Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Preacher Delivers Sermon On National Debt

Video - Rod Parsley-2003

I don't make it a rule to be a fan of preachers, but this guy nails it!

Watch all 5 parts and understand this is why we wage wars.

This is why we have depressions.

This is why 1/3 of the world's population is hungry and starving to death.

You would think we could put an end to this.

We can if we understand the exact nature of our reality.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

It Will Be OK In The End

It will be okay in the end, if it's not okay, it's not the end. With every ending comes a new beginning. So the cycle goes, a circle of repeating, rising and falling. In Amerika today there is no doubt in my mind where we are in this cycle. One need only look to Libya to see the proof. Since when has bombing a country ever saved the people? Of course that's the way it is sold to the drooling masses of Amerika. Never mind that the 2000 pound bombs dropped from the B-2s have depleted uranium in them. Ask the mothers in Fallujah how they feel about depleted uranium.

Do this now if you want to see the truth, go to google search, type in "babies born in Fallujah" and choose the images section. How in the fuck can any rational human being support this type of destruction? Well the idiots here in Amerika not only support it but think it is our God given right to traipse around the world doing whatever the fuck we want in the name of fighting for our freedom! This shit makes me sick beyond just about everything else. If ever evil had a face this would be it. How do you support such atrocities? More importantly, how do you stop it?

Here's a novel approach. Instead of making the mandatory pilgrimage to Israel to become Amerika's next head goon in charge, we send them to live in Fallujah for six months to witness the destructive nature of their use of depleted uranium. Meanwhile back at the ranch jane and joe moron argue over who got voted off amerikan idol.
Mr Wizzard get me the fuck out of here!

That's how I feel most of the time. Like this is all a bad dream and I will awaken to find myself in my warm bed next to my love in a world that does not include depleted uranium, Central Banks, Israel, or any of the other obvious faces of evil that preside over this place, Amerika included.
I should point out that Amerika is a different place then America. Both exist. There is an internal war going on here for the soul of the country. People used to come here in droves to escape their oppression. Now they can't leave fast enough. We were not always a land of idiots. Some of us are very informed what is going on in the world, including the fact that the war on terror is complete bullshit! We are a great minority. Fortunately, there is no real strength in the majority.

We all struggle here with different levels of lessons, all custom made by the collective, to be extracted and experienced on an individual basis. Each and every one of us is at a different level of understanding of this process. Just when I think I start to grasp an understanding of the process I am blind sided by a new level of learning. It is those moments when I realize how far I have still to go in becoming the dream I envision. It is realizing that every outside catalytic experience is a mirror to my inside struggle with myself. Seeing that I have the propensity to look unflinchingly at the most unsettling situations I think my inner lessons have a somewhat of a turbulent learning curve. I get it at times, only to fail miserably when it comes to applying what I see internally. It seems to me it's all about learning how to love, unconditionally. I just had another Mr Wizzard moment!

In the end it's all okay. If it's not okay it's not the end. Well that's some backdoor comfort if there ever was such a thing. The thing that strikes me right now is how transparent our trusted leaders are with their intent. If you are confused about that turn off Amerikan Idol and look at those pictures of the Fallujah babies. If that doesn't stir something in you your already dead, and you don't give a fuck about much, and your certainly not waisting your time reading this dribble. But if you do experience a level of anguish from understanding that people knowingly did that without any concern whatsoever, you know what level this battle rages on. To put it simply, there's a war on for our souls. I think it would be wise to be on the correct side if that is the case. The only way you know that is to develop inner qualities that serve us in understanding how to express the most powerful force there is. It is the only force capable of putting a halt to what is happening, for in the end it will be okay because love will triumph over fear.

May it come quickly!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

As the Game Grinds On

So many things continue to happen at an ever increasing rate. It is almost impossible to keep up with the level of events that are changing our world. By now everyone is aware of the catastrophic earthquake that devastated Japan. As if that event was not bad enough, the problems with the nuclear power facility rear their ugly heads on top of it all. A possible meltdown of multiple reactors is a terrifying prospect to say the least.

My heart goes out to the Japanese people. I am on overtime with sending well wishes to many, many people who are struggling with many different problems and difficulties. There never seems to be a shortage of suffering in this world. There never seems to be enough healing, positive energy to sooth the hurts. It doesn't stop me from trying though. There seems to be a trend going on lately.

On the big picture there is no doubt with the increase in volcanic and seismic activity, the earth is going through a massive change. It seems massive to us being tiny surface dwelling creatures who get pitched to and fro with every tiny twitch. I guess from the earth's perspective it may not be such a big deal. I do sense our planet is a conscious entity in relation to having awareness of it's own being, but is also able to communicate with it's siblings and parents and ancestors. Being a somewhat older entity the earth probably has some interesting stories to tell. I sense that small fragments of these incredible stories are told to us daily if we choose to listen. It seems we are at a moment where the retelling of the stories will continue to increase in intensity until we listen and learn.

In my view the process of change we are constantly undergoing is the very essence of the true meaning of life. It is simply to grow, expand and broaden our ability to reflect the true nature of reality. In our "civilized" western paradigm of "progress" with our supposed superior views of governance, economy and the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, we have unwittingly created a monster of the likes the world has never seen. We unknowingly fertilize the fields of our own demise by supporting a unsustainable way of life, the way of empire, which has never succeeded in the past. Like it or not, we have opened the floodgate of earthly power to reside in the hands of a few who through their own misguided understanding of power are trying to wreck the place. The bottom line is the natural power of the earth will never allow such a thing to happen.

The agenda of the people who think they are in control, is fear. Fear is the exact opposite of love. Fear seeks to control, love permits freedom of expression on all levels. Fear creates the need for armies to fight wars and commit mass murder and genocide. Love is peaceful coexistence with a mutual understanding that freedom for all is the cornerstone of people who grow and expand in their ability to reflect the true nature of reality. We can coexist with each other and nature. Technology combined with an enlightened understanding of the earth's dynamic systems used in conjunction with the philosophy of love will be the end result, be it here or some other existence. In the mean time the lessons will come hot and heavy on how not to behave.

This natural force I speak of can be witnessed in the Japanese people's struggle to deal with their catastrophic dilemma. You can see it in the protests that have taken over many countries around the planet. You see it in the eyes of the people who stand against oppression in all it's different forms. Every time an event calls for people to assist one another you will see some sacrifice themselves to help others and you will see the predators swoop in to take advantage. It's all about choice. If you act out of fear either by reacting to it or causing it we know where you stand. You might as well paint a bulls eye on your back because the type of catalyst you require is of a different nature then those acting out of love. Look around you. Never before have the lines been more clear.

I am not writing this with some fanciful notion that it will change anything or anyone. I have the distinct feeling we are what we are. Predators among the human population will pay no mind to these words. Those of kind hearts and empathetic feelings will understand. The exact same people who waist their time dreaming, envisioning, and pursuing the internal changes to try to be what they envision instead of trying to change everyone else, understand. It is to you I write this message. Take heart and know you are noticed, appreciated, and loved. There is a way out of this mess. I don't know how I know, I just do. Just be yourself. We need you more than ever. Thank you!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Listen carefully for the explosion at the 11 second mark.
It is clearly before the penthouse collapses at the top of the building.
All other videos do not show the penthouse collapse.

Another trick lately is to show WTC building 5 damage and claim it is building 7.

Why is it important to understand 9-11 was an inside job?

Because without the basic understanding of this simple truth you will never understand who your sworn enemy really is. The simple reality is they know all about you.
They read your emails, listen to your phone calls, copy your text messages, hell they know you better than you know yourself.

Soon you will be able to understand the real reason for the department of homeland security.

If you do not awaken to these simple truths when you finally do open your eyes it will be too late.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Welcome To My Dark Corner

Greetings! Welcome to my dark little corner of the Internet. If you find yourself here you are not the average surfer. If you ponder my words I write, you are looking for something more than you are getting from mainstream media propaganda. I call it the way I see it here. You will find no ads here for shit you have to pay for. I make no claims of saving your soul or your ass. You have to figure out how to do that for yourself, if you care to.

So let the games begin. My first premise here is if you really want to understand what is happening on our planet, you must first understand why you are here. I don't know why your here, but I'm here to observe, experience, and report. I am not affiliated with any political group, religion, organization, or nefarious agenda. I make my money solely by working in a factory on third shift. My research, writing, music, and artwork are done for personal reasons and are not affiliated with money. I do not like to mix the two as it always seems to lead to trouble. No one pays me for anything other than honest work. Thus my opinion is solely my own, and my intent is always the pursuit of shining a light upon truth. Take what you will from that. Always view all material with a discerning eye. Believe nothing lest it be proven to you beyond the shadow of a doubt. I have adopted the philosophy that contempt prior to investigation is the quickest path to ignorance.

In my view, ignorance is the primary enemy. Ignorance is the enabler in chief to oppression. Knowing people are not easily oppressed. Ignorant people freely lock themselves up and throw away their key. Such is the human condition. The litmus test is simple. The knowing I speak of is the knowing of self. When society freely embraces knowing themselves on an individual basis we have what is known as a renaissance, or a cultural revival. When ignorance reigns supreme we experience dark ages. Guess where we are now?

Natural cycles promote and enhance these human tendencies. Upon careful inspection we can find a complete loop system of interacting exchanges that drive the rise and fall of civilizations. Looking to the not so distant past we can see that dramatic shifts in nature always coincide with dramatic shifts in humanity. One common theme seems to be the perceived control of nature by humanity always precipitates the counter balancing of nature rebelling to such presumptions. The litmus test again is very simple. The amount of destruction whether human or natural is always increased in dark ages. Guess where we are now?

Have you ever noticed a person who is totally consumed with trying to control others? Many times these people are convinced if only everyone did things their way, or believed in their political system, or believed in their god, that everything would be good. Dark ages are always full of attempts to control or oppress one another. There is also an abundance of rules, regulations, laws, and correct ways of doing things. In this area I do consider myself a master of non compliance. In the dark ages of ignorance, destruction, and oppression it is simple to be a master of non compliance. When you see the distant dust cloud of the thunderous herd, always run in the opposite direction! What does the dust cloud on the horizon tell you about where we are now?

So you wake up one moment only to find yourself smack dab in the middle of a dark age, what the fuck do you do now? Crying out for Mr. Wizard to bring you back wont help. It hasn't worked for me anyway. You could try the when in Rome theory but .......yeah, not so much. The only thing left to do is be yourself by knowing yourself. Don't be afraid of living your truth. Speak the truth and you won't win any popularity contests, but you will empower yourself with the most awesome force in the multi verse. The only force that can bring an abrupt end to a dark age. Guess where we are right now? .................Wait for it..............oh look there in Iceland, and oh in the U.K. and Greece and Ireland and Egypt and Wisconsin? You never know where it will pop up!