Monday, November 30, 2009

How the Hell Do You Recognize the Truth?

Being a self proclaimed truth seeker I very quickly realized that the saying, "the truth shall set you free", has some very interesting connotations hidden beneath the initial feel good implications of freedom. There seems to exist a certain romantic notion that freedom and truth are partners in salvation of our being. This may be true on some much higher level of existence, however, here and now it appears to be nothing short of a crime. The "truth" very often, has become nothing more than a manufactured, socially engineered, consensus, a mass hypnosis of majority rules. Often the honest truth is met with bitter resistance and vile reactions that more suggest a crime has been committed rather than moral sustenance, which should be required as mandatory fuel for an optimal functioning consciousness. So I ask myself, "When did truth become such a monumental task to find, and how can something so important be so trivialized that it is almost impossible to detect it in a pack of lies?"

I sure don't pretend to have the power to never be deceived in this world. I have begun to suspect that all kinds of entities are allowed to co-mingle here for an optimal, emotional experience together. Some deceive often, some even more so. Some out of ignorance, some for the control of it all. Some for vanity, others for fun. Maybe the truth about truth could be more clearly revealed in why we sometimes seek to deceive. Self deception rears an ugly head which few of us have the capability of dealing with. Some do though. To those of you who embark upon a twin, inner-outer journey for the quest of truth, I commend you, and respect you with all of my being. You are the fine folks who take time to look at yourselves, and are not afraid to question your own intent. A very fine process of refinement that promotes a purity of heart that very few even consider, let alone pursue on a conscious level. Such attempts at refining the heart, allow for a deepened awareness of the human condition. As a result of increased empathy and love of self and others, certain realities come into focus, a little clearer, and easier to understand.

With a deeper understanding of the inner dynamics of being, a clearer, simplified understanding that is profound in it's nature emerges. The duality of human expression can be equated to love or fear. All other thoughts, feelings, behaviours, can be traced from these root energy forms. It becomes very evident which expression our controlled, outer reality is geared towards. This is not by accident. This is a carefully planned, manipulated illusion. Turn on the news if you don't think this to be true. A sure fire litmus test is the amount of fear injected into the coverage of an event. Constant promotion of fear keeps us locked into fight or flight mode. It is no wonder so many seek escape from this manufactured illusion that takes on the guise of reality. I have come to my own conclusion that we are here to project our inner reality into a manifestation of physical outer reality to play out our love and fear, to find the balance of the expressions within ourselves.

We are very unique creatures. We understand our outer world, and we know we have a very deep inner world as well. We are a unique point in the universe. We can contemplate and participate simultaneously. We can create and destroy at a whim. We can feel love and fear together at the same time. We are by our vary nature miraculous and tragic. We are so wise and so ignorant. We can be so honest and yet so deceitful. We are a marvelous paradox yet we think so little of ourselves at times. We are our own best friend and worst enemy all at once. We are everything that ever existed and absolutely nothing at all. How the hell do you recognize the truth? By knowing that the entire universe exists within you.

Wheels of Progress Set to Roll

I think it should be noted that many are hoping Climategate will impede the global process of the Copenhagen treaty. Unfortunately I fear the reality is, nothing will stop the wheels of progress that are set to roll. As usual it's all about the money folks! The next hot commodity set to be traded is carbon credits sold on a market set up and funded by none other than the Wall st. gang.

The latest, greatest wealth transfer scam! Who do you think will pay for this? That's right, you and me. If the global regulation of carbon usage becomes a reality, your lifestyle will be taxed, depending on how much you travel, how much energy you use, and a plethora of other things I'm sure they will come up with. The effects will be tragic to say the least. All in the name of the environment. Interesting how this worldwide decrease coincides with the worldwide declination of oil production. This appears to be the old bait and switch on a global level. An orderly decline and powering down of society, only it is far from orderly.

The devastation of third world countries as a result of these mandates will be on par with what the IMF has done to these countries. As they are encouraged to not develop their own resources, actually outright forbidden to, they will be further squeezed and starved until 2 billion cease to exist, leaving only their natural resources to be plundered by the strong nations. There will be no room for the current poor people. They are just useless eaters in the eyes of the ruling elite.

The wheels of progress are, the global infrastructure, that is being created to streamline and sanitize the eugenic agenda of the ruling elite. The time is fast approaching, when global governance will be heralded as humanity's last chance to save itself from destruction. Global monetary system to save the dollar. A global carbon regulation to save the planet. A global religion to save your soul. A global army to protect you from............ yourself!

We Are Change Chicago

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Copenhagen Climate Treaty

As we approach the Copenhagen Climate Treaty, Obama assures us all he will go and do the right thing for us. The environmentalists shout out with glee! The tree huggers, granolas, inconvenient truthers, all blinded by the save the earth light, rally in support of the treaty. Forgive them father for they know not what they do. (Please forgive the smart assed, religious overtones, I can't help but think of the good Saint, Al Gore, when referring to the climate change religion!)

I want to make it perfectly clear, we all can do much better at taking care of our planet. What really pisses me off is a lot of good, kind hearted, caring people have been deceived into thinking that a climate treaty will save the planet. It possibly could if that were it's true intention. Unfortunately it is not. Unfortunately there will be winners and losers. For you see, the exact same people who brought you the flying pig flu, the financial collapse, the ruin and starvation of third world countries, are the same people you entrust to save your planet! Let's all share in a moment of silence followed by a collective DUH!!!

Ah yes, the infamous collective DUH. Always a moment to revel in. It happens all the time. When two or more are gathered in the name of truth and they realize what they believe has no semblance of truth what so ever. You know the moment, like when you found out Santa was bullshit.
It happens all the time. It's what we do with it that counts. The Climate Change Gods are experiencing it as you read this blog. They know they have been caught with their pants down around their ankles ( a position they are quite used to I might add). They know that they have created a cult following that will allow them to tighten the noose on the entire planet. They also know that people are awakening to their deceit at the speed of light, or at least at free fall speed of the twin towers collapsing.

As Climategate struggles to enter your consciousness, they try to close ranks and keep the bullshit flowing. They have been unequivocally debunked. There is no science to support their claims. The debate is never over. The supposed scientists who claim their inconvenient truths were all bought and paid for by the politicians and corporations that stand to make billions of dollars off of the newly created, GREEN economy. St. Al of the Gore, stands to be the first, green, billionaire! I would call that a very convenient truth. The convenient truth is the carbon trade exchange, created by the same people who brought us credit derivatives and other ponzi schemes are the exact people cooking up this CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY! The good St. Al, along with the United Nations, and every person who signs this abomination for their country, should be tried for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!

The effects of enacting this garbage will have devastating consequences for the most vulnerable and weakest segment of the worlds population. The most disgusting part of it, is they claim to be helping the third world countries. The only thing they wish is to steal their resources for their own use. These people are not saviours, they are murderers, and they are counting on your ignorance to support them. Very often what appears to be a good thing is wrapped in lies and deceit, in order to make people feel like they are right and just in support. When will we learn?

The inconvenient truth is, the people gathering in Copenhagen are some of the lowest life forms on the face of the planet. They will gather together in their slithering little mass of orgy filled delight. They think they are untouchable in all their arrogance and pompousness. If they do succeed in enacting this form of genocide by disclusion, they will learn of the DUH moment, the hard way. There is always a simple price to pay for our actions. They are no different. Ignorance is one thing. Deception on a planetary level is quite another. I hope they can afford the price that it will cost them. I have a feeling it will be much more than one lifetime to repay.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


We Are Change; Colorado

What the Hell is This?

What the hell? Oh it's an ad for
Go check it out. They claim planes are the leading cause of Global Warming, oh sorry Climate Change, (they changed the catchy name after they realized the earth's temperature is cooling now. Brought to you by the same people who were warning of a coming ice age in the late 70's.)
All I can say is interesting science eh?
The whole thing brought on as a new derivative ponzi scheme dealing in carbon credits. Then seized upon as a means to global governance. I don't think it will happen now! Just like the swine flu plan is crashing! But be aware, they still have many tricks up their sleeve!

Global Warming Bullshit!

Sharyl Attkisson Blows Lid Off Swine Flu

Once a liar Always.......

As the Global Warming fiasco which has now come to be known as Climategate, comes crashing down at the speed of the twin towers collapsing, we have a unique opportunity to take a closer look behind the curtain. Make no mistake, the stakes are rising with each deception that is uncovered.All one needs to do is look to the supporting cast of the Global Warming lie. Who supports this bullshit? Your government does. Public education does. Go Green promotional agendas do. Your mainstream media does. Your environmental groups do. The United Nations do. Hmmm. Interesting.

What other promotional agendas are these groups pushing? Well to start with, the monetary system that the world lives and dies by. The corruption, lies, and thievery that lies at the heart of this system is the root of control of the planet. Since the focus of all has been systematically constrained to a purely physical world (materialism) existence, while most creative forms of expression are devalued by society, our ability to rational thought and heartfelt love have been severed at the root. Without these vital, life supporting necessities we are nothing more than mindless drones pursuing bread and circuses. People are much more than robotic slaves, and we are awakening to this at a blistering pace!

Another obvious agenda by the exact same groups of people is the constant assaults upon our overall health and well being. These assaults are so numerous it is almost impossible to name them all. Here are a few.
Our medical system is a prime example of how a powerful corporations have taken over patient care for the soul reason of profits. Pharmaceutical use has exploded in the last 20 yrs. Along with new diseases and even more drugs to treat them. Drugs that cost pennies to produce are sold for hundreds of dollars. Vaccination schedules have doubled or tripled in the last 20yrs. All the while cases of autism, attention deficit disorder, hyperactive disorder, have skyrocketed! When I was a child, kids were not put on drugs! I personally watched my father in law spend a month in the hospital, delirious from drug interactions that doctors could not figure out. How many people die each year from misdiagnosed medical problems from drugs?
The medical system is but one area of attack. The very food you eat is now modified and the nutrients stripped so as to slowly weaken the body. High fructose corn syrup added to almost everything, along with genetically modified soy beans. These two things dramatically lowering are immune systems. Processed food adding to the problem along with chemical additives. Not even our water is safe. One of the most diabolical things to ever occur was the addition of fluoride to our water supply. Look at the main ingredient in RAT POISON. That is whats being added to your water! Fluoride is a byproduct of manufacturing aluminum! It was discovered in the gulags of the Soviet Union that fluoride added to the prisoners drinking water rendered them docile and meek. THINK ABOUT THAT!
Let's also consider the newest threat to our health and well being. SWINE FLU! There is plenty of evidence to suggest that this newest strain is a lab concocted bioweapeon. Would that surprise you? It shouldn't!
Wake up to reality. It is not pleasant. It is not the comfort or the entertainment that you are used to, but it is the truth. The sooner you accept these things, the sooner you can move towards protecting yourself from them. There are many concrete actions you can take. Simply avoiding many of these threats can help immensely. Developing a strong spiritual base, no matter what belief system, can serve as a tremendous comfort in difficult times.
Learn all you can about yourself. Don't be afraid to explore every nook and cranny inside yourself. You will be amazed to find that deep within yourself is a whole other universe, just as full and well constructed as the one outside of you. For the ultimate protection and comfort comes from this place. One of the best ways to learn about the inner universe is to still the mind.
Once you start to learn the discipline of stilling the mind, you also begin increasing the consciousness, which you will soon learn, is something much more than your mind. As you progress many changes take place. As my world expands on the inside, so my ability to accept the events of the outside. As I learn to accept the outer events I start to understand deeper what I can do to affect a more beneficial influence upon the inner-outer reality. Ignoring disturbing events only strengthens their resolve to further paralyze and subjugate us. By scrutinising the intent of the purveyor much can be learned. What starts to be understood is that we all help create the environment for what flourishes and what meets it's demise. The ruling elite of this planet have been at this for thousands of years. What should be fully understood is, we are living in the times of their demise. They will not go into the night quietly. There will be kicking and screaming and tantrums of a 2 year old. We simply need to stop cowering and treat them as we would any difficult 2 year old., with a gentile firmness, underlyed by a unconditional love for all things, resolved to the fact that they will no longer be allowed to play their silly game. We follow this with the necessary action of consequence not out of hate, but out of a supreme love of freedom, respect, and natural law, which in it's enlightened state reflects that no entity no longer has a right to deceive or manipulate another. I see that day in my minds eye. I live for that day that I can breathe as a free entity once again!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Global Warming Scam

As we further research the ruling elite, we start to understand all of the different ways they are attempting to enslave us all. Often the foundations they create, to protect their wealth, are set up under the guise of helping humanity. They control the media and virtually all of the political and social movements of the day. Few agendas are as despicable as the global warming agenda.

It would be quite bad enough if global government was the only goal. It would be bad enough if setting up a global carbon tax was the ultimate goal. It would be bad enough if they managed to convince everyone that living our lifestyle is responsible for all the ills that harm the world. All those things would give us reason to resist this lie, but there is another reason.

The third world nations comprise over 2 billion people in the world. These are people who live in absolute poverty. These people have the shortest lifespan of all people on the planet. What I find to be the most revolting agenda of global warming is the prevention of allowing these people from developing their countries through the use of their natural resources. They are told they should not develop their oil, coal, and natural gas, because it will harm the environment. They are told to leave those resources. The global cabal that is behind these policies are doing this for a reason. They wish to, and are plundering these resources for themselves. By encouraging the third world to get by on solar and wind energy, which comes nowhere near close to their needs, the elite preserve their future lifestyles.

This is all about creating a two tier world order. As the elite continue to loot the worlds resources and wealth, the very poorest are slated for elimination. As you sit in your warm house with a full stomach, enjoying a comfortable standard of living, why should you care if poor people are exterminated, half way around the world? Why should you care about anyone else in this world?
Because unless you are in the top 1 % of the world, you are in with the other 99%. Us 99% are their enemies. So their ultimate plan is to bring the worlds population down to 500 million. Then they have a obedient, traumatized, loyal slave population, while they enjoy a standard of living that transcends your wildest dreams. Through their technology, hybrid genetic engineering, they turn themselves into a super human race, that never suffers, never wants for anything. They believe it is their destiny. The world becomes their playground. If your lucky enough to live, you can serve them. As crazy as that sounds, it is what they think, it's what they believe. Through their secret, occult understandings of the true nature of being, they keep us in the dark, always maintaining their advantage, keeping us mesmerized and asleep to our own being. This will all change very soon.

You should know that it doesn't matter if you believe what I am saying. They believe it. It makes them very dangerous to us all. By exposing their beliefs to as many people as possible, their power is diminished. By forcing them out of the shadows of their despicable acts, holding them responsible for ALL the pain and suffering they thrust upon us all. They view us as nothing more than their possessions. We are their possessions. Only by understanding our own personal power, of who and what we really are, do we reclaim our rightful place on this planet. For you see, this is far more than a physical battle. This is a war for our consciousness!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Darkest Before the Dawn

I have been considering the saying, it is always darkest before the dawn. I wonder if we are there. I think we are not just yet. As I survey the outer and inner landscapes I slowly assimilate the possibilities. Never before have I felt so strongly that we have so much to gain and so much to lose. It is truly the best of times and the worst of times.

There appears to be a ratcheting up of intensity of being. So many outward changing events overwhelming our senses at an ever increasing rate. Shell shocked, would be a good description. I think this is a direct result of the real time ability to access information. Information that helps shape our being. I find it interesting I enjoy the oldest of information along with the newest. I think it keeps me in touch with my belief that if we are to thrive in this world, we must assimilate the wisdom of the ancient, indigenous peoples, with the newest technological advances. The two actually intersect in a very interesting place. Each one of us possesses this point of intersection.

I do not expect everyone will become aware of this. Many are though. It is from this point that a new awareness of a virtually undetected energy form first comes into our view. At first it seems unfamiliar and uncomfortable. We may even fear what seems new, but in actuality is very ancient, and has been in existence since the dawn of creation. It emanates from our creation. It is the unifying thread of all life. It is accessible to everyone. You only need look deeply inside to find it. To become consciously aware of it is to begin to align with the laws of nature.

As we continue to come into accord with this energy, it becomes easier to separate those who accept it and those who use it for controlling and enslaving. There exists a very definite line which no one who seeks to manipulate or control others can cross. From our viewpoint this line represents the blackest of night, a place devoid of all light. This place would be at the center of all creation. A tiny, perfect, exact copy of this point exists at the center of the universe and in the center of your consciousness. It is not of body or mind, but all matter and light come from this point. All seen portions of our universe flow from this point, creating a shadow of reality, that we come to be born into, believing it is all real. It is to the mind, but not to the consciousness. The consciousness knows it is only half of the whole. Those who APPEAR so strong and invincible are only so in this shadow of illusion. In other words, those who thrive in evil acts, can not move beyond the point of absolute darkness. They know the other side exists. That is why they stop at nothing to keep you from exploring that point of being. A person of kind intent and pure heart can go beyond to the place of whole. They can not. You are safe there.

I realize these things I speak of may appear strange to some. The truth is that esoteric mystery school teachings teach of this energy. It is accessible to all who search for it. Once it is understood, the manipulation of the understanding, or the misunderstanding, can be undertaken. Never, however the direct manipulation of the energy itself. Only the resulting creations can be. That would be us. We are the difficult children about to grow into young adults.
Those who choose to frighten and control us, do not wish to see us move beyond their abilities. They project their fear onto us. They know once we realize certain things, their little game is over. As that day approaches, they will try even harder to prevent it. They will use everything in their arsenal of weapons to destroy our consciousness. That will never happen. They can kill our bodies and our minds, but never our consciousness. As they become more desperate, they become weaker and more transparent. I am even beginning to have empathy for them. They are a sad, pitiful lot. They can't even grasp the simple concept that all of creation has equal value to the creator. All creation is of value and worth, that goes far beyond money or gold. I feel sad for them, as they will never understand this. Do not fear or hate them, take pity on them. Their future is sad, ours is very bright indeed!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Read Your Vaccine Package Warning Insert

Make your own informed decision before you run out and get any flu vaccine. On top of many serious side affects including Guillain barre syndrome, the following can be found on the warning insert.
Infuenza A [H1N1] 2009 Monovalent Vaccine
It is also not known whether Influenza A[H1N1] 2009 Monovalent Vaccine or Fluvirin can cause Fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman or can affect reproduction capacity.

It also states the 2 doses are to be given to children 4-9 years of age, one month apart. These given in conjunction with the seasonal flu vaccine, would be three doses of mercury containing thymerosal. Mercury is a highly toxic substance that attacks neurons in significant levels.

So I ask the government, main stream media, the vaccine manufacturers, Why in the hell is this untested poison being pushed on pregnant mothers and children?

You decide. Just damn well make sure you understand the possibilities first!
I would like you all to look at this:

And finally, watch this, as a medical doctor retracts his own advice on h1n1 vaccine, after reading the package insert!

Tragedy in Fallujah

I remember when my daughter was born. I was so relieved when she appeared to be normal. A wreckless and somewhat wild childhood gave me reason for concern that she might not come out normal. I was terrified of birth defects.

What is happening in Fallujah, as a direct result of the weapons used by the U.S. military, is nothing short of tragic. As this article shows. The war in Iraq will continue to decimate the population long after the oil has run dry, and the military has ended their occupation. Depleted uranium shells being the culprit.

You may remember first hearing of Falluja when Blackwater mercenaries were captured and burned and dismembered. Their bodies were hung from a bridge in Fallujah. This act was widely promoted in the media. The military response was to attack Fallujah using incendiary weapons and possibly directed beam energy weapons, along with depleted uranium shells. As the first article shows, we see the effects. So sad that children have to pay the price.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Mans Got Balls!

This video is quite telling. You can see the rage and disbelief in these people's faces.
They can not even consider it a possibility that Zionists were involved. Israel, controlled by the Zionists are very powerful people. CIA, MOSSAD, and M15 appear to all have had roles in 9-11.
People will always have a hard time accepting them as the terrorists they really are. Someday people will realize. Then they will all wonder how they could be so deceived. Deception is easy actually, when everyone is afraid, anesthetized, and subject to group think. Same thing happened in Germany. Now, if you speak out against Israel, in any way shape or form, you are anti-Semitic.
Amazing how history repeats itself! Amazing how treacherous people can become. Amazing how much certain people benefited on 9-11!!!

The Event Horizon

After spending 8 hrs. watching Nassim Heramein's presentation on his theories of unification, singularity, and the fractal holographic nature of the universe, I was blown away at their implications. I will post a link further down for those interested.

The manner of simplistic presentation of some very complicated concepts has always been the proof of a good teacher. Once a simplistic foundation is laid, you can build upon that. He does a fantastic job of this. One idea I have always been fond of is the idea that the universe is a holographic projection. I like to say that what we can see is the shadow of reality. But if what we see is a projected illusion of sorts, what is projecting this illusion, and where is it being projected from?

At the center of Heramein's theory is the black hole. He suggests that at the center of everything is a black hole! This is a fascinating theory. This idea suddenly makes gravity far more easier to understand in my mind. This also provides an interesting backdrop for the theory of the ever expanding universe, as it is suggested that not only is the universe expanding but also contracting at the same time. This suggests an open system, constant feedback loop, with expansion feeding contraction while contraction feeds expansion, and the energetic dynamic between the two being gravity and electromagnetic energies. A really nice example of this system at work on earth is the reliance of plants and animals on each other to survive. So I tend to think of it as the universe breathes.

The constant dynamic feedback loop would also account for the rotation of planets, stars(our sun), solar systems, galaxies, our universe, and perhaps multiple universes. The interesting thing is the fractal goes infinitely tiny also! Therefore, theoretically, the entire universe can exist inside a human being. Which brings to mind, how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

Another interesting aspect to consider is the point of singularity. Consider yourself that point. For everything outside of you would be the expansion, everything inside of you would be contraction. How much time do we spend looking out as opposed to looking within. The spaces within and the spaces outside are a constant dynamic feedback loop. To keep the energetic flow in balance would seem to require more time spent exploring inner space. A well known, esoteric principle is to know thy self. It is also surmised that all the knowledge of the universe lies within our own inner space.

The fractal nature of reality also suggests that everything is connected. We all share a bond with each other and the multiverses, both within and outside of us. We, in our being, are a perfect, complete, whole, expression of being. That is a mind blowing suggestion. We have many hurdles to jump, and many challenges to face, before we lay claim to that reality. It still is a fun thought.
I hope you enjoy this video. Consider it as just another tool in helping you expand your event horizon!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lurking in the Background

I ran across this story while reading From The Wilderness' Peak Oil Blog.
Michael Ruppert has done extraordinary research for many years, culminating in the movie, Collapse.
This event is huge! I can not stress how important this is. The world wide supply of fossil fuels has been in severe decline for a few years now. You can learn much more about it at From the Wilderness. This is no longer an active sight, but all of Ruppert's work is achieved there.
This is top notch research into a lot of the events that have led us to today.
The main premise being that most of our global acts are for the reason of securing dwindling supplies of oil and natural gas. Lurking in the background is the inevitable, dramatic, price swings in energy. Just think what would happen if we suddenly had to pay 200 dollars a barrel for oil.
Our situation is much more precarious then we realize. If Mike is freaking out about Cuba's energy shortage, we all should be concerned!

24 Trillion Dollars

It is impossible for the human mind to comprehend one trillion. Well maybe not. Let's try.
If you count one for every second of the hour, nonstop, it would take you 17 minutes to count to one thousand.
It would take you 12 days to count to one million, counting day and night.
It would take 32 years to count to one billion! 32 YEARS!!
Guess how long to count to one trillion? 32,000 years!!!
Another way to think about it. If you drew a line to show the relationship between one million being the starting point and one billion be six inches to the right of one million, how far to the right of one billion would one trillion be? An astonishing 500 feet to the right of one billion!!!

Ok so how much money is the tax payer liable for, for bailing out banks and government? The ultimate number being thrown around is 23.7 trillion dollars!
So if that amount of money were divided by every man, woman, and child living in the U.S. it would come to 80,000 dollars per person.
So 320,000 per average, per family. Think if that money were given to us instead of stolen from us?
Gee, I wonder how far that would go in stimulating the economy and protecting us from the depression. The fact is, it was more important to give the money to the federal reserve bank.
When asked where the money was given, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said he didn't know! Now to be fair this was in reference to the 750 billion tarp money. The 23.7 trillion is the projected cost of the whole deal to restore the economy. Still you all should understand that this was and is the largest outright theft of a nations wealth ever in the history of mankind.
The truly amazing thing is we are sitting here doing nothing about it! Oh well, we think, big deal!
Well guess what? Who is going to pay for it? You will. Your children will. Your grandchildren will. Your great grandchildren, etc., etc.
People have yet to begin to fathom what is happening. If you want to understand it, look it Germany after W.W. ONE! Only this will be far worse than that. We are now indebted slaves.
Our country will be, as it is already, sold off in pieces to the rest of the world. It will take time, but we will become a 4Th world nation. The government will walk away. The citizens will be blamed! Unless WE do something about it! But what can we do?

1. First and foremost! WE MUST STOP DIVIDING OURSELVES!!! We are in this together.
2. We must realize the only hope we have is to stand together against the globalization and world government.
3. We must realize they have declared war on us!
4. We must cut off their supply chain. We must withdrawal all funds from all banks and stop funding their operation against us by complete refusal to pay any and all taxes. If we did this all together we would completely crush them in a matter of days.
5. We must fire all sitting government officials, maybe put them in a living museum to gawk at, and remind us how we should never act.
6. Reinstall the constitution at every level of government.
7. Completely disband all armed forces and offer their services in rebuilding instead of destroying.
8. Use all newly reclaimed resources to immediately build infrastructure with the latest technology for the poorest countries first, utilizing all abilities to bring everyone to a place where the needs of life are provided to ALL people, with no strings attached, and always encouraging cultural diversity, recognizing that to be the well spring of life and spiritual growth.
9. Provide and encourage continuing education that is taylor made to each individuals strengths and needs.
10. Jobs ascribed value to the direct proportion of service they actually provide society.
12. Complete cooperation with all remaining indigenous peoples in combining the best, non destructive technology with ancient wisdom and stewardship of the planet.
These are just basic suggestions as I'm sure you all could come up with much better ideas then I can. The point being there is one direct source of war, poverty, starvation, division, propaganda, deceit, hatred. If we all turned and pointed them out, and demanded change, we could make it happen. I will never give up on this world. As violent, and unfair, and cruel as this world is, it
always has the potential to turn around. It will not turn around by war, control, or laws. Everyone has a choice. We must consider no longer supporting a system that steals everything from us. We must consider protecting ourselves. We have a choice. We must consider civil disobedience, for if we continue on our present path nothing less than our very souls remain threatened, and hollowed out, until we are nothing but mindless, senseless beings with no purpose or reason to be. That would surely be the place many call hell!
I now surrender my soapbox to the next person! If nothing else, show the people around you how much you love them, it don't cost you a penny, but it's worth all the money in the world. Maybe that's simply what this is all about. Teaching us to come together, despite so many trying to keep us divided!

Poor Al Gore

Predictions of climate change induced natural disasters falling flat

Read the article here.

Poor Al Gore! Try as he may, the dreaded global warming is just not cooperating!

Dollar Will Be Destroyed

The thing I just can't understand is people are now being told, in the main stream media, that the dollar will be crashed in order to usher in a new global currency and a new world order, and yet the blind sheep keep saying oh that's a conspiracy theory! There is no hidden cabal. The economy is just free flowing, self correcting, and not manipulated! IT JUST HAPPENS! No one sees it coming.
It makes me laugh out loud that people are so naive. All components are in place.

You now have the three power centers of the world getting ready for the switch over.
Washington D.C. - the center of the military might to enforce the New World Order.
Bank of England- the center for all extraction of wealth from the world.
The Vatican.- the center of spiritual control of the world.

This shit is happening and it's real. What can we do about it?
Make people aware. This is the first and most important step. People must understand what is happening and why, before they can do anything about it!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ukraine Plague Cases

Reported Ukraine Cases Top One Million - 174 Fatalities
Recombinomics Commentary 18:41
November 9, 2009

1,031,597 Influenza/ARI

52,742 Hospitalized

174 Dead

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The interesting thing is western main stream media is silent on this! These cases appeared out of no where. Ten days ago a hand full of people were sick, now it's well over a million. The days before the outbreak it was reported by people that small planes and helicopters were spraying some sort of aerosol over the infected area. This is causing many to question if this was a discharge of a bio weapon. This situation bares watching.

You can keep up on updates on The Ukraine Plague Blog.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sifting Through the Bullshit.

Well, as just about any truth seeker realizes sooner or later, sifting through the bull shit can be a very tedious job to say the least. A fine place to start is to realize just about everything we are taught is a lie. This may sound cynical but provides a safe starting point. I have studied a whole lot of things for a long time. Sometimes you think you strike gold and you get excited with a new revelation. Other times your world view comes crashing down like a ton of bricks on your head. That hurts when that happens but you get over it. Such is the case today.

I have tried very hard to search out people of integrity and those who are not bound by someone else's agendas in disclosing the truth and who in return try to give something back in the search for real, honest, workable solutions to some of our current problems. For awhile now, I really believed Ron Paul fit the bill. I'm thinking not so much now. I have long felt it very important to address the root of our problems in this country which I believe to be the control of our money by foreign elite bankers as administered through the federal reserve banking system. Ron Paul has long been an advocate to ending the fed. All of the sudden he gets huge support for his bill in congress to audit the fed. He also has huge, unquestioning support of almost all the patriot movement and the alternative media. Sounds good. Until you look a little deeper into it.

All end the fed movements are not created equal, just like all new world order exposing groups are not created equal. Just like all 9-11 truth movements are not as they seem. Many a noble cause falls victim to the subtle controlled opposition programs. Many a noble individual falls victim to disinformation. It is part of the reality of trying to root out the truth of our situation.
As I have stated in the past, I post what I believe to be pertinent, important pieces to the puzzle. Sometimes while sifting, some pieces fall through the screen that should not. It seems Ron Paul is one of them. The red flag was the insistence on pegging currency to a gold standard. The red flag was the constant play on Main Stream Media which is by it's very nature only about 5% truth, 95% bullshit. The smoking gun came in an interview with 86 yr. old Eustace Mullins, the only surviving protege to the late Ezra Pound. In the interview Mullins makes reference to 86 plagiarizations of his book, Secrets of the Federal Reserve. One such plagiarization is the very popular, Creature of Jekyll Island by G Edward Griffin. Mullins maintains that much of the information written in this book is distorted to end up being the exact plan the elite bankers are going to enact. Basically the powers that be will crash the federal reserve banking system, thus driving up prices of everything by hyperinflation, then blame the end the fed crowd and patriots for the damage. As a result the elite bakers will then save us with their new system, pegged to gold, which is what they really want anyway, all the while maintaining control without missing a beat. Ron Paul willing or not is helping bring about this scenario. Sometimes I wonder if there is any way out of this mess. At times it appears hopeless. The up side is that when things appear their worst a new solution is waiting in the wings to enter the grand stage. While I think it is important to remain cautiously optimistic, it is also important to remain in touch with realistic goals also. As much as I like Ron Paul, I simply can not expect that anything decent can come from our political system at this time. There are far too many rabid, predational, psychopaths, running loose, having the time of their lives. Unfortunately evil does exist in this world. It has also found it's way to the top levels of government, banking, and religious institutions. Maybe the sad reality is, it has been there all along.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Money

As we continue to argue, right-left, or black-white, or Christian-Muslim, or any other silly excuse to oppose someone else, the plan continues to seamlessly unfold. Who will be our masters tomorrow? Servitude is performed, not only without question, but willingly, as if it were not servitude at all. I ask myself how we became so ignorant each and every day. Each day I feel I get a little bit closer to the truth. The truth is the program is nearly flawless. It reigns in the dissenters at every level. Each slave has a place where the questions stop and acceptance overcomes the need for truth. The slave only becomes free when there is nothing to gain or lose in questioning the programmer. I think that on that day the game ends, as we realize we are the programmers, are game a self created illusion to remind us who we really are.
Or I'm wrong and you pay taxes and then die, just like the old saying!

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Calling

The Calling - kewego
In March 2009 I was approached to create a combined and summarized version of "The Big Picture" "Fight the NWO With Global Non Compliance" and "NWO The Final Solution."

The aim was to condense all 3 films into a one hour solution based production that would appeal to a wider audience and be suitable for television.

This film is the result.

Should some people you know still remain blind to the urgency of the world situation and to their need to be informed and act upon such information, it is my sincere hope that this film may help you to open their eyes.