Thursday, October 29, 2009

Esoteric Agenda

Please take the time to watch this video. I can not vouch for the validity of every single claim of historic information, but I do find from my own personal research that the essence of the video does in fact reside in truth! A fantastic effort by the creators!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gary Web Uncovers Part of the Puzzle

On December 10, 2004, he was found dead from two gunshot wounds to the head.[20] Sacramento County coroner Robert Lyons determined that it was suicide.

Many people can not believe the CIA could be involved in drug trafficking.
Now we have the opium fields of Afghanistan under military control.
Cheap heroin becomes available. Gee, I wonder why?
Drugs, weapons sales, prostitution, child pornography, money laundering, all run by the same people. No, not every person involved in government is corrupt or compromised.
But just about everyone involved in these activities are involved in the Illuminati.
What you need to understand is there are several groups involved.
CIA, Mossad, M5, Free Masons, Zionists Mafia, Jesuits, Mormons, and many others.
This is the most extensive organization with officials bribed or black mailed at every level.
Much of the CIA drug money going for black operations for further power and control.
Their control and reach is staggering. They are the new world order.
The Wall st. banks, the Federal reserve, the Bank of England, the Bank of Rome, The U.N.
The Vatican!
All interconnected and compliant to one degree or another. Easy to see why you talk too much, you die!
Don't take my word on these things, research for yourself.
However if you want to know the true nature of the beast you must include studies of the occult and masonic teachings also. There is a much more interesting plan then you realize.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Swine Flu

Ironic the Finnish government declared the swine flu not a dangerous pandemic the day before Obama declared a national health emergency for the swine flu.
People are not buying what the government is selling.
Remember if you take this poison and get really messed up from it, you can not hold the manufacturer responsible, and you will just have to live with it.
In 1976, millions were paid in compensation for the damage the untested vaccine caused.
This was before adjuvents. This was before using aborted fetal tissue and other protein sources other than eggs. It is widely believed that squalene, the deadly adjuvent in the experimental vaccines given to gulf war veterans, is behind the gulf war syndrome. The squalene that is used in some swine flu vaccines is reported to be many times stronger!
Look at the Washington Redskins cheerleader. If this happens to you, you will not be entitled to any compensation! Think about that!

It's the Sun

It's the Sun

Hey Sir Albert Gore, it's the sun not the carbon.
Another subtle hint they are giving you with this bullshit is breathing is bad for the planet.
So, Die you worthless eaters!
Oh and breathing through your mouth is treason!
So sayith Sir Albert the Gore!

Police in Action

Great work Guys!

Ron Paul on H1N1

If it's such a safe vaccine why aren't Obama's children taking it?

Just For the Fun of It

What a fun ride! Anti gravity propulsion system. A side interest of mine!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

CDC Guesstimated H1N1 Cases

So why the hell did Obama declare a state of emergency late Friday night?
Something stinks!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Obama Declares Public Health Emergency

Just when you thought it was safe to go out...............THIS HAPPENS!
Interesting alternative take here.
As Oblamo's poll rating is in free fall, 73% at inauguration, to 53% at present, are we on the cusp of an EVENT? (Bush benefited tremendously after 9-11, remember the speech from the wreckage of the twin towers?)
I hate to say this, and pray I'm wrong, but given all the crazy shit going down, wouldn't it be the perfect time for a distraction of mass proportion? Let's keep our eyes open and pay very close attention. I think the big show is about to begin. The key with all this crap is, in the truest sense of the reality it is all just that, a show. So remember, as you get your popcorn and pull up a front row seat, don't be too taken in. Try not to give in to fear in these crazy times. Try to stay focused on what is truly important. Don't let fear run your life. Stay focused and make informed decisions.
Understand a lot can happen very quickly. Don't be fooled again!

Remember when?

One in a Million?

CBS Reveals that Swine Flu Cases Seriously Overestimated

Here you can find a fantastic article about the overestimating of the seriousness of the H1N1 swine flu. This is backed by a CBS report. They actually conducted a three month investigation into the swine flu.
The truth is slowly coming out about this.
Many people have tirelessly labored to help people make an informed decision about the swine flu vaccine.
A special thanks to health care workers of New York, who stood up against the mandate of forced vaccinations and help turn this thing around. I would also like to thank Jane Burgermeister for her personal courage in filing criminal charges against the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control for attempting to start a world wide pandemic. Without these peoples efforts we would not have been warned about this serious issue.
As the bulk of the vaccines become available, the push to take them will increase! PUSH BACK!
Please help your family and friends to make an educated decision on taking the flu vaccine.
Make sure that you read the product warning sheet, BEFORE you make a decision.
I think that you will find the risks far outweigh the benefits of flu vaccines!
The most important thing is that this vaccine remains a choice and not a mandate!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Remember WTC7?

Remember the afternoon collapse of WTC7?
Ironically many do not remember it.
Many did not even know it happened.
BBC reported it before the fact.
How is this possible?
The truth of what happened on 9-11 would serve well to understand what is happening today. Pieces of a puzzle people still refuse to pick up. Most would rather lavish
in a false sense of security than face truth. Truth can be a bitter pill to swallow.
Just make mine the red pill of truth!

No Justice No Peace!

Fall of the Republic

Just Because

I decided to write a piece clarifying my position on certain environmental issues. It is easy to assume that someone who thinks that Climate Change is bullshit, does not believe there are environmental problems with the world. I never said I didn't think there weren't problems. My stand against the Climate Change crowd is taken in the belief that the actions taken by them will only exacerbate the problems.

Our earth is the most complicated, vast, interconnected system in our lives. We see it from our own tiny perspective. From a universal prospective our planet is a tiny, insignificant dust spec. Our entire world is a molecular representation to the whole. It is in it's being, a small copy of the universe as it provides us with everything we need to live. Some of us look with awe upon it's splendor and magnificent interconnected systems of life support. Others see it as a gigantic opportunity to be exploited for personal gain. Neither side is right or wrong. Without the exploiters we never would be able to achieve the levels of people we see on the planet today.

So what about that? We have roughly 6.7 billion individuals living on the planet. This would never have been possible without increases in technology and increased productivity in our society. Of course that has come at a cost. The cost being a strain on the ecosystem. There is no doubt that certain technologies push the envelope of well being for many, while allowing others to live in luxury. When we are born into the world we may be born into extreme poverty or extreme wealth. Most towards the poverty side of the line. The prevalent thinking that exists is that the rich nations are destroying the planet through excessive carbon emissions. The consensus has become in order to restore balance to the ecosystem, the rich countries must pay money to the poor countries for their carbon sins on the planet. Also rich countries must lower their carbon emissions while poor countries can increase their emissions. Of course a world governing body will oversee the process by establishing a carbon credit market.

Fine. Here's my rub. If our leaders were truly concerned about the state of our planet, the first thing that would be happening would be complete elimination of starvation. That is a very doable event. Worldwide poverty could be eliminated with a fraction of the money used to wage war. We know these things. The fact of the matter as I see it, is, the Climate Change crowd are not at all concerned about the environment, but only about further exploitation of everyone. The rich countries are made to feel guilty. The poor countries are told they live in poverty because the rich countries use all the resources. The super rich elite control it all! The same people who are proposing a worldwide governing body to control the resources. The same people who run the World Bank, World Trade Organization, International Monetary Foundation. Through all of these international governing bodies, the whole planets population is governed, manipulated, and controlled. To add to their power would be catastrophic to us all.

Now, there can be no doubt that the cultural implications to right the wrongs that exist in the world would be challenging to say the least. The frustrating thing to me is that many technologies exist, that if allowed to come to fruition, could change every one's life dramatically!
Here again, the same problem arises. The elite who own the international banks and huge corporations have a stranglehold on a lot of this technology. There exists technology to power everything, without causing pollution, that could be free to everyone. Yes, that solution exists. You will never see it. Not as long as those people who run the show are in power. For how can you control and manipulate people if there is abundance? It is only through scarcity that people are controlled. Only through threats of catastrophic events, that they can protect you from that you are controlled. Only through outright lies!

Here is another little secret to understand. We are being constantly told that over population is another huge problem. BULLSHIT! The biggest problem is the inefficient use of available resources as a direct result of technological suppression! We have the means to move beyond fossil fuels. We have the means to control population growth. Look at where population is growing the fastest. Poor countries! Look where it is stabilized. Rich countries. What is the solution? Release the technology that is available to the poorest countries. Teach them to use it first. The population is then stabilized, the rich nations can then adopt the technology and the problem is solved. Very simple. Not at all easy though. As we know the controllers will not freely give up their control over us. Again the solutions are available. The implementation is intentionally being prevented.

In summarizing, I am not at all against helping poor nations achieve wealth. I am all for new forms of energy production that not only do not destroy the earth, but actually regenerate the earth. We are at that crossroads. Handing the keys of the kingdom over to the criminally insane portion of our world is not the answer to the problems. That is why I am against the Global Warming- Climate Change crowd. They will force us into a controlled, herded, imprisoned state of being. They will enjoy the highest standard of life, while they tell us there is not enough for us. They are, and will, slowly convincing us we are the problem, and we need to die! The most incredible part of the story is many will and do believe their bullshit!
I DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. I do believe we must take the best from the ancients and combine it with the technology we can attain. Always using the latter with a sense of awe and appreciation for our planet and ALL who reside on her! Always working in conjunction with natural laws that strengthen all of us. Learning to put each other before ourselves. For that is the true problem. The earth will be fine. It is we who need to change.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ron Paul

The Fed is not at all interested in an audit.
If the citizens knew that there tax dollars went directly to
international bankers they would demand the fed be shut down,
and demand the stolen money be returned!
Bailout money outpaces entitlement money, 30-1!
All this while 1-6 Americans live in poverty!
Think about that.

Sid the Science Kid

Part of the 16 million dollar ad campaign for promoting swine flu vaccines.
Elmo is in on it too!
Secretary Sebelius, bilderberg member, said, “Sid will be a great messenger as we continue to find new and creative ways to reach out to children, adults, and families about how to stay healthy during flu season.”
Or just get your damn shot, we have paid billions for these vaccines!
People are not that stupid anymore.
All around the country we are seeing this is as much bullshit as Global Warming and the criminal acts of the federal reserve!
Enough is enough!

Federal Reserve

In a past life I used to like Bill Maher.
He proves who he is working for by downplaying Belzer's Kennedy remark.
Proof again of the false Left-Right paradigm.
Just like Alex Jones. He will bring you some truthful information.
But when the day is done he will not touch the Zionist connection to all of this!
Also beware of the Patriot-Constitutionist movement!
These people are being exposed to the PTB for easy extermination.
If you study the constitution you find in reality it is not for the citizen but for the land owner, or Bankers and the British Empire!
Laws made by men to rule men are not in concert with universal laws, and thus will be manipulated for evil purposes. If you can not see that you are blind.
The one sure way to poke the eye out of the all seeing Powers That Be, is to end their earthly grasp on humanity! End the corrupt monetary system.

Banksters and Drug Cartels

At least with drug cartels you get to get high from the product! You don't even get a fucking toaster from the bankster bastards anymore! WTF? Speaking of drug cartels, Afghanistan's heroin production is booming. The Taliban had all but eradicated the opium trade from Afghanistan until the "coalition of the willing" invaded in 2001. British and U.S. control of the Afghan opium puts about 65 billion in their pockets each year. Then the war on drugs cleans up the other end by imprisoning drug addicts and petty dealers, pushing the dope the government sells them! Quite the racket. Plus you can poison a fair share of citizens while destroying their families. All wonderful agendas of the New World order crowd. So, while all you blind patriotic citizens offer your children to the meat grinder, they ensure the production of one of the most destructive, addicting drugs in the world. To support your wonderful government! Don't you just love being an American?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Interesting Correlations

I have been reading a lot about the so called science of global warming. In the skeptical view of 30,000 scientists the main complaint seems to be the method of modeling used by the global warmers. It is charged that they use "indirect modeling methods" for their computer generated proof of global warming. What I find fascinating is the CDC (center for disease control) uses the exact same method of reporting deaths that are allegedly cause by the flu virus. Meanwhile it's getting colder (what happened to summer this year?) and the southern hemisphere flu season was very mild.

Case in point, it is widely reported that 36,000 people die from the flu each year. However if one looks a little closer, we find that in actuality, 35,000 die from pneumonia! Now some will argue that the flu combined with pneumonia caused the deaths, but we will never know for certain because no precise tests are conducted to determine the exact cause of death. The fact of the matter is if a patient exhibits flu like symptoms they have the flu! So the 36,000 deaths per year is actually a estimate from a mathematical model, or a "indirect modeling method". (The National Center for Health Statistics for seasonal influenza conducted a study from 1979-2002 revealed that the annual range of influenza deaths was from 257 to 3,006 for an average of 1,348 influenza deaths per year). If that's not global warming scare mongering statistics I don't know what is!

I am not trying to suggest that the flu is not a serious illness. Even one death a year is tragic. My point is though, is it a deadly pandemic like the WHO and the CDC claim it is, and everyone should line up for our vaccine. Or in the case of global warming, line up to pay our carbon tax, while Al Gore and company get rich off our dumb asses. As of October 11, 2009 the World Health Organization reported that, worldwide, there have been more than 399,232 laboratory confirmed cases of pandemic influenza H1N1, and over 4,735 deaths. Worldwide! Many of these deaths can also be attributed to pre existing conditions including some type of immune system deficiency. People, one million people die from Malaria each and every year. ONE MILLION!!!
Meanwhile back at the mega pharma corporations, billions are being made from pushing fear and questionable scientific data as to the effectiveness of flu vaccines.

Hmmm, I am beginning to see a correlation here.

Where is all this Global Warming, flying pig flu, scare mongering coming from? Our governments of the world, and predominately the United Nations and the World Health Organization. Who is disseminating this misinformation or disinformation as the case may be?
You know who, and as a side note what are the talking heads on T.V. saying about the economy?
Oh boy, I think I have made my point!


Global Warming?

Swine Flu

Notice how the talking head has to remind everyone that 3 other doctors said they will vaccinate their children. The message did however get across. Please consider carefully before you get a vaccine for swine flu. The toxins are quite dangerous to some people! Not to mention a further cumulative affect on children.

Your Money!

2009 US economy: largest transfer of wealth to financial/political elite in global history

October 20, 2:52 PMLA County Nonpartisan ExaminerCarl Herman

Political “leadership” of the two oligarchy parties spin their economic policy as being for the public benefit. Professional economists increasingly cast economic policy in unprecedented harsh criticism, even calling for public demonstrations against what they claim as gross violations of financial law. Let’s consider current facts of high importance:

• Transfer of somewhere over $3 trillion with a total potential of $23.7 trillion to banks and financial institutions for the socialization of their gambling losses on illegal sub-prime mortgages and credit default swaps. We know the sub-prime lending was illegal because the FBI concluded 80% of all sub-prime fraud originated from the lenders.

Read More.

St. Al the Global

Thou shall not question my Academy Award or My Nobel Peace Prize.
Didn't Oblamo just get one of those?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One in Six Americans Living in Poverty!

Read the story here!
Oh and by the way, the average Goldman Sachs employee will receive a 500,000 dollar bonus.
Guess who is paying for that? That's ok, keep busting your ass for them, I'm sure they appreciate your hard effort! And hey how about that economic recovery?

Climate Treaty

More on Climate Treaty HERE.
One of the three ways the global cabal of international elitists are trying to close us down.
They wish to reduce the human population by at least 4 billion people.
They would eventually like to make 75% of North America their wilderness play ground.
They will be permitted to go where ever they like.
You and I will be trapped like rats in "sustainable living centers"
Read about Agenda 21.
Scream from the roof tops about this Climate Treaty in Copenhagen bullshit!
They are going for it now. This is not conspiracy, but documented fact.
They are convinced they can not fail now. They think they are invincible.
The United Nations is just a front for corporate globalists. These international bankers wish to
completely subvert our countries constitution. They must be stopped.
Do not support this insanity at any level. If your "Green friends" start spouting bullshit about
climate change and how great it is that the world is doing something about it, Tell them to
get their heads out of their asses and wake up to the facts! Global Warming is the biggest fraud of the century! Climate change, from human causes is complete bullshit! Wake up!
We are tightening the noose around our own necks, just like they want us to.
Lets wake up and kick the U.N. out of our country, along with the fraudulent Federal Reserve,
and expose this swine flu vaccine scam for once and for all! We would do well to completely empty the halls of congress and the rest of the federal government while we are at it.
There are plenty of constitutional, decent people to take their place!

The Dirty 30

Here you will find the list of the "dirty 30". This would be the 30 Republican senators who voted in favor of the sovereign rights of a corporation over justice of a woman who was gang raped by her coworkers!

Alexander (R-TN)
Barrasso (R-WY)
Bond (R-MO)
Brownback (R-KS)
Bunning (R-KY)
Burr (R-NC)
Chambliss (R-GA)
Coburn (R-OK)
Cochran (R-MS)
Corker (R-TN)
Cornyn (R-TX)
Crapo (R-ID)
DeMint (R-SC)
Ensign (R-NV)
Enzi (R-WY)
Graham (R-SC)
Gregg (R-NH)
Inhofe (R-OK)
Isakson (R-GA)
Johanns (R-NE)
Kyl (R-AZ)
McCain (R-AZ)
McConnell (R-KY)
Risch (R-ID)
Roberts (R-KS)
Sessions (R-AL)
Shelby (R-AL)
Thune (R-SD)
Vitter (R-LA)
Wicker (R-MS)

I would suggest remembering these slime balls at election time, but the sad reality is congress is loaded with these pathetic excuses for human beings. How far down the slippery slope must we fall before we realize we are already neck deep in the muck? You can read more about this disgusting story here. The day has come when elected officials sit straight faced and argue it is acceptable to rape!!! Where is the fucking media on this? And who do you suppose is taking up this woman's cause? Sen. Al Franken, D-Minnesota. Sometimes I can honestly say I hate this fucked up world!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Three Legged Stool of New World Order.

The New World Order gang has pulled all the stops and enacted a three prong approach to complete world domination. The Following plans are unfolding at this very moment.

The World Health Organization with the "Pandemic" over the swine flu. As a result of the staged release of the created swine flu, the WHO was looking to push the mandatory vaccine on the U.N. charter nations. Problem is the pandemic flu just hasn't panned out for them. Never fear though as the attenuated live virus nasal spray may be just the boost they need!

As the U.S. media continues to sing happy days are here again, as the dow hits 10000, the real facts are we are a completely bankrupt nation sitting on the brink of collapse. As the final sucker market draws the last little bit of wealth in, to be ransacked very soon, the finishing touches will be put on the collapse of the economy. Enter the new world wide financial system to save the day! Run by the IMF and the World Bank.

Climate bullshit takes the stage front and center in Copenhagen in December. On the agenda is a new treaty to ensure that the Co2 producing rich nations, who are supposedly fucking up the world, will have to stop producing and pay the poor countries who are not fucking up the world. The Ironic thing about this is the environmentalists who are also squawking about overpopulation, want us all to be 3rd world nations to save the planet. Problem is the worlds population is stable in the rich countries and only growing in the third world countries. Making us all poor will only explode the population. Why not just make us all rich instead? That would be in concert with the holographic system of society!

History is wrought with examples of people obsessed with ruling the world. Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, Napoleon, Hitler. Judging from the company is there any reason to think the current push to rule the world would be done by people who were decent human beings? A point I hope is well taken by all you globalists and U.N. supporters!

Must See!

Placing the Pieces of the Puzzle

There is much talk (rightly so) of the Zionist influence on the American government. There is no doubt the Israeli influence is far and wide, but it should be understood that it is part of the greater picture and not the exclusive power of the Illuminati.
The power base is comprised of many different aspects. They will work in concert together when needed to defeat an enemy that threatens their collective being. You will see many who will focus on the Jewish bankers as being the only seat of power in the Illuminati. That is not entirely true however. Even though the modern Illuminati was formed by a man of Jewish descent from Germany, it wasn't until later that the original power base enlisted the Jewish bankers to handle their money. That organization was none other than the Vatican.
So you see, the Illuminati have a power base in many places. They are a collection of different groups all falling under the umbrella of one goal, to control the world. Factions within the organization could be likened to the different Mafia families competing for control of a region. There will be bloody wars within, but if any real external group threatened the whole, they would join forces and subdue the threat. Religions have been a vital body to infiltrate. Catholics, Jews, Mormons, are some of the more obvious ones. Of course the Free Masons were infiltrated in the late 1700's, and to this day continue to be a occultic driving force within the group. So vast is the network of control that most leaders can not rise to prominence without coming up through their ranks. It is a huge network.
Many people have a very hard time accepting that many of the most prominent establishments are compromised by these people. The problem is many good people are deceived into thinking these establishments are for the overall good of humanity. That is the nature of the Illuminati, to hide behind deception, manipulating, controlling, creating chaos, then appearing with the solution, thus deceiving people that they are good. It goes way beyond the average persons ability to accept this. One should understand what they lack in compassion they make up for in intelligence. These people are cold, heartless, conspirators who are patient to the point of enacting plans that take generations to succeed. They are master strategists who understand how to create an illusion that rivals none in it's efficiency and it's ability to create a system that everyone has been brainwashed in, to one degree or another.
So while we argue over the most mundane of trivial, low level brainwashed agendas, (mainstream media's talking points), and even if we manage to start reading some more truthful facts from the alternative media, they are approaching the time of their complete control of society. As the master plan unfolds, the low level agenda exposes itself with no fear of consequence. The information we are allowed to see now is of no matter to them. What becomes painfully clear is their agenda is further ahead then we know. I am convinced that 9-11 was a symbolic sacrifice ritual.
As is evidenced throughout their symbolic representations, the pyramid shows how their hierarchy is structured. We are of course on the very bottom, thus we are considered the slave labor of the elites. We are nothing more than expendable beasts of burden to be beaten into submission or outright killed if we rebel. That truth is becoming more obvious every day. As every aspect of our environment is being subtly manipulated as evidenced by fluoride in the water, genetically modified food, vaccines with poison, intentionally dumbing down citizens through sub par schooling and idiotic programs on the T.V., on the flip side of that societal laws are being enacted to criminalize just about everything a person can do. Couple with these two disturbing trends the complete hijacking of the judicial system and you have the recipe for disaster. All the while the elite or those residing towards the top of the pyramid are free from prosecution and trauma of dealing with the very things that compromise our well being.
It will become apparent that a slave revolt will not only become necessary but a moral imperative to survival. However we should all understand that it is impossible to fight them outright. That is what they want. Sadly all those being enticed into the Patriot movement are being led to a slaughter. No, this slave revolt must be of a different nature. One of absolutely no violence. Violence is their stomping ground, and their method of operation. They completely own it. That is their battle ground. We must conduct this revolt on our terms of engagement.
Numbers are our strength. Not for long though, as they are embarking on a worldwide mass depopulation agenda that is slated to kick into overdrive. Therefore the time is now. The chains of oppression can only be severed by knowing the exact nature of the chains. The chains are economic. The chains are religious. The chains are the very societal system you have been brought up in, and believe is the reality of life. It is a false reality. It can be changed. We can achieve a holographic system of society. It is the only long term, sustainably viable system to ensure life. It is that or destruction. I will go into much more detail about my idea of a holographic society and what us slaves must do in order to achieve this. In the meantime, enjoy your bondage!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chips Ahoy!

Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty

Read here about the upcoming Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. This could be it folks!
There is a link in the article to the actual treaty being proposed that Oblamo is sure to sign. The implications here are staggering. This could be the big move to World Government!

You Can Handle The Truth!

Many people seem to not want to know the truth. Many people want to be left alone to pursue their version of the dream in the manner of their choosing. I do not blame them. It is also their right as human beings to conduct themselves the way they see fit. We all to some degree help promote the experiences with which we build upon and learn from. We all learn to turn away from the difficulties to some degree. Some more than others.

I don't for one minute think that I have a direct pipeline to the truth. The truth is a very precarious expression that can morph into the most hideous lie in one second flat. Such is it's illusive nature. I also do not pretend to possess a perfectly operating bullshit meter, that alerts me when I run smack into a pile. Sometimes beautiful things rise out of bullshit. You learn a lot about yourself when you are deceived. I have found that lies can make for good fertile ground for truth to grow from.

So my main discourse lies rooted in an undeniable obsession with understanding the exact nature of our shared reality. Often this reality alludes my ability to accept it. I have come to realize that each of us has a built in mechanism for screening out certain realities that may make us feel uncomfortable. The final summation however suggests that as uncomfortable as the truth may be, it is far more advantageous to accept it rather than deny it. It seems that these are the seeds from which critical thinking arise.

I have been fortunate in the fact to have a distinct advantage in my quest. I have learned how to strip my belief systems down to a simple, concise level of operation. My mind is not bogged down with a lot of constraints as to what is possible and what is not. I have many possibilities that reside in quiet corners of my mind, waiting patiently for further confirmation in the expression of the overall mindset of society. Timing is everything. It now seems to me that truth has an unmistakable rhythm of expression that is more conscious of the well being of the whole than I could ever begin to understand. Disclosure of the truth can be ones liberation and enslavement at the same time. Truth can comfort and imperil simultaneously depending upon the systems which are supported, and those which are destroyed. It is vital to understand that this perception is the driving mechanism that dictates the pace at which we move forward or backward.

Knowing some of these concepts we can begin to understand our precarious nature of being at this moment. I firmly believe we are at a juncture where the truth of our reality is about to come crashing into our lives. We may be at a point collectively to be able to endure this and actually thrive as a result of this, and we may not. Multiple levels of understanding can provide immense comfort in difficult times, provided one is capable of shifting one's perspective when necessary.
One of the simplest truths I try to not stray from is do no harm. Truth can do no harm to us. We do it to ourselves, by being incapable of grasping it's significance when it knocks on our door. You can choose not to answer, but eventually it will crash through and become reality, like it or not.

In the end for this writer, truth is the option for each person to do as they wish with. They can ignore it and hold on to outdated systems which provide momentary illusions of well being, or they can accept it and learn to change accordingly, enduring a little discomfort in the short term, but providing long term growth and expansion of perception and being. Which ever one you choose, you win, because you learn a lot about yourself, and you also become the proud possessor of an exact measure of your spiritual maturity, which you will find to be priceless in the days to come!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sedona Sweat Lodge Deaths

The death of two people in Sedona, Arizona hits close to home for me in many ways. One of the deceased is from Milwaukee Wisconsin, not far from where I live.
I obviously was not in attendance at James Arthur Ray's Spiritual Warrior Retreat in Sedona.
James Arthur Ray was featured in The Secret. He is considered a self help guru that has appeared on Oprah and Larry King Live. Some people call him a new age snake oil salesman and a con artist.
There is no secret that this man has become extremely wealthy off of spiritual seekers. It is reported he was charging between 9000 to 10000 dollars for the 5 day retreat he led in Sedona.
Here's the thing, he was leading people through some very intense spiritual practices that he had no business doing. I know this from experience. I have attended and helped put on several sweat lodges in the past.
A sweat lodge is a very sacred event. A sweat lodge, as conducted in a Native American way should only be led by a trained Native American Elder. Unless he was given specific training and permission by an elder he is violating a spiritual law that could carry dramatic repercussions!
Many people do not understand these things and think that it does not matter. Many people think that spiritual matters are nothing more than pure bullshit and do not have to be respected.
I have found through my own personal experiences that Native American spiritual teachings are very powerful and very wonderful and open to all to learn, however it can not be stressed enough that disrespecting the teachings can have dire consequences! It is very clear that by the mere act of charging exorbitant fees he corrupted sacred traditions. Many Native Americans believe that entering the sacred lodge is the same as entering the mother earths womb. Thus after the purifying you are reborn anew. So if you are charging large sums of money you have desecrated the lodge and turned the mother into a whore.
It is also reported that other Native practices were participated in. There was talk of a group vision quest being conducted. This is performed in traditional ways in solitude with a trained spiritual person overseeing the quest. While this also involves a fast, that traditionally would include no food or water during the duration of the quest. If this was done prior to the lodge ceremony many would be in a dangerous situation due to lack of food and water. If that was the case the leader was willfully negligent in combining two very powerful ceremonies in a very dangerous manner. I have never heard of someone fasting before a lodge. I can not believe a leader would be trained in this manner. It looks to me like arrogance and ego got in the way and would be further proof of incompetence and negligence. I have not been trained in the ways of the warrior however, as our lodge was a bear lodge or healing lodge.
The reports of the lodge proceedings themselves are also very suspect. It is reported that there were 55-65 people in the lodge. The most people I have ever seen go in at once was 12! Sounds to me like someone was more concerned with profit than the well being of the participants.(65 x 10,000 = 650,000 dollars!)
Another report stated that 8 rounds were to be conducted. I am only aware of 4 rounds. A round is when the doors or flaps are closed after the grandfathers(Heated stones) are brought into the lodge. Depending on the amount of grandfathers brought in determines the heat and or intensity of the round. Also, was everyone offered water and adequate access to fresh air in between rounds? The only way you can understand these things is to experience them, and I can assure you this lodge was not conducted under proper supervision. Remember this was billed as a warrior training, I'm sure the mentality was to push it to the limit.
Stepping back to the construction of the sweat lodge, it is reported that plastic tarps and blankets were used to cover the lodge. If plastic were used it would assure proper ventilation would be next to impossible to provide for 65 people crammed in the lodge.
What of the construction itself. Building a sweat lodge is a complicated ceremony in and of itself. Much care must be taken in observing the proper respect, prayers, and offerings during the construction process. Was there an elder overseeing this process?
The Native American spiritual teachings are a way of life for many. It is so very important that if you wish to study and incorporate them as your way of life you must be taught in proper, respectful, manners. This can only be achieved by Elders who have been trained in traditional ways to help others learn these ways. Part of the problem is the attempted merging of traditional native ways with other beliefs. It is possible, but one should always exercises care and caution in attempting to do so.
Finally you can't completely absolve the participants themselves from their own share of responsibility in this tragedy. Sometimes people can get so wrapped up in their own spiritual agenda that they forget others around them. A true lodge is a community. All are concerned with each others well being. All are constantly watching over each other. It is easy to get caught up in the moment when seeking, but it should never come at the cost of another, and should always be done with eyes completely open, discerning for ones self, instead of blindly following another, someone who very often turns out to be someone very different then who you think they are!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bilderberg Attendee

We Are Change strikes again!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


What our children are dying for in Afghanistan!
What makes me really sad is that there are still so many good people who believe that their children are in Afghanistan fighting terrorists for our freedom!
The only thing these people are doing wrong is trusting their government. They seem to be incapable of suspending their blind belief long enough to look at some information that suggests something far different!
It has been an old trick during war to smuggle drugs into the country in American soldier's coffins.
Sad. Criminals have no care or respect.
It has been proven that the CIA is the largest drug running organization in the country.
As we can witness, a large supply of cheap heroin flows into the country. Making it possible to fight another war. The war on DRUGS!
It is a highly efficient system as they make huge money on the front end of the drug operation, bringing the drugs in. Then prosecuting addicts and dealers who get huge fines and large prison sentences, thus creating the cause of the problem and then providing the solution.
This is the main method of operation for the powers that be. Order out of chaos.
Unfortunately most people can not understand just how sinister these people truly are!
You will some day. The main method of reclaiming your power is to learn to accept the reality of the game.
Then and only then, can you take action to alleviate the cause of the problem. It is not easy.
Especially when main stream news does absolutely nothing to inform you of their sinister game and how they play it.
You must understand, if for nothing else, your children's sake.
Please stop offering your children up as sacrificial lambs to be slaughtered! They are not dying for freedom or some highly possessed ideal. They are dying for corporate and governmental profit. They are not respected. They are meat for evil bastards who get off on being in control!
Once you realize this you have come a long way in understanding the exact nature of war.
Why are we in Iraq?
Why are we in Afghanistan?
Why does the government lie us into war?
With profit comes power.
With power comes control.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Well Isn't That Special?

I woke up this morning to the news that "O" won the Nobel Peace Prize.
The irony of this is so special (why would you name a peace prize after the inventor of dynamite?)
Oblamo became the first sitting president to chair the United Nations Security Council at the beginning of the month.
Interesting timing.
At the beginning of the month the U.S. blocked the U.N. from taking a vote on the the Goldstone report.
The Goldstone report is a report on human rights abuses committed during the Gaza war, (December 27, 2008–January 19, 2009).
Many a zionist controlled media outlet blast the report as fictitious.
In any event it is very easy to see who controls Oblamo's foreign policy.
Israel is king! Amerika is the trained guard dog. Iran is in the cross hairs.
Oblamo is the Nobel Peace Prize recipient. I wonder what he will do with the 1.4 million dollar prize?
Maybe he will buy some White Phosphorus bombs for Iran.
Israel and Amerika both seem to love ol "Whiskey Pete" for burning them pesky Muslims to the bone!
And what do you think Oblamo's excuse was for blocking Israel from answering to war crimes, and possible crimes against humanity? Punishing Israel for war crimes would get in the way of peace!
Ahhh, now I see why he won the peace prize!
The only good thing I can see about all of this is, a true new world order is damn near impossible to come about as long as Israel and Amerika are allowed to run rampant! Unless they are trying to run the show.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Germany 1940 Israel 2009

A picture is worth a thousand words!

World Climate Report

Antarctic Ice Melt at Lowest Levels in Satellite Era

Read this sentence.
The ice melt across during the Antarctic summer (October-January) of 2008-2009 was the lowest ever recorded in the satellite history.
As it says in the article, where are the headlines about this event?
What does Mr. I own the carbon credit market Gore have to say about this?
I thought the global warming was going to make the sea level rise 10 meters in 20 yrs.
Cap and trade or cap and tax as I like to call it is a sham!
Corporate mainstream media is silent because they do not want you to know the truth about the global warming lies.
There is no doubt we have had some dramatic effects on the planet over the last 100 yrs.
Mr Gores idea of taxing everything from power plants to automobile emissions is not the answer to the environmental problems we have created. It is simply another ploy for corporations to rape the people. Another fine example of exploitation and GREED!
It is not unlike the billionaires of the world spouting their bullshit about there being too many people on the planet! Well I say there are too many rich fuckers trying to deflect their true impact on the planet by blaming the poor people in developing nations. Look at it logically. What is the carbon footprint of a rich person compared to a poor one? One billionaire probably has more of an impact then a whole entire village or region of poor people. By their own admission, through the use of their own faulty data parameters, (carbon footprints) they are by far, the worse offenders. Again, I am not saying we don't have an adverse effect on the planet, I am saying it is a lot more complicated then we can imagine. We don't even understand how our own bodies function let alone an entire planet. To suggest taxing carbon would solve all our problems is utterly ridiculous and criminal!
I do not think there are too many people on the planet. I do think there are too many greedy people on the planet, and far too many manipulating people on the planet!
Don't fall for the global warming hoax. Changes are upon us, but they are far more complicated then man made CO2! They wish simply to maintain the illusion of control. The fact is they are shitting their pants! Rightly so.

Militarization of Amerika

Well it should be obvious to all the direction this country is heading, like a run away locomotive.
The G-20 event in Pittsburgh saw the roll out of the new LRAD non lethal crowd control weapon.
Police forces across the nation dressing like storm troopers from star wars. (I think the resistance would look good in white body armor!)
After 9-11 and the passing of the patriot act, which Obama wants to see extended, the governments focus has marched steadily towards demonizing it's citizenry. Now we are being told that terrorism from domestic causes are the problem. One of the things that really pisses me off is saying returning war veterans are a threat. What a slap in the face as families across the nation offer up their sons and daughters to the country's meat grinder, just to be treated like criminals when they return. Especially after they are lied to about the real reasons of the wars! If they knew the entire truth about these things the entire government would be lynched for murder and treason. But yet the average citizen still trusts and believes.......
As we see the U.N. talk of wanting a new global currency to replace the dollar, what role do you think the U.S. will play in a new global government? I will give you a hint, it is not an accident we spend 8 times more on our military then the next closest country!
It should come as no surprise that the U.S. is already in position to be the Worlds army with over 700 military bases worldwide!
With all the talk of world government and world banking system, why not a world military?
Now it is no secret that the U.S. is in debt to many other countries. Its no secret that they will never pay it back. What sort of arrangement will be made to square up with the world?
People talk of the American Empire run by the dollar, as default world currency, and enforced by the largest military ever known to man. What people do not realize is it is not an American Empire, but an empire run by international corporate bankers, who have no allegiances to any sovereign nation. If one were forced to put a name on this international empire, the British/Israeli/Amerikan Empire would be a better fit.
In the mean time it becomes clearer everyday that as we move towards a world wide governance of non sovereign, militarily controlled, borderless, worldships, the U.S. military will continue to terrorize it's own citizens as well as the world, in preparation for the day when world wide military dominance comes from U.N. sanctioned, Brussels regulated, Vatican approved, Zionist controlled, Amerikan slaughter machines! Brought to you by your worldwide Illuminati!

The Cell

Slick, dramatic production brought to you courtesy of Department of Homeland Security and the FBI. Denver and Colorado Springs surrounding areas are home to the infamous Denver International Airport, Cheyenne Mountain, Norad and a host of shadow government activities. Many say it will be the headquarters for the new world order.

Notice how terrorists depicted in the video are all black and white. EVERYONE is now considered a terrorist! Be afraid of everyone. Turn in your neighbors if they own guns, binoculars, cameras, or cell phones! Or if someone is drawing something in public. This shit is absolutely ridiculous! All to keep you afraid and separated from your fellow citizens. Divide and conquer!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Slow News Day On CNN

Here is what passes for important news now a days!
Defending our President from the evil script writers of SNL!
What the fuck is wrong with these people?
They are so paranoid they have to "fact check" a comedy skit!
The sheeple might get confused if we don't refute these lies about our fearless leader.
To be honest, this CNN news piece is way funnier than SNL is!
Thanks for the entertainment Wolfe!

It's That Time of Year

Please share this with family and friends.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Swine Flu News

Here is a moment of clarity in the corporate news left-right paradigm. Fox news, corporate right wing sponsor, says trust the CDC and get your damn vaccine! But wait, that sounds familiar, where did I hear that before?

Oh yeah, MSNBC, the left wing support of the facade. Remember folks, they only fight each other for the political illusion of a difference between the two sides. They both answer to the same big pharma giants! All hail the big corporate interest. Big pharma cashing in on billions for swine flu vaccines.

Meanwhile how about some proof Sheperd Smith was barking about in the first video. How about the last swine flu debacle of 1976? Do you really trust your government? If you do, good luck with that!

Or how about criminal charges filed against WHO and CDC.
And finally if you do get sick.
We also take vitamin D3 at my house.

Whiskey Pete

I chose to post these videos of the attack of Fullujah as a reminder of the wars still being waged by our government. I wanted to remind those who forgot about all the lies and justifications for the slaughter of over a million Iraqis. We were assured that weapons of mass destruction were going to be used on us. Remember Bush's speech about the mushroom cloud? We were constantly reminded about Saddam gassing his own people, (with chemical weapons provided by the U.S. government). We were told how our troops were going to be greeted with flowers as liberators. We witnessed the ridicules dress up of gutless George prancing around in a fighter pilot suit, in front of a huge banner declaring "Mission Accomplished". Do you remember any of that bullshit?

Whiskey Pete is military slang for white phosphorus. This substance is a chemical weapon. It burns to the bone as witnessed in the video. Horrifying weapon. Not that any are not. Some are worse than others.

As Obama took office in January, many were convinced by the slick campaign to believe many things would change. He promised to end the war in Iraq. Uh, yeah right. There are actually more troops and mercenaries in Iraq now then ever. Afghanistan is also being expanded. Then suddenly there is renewed war talk over Iran. Change you can believe in! More lies, more bullshit, more death, courtesy of Empire Incorporated! Meanwhile the rest of us slowly sink into oblivion without as much as a peep. Empire expands at the cost of our future. Can anyone see this?

The heroin trade has expanded the world over, thanks to the bountiful poppie crops from Afghanistan. The pipeline business looks promising too. More talk of election fraud over there, and Obama fires the loudest voice of fraud, so much for transparency of government! The thing that gets me most is the literal seamless transition from Bush to Obama. I think Obama's administration qualifies itself to be called, Bush dark, oh but that would be racist! (Cough^Bullshit^)

Then we have Obama saying Bloggers are bullshit and only listen to your Amerika sponsored main stream news propaganda! Yeah, let me get right on that. The fact of the matter is, Bloggers are taking over the dispersion of information. You want truth, don't turn on your t.v. Unless of course you would rather submerse yourself in candy coated streams of Obama rainbow change!
Google Operation Mockingbird! Find out for yourself. People are starting to get it. Look at the ratings numbers of mainstream news. Soon they are going to charge you for the bullshit they feed you. Bon apetite! oh and take a breath mint afterwards!

Friday, October 2, 2009


This weapon was used in Pittsburgh last week. It is reported that more police departments are deploying these acoustic weapons, with grants from homeland security. These weapons are touted as nonlethal but can achieve decibel levels of 151! That level would permanently damage your hearing immediately. It would be painful, and they seem to love using pain to force compliance. Don't you just love the sadistic nature of our government? Don't worry, it's for your own good!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

America's Infrastructure

This is the trailer for the History Channel production to air again 10-6-09. Yet another failure of the Federal Government. Taxes are supposed to be used for the countrie's infrastructure and security, not to pay interest on debt. One of the most shocking stories of the century, (not really if you've been paying attention). Where does all the money go? Hmmm, I wonder?