Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fuck You Washington!

My list of Fuck You Washington would fill more space than is allowed on this blog. The time has come for the people of the United States to stand as one and send these criminals to hell for all of their crimes against humanity. If we fail to rout them out we are just as guilty of these crimes. When the balancing force of nature calls due her marker it will be too late. Its coming.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Historical Markers

History, as we are taught in school is full of important dates that we memorize as important events that changed the carefully plotted course. The obvious problem with time lines are they only show the linear projection as determined by the current religious or political regime in charge. History is not a line. It is multidimensional.

The year 2001 has a special place as a historical marker. The year 2008 is epic in equal fashion. Both year's events changed our social landscape beyond most others. These years serve as banner years in showing the world's people who the man behind the curtain really is. For those who have eyes to see the facts are obvious. For those who yearn for something much more than shallow materialism, the curtain which hides the man, represents that nearly impenetrable guardian of the truth as it exists in it's multifaceted prism of every possible spectrum available to us in the illusion. In other words, the illusion or lie, exists in different expressions at every level. Historians know this. Those with integrity try to represent the reflection of truth. Those who lack in understanding are more interested in projecting the shadow of truth, for the shadow has more uses than the reflection in a material driven society. The devil is in the details.

The same creatures that brought us 9-11 in 2001, brought us the economic collapse of 2008. History repeats the same meme over and over again as a teaching tool to show us the way to a new world where we no longer need the man behind the curtain to manipulate us. Throw back his curtain but do not harm him. Just scare the shit out of him and laugh the deep belly laugh that only comes from the soul. We live in that moment when our hand is on the curtain. Very soon we will collectively throw it back and laugh.

Historical markers are as much control devices as religions, governments, and money. Systems all contrived to wring the maximum energy out of the individual, all while brain washing us into BELIEVING that they are vitally necessary to our very existence. Nothing could be farther from the truth. This is shadow lurking at best, obfuscation of the reflection at worst. We need to see this with clarity and purity of mind,body and soul. History enslaves us to the dominating agenda of the moment. This moment says its your fault your government owes so much imaginary money to it's creditors. You must pay it back with your hard work and your children's and grand children's sweat equity. History demands you bow and obey the man behind the curtain. History in it's perceived linear fashion can kiss my ass! To quote an Egyptian protester's sign: One World, One Pain, and a step further to One Antagonist!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fox News Report on Building 7

Fox news network. Fair and Balanced!

Building 7

With the crumbling of Rupert Murdoch's media empire in the U.K., who benefits? You guessed it! The BBC!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


We have all marveled at the explosion of social media in the past few years. We have enjoyed the ease at which we can share intimate, important aspects of our lives with the rest of the world, who wait breathlessly to witness our next move. Will we have pizza tonight or will we have McDonalds?
Will we watch American Idol or Dancing with the Stars? Inquiring minds want to know.

The overwhelming popularity of Facebook is nothing short of a phenomenal thing and like tweeting has become an iconic part of society. Everyone wants to feel like they are a part of something important. Even grandma can stay up on all the new trends. However, every cloud does not have a silver lining. In this case there are many dark intentions. Social networking has become the gold mine of information. Information many people find very useful in many ways.

One example of dark intent is shown here.

The article title is interesting as it states the Pentagon "seeks" to manipulate social media for propaganda purposes. Too late! One of the main purposes of setting up social networks is to manipulate the mass opinion. So while your mind focuses on planting crops on Farmville, you are being very subtly convinced of other considerations. No, not literally but you get the idea. The tools available to your average propagandist are nothing short of amazing. The military uses full advantage of these tools, for you see, world war 3 is already well under way, and is not being fought on a battle field but in cyberspace and in your mind space. Most of you have already decided what side of the war you are fighting on. The strongest enemy we all have to battle is the enemy of indifference, and that foe is kicking our ass!

The government's involvement with Facebook is so obvious on so many levels it is ridicules. What about the more subtler applications? Here we see an example of D.A.R.P.A. attempting to "expand" their use of social networks in new and "revolutionary" ways. As it clearly states in the synopsis; Specifically excluded is research that primarily results in evolutionary improvements to the " existing state of practice". You really get a feel for the capabilities of D.A.R.P.A. by doing just a little reading. This branch of the military is one of the most blatant at their use of propaganda, social engineering, and outright mind control of all. They attempt to tinker on levels above and below our consciousness. I think that is fucked up.

By becoming aware of these programs, like the sock puppets program, we lessen the effects of them. The more widespread useful knowledge is applied, the less frightening and controlling these things become. The whole interconnected computer array was originally conceived by the military, for military use. Every key stroke can be monitored. This does not frighten me, it empowers me. By understanding the subtle array of how control mechanisms function we learn to achieve higher autonomous thinking. I think that it is very important to aspire to the maximum level of understanding, therefore I offer this information, not under the guise of provoking fear, but under the premise that knowledge protects us more than it harms us.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Fast and Furious

The money to send fully automatic weapons to Mexican drug cartels came from stimulus money!

So are the Feds trying to kill two birds with one stone?
1. Create a false flag with heavily armed Mexican drug lords, in order to justify seizing weapons from American citizens.
2. Protect their source of drugs entering the country by heavily arming them in order to wipe out all other competition.

Economic Collapse

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ron Paul

There was a confederate general by the name of Albert Pike. He was also a 33rd degree mason. One extraordinary thing he said was about three upcoming world wars. The third world war he stated was to be fought by the Christians and the Muslims. Fast forward to 9-11. A group of Israeli men are caught filming the World Trade Center towers during the attack on 9-11. They are clearly dancing and celebrating the attacks. Police reported that the dancing Israelis assured them they were not the enemies. They told police that the U.S. and Israel shared the same enemy. That enemy was the Palestinians.

You watch the video above. Ron Paul has been around a long time. I have watched him, how he votes, what he says. I agree with him on 99 percent of what he says. It's the one percent that bothers me though. Even though he wants to audit the Federal Reserve, get out of foreign entanglements, he still is a supporter of Zionism in my opinion. That bothers me. The lesser of two evils is still evil. Ron Paul has been allowed to hang around and oppose things for a long time. He also does not pass the simple 9-11 litmus test. Therefore He is considered a fail in my book.

We are at the point in history where half truths will avail us nothing. Ask Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News Network about half truths. This is the historical age of the shift to a new age. Anything goes including all intentionally deceitful agendas will be exposed for all those who wish to see, the Grand Unveiling, that is the hallmark of an apocalypse. Watch closely cause things are really starting to rock and roll! Even though I suspect Ron Paul to be a gatekeeper of sorts, he still has the potential to bring down the old political system. Old control systems, while they appear to be under complete control of the masses, are in actuality crumbling at their foundations. Once the under infrastructure is weakened they will collapse as quick as the World Trade Center towers and building 7 did on 9-11. Then and only then will the opportunity arise to replace the failing structure with one built on a firm foundation of peace, love, and respect of all living beings. I see this place. I have been there before, if only in my dreams, but I have been there none the less!

Fuck Cnn

This simpleton needs an enema because he is full of shit! CNN is a joke. The U.S. government has gone whacko bananas.

You bought the T.V. from Best Buy. You watch the T.V. Now you must pay for it. Is this clown really comparing the National Debt Ceiling to buying a fucking T.V.? What the fuck? Fine lets play along.

Let's assume we all bought the T.V. Lets assume we agreed to buy it together. Why then can't you or I ever watch the god damned thing? We go sit down, get our drinks and snacks ready, when all of a sudden hear comes the Goldman Sachs gang, barging in with the Federal Reserve ass wipes, sitting right in front of the fucker! I don't know how many times I have had to ask Ben Bernanke to move his big fucking head out of the way so I could see the program. That little weasel Timmy Geithner won't ever shut the fuck up so I can hear the show. So you tell me why I should pay for that god damned T.V.?

First and foremost here is the U.S. does not have to borrow one red cent ever! The president can sign into law an act for congress to issue currency, and get rid of the Federal Reserve. Thus the borrowing problem has just been solved. The simple truth is whenever currency is issued with interest it is debt based. It is also an old Jewish form of banking called Usury. Christens and Muslims alike banned it's practice long ago. The Templars were nearly wiped out as a result of practicing usury. Kennedy enacted presidential signing order 111110. It was an issuance of silver certificates in order to bring back a commodity backed currency instead of a debt based currency. You have seen the results for doing that.

There is such a thing in international law known as odious debt. Wikipedia or zio-speak states it is theory. It is not. The people of a country are not liable for debt incurred that does not directly benefit them as a people, or in other words debt that only benefits the government or their buddies is not our problem! Ask the people of Iceland.

This stupid CNN attempt to make you feel guilty and be willing to pay for their looting of the world's resources is absolutely stark, raving mad! Insanity at it's finest. Nobody asked me if I accepted giving the too big to fail, Wall St. banks, trillions of dollars so they could buy back all the fraudulent mortgage backed securities to keep their sorry asses out of jail. I did not agree to attacking countries in the alleged War on Terror when if we wanted to bring the true culprits to justice we would have attacked Israel and thrown our own government in jail for complicity. I did not give my blessing to the government raiding social security in an attempt to balance their general budget. I did not consent to the billions of dollars spent on creating the police state that is the fractured states of anemia, so we can all be safe from the Muslim boogie man terrorist!

If you take a careful look around Tel Aviv and you will notice brand new, state of the art, Jew only, highways built by the money CNN says you must pay back. Think about that. You have to foot the bill for giving Israel 3.5 billion a year, while social security takes a dump on the most fragile portion of our population, the elderly and the handicapped. Maybe we should just bow to the Eugenic bastards and kill all the weak and old and infirmed. Well I don't think so. If there's going to be any killing may it start with their sorry asses! You ever notice those shouting loudest about overcrowding on the planet, never want to be first to volunteer to remedy the supposed problem by killing themselves. They always want to kill someone else, as if their pompous asses are immune from this proposition.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Will Not Send Your Check

Obama is a Federal Reserve bitch. He proved it by trying to lean on the most vulnerable segment of our population, the elderly and disabled. What a piece of work. I thought I seen it all with Bush. When will we understand the corruption and negligence has run rampant. It knows no bounds on either side of the political isle. As I have said before the joke that is the false left-right political paradigm that I call the Republicrats is slowly losing it's hold over the people.

If you support any of these criminals you get what you paid for. War without end, looting of the social security fund (thanks to Slick Willie Clinton), and the Federal Reserve looting system. How much more in your face does this shit have to get? They grope children at airports! Does it get any more disgusting than that? Well maybe making grandma remove her adult diaper! Wake up people. Wake up to the reality of our collective slavery. We will never experience the lifestyle we once did until we kick out the corrupt government and the usury federal reserve system. It's time to go Iceland on their asses!

Iceland should be the model we follow. They kicked their government out, threw the corrupt bankers in jail and now are enjoying a new economic Renaissance as a result of their actions. It's time we take this action. This economic threat from Obama is nothing short of economic terrorism. How many frail old people are getting very upset over this bullshit? The fact is this is money you paid for your future security. Proof your federal government can not be custodians of anything let alone your economic future. I will ask France to send us the blueprints for their guillotines as I think they will come in handy very soon!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Time is Upon Us

Something approaches just over the horizon. What ever it is, it is present internally as well as externally. It possesses a purity and expression that only the apex of a dark age can offer a balancing energy for. You see there is a damn good reason for things to get so shitty. When the alternative presents itself, it can shine even brighter!

It is very hard to explain these feelings I'm having. This blog offers me a platform to present ideas that are very difficult to articulate in daily life. I know that some past and present acquaintances read this, but I don't know who for certain. Sometimes I wish people would comment more often. I did receive an email thanking me for my writing. I was very moved someone liked my writing, but that is not the reason I do it. I feel compelled to write for that one person sitting on the fence in life, not sure what to do next. If even a moment of clarity results for that one person I am very happy. That one person could be anyone. It could be me.

My feelings of this presence began long ago. I wanted so much to experience a better understanding of life. I have looked in some very interesting places over the years. However, nothing seemed to fully answer the need. I really do think that what is upon us will not only transform us, but clarify a lot of the deceptions we currently live with. We have all the needed components to create the world we need. We just need an event to convince us we all need to work together to make it happen. One thing I am certain of. It will manifest within each of us according to our own personal understanding and needs. Those who use power for controlling others through fear will have a completely different experience than those wishing to live in peace and allowance of personal expression of love. That in a nut shell seems to be the trademark of the dark age. An attempt to hinder personal expression of love. It is done through manipulation, deception and a constant drone of hate.

Hate, true hate, as demonstrated by endless war, is really not much different than love. One of the most difficult concepts to grasp and know is that all consciousness flows from one source. It seems the farther we travel from the source, the more intense the expressions of source become. The more divided. Thus we are left with good and evil. The lines become so blurred, the deceptions so complete, that decent, loving human beings can actually start to believe that killing someone can be just and acceptable. We are conned into accepting the war on terror, which in all actuality is just the Zionist Empire's attempt to bring into the fold, the last remaining bastion of civilization where the usury system of banking is not acceptable.

I do not know how the coming end of the dark age will effect the Zionist empire or the supporting governments of said entity. I would guess it would initially appear to be a traumatic event for them, but if it helps them to understand certain things it could be ultimately positive for them. One thing I have learned from personal experience, never underestimate an entities ability to change if they are properly motivated to do so. Perhaps the controllers simply wish to be corrected and have the rules re-established for them, just like a child testing their boundaries. Every parent has learned that no matter how much you love your child, there comes a time when it is vital to show them who is boss. On the collective whole I think this role belongs to good old mother nature. I also think we our seeing real time demonstrations of this daily.

I started this post referring to the purity of the energetic manifestation that is responsible for ending the dark age. I speak of it as an outside agency, but I don't think it actually is. I find it to be inter dimensional in the sense it is not at all limited to boundaries that us mere mortals must abide by. Once in awhile I hitch a ride and catch a glimpse beyond said boundaries. We all do. I just don't think we always appreciate the significance of doing so. I see that as another thing that falls to the wayside once the dark age is over. Appreciation for everything becomes front and center during the Renaissance, while it is taking advantage of during the dark age. The purity that is restored comes directly from the appreciation of being reminded by the inter dimensional power just exactly where life comes from. It comes from all of us and to the extent we love and appreciate each other for this gift of life do we experience said quality of life. Obviously during the dark age when we kill each other our quality of life and therefore love suffers immensely. This occurs to us all collectively whether we believe it or not, it is just part of the natural cycle.

The purity also cleanses. Just as our bodies cleanse themselves through different systems, so must the planet. We are a surface condition on this planet that can under the best of times, provide many benefits in our little corner of the universe. We can also be a hindrance to progress. So much of this relies on the timing of the cycle we are in. One other major understanding available to us at this time is that we do have a large degree of say which direction our little human world takes at the closing of the dark age. It merely depends upon that which you choose to focus on. It really is simple. Love or fear?

We Are Legion

Anonymous, uh, really? I know those of us who really pay attention have watched anonymous through out the years. The are most known for their constant attacks on the Church of Scientology, another interesting group to say the least. It is very easy to let yourself be swayed by different things, but if it's truth you're after just be patient. Time reveals all, even who lurks behind the Guy Fawkes mask.

Now some of you may find the above video inspiring and uplifting in the sense they promote unity in the fight against the oppressors. These are admirable qualities in a group. Any group can only survive if the individual members put the needs of the group above their own personal needs. There is another anonymous group that has been around awhile but to compare them to anonymous is kind of like apples and oranges, so I won't go there. I have had the need to enlist the services of the other anonymous group in the past (A.A.) and as a result of 7yrs. of focused work with them, learned how to live without drugs and alcohol for 27yrs now, and consider myself fortunate to say the least. I might add that one of the most important things I learned from A.A. is how I have an innate ability to bullshit myself about myself. I have worked constantly to focus that light of truth inside myself every since. This is not by choice but rather by necessity if I wish to remain alive, and of this I am most thoroughly convinced. Life in it's mysterious ways does allow a little bit of wiggle room here fortunately, but I digress.

My hesitation with anonymous is the fact that they resort to what they call peaceful methods of attacks. I don't see them as peaceful though. Intentional disruption of service can be very violent in some cases. Something else feels out of place also. Like wiki leaks they suddenly are getting lots of face time on network news. The most effective way to remain in control of things is to control the opposition. Julian Assange famed creator of wiki leaks has been proven to be just such controlled opposition in my mind, (CIA asset) so any support of wiki leaks if you know it or not, also supports this cause. I think the main reason anonymous is allowed to exist and function in it's current capacity is to have a high profile, all be it controlled opposition to the corporate banking scheme. When the media instills into the minds of the masses that anonymous is too disruptive, I believe they will be used as the reason to enact some very draconian laws regarding the use of the Internet.

However, in these most interesting times we live in it always remains possible for the unthinkable to happen. We shall see. As of this writing somethings smells fishy with anonymous. As usual time will tell. Lets all watch closely as "The Plan" begins to unfold. Peace out gang.

Friday, July 8, 2011

What Really Matters??

Being a long time traveler of both time and space, I can assure you we are at the apex of the dark age. If you can find a way to endure this bullshit, you can get through anything. Dark ages always have a particular set of events, replayed in the same fashion, with the exact same results. The antagonist that appears to be all powerful, gets it's ass handed to it from the most unlikely source. Usually an expression of the subtle energy source. Two main features always occur at the end of the dark age, war becomes a favourite pastime, and mother nature goes bat shit crazy in how she chooses to express herself.

Lets talk war first. War has always existed in this 3 dimensional representation of our collective consciousness. I look at it as our inability to reconcile the two primary forces of the cosmos. It is the friction that occurs from the lack of balance, love and respect for both forces equally. One set of labels for these forces is good and evil. If the attention of the masses is focused on one over they other the resulting friction creates the impedance of the energy flow. Since we all have our own ideas on what is good and evil we are constantly at odds with what we experience as being good or bad. Information provided for us by say a governing agency, works to push are perceptions one way or another. For war to exist there must be good guys and bad guys. You will notice how history as it is presented changes the roles to suit the particular agenda of the governing agency of the moment. The following is a great modern day example.

Osama bin Laden was considered the most evil man by most American people. He was touted as the chief proponent of the terrorist act known as 9-11. He was the one officially responsible for murdering almost 3000 people on that fateful day in September of 2001. Few people actually heard his name before that day. By the end of that day, the most powerful information network in the world was stating as fact he was responsible. How could it be possible to know this?

Two decades prior Osama a.k.a. Timothy Osman was considered a CIA asset. His contributions in fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan were considered invaluable. He helped the Mujahideen defeat the Soviets by bringing in hand held rocket launchers to shoot down Soviet helicopters. So depending on the need very often those considered evil were in fact friendly to the cause in times past. Go figure.

No matter what your station is on the 9-11 topic, the documentation does exist proving old Osama worked for the CIA, who incidentally were the co-conspirators along with the British mi5 to pull off 9-11. The dubious honor of being the chief mastermind and primary executioner of 9-11 belongs to the Israeli spy network known as the mossad, or HaMossad leModi'in uleTafkidim Meyuchadim. It matters not what you believe about who was responsible for 9-11. It only matters who actually did it. Its up to you on a personal basis to do your own investigating. This is my conclusion on the matter. Given the nature of all the Israel firsters in our government and the fact that all of the declared "Axis of Evil" countries are all enemies of Israel, it makes perfect sense as there is motive and capability of said parties to commit the crime. In reality they were the only organisations capable of doing such a thing. As the BBC proved later in the afternoon, the worldwide propaganda machine was in full swing, reading their scripts as prompted. Only one problem. The BBC in an alleged live report, said building 7 of the world trade center complex collapsed. In the background the building clearly was still standing. Twenty five minutes later it collapsed into it's own footprint, just like the towers did earlier that day, except no plane struck building 7!

Fast forward 10 yrs. later. The U.S. is at war or attacking 6 different countries, none of which had done any harm to us. The country that actually did attack us several times (USS liberty, 2010 Gaza flotilla raid, 9-11) receives money and military hardware to the tune of 3.5 Billion a year! As a matter of fact you will not be elected to a federal government position without doing your I suck Israel bit. Why don't you hear of these things? Because the main propaganda system you believe you are getting actual news from is owned and controlled by Zionist Jews (ISRAEL)!
The bottom line with war is ALL of it is based on deception and lies. PERIOD! No exceptions.

This brings us to the second unavoidable condition that prevails in the dark age. Nature. She is the purveyor of justice and balance, destruction and creation, the ultimate manifestation of the universal collective consciousness bar none. She exists on every level, including this physical level where her decision is final. So what really matters in all of this? Well this writer's opinion is that the truth is all we really have. It is out there, and it is in here (pointing to my heart) as it is in every single human being, plant, animal, planet, sun, galaxy, universe, and multiverse that ever was and ever will be. You find your truth, you find your love of all things. You find your love, you lose your fear. You lose your fear the shackles of lies and deception fall away like pedals of a dried flower in the wind. Without any effort, naturally. To become fertile ground for the next expression and so it goes. In denying lies and deception you prepare the canvas of being for the coming Renaissance, where culture, love, creativity and life flourish and grow just as war does today. A time where peace and prosperity reign supreme. A return to the garden. Can any of you see this place? Can you envision life without murder, lies, deceit? I can. Let the truth light your way to the vision that is coming. Hang on folks. Not much longer.

The Death of the Empire

Today's space shuttle launch marks the end of an era. September 11th marked the beginning of an era. The only sector of the American Government's budget to get a raise is the military. Social spending for the stuff we all really need is on the chopping block. The United States spends 7 times more on war than all the NATO nations combined! You tell me, what is more important?

El Presidente of the banana republic, the place I refer to as "The Fractured States of Anemia", our beloved liar in chief B.O., says if we do not want cuts in social programs, they must raise taxes. What a fucking surprise. The looting of the public is in full swing. It kicked into high gear in1913.
Meanwhile Scott fuck your granny till she dies Walker sips 350 dollar wine with his hatchet buddies. Congress would never dream of personal austerity measures. All this while Goldman Sachs continues to rape the American taxpayer. Where is the rage?

It's kind of like watching a slow motion suicide. It happens so slowly that people can't even notice it. The American Empire is in it's death march. All the scum in the defense industry and the security industry are licking their chops in anticipation of all the money they will make. Fear makes for lots of profit. Fear porn dominates the air waves. The predators love the taste of fear in their meat! The fact is that is all we have become, walking, talking meat sacks!

The TSA and the Department of Homeland Security are directly out of Hitler's playbook. Even the local police forces are becoming nothing but wealth protection services and revenue generating services. Everything revolves around pieces of paper that are more important than anything else. No one has enough of them and everyone is programed to be terrified of running out of them. Money=Fear Porn. Federal Government=Fear Porn. Religion=Fear Porn. Be afraid of Muslim Terrorists. Be afraid of losing your job. Be afraid of going to Hell. Guess what gang? It's all bullshit, and the more you live your life dependent on these lies, the more you are going to suffer when it all collapses as it most surely will. The remarkable thing is that it is within your own power to determine if you will be brainwashed into the fear porn, or if you will use your brain to logically deduce what is bullshit. I choose truth above all else.

The truth is the government subsidized the removal of high paying jobs. Large corporations are given tax loopholes because they give unlimited donations to politicians. The government does not protect taxpayers. The government has an undeclared war against citizens. The government fears the citizen, why do you think they spend so much time trying to strip us of our rights under the guise of protecting us. With a true unemployment rate of 20 percent, we are fast loosing our ability to stand up for ourselves. For myself I was far better off in 1984 than I am today. I was making half the money I am now. Even since B.O. was elected president, our purchasing power has been reduced by 48 percent! Thank quantitative easing 1 and 2, and soon to come 3. By the Federal Reserve flooding the system with dollars they are raising the amount of debt owed. This is because for every dollar printed into existence, more money is owed due to interest. Therefore, there is NEVER enough money to repay the money loaned to us by the Federal Reserve. B.O. could change all of this with a stroke of his pen. Instead he protects the Zionist central banking system, just like all of his predecessors since J.F.K.

The death of the empire can be the best thing to happen to our country, provided we follow Iceland's example of what to do after the collapse. I see today that Egypt is gearing up for revolt part 2. Those people will prevail also because they understand the trap the IMF's loans represent. Globalization only benefits the bankers and the rich, not the average person who works for a living. So the first order of business after the collapse is to completely shit can the government and the Federal Reserve central banking system. Those two actions along with dismantling the TSA and Homeland Security will insure our country would turn around and become the prosperous, moral nation we could be. Nothing short of this will make a difference. I am convinced of this beyond all else. Time will provide the proof.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Wonderful Government

Well the 4Th is over now, how many celebrated by reading the Declaration of Independence?
I thought so. How many Americans have ever read it? Yeah, I know, there are much more important things to do then read that old document. Besides, how can it possibly have any relevance to today's fast paced world? Well I think it has a lot of relevance.

If more people understood what really happened, maybe we would not have to constantly repeat the same bullshit mistakes. The War of Independence was fought, first and foremost against the enslavement forced on us by an economic system that utilized usury as it's main premise of being. Our founding fathers understood what would happen if a central banking system controlled the economy. Andrew Jackson understood this. Abraham Lincoln knew it. John F. Kennedy gave his life in fighting against it. Why do we not see how it enslaves us today?

I cannot look at things today without being reminded of Nazi Germany in the 30's. Hitler came to power by convincing the German people they were being attacked, and actually they were. They were being attacked by a central banking system and he understood this to a degree. Unfortunately he acting on this threat in the exact manor the central bankers would act. Thus he became exactly what he was fighting against and then some. The faces of evil against humanity always have the same appearance. Why do we constantly lose our ability to see this?

The most glaring example of today would be Israel's attempt t0 exterminate the Palestinian people. Of all the people in the world, you would think the Jews, who's ancestors came from Eastern Europe, would have learned how not to treat other people. Instead it seems to have become their "God Given" right to treat people like animals, and act like they are above any and all. Along with the most powerful, corrupt, morally bankrupt nation protecting every crime they commit. The U.S. military force crushes any and all would be detractors of Israel. May I ask, Why the fuck is the U.S. doing tiny little Israel's bidding on all levels? My first thought is blackmail. If the U.S. does not do what it's told, Israel will blow the whistle on the U.S.A.'s compliant role of attacking her own people on 9-11. That and it could very well be that the HaMossad has already placed nuclear weapons in every major city in America, and will use them if not obeyed. Or perhaps the stuxnet virus is lurking in every nuclear power plant in America, waiting to be unleashed to disrupt the cooling functions of the reactors and holding pools. Time will prove these things, one way or another.

In any event our founding fathers warned us of foreign entanglements. Few people know they also warned us about the Jewish banking system! They also warned us of giving up our liberties for feeling safe! Tell that to the T.S.A.! Oh, this just in from the mainstream, corporate ad agencies known as news channels, there appears to be a threat of terrorists sneaking explosives in there body cavities. So you know what that means don't you? It's not bad enough these sick fucks are groping children's genitals, forcing the elderly to remove their depends diapers, viewing people with their naked body scanners, now their going to start body cavity searches! The U.S. is fast becoming the worlds largest open air prison. Complete with surveillance tactics that would make Hitler blush. Land of the free and home of the raped. Welcome to AMERIKA!

The most fucked up shit about all of this is most average Americans think this is all for their own good. Most people have looked the other way in the name of security, when in reality they handing the reigns over to the very people they should be fearing the most. Now that my friends is awesome propaganda at work. The reublicrats know it too, and they are laughing at all the stupid sheeple. Listen, hear that bleating off in the distance? That's you friends and family whining about how inconvenient their lives are. Well here's an inconvenient truth for you, and it ain't Al Gore's global warming bullshit, the game is rigged, and you are on the wrong side. The whole planet thinks your a total brainwashed asshole. They are waiting for you to wake up and put an end to your stupid government fucking with everything and everyone. I think it's time we start doing some heavy lifting and clean house of these scumbags! If we don't someone else will.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Freedom Flotilla 2

As many of you may remember, in May of 2010 the first freedom flotilla set sail for Gaza to deliver aid to Palestinians being held in the largest open air prison on the planet. You may or may not know an American citizen was shot to death by Israeli commandos who raided the Turkish- American flagged ship in international waters. Furkan Dogan was the 19 yr. old American citizen shot to death on the ship, Mavi Marmara, as it was boarded in international waters, an act of war against the United States I might add. This was not the first time our good buddies, Israel attacked us, and I am sure it won't be the last. Google U.S.S. Liberty and learn more if you don't know already.

Any long time readers of this blog know I don't mince words over what I have learned is the complete domination of the U.S. government by the Zionists who call Israel home. Actually I have come to find the Zionist handle can be a little misleading. Tel Aviv is more like the Eastern branch of the World Central Banking system located in the City of London. The bottom line here is Jewish bankers inflicting usury upon the unenlightened masses. Total global enslavement via debt, wich is built in to the corrupt banking system that benefits only the creators of the currency. The only fucking reason the asshats in Washington suck on the Jewish bankers asses is because they too benefit from supporting the illusion of the central banking system. This brings us back full circle to the ever increasing importance of the Freedom Flotillas.

The bottom line is the illegal occupation of Palestinian land by a people who are no more semetic than the man in the moon is the root of the problem. Most of the Jews occupying Israel come from Eastern Europe. They are descendants of the Khazarians and the Ashkenazians, not Hebrew as they claim. Descendants of the Hebrews are actually the Palestinians. This has been proven with DNA testing. The formation of Israel came in 1947. 64 yrs. later they have yet to formally declare their official borders. What other country in existence gets away with this blatant breakage of international law? No one else. Why? Because no other country is home to the world wide international central banking system, or the Jewish usury system. Israel was created for the soul purpose of giving the international Jewish banker a home to lay claim to diplomatic immunity. This is indeed the ponzi scheme of the ages!

Another interesting anomaly about Israel is they are the only known country to possess nuclear weapons and not be a signer of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty of which Iran is a member of good standing. Incidentally, Israel came to be a nuclear power by stealing plans for reactors from their good buddy the U.S.A. It has come to light through leaked diplomatic cables that Israel was trying to sell nuclear weapons to apartheid South Africa in the 60's! As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. Also apartheid is a very good description of present Israel in their genocidal actions towards the Palestinians, walling them in and starving them because they had the audacity to elect a government that was not in the Zionist's back pocket. One other side note to not signing the NNPT. There is to this day no known radiation signature to nuclear weapons that were built in the basement of the Dimona nuclear power plant. The whole point of nuclear deterance is to hold responsible those who use these horrible weapons of mass destruction as proven by the unique radition signatures of thier weopons. Israel is not held accountable in this way. Rest assured when there is a big, nuclear bang and we can not identify it, it will be sold to us, by the zionist owned main stream media, as an act of terrorism, to be blamed on whatever enemy Israel decides on at the moment! (A.K.A. 9-11 being blame on Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden).

Freedom Flotilla 2 represents a peaceful call to arms to end the foolish blockade of the Gaza strip where at least 1.5 million Gazans live with all the worst Israel has to offer, while Jews lavish themselves with the best lifestyle American and German tax payers can provide. As of this writing the strangled government of Greece has been strong armed by the Israeli government to stop the flotilla from leaving Athens. Yet more proof of the power of Israel and their pit bull buddies, the U.S.A. The people of Greece refuse to support this bullshit. They know that the Greek government's days are numbered. They will see to that. Hopefully the FF2 will sail. Regardless of the outcome, many more people are willing to search with an open mind into the plight of the Palestinians.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Well now that we have finished our move I should be able to dedicate a little more time to this blog. Things continue to move in the direction of "The Grand Unveiling" in the sense that it appears we need an "Event" of significant magnitude to awaken the masses.

Being a 3rd shift factory worker, I have plenty of time to contemplate the above mentioned. Being awake while everyone else sleeps offers advantages that few seldom discover. The Ether is clear of a lot of waking time static when most are sleeping. A connection to the creative energy is easier to establish as many artists and musicians can tell you. Many loose ends get tied together during these moments.

One thing becomes very clear in 2011. Nuclear energy has come to the fore front of many people's minds. Lessons like history have a way of repeating themselves with ever increasing severity until they are learned and acted upon. Fukushima is barely a blip on most people's screen, yet it's legacy will forever change mankind. Now we have Los Alamos national laboratory burning from a wild fire. Plutonium waste stored in 55 gallon drums under tents, numbering in the tens of thousands, if ignited could make Fukushima pale in comparison. Let's not forget the flooded nuclear reactors in Nebraska. All the while officials, just like with Fukushima try to reassure us there is no immediate danger from these "Events".

On the political stage "Austerity" is the word for 2011 thus far. Austerity is only austerity when people freely choose to make due with less, not because a government, directed by a private banking system, tells them to do so. That is called forced impoverishment. Ask the poor. They can tell you the difference. So far Iceland has handled the situation properly. They understand that as a people, they are not responsible for their governments reckless investments in the mortgage backed securities fraud. The IMF, a private central bank like the Federal Reserve, is not at all welcome there. Either are the politicians that support them. As a people they know how the IMF cripples nations with debt. Too bad us Americans are too dim to see this light. The Greeks know. The Egyptians know. If Greece goes down to austeric central bankers, making concessions on the masses so the few can have more, guess who will be next? I'll give you a hint: We think we are united.

Meanwhile back at the ranch the key word is WAR!
As 44 million Americans celebrate their independence with food stamps, the crazed U.S. government leads the NATO charge to bombard Libya back to the stone age, and quietly expand their drone war into Somalia. That makes six countries now! When are we going to call this bullshit what it really is? World War 3! And guess what kiddies? We Americans are on the wrong side of history. We are the Hitlers, along with Israel, of the 21st century! Tell that one at your 4Th of July party. Chances are you will be met with blank stares and told if you don't like it leave! Imagine that, if you don't like attacking other countries, torturing people, forcing people into debt, allowing filthy perverts to grope your wife and kids, (unless your Catholic, then it's ok in order to go to heaven!), your un-American. I have one thing to say to the knuckle dragging masses of idiotic, patriotic, republicratic morons of the fractured states of anemia, WAKE THE FUCK UP! But they probably wont, barring some catastrophic "Event".

I have read that only 6 percent of the population actually became directly involved in the war for Independence. That war, fought against the British to rid our new country of the British private central bank, needs to be fought again. As many of you know, in 1913 a corrupt congress passed the Federal Reserve act on Christmas Eve. when most had already left for the holidays. Then an equally corrupt president signed the bill into law. The rest as they say is history! Since then we have dealt with depressions, recessions, and an overall looting of the American people that rivals even the very worst dictatorships of the past and present. The brainwashing has gone so far as to turn people against themselves, blaming each other instead of the true culprit! "If we only work harder" is the cry of my parent's generation, who, working themselves to literal death cannot seem to see the forest for the trees. Understand it is a corrupt system that enslaves. Usury was warned against by Christians and Muslims alike. Guess who practices it? Muslims outlawed it. Christians allowed it. Is it any wonder who the terrorists are? Who are the real terrorists?
Hint: Who runs the Federal Reserve?
Another hint: Who really attacked the U.S. on 9-11?
Final hint: Who has made usury the common economic practice, enslaving countless people's and nations into crippling poverty and providing an endless supply of cheap labor?

The "Event" is coming.
The shape and form are insignificant.
The result is what matters..........more as it unfolds.