about to blow in!
The flip side to all the doom and gloom?
The powers that be will have a much more difficult time
continuing to expand globalization. Mind you, the incredible,
dynamic force that is the world economy, will not collapse
overnight. This will speed things up a bit though. Couple this
with the derivative time bomb, set to implode at the end of
the government's fiscal year, combined with a softening bond market,
and we are in uncharted waters. This could make the great depression
look like romper room! Good luck. We're going to need it!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

9-11 Where is the Truth?

Many are wondering, "Will we ever learn the truth about 9-11?"
The way the Main Stream Media report the "facts", no fucking way.
Remember who owns MSM.
Remember who owns the government.
If you believe their bullshit, good luck in candy land.
Here is yet another fine example.

Look at the facts. Look at the question of who benefits from the crime. It is the rabbit hole that leads to many things, including the role your government now plays in your life. The truth, as difficult as it is, is your government are murdering thieves. Plain and simple.
Or just go back to candy land where everything is wonderful!

9-11 Then and Now

Just an interesting tidbit. The dow closed on 9-11-01 at 9605.51
Close as of yesterday, 9-11-09, 9605.41
This is odd to say the least.
Coincidence? You be the judge!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Now For The Most Important Thing!

The courage exhibited on that insane day, eight years ago was phenomenal!
So many people gave everything they had to help and save those who were in danger. It can not be expressed enough that despite the catastrophic events, true heroes emerged. The worst events can bring the very best out of people. That day proved that. It was nothing short of amazing!

Eight years later, I hear of the first responders who are still getting very sick and dying from their work there. I remember the frantic attempts of rescuers sifting through the rubble with dogs, trying to find survivors. All those people who went there every day, never thinking of their own safety to help others. We so seldom stop to consider and give thanks to these people.

Now we find 70 percent of first responders have serious health issues as a result of their work! It is clear that breathing the dust on 9-11 is killing almost everyone who responded! WTF! To add insult to injury these people have had to fight the government for the care and help they need. They are the continued tragic story that Main stream candy land media is not reporting.
Many others are getting sick also. like people hired to clean up other buildings. We are not talking about the increase in asthma that local officials say is the only problem, we are talking full blown cancer that thousands have and will die from. Look here for a good insight.

When I went to New York in Feb. of 2002 to see the trade center site, the smell that still hung in the air was bizarre. My friend and I could not figure out what it was. It was the most acrid odor I have ever smelled. I have never smelled it before or after. I am absolutely convinced that it made thousands dreadfully ill. So the everlasting legacy of that day is it continues to take lives in New York. The government remains silent on helping those who need it most. Why does that not surprise me? Please join me today in offering a prayer for those who continue to fight the battle of 9-11. If you can, please consider sending a donation to the 9-11 first responders. May we all continue to help each other in any way we can! Please pass the word on, they still need our help!

8 years Later

We all can certainly remember what we were doing when we first heard about what happened that day, in New York, and D.C., eight years ago. It was a wake up call for many people in many ways. It is the launching pad for many different things. Will we ever really know what happened?

As everyone knows our government claimed terrorists armed with box cutters hijacked passenger jets and, well you know the rest. Does anyone really believe that story? I mean really, is their anyone who believes that? The sad truth is their are people who do. They are the same ones who think that there is a difference in democrats and republicans. The same people who watch the nightly news and believe we invaded Iraq because of their involvement in 9-11. The same people think Osama Bin laden was behind the attacks. The same people think the Patriot Act was a good thing to do.

One of the more interesting things about our reality here is we have the choice to believe what ever we want to. That's our god given right. It should be protected at all cost. I understand this. I also understand that everyone has a varying capacity for accepting things that shatter their belief systems. Some people must cling to that which is familiar to them. Some must stay comfortably numb. When another challenges our fondly held beliefs we either investigate these claims or dismiss them as untruths. It is human nature. It is also no fun whatsoever to look at the possibility that we have have been wrong about our perceptions of the reality of our existence. I can assure you that the pain of letting go of antiquated, false, manipulated, belief systems, is far less damaging then continuing to hold on to them. False belief has a way of devastating the soul. It turns on you, and consumes you.

As the current events continue to unfold we find ourselves approaching a widening chasm of differences. It is part of the plan. Most people can't or won't see the plan. The only way I have seen to overcome the plan is to question everything. When someone is willing to openly answer the questions, I have a hell of a lot more confidence then if there is silence. So many questions remain about 9-11. How many have been answered? People only seek the cover of darkness and a wall of silence when they hide things. Actions that occur for the good of humanity always occur in full view of the light of day. So many things lurk in the cover of darkness concerning 9-11. So many unanswered questions. If it really went down the way the government said it did, why are they not open about it? Why did it take years to get an investigation? Why do 6 0f 10, 9-11 investigators question the final report? Why did WTC 7 collapse at 5:00 p.m. on 9-11? Why did the accounting office of the pentagon blow up, they day after Donald Rumsfeld announced that 2.3 trillion dollars of the pentagon's budget was unaccounted for? Why were numerous explosions reported, before the towers collapsed? What happened to the gold in the basement? And the questions go on and on and on.

Nobody wants to admit we live in a country where the government murders it's own citizens. It does happen, and as much as it bothers you, it happens here too. That sucks, doesn't it? Oh I know, it doesn't affect you, it didn't threaten you..........yet. Wake up people. Do not be silent. Investigate, if you don't like the answers you receive, demand the truth. For if 9-11 was a false flag event, how long before the next one? Will that one affect you? Wake up. I know the dream is far more comforting then reality, but if you don't wake yourself up now, you will be awakened in a far more abrupt manner. We can demand changes. We must demand changes. We owe it to our grandchildren, we owe it to our children, we owe it to ourselves!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lets Talk Healthcare

After a storybook election when everyone had stars in their eyes, and we got an ass full of the fantastic promises about the CHANGE, and everyone was CHANTING, Yes We Can, things came back to earth. The end of the Iraq war never came (surprise!), tortures still in vogue, bailouts for Wall St (SURPRISE), dictatorial signing statements continue, increased war in Afpakastan (Iran?), Czars up the yin yang (32 and counting) what does the great lakes Czar do?, reappointment of Helicopter Ben Bernanke as Fed Chair, Increased citizen surveillance, calling anyone who opposes the government a terrorist, then saying anyone who opposes Obama is a racist! Did I leave anything out? Oh yeah, HELLth care reform. Look, I understand everyone's need to believe in something that provides hope, but it just ain't going to happen with what the Federal government has turned into. You must accept that, if true change is to be forced to happen. And we must quit deluding ourselves with certain fantasies if we are to ever have a positive impact.

Here's the thing, I'm getting tired of the ignorance that rampantly parades itself around on a daily basis. Instead of flapping the gums about how our country needs a wonderful government health care policy, because we all know they are the best at running anything, why not look at the history of health care in this country and see what we find.

Modern health practices were heavily influenced by a major event in 1910. Abraham Flexner was commissioned to pen the infamous Flexner Report of 1910. In this report the very scholarly Flexner traveled the county analyzing the very shoddy American Medical School system. Much to his credit he exposed the horrid conditions and completely inadequate training most medical schools were providing. There were a few good schools, some mediocre schools, and some bad schools. The public was very concerned about this report. The question became what to do about it?

Enter the foundations, Carnegie, and Rockefeller, who also just so happened to fund Flexner's study. Rockefeller, Carnegie foundations pumped millions into the American medical schools. Now many would argue this is a fine thing to do except, as the old saying goes, he who pays the piper names the tune. With the tune named, armed with Flexner's report the Good schools were given millions, along with recommendations as to who sits on their boards, and of course the bad schools got nothing. This would have been very helpful except other changes were made also.

This report and subsequent ground floor funding and direction of the American medical schools also invoked a shift in the rudimental teachings that started to veer from a homeopathic, and naturopathic medical system to an allopathic, German system of medicine, focused on heavy use of drugs, radical surgery and extended stays in hospitals, or the exact system we have in this country today. Now of course many arguments can be made on both sides of the isle here, but which system would be most conducive to an entire industry devoted to insuring peoples care, and more importantly the quality of care, depending of course upon their worth to society. Need we even ask ourselves if the president receives the same health care as a welfare recipient? The other dynamic that has grown to fruition, especially in the last 20yrs. is the huge pharmaceutical industry. Which system would benefit big pharma?

So, if you do a little research, you can see that government run health care has been a long time in the making. Remember Hillary's big push to present Rockefeller with a nation wide health care plan in 1994? Why do some people continue to cling to childish notions that the government is doing things for the good of the citizens? Ask yourself this. Wouldn't it have made much more sense to protect people's homes and jobs rather than bail out the huge corporate banks? Wouldn't it make more logical sense to let the market deal with the unhealthy banks, by eliminating them, rather then bailing them out? Your government is bought and paid for by offshore, international, bankster, pirates. They have no allegiance to any sovereign country on the planet. What in the hell makes you think they are going to provide you with a decent health care system? The insanity in that belief astounds me beyond my ability to comprehend it! They want to provide you with HELLTHCARE alright, a system very much akin to Hitler's T3 system adopted in 1939. Wake up folks, it's not Socialism it's Fascism! Learn the difference! Research history. It's all there. There is nothing new in the playbook. CAUSE-EFFECT-SOLUTION!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This Concerns Me

I have a blog I really enjoy reading in my list of favorites to the right of this column.
It's called, 2012 The big wobble.
This story appeared there today. The headline is "Billions of dead starfish, crabs and other small sea life washing up on the Dutch coast".
There is a short movie posted by the author as he lives in Holland.
He said him and his wife walked for 3 1/2 hours and seen the same sight. All along the shore.
I don't know why this particular event is bothering me so much, but it is.
I am not one to fear things easily, but this really bothers me. I guess maybe this is the dead canary in the coal mine event for me. When these mass die offs, or mass beachings happen, it shows me the ocean is dealing with some sort of stress. I am very concerned, have we just gone too far with things on this planet?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Pledge!

I be a good slave, pay my taxes, support my beloved government, never question authority, accept everything they tell me is good for me, because being anything other than a blind, moronic, sheep might upset the rest of the herd. I pledge..............!

Personal Views On The Elite

Let's assume I've managed to convince you that the ruling elite exist. This post shares some personal views that I have on this subject.

The ruling elite have existed in some form since the beginning of man. Evidence of this fact exists throughout history. From kings to queens, shamans to popes, governmental leaders to CEOs, someone has always been directing the masses. This is very obvious. What is slightly more obscure are some of the methods the elite have used to remain in power. I will share some of my opinions on what have been some of the more efficient tools of their trade.

One of the most important tools the elite have always used is the fostering of the belief that they are somehow superior to us normal people. They have achieved this goal in many ways. Let me assure you that I believe the exact opposite is true. They are in many regards far less then us. They lack certain emotional capacities that have been developed through years of being the controlled ones. They believe they are above all of that. The mere presence of one of the most important human emotions, empathy, is a sign of weakness in their minds. Hence their ability to act upon a whole slew of different, destructive programs, without having the slightest twinge of guilt or remorse.

These programs would include but not be limited to, eugenics, abortion, planned manipulation of food sources (GMO foods), fluoridation of water supplies, medical system that focuses on sickness rather than health, poisoness vaccines, poor public school system, mass media propaganda, and many more manipulations on many different levels, all with one goal. To dis empower the masses, take away their ability to think, thus make them dependent upon others. The whole time they dis empower us, they are creating a widening gap buy empowering themselves.

For as many ways they dis empower us, they are exploiting ways to make them selves stronger. One of the main tools they use is doing exactly the opposite of what they tell us to do. Think about that. Watch what they do. Now the first obvious leg up they enjoy is wealth. A tremendous advantage to never have to worry or focus on life's necessities. How much more can you learn and practice if these things are never a concern? While most of us are forced to spend most of our waking hours devoting ourselves to these needs, they are free of this. What a huge advantage. Another advantage is the status they have from the wealth and the ability to buy their way out of problems. How many rich people buy their way out of severe punishments the rest of us would have to endure? Not to mention the use of their wealth to buy politicians and lawmakers to protect them in a multitude of ways. A lesser known and understood method is the technological advancements they have access to. Genetic modifications is a two way street. As science moves closer to understanding the secrets of life, and thus death, more ways become available to them to be able to extend their lives, indefinitely.

Think carefully about all the topics of life today. Take global warming. Do you think for one minute these people care about their carbon footprints of their lifestyles? Of course not. That is simply a new control paradigm to extricate more money from the masses via taxation on usage. Thus creating more of a hold on us. Governments win, corporations win, we lose.

A big issue right now is healthcare. Do you think for one second there is any resemblance between our healthcare and theirs? Of course not. Don't be foolish.

What about all of the laws governing our society today? Do they have to live by these ridicules mandates and rules? Of course not. We do though. The constraints continue to squeeze the life out of us, very slowly, the stress builds up with each day. How do you handle it today, compared to 20 yrs. ago? Unfortunately I think on some level they want us to become violent and revolt. They are putting the finishing touches on the police state system that will give them the tools and the clout to enforce their will on us once and for all. Very chilling prospect if you ask me.

What can we do? I think the very first thing we must do is very quickly teach each other about all the different divisive systems they have set up to keep us all fighting amongst ourselves. You all know what they are. Left-right political bullshit, racial bullshit, religious bullshit, etc, etc,. Help each other see where we are the same instead of focusing on differences. You will be amazed when you focus on assisting each other instead of doing what the ruling elite want you to do, which is destroying each other. Stop fearing each other, we all want the same shit! As this process continues we empower each other. Then we organize against the cause of all the chaos.
We do this with dignity, empathy, and true care for each other, including them. We do this by revolting against their unjust actions. We stand firm against their destructive actions, we do this by civilly disobeying them everywhere we can. If they refuse to mend their broken ways then we resort to the only solution we have left.

We do this for our children and their children. We do this now. We restore our constitution and we share this by the people, for the people paradigm with anyone else who would want it. We prove that a Republic, properly run by an awake and aware citizenship, is the best chance the world has, to live peacefully and in harmony with nature and each other. All the tools are there for us. We only have to be willing to pick them up and use them. Be well, and I hope we will all see each other soon, in the place we need to be. Peace!

Brave New World

Friday, September 4, 2009

Pittsburgh To Get National Guard Protection Durring G-20

What if the National Guard where led by a true patriot and upheld their oath to protect the constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic? Hey I can dream. What a wonderful world it would be.

In the article it says there will be 2000 guardsman deployed along with 4000 police officers. Holy shit! That would be a battalion! Do you think they are expecting a few protesters? The whole downtown area of Pittsburgh is going to be cordoned off as a security zone, with, get this, free speech zones to be enforced!

Amtrak is suspending service to Pittsburgh during the G-20 summit.
Greyhound is considering moving the Pittsburgh station during the summit.

Since the Department of Homeland Security has designated the G-20 economic summit as a "National Security Special Event", the Secret Service has taken charge, which means the beloved Federal Government will direct all activities of police, military, and citizens.

Downtown residents of Pittsburgh may have to show I.D. to get past the secured perimeter.
That would mean checkpoints. PAPERS PLEASE! Can you say freedom. Wonder how long before every day is like that. SHHHHHH, don't say that, it's ok, go back to sleep. everything's going to be ok. Shhhhhh, stay calm, this is only a test.

Divide and Conquer

Another perfect example of the false left right, black white, paradigm. I think more people are starting to wake up to this bullshit. It is becoming so obvious that the powers to be are hoping for this perfect division of the country, so we can fight each other instead of focusing on them.

This was also made very clear when it was stated that if you question any of Obama's Policies you are a racist. How can that even be implied? To what degree of reality does this suggest? The sheer audacity of that statement makes the Obama administration clinically insane in my book. Many people are fed up with this kind of bullshit. I think most black people would agree that this sets race relations back 50 yrs at least. We have collectively lost our minds as a nation if we can't grow up, and think for ourselves, and see beyond this fantasy land liberal-conservative false paradigm that is destroying our nation. Then to throw in a contrived racial divide is just insane!
I don't give a fuck if the the whole country is racist towards one another. I know for a fact that all humans are created equally. The one thing that sets humans apart from animals is their ability to think and create things from their thoughts. This ability sets us apart from one another also. The real line is drawn between the ignorant and the wise.

If we continue to buy in to this petty, ignorant, destructive, fairy tale that the controllers have laid before us, we will lose the tiny shred of hope in remaining free that we have. Our only chance is to unite as one nation, kick out the left right bullshit, clean up the corruption in government and the unconstitutional banking system, repeal all laws pertaining to the fictitious war on terror, protect and strengthen our own sovereign nation's physical economic growth, through infrastructure development, and protection of PEOPLE'S asserts, (NOT WALL STREET'S).
We need to get our heads out of our asses and grow up, and stop supporting this ignorant soap opera that is the current diseased system. If we can mature spiritually, we will see that there are much better ways to run the show. We must learn how to fire the directors first. We can make them stage hands. This show must end!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ron Paul

The Government Can!

October Surprise?

As we begin September many events are set to culminate. This is truly one of the most fascinating times to be alive. As I have stated in the past, these are the best of times, these are the worst of times. Never in my life have so many positive and negative possibilities lined up across from one another to do battle. It is nothing short of phenomenal.

One of the hottest topics is the economy. Even though every main stream media outlet is touting that the worse is over, those who study closely and ignore the talking heads, know we are all on the brink of economic disaster. The day of reckoning is approaching. The end of September is the end of the fiscal year for the government. We all know how broke they are. As they increase their spending, tax collections have fallen to a lower rate then ever before. Make no mistake. If the U.S. fails, the world economic system fails. The U.S. is running on fumes. It is certain, if we continue at our current pace, with the current plans, our economy will most certainly collapse. Hyperinflation is set to rocket out of this stratosphere. One of the most difficult things for most people to grasp is this is a planned collapse. There is a directing force behind all of this madness. They also don't always agree on how best to proceed, and I think that despite their vast knowledge, resources, and complex control grids they have established, they are still overlooking one minute detail. The wild card that is the human spirit.

Make no mistake, their agenda is pure evil. They want to reduce the world's population, to the point where those who are left will gladly submit to their rule as a subservient slave class. Many of you have a hard time believing that. It is your right to think anything you want. I think you should ask yourselves, at what point does their actions prove that they are attempting to enslave us all? What if their prison is designed to house us, just two feet beyond our perception of reality? Or more to the point, how many of us must die before you accept the game that is being played here? After all, it is only a game to them. Once you understand that, you have taken a large step in empowering yourselves.

Fear and control of your mind is their specialty. Their method of operation is order out of chaos. They have perfected the art of distraction and division. Every prejudiced philosophy known to man has roots in their creations. Every last one. Religion, governments, economic structures, scientific developments, all under careful scrutiny of the controllers. The more you understand the depth of their reach, the more you know how to see beyond the carefully manipulated reality they want you to believe. The more then you can empower yourself with a heightened experience of a spiritual nature, through which a connection can be made with our ancestors, and thus our future generations, to enable us to have the courage, love, and responsibility to stand up to these people and remove their power over us for once and for all. No saviours will do this for us. We must do this for ourselves. We must stand together. We must do it soon.

In these times of chaos, most of which is masterfully manufactured to keep us from knowing our own immense power, the future will appear to be hopeless. Do not buy into that bullshit. Do not overlook the possibility that comes from faith in our own divinity, service to our future generations, and unification of our own hearts and minds, to create the needed balance in this world, to become the catalyst for an awakening of the collective consciousness of mankind. It can occur with 7 billion or 7 million, whatever the need may be. Believe in yourself. That's all. Just believe in yourself. Lets make the October surprise become the dawning of the age of humanity, where unification is a choice made through love and respect, not a forced oppression through the barrel of a gun, or the withholding of food, or a mass viral infection. Do not be afraid. Fear feeds the beast, beyond anything you can imagine. We don't have to meet them with force and violence. That feeds them too. We must resist them, firmly, but peacefully. We must take away their self imposed right to rule. We do this by refusing to play their game in their manufactured reality. We have the power to awaken from their nightmare. It exists in each one of us. As one awakens, a tiny part of everyone awakens. And so it goes, until a sudden, mass awareness changes it all in the blink of an eye. You must have a complete understanding of love, forgiveness, responsibility, and accountability. Most of us possess these traits. What we must understand is the controllers are psychopaths. If you really want to understand the nature of your reality, study psychopaths, then the picture becomes crystal clear. The more good people polarize towards their natural state of being, living in love, the weaker the grip of the controllers.

The battle has been waged for generations. As the time approaches for their success, the window of failure is equally open. October may not be the time it becomes apparent which way it will go, but the view will get a little more into focus if we really want to know. Be well, and take good care of each other. The game is about to get interesting. Good luck folks!

Flu Shot