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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Correction! I was WRONG!

MSNBC is providing decent coverage of the oil disaster!
Maybe someone is finally getting it!

Something Big Happened Yesterday

We all know that the deep water horizon well gusher is spewing oil into the gulf. We are told by corporate media sources that 5,000 barrels per day is the leak rate. A lot of independent sources say much higher. Yesterday, while watching the live feed cam of the site, a blogger happened to notice something odd. The oil flow rate suddenly increased dramatically.

Hat's off to blogger, Monkeyfist!
Here you can see the unfolding drama with screen captures.
It goes way beyond drama though.
This could very well be the environmental catastrophe of the century.
Please do not believe the corporate media spin on this disaster.
As is the case, we will all end up paying for the corporate greed in ways that are inconceivable.
Our piece of shit government leads the way in lying and deceiving us.
I am beyond pissed off about all of this. Please stop watching and supporting the corporate media! Support independent Bloggers and their work in sharing the truth about what is really going on!
Thank you Monkeyfister!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

New World Order

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Video; Council on Foreign Relations

Ahem, trust us we do such good work! I also have a good line on some great gulf front property, real cheap! OK, sorry about that, but this really makes me laugh. I guess they are more than a little concerned about their image. Hm. I wonder why that is? Maybe trying to look so good when things look so bad, makes them think people will believe them. Do they really think a slick ad with celeb endorsements sway people into to believing they are not a main round table group for pushing the agenda of the most powerful, corrupt people on the planet? Oh that's right, never mind, go back to watching American Idol and forget that the whole world is crumbling because of these ass hats! Just pretend that everything will be fine.

"Good morning Mr. Anderson"
"Who is this?"
"Destiny Mr Anderson, your destiny"
"I don't believe in....."
"You don't believe in what Mr. Anderson?"
"I don't believe in......destiny."
"Then you certainly don't believe in the Matrix"

Fade to black........

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bits and Pieces

This just in on CNN, Junes issue of Playboy will feature a 3d centerfold!
Are you fucking kidding me? Really?
I am beyond words. How any rational human being can even begin to think they are getting real news from the corporate rag media is beyond me, unless of course it makes your day to know you will be feasting your eyes on a 3d centerfold.
If that be the case do me a favor, be one of the first in line when depopulation comes into vogue!

On a much brighter note, in the real world, the oil flow in the gulf is continuing, unabated. (Please note the sarcasm)
CNN's version of the event labels it a spill. No, it's not a fucking spill, it is a constant flow of oil, which some independent scientists, meaning the ones who are not on the government's payroll, are saying could be 5 times the rate the corporate media are saying it is. One thing is for certain, this alleged accident has the potential to become humanities worst environmental disaster ever!
Words can not describe how I feel about this. Unless someone figures out a way to stop the flow of oil into the gulf, the world will never be the same. I must admit some of the ideas to stop the flow are a bit frightening too, ie; nuclear bomb!
If you had the chance to see the amateur film footage on youtube you can see the gulf appears to be bleeding! Meanwhile, CNN reports on Playboy centerfolds!

In other news you won't get on CNN, a bill was voted on in the senate last Friday concerning the Federal Reserve banking system of the U.S. As many know, the Federal Reserve is an extension of the world system of central banks. These are the money changers. They are the evil bastards that Lincoln and Kennedy were murdered for opposing. You know, the greedy scumbags who are orchestrating the overthrow of the country(actually they already did on 9-11). As the more aware folks out there already know, the convenient market crash the day before the vote, was a little reminder that anyone who truly threatens the Oligarchs, will experience an economic crash that will make the great depression look like child's play. It is important to point out that the original bill to audit the Fed was introduced into the senate by Ron Paul. The bill that was passed is so severely compromised that it will have no effect in limiting the power of the Federal Reserve. Remember the Federal Reserve is not a constitutionally backed entity. It is a foreign banking system, centered in the City of London, owned in part by the Rothschild family. Our Federal tax money goes not to the Federal government, but to the London bankers! This just in from EEN, we lost the war for Independence! (EEN- EtherEagle News)

Moving on, next week a John Kerry sponsored bill on, wait for it, Carbon tax and trade, will be rammed through the senate in the hopes of taxing the shit out of us for the right to exhale carbon dioxide. Word has it the carbon dioxide in soda pop will be banned as poisonous!
This fucking shit is so ridicules, how can anyone continue to believe this c02 mania?
Incidentally in related news, Fannie Maye, the governments home loan fiasco, needs another bailout of 8 billion to stay afloat. This is related because Fannie owns the rights to the residential carbon trade market. Oh and the founder of Co2e, the company with patented rights to set up the carbon trade market, died in world trade center one on 9-11. That's how Fannie came to own the rights. For those interested, research who died on 9-11! Lots of interesting stuff. Ask yourself, who benefits?

Finally, as the bulk of the Polish government was wiped out in an ACCIDENTAL plane crash, and most of the worlds leaders blame non existent volcanic ash to not attend funerals, one must ask, who controls reality here? Hint: Volcanic ash warning dispensed by the Met agency. The British weather forecast agency. Where did the bulk of the alleged climate science come from to support global warming? Who controls the worldwide monetary system? Who funded and had the technology to pull off 9-11? Hmmm, it seems our ally is not our ally at all.
This just in, David Cameron becomes prime minister of Britain. Why should we care?
RESEARCH! What will you find? Be afraid folks, be very afraid!
The fun is only just beginning!
Oh and BP? That used to stand for British Petroleum.
Coincidence? You tell me.

Friday, May 7, 2010


It happens all the time. Most people think of spin as something wheels on a car do, but this reference is to what the media does with an event to control people's reactions to suit the corporate agenda. Huge ad firms hire the most desirable celebrities to promote their products. Come to think of it just about every event, accident or planned can have a manipulated view to influence others views. Some have coined the phrase, manufactured consent. When you consider the possible ramifications, one could surmise that the entire visible world exists because of the belief it does. What if we all stopped believing?

Media spin in society has grown directly from the field of psychology. Psychology is nothing more than the study of mental functions and behavior. The corporate media are masters at understanding how to package information that sways public opinion. By understanding how most people think and behave, a program was established to "guide" people in their manner of thinking and thus control their behaviour as well. The media spin is but one aspect of the control that is exerted upon us each day from the invisible controlling force. Other societal systems enhance media's ability to manipulate. We all willingly buy into these systems everyday. We are taught them by our parents, who were taught by their parents, as we teach our children. Many of us think if we treat others right, work very hard, follow all the rules, everything will be alright. Some of us are starting to realize that some very interesting games are being played at our expense. Most people just can't realize this. Too many distractions. Not enough time to learn about what really happens here on this little, wet, mud ball that is hurtling through space at dizzying speeds while all the while..............spinning!

I try to keep my focus strictly on societal paradigms. It goes without saying that many individual variables also influence the whole in many different ways. I am quite enamoured though with the societal communication feedback loop, that is, how awareness of global events, reverberate throughout society, and impact and influence, individual thought and behaviour. The very best event to view in this framework is the events of 9-11.

Forget about the cause of 9-11 for a moment and just consider how the event itself continues to keep spawning new and different ways to manifest into societies' collective vision. Look how things have changed in the last 9 or so years. At the end of G.W's presidency, people wanted it all to just go away. We wanted an end to war, terrorism, and economic strife so bad, that we believed the first person to come along and talk about daring to hope for a change. The brand Obama political machine roared with enthusiasm, fueled by the growing dissatisfaction of what was becoming an ever oppressive post 9-11 world. Obama promised to stop all that shit. A great many kind hearted, hard working people believed him. The political pendulum swung back to the left. With the help of course of a compliant media, Obama achieved rock star status, and on the eve of his election, we watched the crowds of hypnotised Obamanites shout, "YES WE CAN!!!" Many people felt good for the first time in a long time. And then.............

The main spin of the corporate media is to build momentum for the left-right false paradigm, always keeping each side empowered to divide society between ever changing talking points that usually have little to no intrinsic value to society as a whole. The end result has been the same for many years, and has really increased post 9-11. This brings us to the underlying agenda of the invisible controlling force. Globalization. Key control of the planet through a worldwide monetary system, worldwide health system, and a worldwide environmental system. They remain convinced that by intentionally crashing all of the current systems, they can easily install all of their global systems. Here is the kicker. They really do believe it is what's best for humanity. Along with a general population reduction program of anywhere from 50-90%. That's 3 to 6 billion people. They figure this is what must be done so that 500 million can live the life of luxury, without completely depleting the planet's resources. They believe that only through these measures can humanity survive into the future. I say our chances are much greater if they lead by example and be the first in line to kill themselves, but I digress.

As it turns out, spin, or that natural force that is rotation is apparent all throughout the galaxy. Planets do it, stars do it, solar system's do it, even electrons do it. So do dogs chasing their tales, so maybe it is just nature at work. So why then can't the corporate media do it for a truly useful purpose? Maybe like empowering people with useful information that could enhance their quality of life? Because, the fact is, to do that would empower the terrorists. Why do you think all of those drastic measures were taken by the government to catch all the bad guys? Because you all are the bad guys! Anyone who opposes their way of doing things is now a terrorist in their minds. The spin doctors of media, the government puppets of Washington D.C., all kiss the same master's ass. Get used to the term, austerity measures.
"Permit me to issue and control the money of the nation and I care not who makes it's laws."
-Mayer Amsched Rothschild

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


The title of this blog post is an understatement to say the least. Collapse of society is not a pretty thing, only inevitable. Despite the efforts of a good many, kind, caring people, what it really comes down to in the end is survival. The right to play in the game another day. The right to perpetuate the species into the future. How are we doing so far?

I first became aware of life seeming to speed up just after my first child was born. There never seemed to be enough time to get things done after that. It has only increased in intensity since then. The information explosion that has engulfed us has changed our reality forever. It can be extremely overwhelming. I think back to when I was a kid. Life was much simpler. Life was much slower paced. Kids today are so quick to be bored. Is it any wonder as the constant barrage of stimulation never ceases. As adults we also experience overload on a sometimes catastrophic bases. The information explosion brought on by the Internet has been a blessing and a curse. I myself am a self proclaimed information junkie! For better or for worse I have sworn to a life of truth seeking, and have quickly realised that most people do not share my love of truth.

You see, one of the first casualties of truth seeking is the very security you think you have that comes from beliefs. Most people choose comfort over truth any day. That's a big part of why we find ourselves at the brink of societal collapse. Yes we can blame the government, or the corrupt banking system or the influence of organized religion, but when you come down to it, we have chosen these systems to provide us with comfort and a sense of security. Collapse of societies brings devastation to most, but it also affords a few with a unique view. For you see, while the great bulk of humanity is deceived on multiple levels, those who stay true to there pursuit of knowledge which only comes from the truth, are rewarded with a breathtaking view. A view of the moment when failed systems are replaced by new ones. It is a given that if we stray too far from natural law, natural consequences will adjust the unbalanced situation. Often from our earthly, singular perspectives things appear unfair and downright wrong. I take great comfort in knowing that a vastly superior system is in place, that is beyond our human understanding, that keeps the balance, even if it appears not to exist.

I find this system to be best displayed here through the purity of intent of the individual. Simply put, do you intentionally deceive others for personal gain and comfort, or do you try to uncover the teach truth, regardless of personal benefit. What you come to discover is that uncompromising adherence to principals that are only discovered while searching for the truth, become the backbone of moral actions which allow you to begin to receive glimpses of this higher system, and begin to understand it's workings, and how to go about teaching about it and working with it to help build the next, hopefully more viable society, to replace the one that is collapsing. Truth seeking allows the seeker to eventually embrace this long view, and thus learn to not be so overwhelmed in the moment, especially in these times of decay of corrupt systems we are seeing unfold right before our questioning eyes!

As we proceed ahead, the unveiling will proceed with an increasingly rapid pace. Never has it been so easy to see the vast corruption and deception that underlies nearly every societal control complex (Governments, Religions, Monetary Systems). You can easily spot them by their constant use of fear to promote the dependence upon them for some form of comfort or protection. As we begin the long process of withdrawing our support of their rapacious, cancerous influence, it will appear to be a very chaotic, traumatic episode. It is supposed to be that way. The vigilance we have learned from truth seeking needs to be expanded upon during this time. We must never forget the painful process of the collapse in order to ensure this process never need be repeated in the future. It is a lesson we must learn completely. It is inevitable, we can either try to cling to the dying remnants or we can move forward, creating a society that can make the most of the natural, higher ordered system that made it possible to say the error of our ways to begin with. Maybe then we could finally embrace the fact that we must forgive but never forget the fact that obeying and never questioning anything, and allowing institutions to think and act for us, was a huge part of what got us into this mess to start with!