Friday, November 26, 2010

Genocidal Redux or Pilgrims go Home

As we sit back today scratching our overextended guts after our Thanksgiving Day feasts, it struck me how the Pilgrims and Israelis have much in common.

First of all the use of the term "Pilgrim" is a strange word to describe the settlers of new England.
Pilgrims denotes a holy trek to a sacred site. While evidence abounds of native peoples of America having a sense of sacredness for earth, I don't think settlers of the "New" world shared this view.
Yeah, they viewed themselves as pure in their religious beliefs, as evidenced by their need to escape the church of England, and live by their idea of purity, but their actions were quite to the contrary. Stealing from the people who already lived here, hardly seems a pure action to me.

As we are taught in grade school, Thanksgiving Day, was a day that Native and new comer shared in the spirit of friendship on the first feast. Uh, OK. While there does appear to be some historical truth to a gathering in 1620 or 1621 where Natives and settlers shared food, it makes more sense this was more of a sizing each other up, and to determine the threat level of each to the other. Of course the grade school indoctrination is left slightly devoid of the rest of the story.
If you are confused as to the outcome ask a Native American what happened next.

So lets draw some lines of comparison.
Natives= no room for= Palestinians
Genocide is genocide no matter what group of people are considered sub human.
Be it Indians, Jews, Africans, Palestinians, or any other of the dozens of victimized peoples.
Lies are lies.
Truth is truth.
We have always had a masters and slaves.

Iraqis want the occupiers to go home.
Palestinians want the occupiers to go home.
What is the common element in both cases?

People simply need to understand if we lose the capacity to care for the most vulnerable folks on the planet, we are all occupied by a force that makes it impossible to understand the most important expression of humanity.

If we become so entrenched in beliefs that we are paralysed in our ability to look in the mirror, objectively, we are truly living in the dark ages. If we believe that all actions, no matter how outright wrong, are justified by some distorted self righteous reason, we have set into motion the complete demise of our being. If you don't believe me ask Hitler. Ironic how Israel's excuse for eliminating Palestinians resides in the pain suffered from the holocaust!

On this day after Thanksgiving I find myself being thankful for not falling for obvious deceptions that many still cling to. Thanksgiving is a day of mourning for Native Americans. It's not too late. Thanksgiving could be a day that we recognize the lies for what they are worth. All human beings are worthy of consideration. No matter the color of their skin or the belief system they live by. Mutual respect allows room for all to make mistakes and learn from them, also by humbly admitting the error of our ways when needed. History must be revised to reflect the truth, not the manufactured control by deception.

We all get our noses rubbed in it. Every Thanksgiving Day.

Monday, November 22, 2010

This is what Recovery looks like?

What To Do

This video is very informative on many levels.

Most people in the U.S. could care less about what is happening in the middle east.

You should.

If you take a stand against Israel in a public way you may be visited by the government.

Know your rights.

Never answer Any questions from Any enforcement agency EVER!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


This is the first SOTT (Sign of the Times) video report. I have very much enjoyed the reporting of the SOTT staff over the years.

Truth is very hard to come by. The integrity and attention to detail of SOTT is second to none.

You may be a bit surprised at some of the reports, but please try to keep an open mind.

Please spend some time exploring this awesome website.

Those who know me personally know I have spent many years researching the Internet, looking for truthful, factual, information to help us all understand the exact nature of the reality we live in. As they say on SOTT, knowledge protects!

Happy searching for the truth!

SOTT website.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This is the crack in the ultra thin veneer that is the governments assumption that we will
all just roll over and be completely controlled and will submit to their self imposed
authority over us.

This is the turning point.

They have left the barn open and are scrambling to close it, but the horse already got out, and in this day and age the horse just jumped through the picture window of ever house in Amerika!

It is through the overt actions of the thugs at TSA that the illusion is exposed in all of it's

You tell your children that under NO circumstances are they to allow anyone to
touch them in a inappropriate manner, and then you go to the airport,
and the whole family gets massed groped!

Wake the fuck up Amerika!

This is a direct result of the fraudulent terror threat.

Our freedoms have been gang raped since 9-12-01.

This has happened by design.

They will not stop unless we make them stop.

This could be a very empowering moment.

I hope it is but a beginning.


Reality Report #70

Imagine my shock that a Senate report from the 60's talks of Israel's subversion of the
Federal Government! Oh my gosh!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

For Ashley......

......and her mad skills for surviving!

Great Moments in Propaganda

all brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Zionists!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Alan Greenspan Admidts to Fed's Fraud!

This clip is from the Jekyll island conference.
I love Helicopter Ben's reaction to this!
Speak no Evil!
End the Fucking Fed!

Adopting a False Paradigm

As you may or may not know, I try to get to the truth of what is going on. From time to time I like to reflect on an event that I think has been instrumental in shaping our reality as we experience it today. In terms of modern history no other event comes close to 9-11 as an event that has changed our lives here in the U.S.A.

Like most traumatic events, most of us want to just put it behind us and move on. When we can derive a reasonable summation of a traumatic event, we can learn from mistakes and having survived the trauma, reinforce what we know is true and thus a requirement to a continued long, healthy life. Or, we become paralysed and mesmerized by the event. Ask yourself this. What am I afraid of?

The bottom line is bullshit is bullshit. Now I realize that many people are not comfortable with accepting many of the things that I do. Many still believe that there is a difference between the left and right in politics that I now warmly refer to as Republicrats. Some people still cling to certain religious beliefs as there salvation. Others point to science as the all encompassing truth in their life. All of these things have a common denominator. They all rely on supposed experts to convey the theory. Experts are these people who have settled the debate. You can't challenge the experts without being scorned as the masses have learned to obey the experts, or leaders, or the enlightened ones. Look what happens to the inquisitive child in school. Look what happens when you ask a politician too many questions. Look what happens when you question someones assumed authority.

The simple truth is no one knows whats best for you other than you. Don't get me wrong, we all need help from professional people from time to time. There are a great many folks who have dedicated their lives to trying to help people, through amassing and dispensing great helpful knowledge through their dedication to truth and service to others. My point being here, learn to recognise when people are not doing this also. Those are the people who perpetuate the false paradigm.

9-11 is just such an event. The event itself obviously happened. The results of the event are the fruit of the labor. Fruit like, perpetual wars with countries that pose no threat whatsoever to our country. Systemic torture. State sponsored naked body scanning and sexual assault of everyone who refuses, including children! (Coming soon to a public area near you!!) Erosion and outright crippling of our civil rights. All in the name of protecting us from a nonexistent threat. (Hint: 9-11 was a false flag terrorist attack carried out by Mossad, CIA, MI5, and other rogue elements of the U.S. government to propel us into never ending wars with Israel's enemies.) Here is a link to information on one of the main architects of 9-11.

The whole military industrial security complex is built upon this false paradigm. The simple facts are, what enemies we do have are a direct result of attacking other nations to occupy them, for the profits of the complex and to further enslave all to the debt generated from war. It's all about control people! We are living under the illusion we are free, when all around us proof exists to the contrary. Free people are not stripped naked, and forced to put their hands above their heads, in a universal act of submission, all just to travel. Free people can move around unimpeded, without restraint. Remember the saying, show us your papers please, and how that was considered the act of Nazis? Welcome to Amerika!

One universal truth always proves itself over and over. A society based on false paradigms will always and completely, catastrophically fail and collapse into history. Of course the last act of said failed governments is always the same also. Loot the people on the way out. Like trillions in bailouts for the banksters..........but that's another false paradigm story for another time.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Return to Jekyll Island

Remember, remember the 5Th of November. Daunting words reminding us of Guy Fawkes night of the bonfire, and the creation of the Federal Reserve (how appropriate). What began 100 yrs. ago, in secret on Jekyll Island, Georgia, is now openly celebrated with a conference.
Isn't that special?
The people who brought us every single economic hardship of the past 100 yrs. including the great depressions, are celebrating their successful rein of economic terrorism.
Makes me all warm and fuzzy!
If ever there was a cosmic avenger to sweep out of the sky and deliver swift and much needed justice, now would be the time. I'm picturing an asteroid just large enough to punch through the atmosphere on the evening of the 5Th, announcing it's arrival with an ear piercing explosion, just in time to make the conference participants shit their pants before the moment of their demise!
Now that would be a fitting fireworks display on Guy Fawkes night!
But alas, the universe seldom works in such glorious fashion, but I can dream.
I think we will have to be more patient for justice to be served.
Rest assured though, I have it from sources on high we will not have much longer to wait.
Remember, remember the 5Th of November!
More information here.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In Honor of Todays Elections

I thought this appropriate for the Mid terms.
Voting didn't stop the illegal wars of occupation.
Voting didn't stop Wall St. from looting over 14 trillion dollars
of our money (to buy back fraudulent mortgage backed securities
to keep the bankers out of jail!)
Voting didn't stop the Federal Reserve from destroying
our country.
Voting didn't stop our manufacturing jobs from
being exported to other countries.
VOTING is an illusion to having a say in politics
when in reality the Republocrats will continue
to follow their agenda of destroying our country.
Wake up. Electronic voting machines are fraudulent.
The Federal Reserve central banking system is
The war against terror is illegal and immoral.
Unfettered support of the Zionist Jewish mafia state that is Israel
being the main reason behind these atrocities.
Until these issues are clearly stopped in all forms
we will continue our slide into the abyss.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Twas the Night Before Midterms.....

.....and all through the house, not a creature gave a flying shit, because voting REPUBLOCRAT is only a sure win for one team. TEAM JEW! (bow of the head to Ashley).
Let me be clear, before someone tries to accuse me of being a fucking Nazi. I strictly mean the Zionist Jews that call the shots in Amerika.

Go ahead and continue to think voting Republican or Democrat will matter in any way, shape, or form. If you think one is better than the other, or you think one is the lesser evil of the two, wake the fuck up! It's like believing a female student in Yemen sent a toner cartridge bomb in the mail, to blow up Synagogues in Chicago. Oh those darn Muslim terrorists! The pathetic attempts to make people think Muslim terrorists are a threat to Amerika is astounding. The only thing more astounding to me is there are people who still believe this shit.

Have you heard the one about the shortage of Catholic Priests? They have all been hired by the TSA! At least working in airport security they won't be arrested for fondling and can see all the naked kiddies their twisted little souls desire! TSA= Tits and Ass! (sorry Mom!)

Back to the subject, what will change?
What change did we get after the Dems, took over in the mid terms of 2006?
After Obama swept into office in 2008, on an overwhelming tide of public sentiment that
demanded something different?
George W. Bush was the worst president this country ever endured, even worse than Clinton, who was worse than George Sr., who was worse than Reagan, who was worse than Carter, etc.

Maybe my problem is I was brought into the world where we had a president that tried to put the American people (not Amerikans of today) first. He did this by doing the only thing a president could do to accomplish this task. Get rid of the federal reserve banking system! The Zionist bastards blew his head off for that attempt. His silver certificates were suspended quicker than you could say "Jewish Mafia". Remember his speech shortly before his assassination? The one about the ruthless conspiracy? He knew. Lincoln knew. Andrew Jackson knew! It's time we all know!

The only way we can save our asses is to accept the fact that our government, run by and bought and paid for by the Jewish Mafia Zionist Banksters, is not serving us, and actually is doing everything they can to destroy us. The threat is coming from within. Not Muslim terrorists. Not Communists, (they already won!) not Socialists. Wake up folks. The biggest threat to our way of life is our own government who pretends to protect us. They are knowingly enslaving us with debt from the federal reserve, and fear mongering through the fake terrorist threat, which after the joint CIA, MOSSAD, MI6 joint exercise known as 9-11, they succeeded in removing just about all of our constitutionally protected god given rights. As a result of fear, the people of Amerika said it is good to give up our rights to be safe. So now you can't even fly without being degraded and radiated with naked body scanners, or groped by heavy breathing deviants. You may not exercise your right to free speech unless you do it in a "free speech zone", you can be searched and your possessions seized without a warrant, and you can be taken away to be tortured without any charges filed for indefinite periods of time. Being the frightened sheeple we are, we still confuse all of these assaults with possessing freedom!

Here lies your freedom, the right to decide whether you belong to a red state or a blue state. The government does not fear any retribution from you because you are an ignorant, indoctrinated, brain washed, and worst of all, you trust the scum bags. You might as well get a shovel and start digging. If you time it just right, you can fall face first into your own grave, not having caused any problems for anyone. Me, I wish to be a giant pain in their ass!