Sunday, February 20, 2011

William Cook

William Cook slices right through all the bullshit in his article "We the Forgotten People of the Untied States......"
Absolutely stunning how this article speaks power to truth.
I have seen a lot of comparisons between Egypt and Wisconsin. I even posted the picture of the young Egyptian gentleman supporting the workers of Wisconsin. The fact is whether they know it or not, the workers of Wisconsin have started the first back lash against the elite here in the States.
This supposed Republic is thought to be run by the people. Not by some dictate from on high in the Governor's mansion. Well we are about to see if it is or not.

The sad part is the private sector has been devastated by out sourcing and union busting for years. The labor unions have been marginalised, debased, and systematically demonized to the point that most non union workers hate them more than employers hate them! It is not just about unions! It is about the government bailing out bankers with tax payer money and then cutting funds for things that people really need!

Wisconsin along with Ohio now are making a stand against the ordered roll out of austerity measures that are being demanded to cover the Wall st. gambling that went wrong. The fucking money addicts demand more of their drug! At the expense of us all! There is only one way to deal with addicts. You give them the choice of getting help or get the fuck out.

The real irony here is that state level politicians are trying to work out of the bush leagues to get to the big leagues. So what just happened in the Federal Government? If you read the article embedded at the top of the post you already know. Which leads us to the tie in between Egypt and Wisconsin. It is the mutual enemy both groups are opposing. Most people can not see this simple truth. Most will suffer additional consequences for their blindness. This country is in for the rudest of awakenings!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

One World One Pain

Egypt supports Wisconsin workers. ONE WORLD ONE PAIN!

The young man pictured in the above link gets it.

The people of Egypt get it.

The Palestinians get it.

The people of Iceland get it.

The Greeks get it.

What do they have in common?
The understanding that at some point people must say enough is enough.
Unions did not destroy America. Corporate and banking greed facilitated by a corrupt government, that was usurped by a foreign power did.

It still operates unimpeded this moment. Very soon it will collapse into it's own footprint,
just like the Twin Towers on 9-11. Many will be shocked. Many will not know how to respond
to the systemic failure of all the institutions they believed in. Since they have spent no time developing inner qualities and have only pursued material goodies they will be lost.

Are you ready for the change? It's here.
Don't ignore the knock at your door.
It will come in whether you want it to or not.
Best to open the door and welcome it in warmly.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wisconsin Protests

The spirit of opposing the government, right or wrong has mysteriously moved from Egypt right into my own backyard to Madison Wisconsin. These are strange days indeed. I have long suspected that judging by their actions, the politicians of the land of Botox and Vaseline are very happy to keep the wedge firmly driven between the people. This event brings it home in striking fashion.

I have tried to explain this to people to no avail. I have tried to explain that we are manipulated, brainwashed, and enslaved on a level that would make dictators around the world blush. They all are secretly enviable of a place where ignorance wears it's crown with pride and true critical thinking was thrown under the bus many years ago. As a people we have been reduced to rival sound bites between Fox News and ABC. The friction created between the opposing forces will eventually find it's outlet. Spirit moves in mysterious ways.

I have written at great length about what I call the political false left-right paradigm. The equation is reduced to conservative + liberal = slavery. Each side is convinced the other is destroying the country. The government is destroying the country by proxy through the corporations and bankers. Throw in a religious war of Muslims vs. Christians for good measures to catch any stragglers. The usual group wins in all cases.

This little protest in Madison is as much about unification as it is division. We have seen what austerity measures look like in Europe. We saw public revolt. Another equation comes to mind. People + Austerity Measures= Legal Theft. Legal in the eyes of the lawmakers. Remember, everything Hitler did was legal. Some things good, some not so much. Legality is much more to do with control than protection. True protection comes from knowledge of truth. Truth remains rather illusive to many. The precipitating event leading to the protest appears to be an official litmus test. Wisconsin was not chosen for this test by accident. Wake up people. Move past the illusion of left-right warfare and recognize the true antagonist and the game they play.

What we are seeing is the official roll out of the new game coming to your town soon. There are many ways to extract wealth and resources from people. The sadist part of all is in this false left-right paradigm we police ourselves for them. They are sitting back, licking their chops at what is unfolding. They understand divide and conquer. Do you?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

and another view

Attention Ashley Ann!
Make sure your grandfather sees this!!!


What more needs to be said. If you haven't figured out mainstream media spins every fragment of "news" you see, you obviously no longer have a pulse.

I'm not sure if Ron Paul is the ultimate gate keeper for the zio-ruler elite, the lesser of the evils if you will, but I do know he has been kept out of public sight for many years. The support he is getting is going through the roof. I am just concerned we are being led into another Obama mass hysteria moment. We see where that got us!

On the other hand, Paul has kept a constant focus on individual rights per the constitution and has applied constant pressure to audit the Federal Reserve. I say he could be a gate keeper because the elite are masterful at jettisoning parts of their agenda when it becomes advantageous to do so, only to have a carefully crafted plan b waiting in the wings.
We have been burned so many times that it's hard to tell. I have not heard him say much about Israel or the Jewish lobby that is so powerful in this country. Time will tell as it always does. One fact remains established. Fox news got caught lying once again! Imagine that.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Art of Gloria Gypsy

Visionary art from the borders where spiritual and physical intersect.
The magical place where transformation occurs.
This is also the place where inspiration and love
spring forth into being!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Serpent is Rising

In the Abyss of space
From the center of time
A superman race
Moves the Serpent to climb
The journey has lasted
7 ages or more
Life after life
Must pass through the door


The Serpent is rising
uncoiling in your spine
Bringing you light
From the depths of your mind
Lyrics from Serpent is Rising
from the band Styx

I used to listen to this song when I was very young.
Most people don't have a clue what they mean.
Les Visible does.
So do many others who have a firm grasp on what the hell is really going on.

I see the events going on around the world as a collective serpent rising.
Most people are taught to view any serpent connotation as being evil.
Many others are deathly afraid of serpents (snakes).
The idea has been fostered of the snake in the grass.
The bible refers to the deceiver who gave Eve
the forbidden fruit of knowledge. (Forbidden by who?)

Things are not always as they seem. Egyptians can tell you that.
As we move forward the people most responsible for deceiving you
are being exposed. (Please see previous post: ask yourself is it an apple
or an orange?)

Funny how Bill and Melinda Gates are not so generous after all.
Funny how International Bankers could care less about humanity.
Funny how governments are rapidly outliving their usefulness.
Funny how war is peace and killing is profitable.

The serpent is rising. It is uncoiling in the spine of our earth.
Once it reaches it's destination things will be Very interesting.
Now is a good time to put distance between you and the assholes of the world.
You will definitely not want to be in spattering distance!
May we offer our thoughts and prayers to the fantastic people
of Egypt. They want what we all want, and they are willing to do anything
to get it. Are you?

No It's An Apple Moron!

What I tell you, most people think it's a fucking apple!