Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here We Go Into 2010

As I sit at 10:13 p.m. on the brink of 2010 I pause a moment to reflect. There are so many grim realities out there that sometimes it becomes very difficult to stay optimistic about our future. I will not go into any particulars at this time as I know many of you are aware of these things.
Therefore I will keep the focus on my intent to bring in the new year.

I have looked back often wondering what was the force that rattled my being to search for truth. I really can't say what exactly it is. I guess it could be the stillness inside that dares to hope that everyone could also know the peace that comes from silence. I have been aware for a good long time about this place within. I go there often these days as looking out into the world there seems to offer very little to be hopeful for in these times. There is hope. There is unwavering knowledge in the silence. It is not a mental knowledge, but a knowing of the heart. With the heart comes the intentions which are becoming so important these days. It is easy to loose focus.

With the starting of a new decade hope somehow becomes rekindled. Along with it a chance for something new to start. I hope for a future where balance of power becomes more easily accessible for everyone. Maybe then it would be just a little less of a struggle for some people who are very tired. I am very fortunate as my struggles are minimal. It is the countless others I feel for. Those who are experiencing great fear as a result of some of the needed changes that are happening. If your not internally prepared it can be a bumpy ride for awhile. I also am empathetic to those who must experience the excruciating pain that sometimes goes with living in this place. Many times we do not realize how good we have it, and I have it good. I am not rich, or powerful, young or strong. Just crazy! Crazy enough to realize that things aren't always as they seem and one only need conquer one person on this planet.

That same person we conquer we also must love and befriend. A great challenge for most of us. So as I write this I am convinced that there is only one of us here we need to please and learn to forgive. I am convinced that if we only befriend ourselves it will ripple across the pond of humanity to gently influence others to do the same. So as the adventure continues to unfold, I would like to thank all of the wonderful people out there who have had the courage to ask themselves what is really going on here? Many continue to search and to write of these experiences. My intent is that we continue to uncover the truths being withheld from us, and as a result, we continue to learn more about ourselves in the process. As we do this, it is my hope, we will realize that many things that happen here are no longer needed for us to learn. We can get beyond the control systems that enable us to operate out of fear and anger. We learn to intend only the very best for each other.

Utopia or dystopia is only a choice away for many. For those not at that choice, it becomes the responsibility of those who are. The only way one can make a choice is to know what the choices are to be made. It is my intent to give reliable, factual information as to the exact nature of our shared dilemma in this regard. I hope my words give reason for you to pause and consider some things around you. Questions lie at the heart of learning the truth. I may be off the mark at times, but I will always strive to correct the error of judgement. May you all find a measure of truth in your life in the coming year. May it bring you closer to the quiet place of contentment inside your heart. May you be delivered from the bondage of lies and deception, and know the meaning of freedom, if it only exists within your heart. Who knows. It might spread to others! Happy New Year to you and yours! May it be filled with love and truth, for are they not one in the same?

Manufacturing Consent

As the propaganda arm of the ruling elite, mainstream media has performed flawlessly at manufacturing it's consensus for expanding the terrorism plot line on the world. The crotch bomber fiasco has more holes in the story than the man's infamous explosive laden underwear! The official story has now changed 3 times! How can people not see the ridicules game going on?
Maybe after so many years of watching this shit it gets easier to see. One person who recently woke up to the new reality is Kurt Haskell.

Here you can read his latest take on what happened on the infamous flight 253. The interesting thing is the feds keep changing their official storyline to appease the information that they can't conceal from the public. Thank the Internet and bloggers, including Haskell himself for that. All the more reason why the Internet will not continue to exist in it's present form. Too much truth is slipping between the control cracks for the powers that be to continue their own reign of terror. So much so that the TSA threatened a couple of bloggers!
Instead of focusing on why a supposed hostile terrorists managed to slip on an international flight with explosives, (see Haskell's eyewitness account about the sharp dressed man!) they are trying to act all bad assed by threatening bloggers! Oooo, there so tough! Whats wrong with the picture?

It is the usual game of distract while pulling the bait and switch. Every magician and con man knows the game. Average Joe dumbass is too busy watching nascar! All the while the rulers keep pecking away at his rights, his job, his 401k, and his ability to think for himself. He could care less about what happens in Yemen as long as the cars drive around in circles every weekend!
The powers that be count on him not caring. If he and all those like him, started giving a shit, they know they would be up shits creek without a paddle. They count on him to get his news updates from the television, in little bite sized pieces. Thus they are able to easily manufacture his belief system to completely embrace whatever they want him to. He supports endless war against brown people by offering his children to the meat grinder. He firmly believes the main stream media would never lie and he is only trying to do what is right for his country. If he only knew the truth about how much his country really cared about him. He is only useful to them for tax collection and creating children for future wars. Soon, he will find himself a useless eater, just like the ever expanding baby boomer population, who will eventually be systematically culled from the herd, through the governments forced deathcare.

We are all an endangered species. This blog is a soon to be, defunct relic of a time gone by. The Orwellian, Huxleyian, model of life will soon be complete. Unless we learn to resist. Unless we learn to not be fooled again. Unless we realize that the new boss is the same as the old boss. We will always have each other. There will always be a resistance to oppose the tyranny that seeks to keep us all in a manufactured reality, where we are force fed their version of truth. A dystopiac conglomeration of police state- mental retardation- self imposed hell of service to the ruling elite. Master does not like unruly slaves. Master must punish those who misbehave. Let's make 2010 the year we stop giving consent to these psychopaths. Happy New Year to all. Hope you all continue to seek the truth, and learn the only truth is to thy self be true!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

Obama Addresses Terror Attempt

I wanna take blah blah blah TERRORIST ATTACK blah blah blah CHRISTMAS DAY! Blah blah, blah blah Safety and Security. Blah DANGERS we face blah blah blah THREATENED the HOMELAND blah blah blah KILLED 300 blah blah. BLAH blah safe and secure. Actions to be taken blah blah blah. Enhanced screening and security procedures. Blah blah GRAB YOUR ASS blah blah blah WATCHLIST blah blah. We will SLAUGHTER those blah blah blah in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia or ANYWHERE! They hate us for our open society or our freedoms. Therefore blah blah blah we will STRIP you NAKED grab your ASS and slaughter innocent peoples of lands that have a lot of oil! Thank you, I must go golfing now.
Love, Obama

Terrorist Alert!

Here we go again. First a simple question. Why in the hell is every Al Qaeda group living where there are oil deposits? (The slang translation of Al Qaeda is the toilet!) Answer, because instead of making trade deals with countries we find it more effective to bomb the shit out of them and steal the countries resources instead. Everyone is happy then, as contractors then get to swoop in and reap the rewards.

Second question, why is the Israeli security company, ICTS, always the outfit providing the security where these terrorist threats emanate from? (Yes every single airport that 9-11 terrorist flights originated from had the same security company in charge on that fateful day!) Answer, The Zionist run security company is obviously a front for staging the terrorist plots! To this day all Israeli involvement on 9-11 remains classified information.

Third question, what is always the result of these "terrorists attacks"? More stringent laws and stupid rules that curtail simple freedoms of citizens. One story has the Christmas day bomber attempting to ignite explosives that were sown into his underwear! This smacks of the shoe bomber that resulted in everyone having to remove their shoes during airport security checks. What's next, removal of under ware to check for explosives? Their is already a push for the naked body scanners to be installed at all airports! How much more of this ridicules bullshit are we going to take?

Fourth question, why was the terrorist allowed to board the plan without a passport, and also being on a terrorist watch list? Because it was an intentional, false flag operation, that is so transparent, a five year old can see through it. Eventually all of the so called security measures seep through to every day life. All under the guise of public safety. The reality is the slowly creeping of the big brother police state coming to a town near you. Creeping in and overtaking every single aspect of life. It's all bullshit! Why can't we all see this?

As we will soon see, the already degrading act of trying to fly will get much worse now. Long lines at the security checkpoint will be filled with ever intrusive searches into our very bodies! Probed and prodded, disgraced and embarrassed collectively. Treated like animals with absolutely no individual rights, all in the name of protection. So as we watch our mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, strip searched in public, dehumanized to the point of total degradation, all shreds of decency completely removed like our under ware to be searched like we are all criminals. (If I ever fly again, I'm going commando!) For is that not the point of all this crazy bullshit? To criminalize and marginalize us all into a well behaved, frightened herd of sheep. Once we are all herded and sorted, where do you think they will take us to?

The signs are very telling if you have the ability to see. Everywhere, life has changed so much since terrorists have attacked our country. As should always be asked when a crime is committed and covered up. Who benefits? When we give up our rights for security we always end up more insecure and more subservient than we started. We are no longer given many choices that we had not too long ago. This process has been carefully planned and executed from the start. When will we see this and wake up and put an end to this bullshit? The most ironic thing is, one of the driving forces behind this process are the vary people who were nearly wiped off the face of the earth not too long ago. You would think they learned a different way other than trying to emulate the monsters that forced them into submission. In the end, this force will always be overrun by an opposing force that demands freedom, liberty and justice for all. It wont happen by itself. We must make it happen! It starts with keeping your under ware on at the airport! Or perhaps ware them for a month before you fly!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Big Payoffs to Senators

This is why the Federal Government should not run healthcare! The anger the public will feel is nothing compared to what will happen if they ram this shit through! I would not be surprised if good old fashioned lynchings did not reappear. Truth is this deathcare reform is nothing but corporate welfare for the insurance industry and the huge pharmaceutical industry! Since when have you seen the federal jackoffs do anything beneficial for the average American, let alone for the struggling poor? Anyone who really believes Obamacare is good for average Americans are just flat out ignorant. This would be the same group who think Global Warming is the most important issue! Or the sleeping masses who think the war on terror is about killing people who hate us for our freedoms. All roads led to Washington in this country. Washington has one job. Extract all the wealth and resources from the country, to surrender to the global elite. The Federal government is very efficient at doing these things. Deathcare if passed, will be just another tool in their arsenal of weapons of mass destruction.

Amazing Speech!

Few listen as intently as when a veteran speaks of a war he or she has fought in. War has become the multi-billion dollar business that the elite have profited off of for generations. From the Napoleonic wars to the war in Afghanistan, the rich elite have funded, provoked, and lied us into every single war. This young man's courage, and the words he speaks, will never be on the nightly news. He is speaking truth, and truth is the first casualty of war. Racism is at the heart of the matter. The ruling elite have looked with disdain on brown skinned people since day one. Every plan to rule the world has been founded on one group being superior to all others. Why do you think Africa is kept in the heart wrenching position it is in? War is always based upon lies. Until we accept this fact we are all imprisoned in a world of death and destruction. Is it no wonder that terrorists are always to be found in countries that possess vast natural resources? Our military is by far the largest terrorist organization on the planet. Our we as Americans, proud of this fact? Wake up people and know your enemy! Thank you Mike Prysner, for accepting personal responsibility, telling the truth, and having the courage to try and rectify the situation by calling attention to the most destructive force on the planet. The ruling elite, banker, Illuminati, disease that his infiltrated our lives!

Our real enemy is not the ones living in a distant land whose names or policies we don't understand; The real enemy is a system that wages war when it's profitable, the CEOs who lay us off our jobs when it's profitable, the Insurance Companies who deny us Health care when it's profitable, the Banks who take away our homes when it's profitable. Our enemies are not several hundred thousands away. They are right here in front of us
- Mike Prysner

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


There's a nasty rumor that Obamacare will be rammed though congress on Christmas eve. Merry Christmas! There was another famous bill voted on, on Christmas eve. The Federal Reserve act of 1913. We know how well that worked out for us! Also passed at that time was the unconstitutional federal income tax! Some people say socialism is creeping up on us. I say fascism is here!

History repeats itself again and again. We were warned countless times that our form of government was susceptible to being taken over by large powerful corporations. It has happened. The only thing to stop them is mass protest and a mass strike against this bullshit. We are the only ones responsible for allowing this to happen. The only way to severe the life giving supply of money to the beast is to withhold funds. Every American needs to realize enough is enough. As we must stop feeding the federal reserve so should we stand against this act of piracy. Our best interests have not been cared about for many years. We must do it ourselves. It is our constitutional right to dispose of a government that no longer serves us. The blood sucking leeches that are our federal government need to be sternly reminded who is the boss. Serve them all their walking papers. And for the love of god, kick the Federal Reserve out for once and for all!

We realized the scam that global warming is, despite the trained lap dog media crying about all the man made disaster! We realized what a scam swine flu is, and the sick attempt to poison us all with their soft kill vaccines. This health care fiasco is no different! It is all about wringing every last bit of power, money, and inalienable rights from the people. Wake up gang. Your government is a complete scam. They work for international corporate interests who's only concern is profit. They will kill you for a dime and not think twice about it. That's the cold, hard truth. So wake up, or line up and wait patiently for you government issue life. Oh, by the way, Freedom will never be a part of that life. Just a subservient, boot licking mentality that pays homage to the supreme government! You want to live on your knees, keep believing their bullshit! Good luck with that, and Merry Christmas! Oh, that's right Happy Holidays, because wishing Merry Christmas might offend someone! Political correctness is another fucking scourge of society, designed to keep you within the ever tightening parameters of the control paradigm.
Be yourself, and if someone is offended by the truth, offend them more! Snap them out of their little candy land existence of big daddy government gonna pay my way. With our health care system rated at 37th in the world, how much better do you think it will get with the government running it? Turn off the propaganda machine and wake up to the silent war that has been waged upon you for decades. The game is rigged. It always has been. It is time to stand up to all these assaults and say no more! We must do it now, for in a very short period of time we will be too weak. Join me in confronting every crooked, lying, murdering, pathetic excuse for a human being that supports this garbage. We must stand and call it what it is! A long line of TREASONOUS acts of cowardice. A constant steady march to slavery!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Iranian Cyber Army

The BBC ran this article today about the Iranian Cyber Army hacking twitter to redirect users to a political message. I'm sure I am not to be the first to call BULLSHIT on this one. A quick check of other main stream news finds stories about a political standoff between Iran and Iraq, and Iraq accuses Iran of taking over an Iraqi oil well in disputed territory.

The hacking of twitter is very interesting. The powers that be can not stand the Internet in it's current form. They don't seem to care for social networking either. Information can be spread way too fast for their liking. I would not be surprised to see an all out assault on certain blogs and websites that are not conducive to the main stream media agenda. It is a well known fact that Google, YouTube, and other sites remove and limit access to certain material. I think we will see more and more attempts to exert more and more control. The Internets future looks fuzzy at best.

The propaganda on demonizing Iran, Israel's next country that they want the United States to attack, seems to be picking up steam again. There is a looming dead line for Iran to comply with the United Nations demands for their nuclear power development. They have submitted to regular inspections and ironically the two countries who are in violation of NPT inspections are Israel and the United States. I wonder why sanctions are not enforced against those two countries? Also Iran is supposed to receive Soviet made fighter jets said to be able to protect them from an air invasion. I think they are to start to receive them in a couple of months. Seeing that Israel likes to attack in December I wonder if we will see some military strike on Iran soon.
The timing would probably coincide with a economic event I would imagine to blur the lines on both events. Well, time will tell. I hope that my guess is as much bullshit as the Iranian Cyber Army is. If that's the case we've got nothing to worry about!

What Happened in Copenhagen?

You all know how much attention I have been paying to the Copenhagen Climate Summit. The views of this event are all over the map. Climate Change supporters, St. Al the Gore, Maurice Strong, and the likes are very unhappy. Their worldwide carbon credit market will not be mandated to the degree they would like (good for us). However the infrastructure of global government has taken a little more of a concrete vision (bad for us). I found it ironic that snow greeted the summit in it's final days!

I keep bringing this up because I think a very telling event occurred. The global warming propaganda machine failed to achieve it's total goal, and that's huge! People all over are starting to wake up to the idea that not everything you see on television is factual or even correct. Once the unraveling begins, it is very hard to stop it. Questions, especially the unanswered ones, only lead to more questions. When St. Al brazenly started declaring that the science of global warming is settled, it immediately brought about much closer scrutiny of the science. Now He can not go anywhere in the U.S. without a security detail to protect him. But protect him from what? Protect him from answering some very simple questions that he refuses to answer. He can not answer them because he would reveal what a huge fraud global warming really is. Then you have the blind cult like supporters, claiming that it doesn't matter if the science is fraudulent, that the planet is still in mortal danger! What do the talking heads have to say about this?

All around the world we are witnessing different global agendas suffering setback after setback. Obama was to be the one. The one to deliver global government to the controllers. The will of the people was to be worn down with swine flu, global taxation, and economic devastation. Detours have sprung up in all of these plans. However, even though these setbacks have bought us more valuable time, these people are very cunning in their back up plans. They always have a plan "B".
The thing to realize is the global elite are vulnerable right now. The federal reserve banking system of the U.S. is an arm of the global banking cartel with it's center being the Bank of England. They have exposed themselves to ruination through there greed and unlimited desire to devour all by economic control. They were counting on the Global Cap and Trade system to extract the wealth and resources of all the countries of the world. It is a crucial blow to their power structure to not have been completely successful in this endeavour. It is unfortunate that even though this weakens their position, it also could make them more dangerous, like an animal cornered with no way out.

The coming months will be crucial to the direction the people of the world will take. The opportunity exists to drive the stake into the heart of the global elite. This can be done by dismantling the Federal Reserve, and the Global Banking system run by the Bank of England. Some very careful planning could accomplish this feat. It would take a new system, run by China, India, Russia, and the U.S. An agreement among sovereign nations to bypass the known corrupt, globalized, banking system that has been devouring societies for decades. There are many obstacles to this. It is not impossible. The more people who realize the true nature of the struggle, the better the chances for it to succeed. We all must learn to identify the real enemy of the people. It is the corporate, globalized bank system, and all the puppet governments that support it. That would mean 99 % of our entire government would have to go! A massive clean up of the entire system, to revert back to the only system that has a chance to work. A true constitutional republic.

Imagine if you will the first thing to go would be the unconstitutional, federal income tax. How much improvement would you see in you personal life? Of course the indoctrinated masses would cry, "How do we pay for services our government provides?" Research into the matter quickly proves that the federal income tax goes directly into the pockets of the global bankers, by the interest they charge our country, to supply the money. Our own congress is the ONLY constitutional entity to provide this service. The last time that occurred in this country was 1912. Wake up people. None of this shit has to be the way it is. It can all be changed. To get a proper perspective on this please watch Arron Russo's; America, Freedom to Fascism.

Finally, I do not think the economic storm has blown over yet. I think the masses were seduced into re-entering the markets for one last sucker rally. I hope I am wrong. We will find out soon. The other tool that is at their disposal is the capability to start another war. I hope I am wrong there too. When all else fails, I fear they have another, false flag operation waiting in the wings. My biggest concern is it would have to be ten times 9-11 to be as effective. I pray I am wrong on this one! It all depends on just how desperate they are. Time will tell. 2010 should be just as interesting as 2009. Most of all, I hope they continue to fight against each other, canceling out the worst of the possibilities, weakening each other to the point of submission to a logical and reasonable state of existence. I suppose it is possible. Although highly unlikely, unless that is, we figure out how to no longer need their services in a world where things could make sense again. That is my vision. I will never cease to carry it. Maybe someday we can live it! I leave you with this link to a website called Sons of Liberty. This is a solo project by Jon Schaffer, founder of the metal band, Iced Earth. If you like classic metal you will enjoy! If not, just check out the links to some good documentaries on the left. America- Freedom to Fascism can be found there.

Friday, December 18, 2009

St. Al Debunks Climate Skeptics (Almost)

Climate Deniers. That phrase tells you a lot. It was coined by the same people who brought you Holocaust Deniers. Hmmmm. That in and of itself is quite telling. Everything the talking heads on mainstream media talk about is very carefully considered. These talking points are chosen as they relate to the emotional aspect of the phrase. Holocaust Denier came out in response as a way to compromise the growing consensus that the historical depiction of the holocaust could be questioned for it's validity in certain cases. The controlled opposition response is to herd all questions into a category of deniers to falsify the argument and bring in the emotional content to further blur the lines. It is proof of tactics of a psychological warfare that has been occurring for many years, as fought through the mainstream media. It's basically brainwashing. Many people view history in a certain, antiseptic context. Very few people can see that the ruling elite are a blend of Nazi-Zionist-Occult ideals that form the control mechanisms of society. The most successful form of mind control is the system that avoids detection by the masses.

As I have said many times, there are many rabbit holes that go only so deep before you hit the end. One must learn to tunnel sideways in these situation to discover other holes that go much deeper into truth. On 9-11 a hybrid alliance never before possible burst onto the scene. A culmination of groups assembled to pull off the crime of a century. Through technology, media control, and through secret intelligence forces, the deception of an entire world took place. One of the last bastions of freedom fell shortly afterwords. The process of controlling the world has been attempted many times, always by outright force. This time it is a silent war. This time it is a war of information. St. Al the Gore of the climate cult is part of that war. The globalists are. The United Nations is part of that war. The World Banking system. The Zionists of Israel are. A vast conscripted network, that is more organized then you can ever imagine. And here's the kicker. We can not stop them! But they can, and are stopping themselves. The good thing for all of us is they don't trust anyone, especially themselves. As all sides of the beast begin an all out assault on our remaining freedoms, they are trying to take each other out in the process. Where they managed to unite with one goal in mind, as they reached the goal, they decided not to share the spoils of victory, but to try and hoard it all for themselves individually. Their vast greed being their final undoing.

The signs are all around. Their system of control is crumbling on their own heads! They have created years of deceit, genocide, and corruption into such a huge entity of destruction, that it was only a matter of time before it would turn and devour them. They think that they are immune from said force they think they created. This force has been present since the dawn of time. It is a force that balances and rectifies all injustices, and blindly delivers it's swift and sure retribution. I am certainly glad that I am witnessing this, as it will serve as a lesson to never be forgotten by all who have eyes to see it. As a result, one will understand all people have equal worth and value, despite their different levels of being. The power of judgment lies not within our individual being, but within the collective consciousness that this force manifests itself, in destruction and creation. I like to think of it as a simple energetic reaction on a higher level.

Obama at Copenhagen

Obama addresses Copenhagen saying climate change is not fiction but science. Perhaps a combination of the two is more accurate, science fiction! Judging by the apocalyptic type movies coming out of Hollywood, and the fact that St. Al of the Gore stole the opening shots of his movie from the movie, The Day After Tomorrow, I think science fiction fits the bill perfectly.

Billary Clinton announced the U.S. would spend 100 billion for climate change (which used to be global warming which used to be global cooling) by the year 2020. I love how these people spend our (taxpayers) money. They have not represented the people of the U.S. on anything for a long time. Just a bunch of fear mongering out of the mainstream media to bolster every single crime they commit against all humanity. I offer as proof, 9-11, 2 illegal wars (yellow cake anyone?), global warming, flying pig flu(vaccine anyone?). The interesting thing has become how fast these lies unravel before the public's eyes. Yeah, you still have the most ignorant of society supporting this bullshit, how else can you send your sons and daughters to die in the opium fields and the oil fields?

The truth of the matter is, as the power elite pick and fight over the remaining scraps of the planet, they are quickly losing their power. They rely on deceit and genocide. If people can not see how this climate change treaty would be the death knell for 3rd world countries is beyond me. They have been doing it for many years. Ironic that even though we have a president of color, more brown people would die from this insidious agenda, then ever before. This bullshit is about setting in place limitations. All it really is, is a manged collapse, buying the elite a little more time and to steal the last little bits of wealth. If you support climate change, that's your choice. You should take a closer look behind the curtain. It is nothing like you think it is.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Supreme Court Ruling Means Torture May Return

Washington's Blog

Dec. 15th, 2009

The Supreme Court has just ruled that four Guantanamo prisoners cannot sue the government for torture. The Center for Constitutional Rights notes:

It is an awful day for the rule of law and common decency when the Supreme Court lets stand such an inhuman decision. The final word on whether these men had a right not to be tortured or a right to practice their religion free from abuse is that they did not. Future prospective torturers can now draw comfort from this decision. The lower court found that torture is all in a days’ work for the Secretary of Defense and senior generals. That violates the President’s stated policy, our treaty obligations and universal legal norms. Yet the Obama administration, in its rush to protect executive power, lost its moral compass and persuaded the Supreme Court to avoid a central moral challenge. Today our standing in the world has suffered a further great loss.
Read more here.

[When we rationalize the use of torture as we have in the past, we have lost our way as a nation and have become an enemy of the world. There is no justifying torture. It is most often used by the most totalitarian of states. I love the smell of fascism in the morning! Oh, and don't forget, if they label you an enemy of the state, they can torture you too! YOU WILL OBEY!!!]

St. Al the Gore

St. Al the Gore is the leader of the Climate Cultists. Now that Climategate has blown the lid off his little scam (little to the tune of billions of dollars) St. Al the thug has resorted to surrounding himself with the U.N. jackbooted goon squad. You know the type, you've seen them at Pittsburgh's G20 meeting. They dress in black and wear body armor and use new crowd control weapons like the LRAD. These mini psychopaths (the real psychopaths are their bosses) parade around sticking their chests out acting like bad asses. They pride themselves on beating on kids who pose no threat to them whatsoever. This is the totalitarian new world order that awaits us. No room for opposition. No room for freedom. Just obey or they crack your head with their truncheons, and give you shock treatment with their tazers! Just wait until you see the olympics in February!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Each Day

It is easy to become frustrated and worn out when looking at the insanity of our human world. One can easily lose the perspective that things are as they should be. I some times grow weary attempting to influence change into the world. Each day I try to focus on the wrongs that will be righted as a result of awareness being changed. I firmly know that the powers of perception are not only important, but on a global scale, one of the most important games in town.

Moving from a place of dread and fear, to a place of strength and love is monumental in an individuals life. This in and of it's self can be a crowning moment in ones life. Far beyond any wealth or notoriety that can be derived from this life. Those things are but temporal and will be left with the body. The things of true value can be taken with us when we part the veil. One thing seems clear to me at this time. We have all agreed to partake in a very interesting moment in time where the challenges are in direct proportion to the rewards. In other words, if you are having an extremely tough time in this world, and still you press on and continue to strive to be more than when you came here, your efforts will not just be in vain, but to the contrary, you will gain great inner understanding of all things, positive and negative.

Each day is a new opportunity for expansion. Even the smallest bit of growth has importance. To further increase the perception of the true understanding of reality brings a certain peace, acceptance and quite strength within. My goal is to shine a light into the dark crevices of acts of control, fear mongering, and deception. Some call these works evil. I call them catalyst for spiritual growth. For even as the body needs food, the mind needs to be fed, as the soul needs nourishment also. This is a simple fact of life for us. To withhold any of these vital necessities means decline and decay and eventually a death of sorts. Life is energy. It has but only two paths, to decline and decay, or increase and grow. Periods of neutrality or stagnation are possible also, but for only limited periods of time. Everything will eventually change into something else.

As I become more aware and educated to the exact nature of the game here, I begin to understand why it is so important for many to try to deceive others about the game. As I said life is energy. Negative life feeds off of negative energy. Negative energy is released most efficiently through negative emotions. These create a vibratory wave pattern that is more favorable in its ability to provide energetic food for those who have a need to control others through domination and intimidation. Fear is sensed by every predator. It is a signal to the predator of vulnerability. For truly it is the reason that the weakest will be attacked. The rest of the prey will form into a herd and try to blend in together so as to not be singled out and have their weakness exposed. If you look at society you will see these natural principles mirrored back with stunning precision.

However, if you start to have visions of a more highly ordered society you will start to understand that our present society is mirrored after a lower order. This is why people continue to make the mistake of looking to, and trusting authority figures to take care of and protect them. By their mere nature it is impossible for them to do so. What is so confusing is we are seeing the decay of all structures that are of a lower order of energetic expression. This is a natural occurrence as the energies are nowhere near to being balanced at this time. The very fundamental expressions of energy in society have declined into ravenous predators, feeding on society itself. The very institutions supposedly designed to feed or empower the masses are in reality gorging themselves and depriving them instead. Governments, monetary institutions, and religions have all been intentionally distorted in their presentation to the masses, to make us believe they are vitally necessary, when in reality they are the leading causes of every malady known to mankind. By their very nature, they attract the most ruthless, psychopathic, predatorial people in society to lead them. It is these structural flaws that are allowing the crumbling we see today. It is very frightening to most. They have brain washed us into believing that without them anarchy will rule. Look around you. Anarchy is ruling at this very moment, because of them.

The secret lies within you. It is also no longer a secret. You have the incredible power within you to be all the changes you wish to see manifest in our world! Be the leader you wish to be led by. Provide for others what you wish you had. Give the love you desire. Imagine the poor receiving all the wealth you wish you had. These things are happening. Each day those who deprive others of something are experiencing more and more difficulty carrying on as they normally would have. Those who find empathy and love for others are finding ways to express that at even greater levels. Truth is finding a way to be broadcast at unheard of levels. Society is being forced to take inventory of all goods. Things that have been lying on a shelf that are of use will be brought down and integrated. Things that have no use will be discarded. The whole system will be scrutinized. Value will be reestablished to it's proper need. Once the inventory is complete and the clean up finished we shall be able to operate under proper pretext once again. Each day brings us closer. Each day a new possibility to balance the flow. We will experience challenges. We will experience the ongoing purification process to cleanse and refine the intent. Sometimes it will be extremely difficult. Please understand that it is worth every moment. Try only not to fear the process. Try not to judge others progress through the process. It is through these means that you will lessen the severity of your own purification, and try to remain flexible throughout as many things will change very quickly. We are at the time we came here to live in. We are who we have been waiting for. We will experience these things more with each day.

Anti-Human Environmentalists

Greenpeace at it's origins was a fine and just organization. They were not anti-human, but pro-environmental. That changed, and as a result, this co-founder quit. It is obvious that once the environmental movement was hijacked by the globalists, the agenda changed radically. The globalists are now outwardly promoting the anti-human, pro-eugenics movement. This is where we must realize that many of these movements, including the climate change cultists, are wrong in their approach, especially the fear mongering and talk that the science is settled. With the utter collapse of the Copenhagen Climate Conference, we see that the poor countries exposed the rich countries true intent. With all of this anti-human rhetoric, who decides who must die? Surely Al Gore would never sacrifice any of his lifestyle for cause. Why should the rich, who are using way more resources than the poor, dictate who dies on a global scale in order to, what they surmise is to save the planet? It's the same old game, only on a planet wide level. The rich and powerful, push the poor and weak around. Well I don't think that they are going to be successful with this bullshit any longer. Every little plan they have tried to enact has met with major resistance. The rich, elite, globalists have been exposed on many levels. They are not defeated yet, so pressure must be steadily applied. Do not fall for their tricks and deceit. Expose their lies and inform your family and friends. Join me and many others who are trying to shine a light on these psychopaths, so that all others can see their crimes. Let's hold these people accountable for their crimes against humanity!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Drug Money Saved Banks

Drug money saved banks in crisis. Read this article. It claims 352 billion in drug money was used by banks! Drop in the bucket! Afghanistan poppy crop used to make heroin for world. Gee I wonder how much money the government makes off of that. It is half the reason why our children die there. If you really want some good information on drugs and the U.S. government go read Mike Ruppert's From the Wilderness Website. The site is no longer active, but all his old achieved information is there including his 9-11 assessments. Good stuff, and it almost cost him his life, so you know he was striking a nerve! His current blog is here.

The drug industry (illegal) is a multi trillion dollar industry for the U.S. Consider the fact they bring it in, distribute it, then enforce the law against drugs on the other side. Sweet deal! Make money coming and going. Where have I seen this method of operation before? Provide the cause of the problem. React to the effects of the problem. Provide the solution to the problem. Making money all the way!

The Left-Right Dilema

As I have stated many times, one large problem in this country is the false, left-right paradigm. This article states in a recent poll that 44% wish Bush was still president. WHAT? Have you 44% lost your minds? Those who are closely following the facts realize that Obama has not kept one single campaign promise, and subsequently has maintained and expanded Bush Incorporated quite nicely. This shows many troubling trends as a result. How can people not see a seamless agenda being executed? Do we feel so helpless we will believe any lie we are told?

First off, the whole idea of a republican anything should in fact be long dead in every one's mind. Let's see, 9-11, patriot act, two illegal wars, torture, economic collapse, yeah, I want Bush back.
Democrats? 2006 saw a democratic run congress, what changed? Nothing! Obama was elected for change, yet what do we have?Let me remind you of two warnings given to us by past presidents who discovered what was really going on in our government.

On January 17, 1961 president Dwight D. Eisenhower delivered his farewell address to the nation. His warning of the military-industrial-complex was not fully understood by most people. He feared that the driving force behind the military-industrial-complex was gaining so much power as to be unstoppable by any other agency. How interesting is it that the next warning came from none other than Eisenhower's predecessor, John F. Kennedy?

Kennedy's famous speech about secret societies said it all when he said, ......" for we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy, that relies primarily on covet means, for expanding it's sphere of influence. On infiltration instead of invasion. On subversion instead of election. On intimidation instead of free choice. On gorillas by night, instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted, vast human and material resources, into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine, that combines, military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations." Who on earth do you think he was talking about?

We all know what happened to the president. What you may not realize is he was speaking from an insiders point of view. Kennedy was a known member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He was savagely murdered in broad daylight as a warning to anyone who would dare challenge them. No president has since. It is rumored that each new president is sat down and shown the Kennedy assassination film and then asked, "Any questions?"

The simple fact is American political parties have been hijacked by the Global Governing, New World Order gang that many call the Illuminati. This is the same force JFK was trying to warn us of. The same force who owns 96% of the mass media in America. Now do you understand why you have never known about them? Unless you have read some very specific books, you would have never known. It does not matter which side is in power. It's all a big show for you the citizen. Bread and circuses. Your media is propaganda and distraction. While they keep your focus on celebrities and crime, they move seamlessly into position to control the earth. The implications of their control reach into every aspect of your life. Their plan is to completely crash the country, so we will beg them for a solution to all our problems. It is much easier to believe this is not true. Are you really that ignorant? Of course not. Please stop supporting the puppet show that is the left/right false paradigm. Stop believing the utter bullshit fed to you on a platter.
Support only those who truly uphold a constitutional government. Do your homework. Understand the control mechanisms. JFK's secret society speech was delivered when I was an infant. I hear his request. I am trying to help. You can too, and pass the word on. I leave you with an excerpt of that remarkable speech. Remember, their goal is to ravage our country through economic collapse, destroying society, dismantling our constitutional rights. Maybe I'm wrong, but what if I am not?

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Heavy Handed!

Sometimes I am considered heavy handed in my approach to writing. I can only answer guilty to these charges. It's not like I am writing for better homes and garden. The beauty of writing your own blog is you don't have to worry about such things. I try just to keep it real.

Emotions are a part of life. Sometimes they become overwhelming. It is very easy to get upset when you give a shit about people. Sometimes I truly wonder why I have such a drive. I guess once the bottom line sinks out of sight, I only hope someone else found some benefit from these lines I set on this page. Even if only one is spared the sudden surprise of bewilderment when things become uncovered.

I remember when the 9-11 bell tolled in my head. It took awhile. It was a one-two combo that knocked me out. Iraq, Afghanistan. Nine years later we are still doing that mess! Something gonged in my head very loudly. I went back and started seeking info everywhere about 9-11. That day was such a tragedy on so many different levels. I was very rudely awakened that year.

Things seemed simple for me. Earn money, to get a bunch of crap, that I could pretend made me happy, or at least distracted from what was going on around me. After a few years of searching and studying, things are much more clearer. We have been here before. We have shared the same exact struggle. Sometimes remembering that really pisses me off. That realization sounds like a huge gong that reverberates through me in waves, only after many moments, to silence itself. Remembering is a love-hate relationship! Some of you may recognize what I'm talking about. It is an odd feeling, and yet, you can't help but think it is really important to feel that way sometimes.

So as time keeps on ticking, it becomes more important to not mince words. We live in a controlled environment, and even though we think our thoughts are all our own, most of our ideas are planted there, and very, very few are our own creations. Awareness of the level of social engineering occurring to us can be stifling and frustrating. Especially when most people just think you are crazy and don't listen to anything you say! Those people are struggling with many other realities. All of our realities are important. They all make up the whole. It is always interesting to me when I become riled up about this. It is the sheer audacity of the controllers that sometimes frustrates me, then I remember...............

The reason for their existence tells me we have still many things to learn about ourselves. Whether we like it or not they are a manifestation of many things we seldom wish to address within ourselves. It is a humbling moment to take a quick moral inventory and reflect upon progress made in becoming that which I really seek to be. So the goal reforms itself, to identify that which is keeping me coming back for more fun and games. So I continue, the never ending quest for that one simple thing,.........the truth of our being. Someday I will remember.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

EPA Evil Protecting Assholes

Here it comes! I can hear the conservative cries of Socialism! Folks don't kid yourselves. Socialism would be a party compared to the reality of the situation. This, along with all the other happy bullshit the government has pulled, is nothing short of FASCISM! Please do not do the same song and dance that Obama is ruining the country, or Bush ruined the country, or Clinton, or so on.
This country was hijacked a very long time ago. They have all had their marching orders. The flat out simple truth is we have been infiltrated. Our elected officials don't work for us. They work for corrupt, international, bankers, destroying our country, stealing our wealth, defrauding us of our freedom. The only way to take back our country is to stop buying into the false, left-right paradigm, kick the federal reserve out, clean out the judicial system, and return to a constitutional based society and government.
These bastards are on a mission. We are the only ones who can stop them. The EPA is a joke. A bad one at that. These people care nothing for us. They poison are water with fluoride. Put chemicals in our food. Pump us full of toxins with bullshit vaccines. Mesmerize us with their fucked up propaganda, 24/7 with the idiot box. Then to top it off, try to convince us of the mutha of all lies! Come out and have the audacity to say one of the four, primary elements of life is a pollutant! Can anyone see the absolute lunacy of their game? What's it going to take? They steal half of everyone's savings and pensions with the first bail out, and everyone says "Oh, that's okay, their trying. This after they stole your rights with the Patriot Act, and all the other illegal acts they perpetrated on you. "Oh, that's alright, its to protect us from Bin Laden." What the Fuck is wrong with this picture? If we continue to allow this crap, there will be nothing left. They are not the saviors, they are the enslavers! WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Limos at Copenhagen

So how much lower will the global elite's carbon footprint be? Judging from the display at Copenhagen, zero! They can talk the talk, and you and I will be walking! Wake up to this pathetic bullshit. I know you are a caring person who wants to save the planet, but you will not do that by supporting these pricks! Save your support for local, grassroots projects that really do make a difference. Keep your money in your community, and don't give it to these pathetic globalists!

Please Help Save the World!

Please help save the WORLD!
Stop these evil bastards from extracting even more wealth from the world.
This global carbon tax will decimate the poor countries.
This Copenhagen Climate Conference is the scam of the century.
Just another wall st. ponzi scheme to loot the world.
Fear mongering at it's highest degree!
To help save the World we must dismantle the World Banking System. The IMF and the World Bank are the reason nations are forced into poverty. They are the reason for the world wide recession. They are the force destroying the people. Stand up to these lying bastards!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tiger Woods Distraction

Today is opening day. No not a golf championship, although it's hard to tell when all the media wants to talk about is Tiger Woods. It is the opening of the Copenhagen Climate Conference, where rulers from around the world amass in an orgy of writhing in ecstasy over climate cult! Yeah the good ladies of the red light district have even offered free services to conference attendees!(Tiger might be there! Sorry, couldn't resist.) How many private jets, limos, and bottles of champagne will it take to keep the elite happy? What will the carbon footprint of the conference look like? Why did St. Al of the Gore cancel his appearance when this conference was to be his crowning moment?

This climate conference has the possibility of having far reaching ramifications for every person on the planet, yet all we see on the news is Tiger Woods has had affairs with other woman! Who cares? The media have also been silent about climategate, you know, the leaked emails that prove the science behind climate change is equivalent to the moon being made of cheese. However, something closer to home seems to be brewing that could have an immediate impact on ouur economy. Obama seems to be considering, as early as today, formally declaring carbon dioxide a dangerous pollutant! An endangerment finding by the EPA could force limitations on CO2 output. This could be devastating to the economy.

Those of you who remember the May Bilderberg meeting may remember one of the hot topics was whether to crash the U.S. economy hard and fast, or let it burn slow. This EPA mandate would be a huge step in that direction. Obama seems to be dancing on the strings of the masters every whim. The elite have many plans all going at once. They are very intent right now. Let's not be distracted by silly shit right now. We are moving into a critical time of being. Let Tiger Woods play his games, he is only doing what the rich seem to like to do, break the rules then whine about how hard it is to be rich and famous! Oh such problems these poor people have. Let's keep our eye on the prize of learning how to take back our personal power and put an end to all this stupid bullshit, and really start taking care of each other. It will not happen by believing in the scam that is climate change!

1958 Global Warning

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Many people are familiar with Hitler's eugenics program of developing the master race. Few people realize that eugenics was actually imported to Germany from the United States. Eugenics is the practice of selective breeding and the elimination of any people deemed inferior or possessing corrupt or degenerative genes. It's practice in the United States began in the late 1800's.

In 1883, Sir Francis Galton began the social movement known as Eugenics. Galton was half cousin to Charles Darwin and relied heavily on his evolution theory in creating Eugenics. The social philosophy of Eugenics was the promotion of breeding rights to advance certain gene pools thought to be superior to others. Those deemed inferior were subject to segregation, institutionalization, sterilization, medical experimentation, euthanasia, extermination, and ultimately genocide. Some well known Eugenicists include; H.G. Wells, Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, George Bernard Shaw, Margret Sanger, and of course Adolph Hitler.

Groups of people who were targeted by Eugenicists include, African Americans, Chinese, Native Americans, Mexicans, mentally ill, blind, prostitutes, homosexuals, poor, and eventually the Jews. Many other groups were targeted also. It should be noted that many people were opposed to these atrocious actions, but the movement also gained prominence in high society including many prominent universities. Eugenics became known for the sinister plan it really is after the world discovered the genocidal implementation carried out by Hitler on the Jews, Gypsies, and other groups of people deemed impure and degenerative.

Many people would like to believe that Eugenics is totally a thing of the past. Unfortunately, even though the formal movement known as Eugenics, dropped from sight in the social landscape, evidence can be found of surviving branches of the movement still exist. The fact that Eugenics was very prominent within the elite influential people in society, Carnegie and Rockefeller helped fund the group, two perhaps three presidents supported it, I think it is obvious the group went underground. Margret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood was a staunch supporter. Population control, especially among minorities is still a widely pushed agenda. Abortions are widely encouraged also. Population control is just a nice way to say population reduction, of certain groups of people. Eugenics is alive and well in other areas also.

Race specific Bio weapons are something very few people realize exist. Proof of these weapons is difficult to come by. If we look at some diseases we don't have to look very far to find one that targets specific groups of people. Aids is a disease that effects way more people of African decent.
Perhaps a little known fact may help enlighten you as to the intent of certain groups. In 1977 under a mandate from the World Health Organization, millions of small pox vaccines were administered in Africa. One of the ingredients in those vaccines was a secret virus. This virus was the beginning of the Aids epidemic. At the same time the same virus was given to young homosexuals in San Francisco and New York in hepatitis B vaccines administered by the CDC. Interesting how these groups of people were also original targets by the Eugenicists in the original program. This also gives one yet another reason to question the WHO's motivation in
declaring a level 6 pandemic and trying to mandate a world wide vaccination program. Our world is not always so nice, it is often quite the contrary. It should be noted also that the 1918 Spanish Flu was kicked off by the mass vaccination of soldiers. Once they came home they were bring more than just happy homecomings. Guess who funded the vaccinations of all world war 1 troops on both sides of the war? The exact same people who funded the war. The exact same people who funded Eugenics. The exact same people who run the monetary system on the planet today. Yeah, I would say it's a safe bet Eugenics is alive and well today. In the age of political correctness it just went underground! The most recent branch of the Eugenic tree, you ask. The infamous Human Genome Project! Don't take my word for it. Investigate it for yourself!

This is a Test........

This is a test of the emergency broadcast system, had this been an actual emergency you would have been instructed on what to do to avoid immanent and certain death. Had you not followed our instructions if this were an actual emergency you would suffer the most hideous awful painful death ever devised by evil corrupt ass hats like us. This is only a test.

So after watching Mossad and the CIA blow up skyscrapers in New York (boo!) After watching the Patriot Act shoved down our throats( for your own protection from terrorists BOO!) After watching anthrax spread to government officials, later it was proven to come from the CIA. After watching the WAr on Terra proclaimed (your either with us or against us!) After killing 1 million plus people in said wars( they must have been against us) After watching the poppie fields of Afghanistan produce record yield ( CIA are the largest drug distribution network on the planet!) After watching The largest theft of wealth from the people of planet earth (without even a fucking whimper!) After watching the killer swine flu virus released ( Proven bio-weapon created in a lab, probably Fort Dietrich) and subsequent more lethal vaccine (Just get your damned vaccine this is not a conspiracy) After watching the rise of the Global Climate Cult tell us give us your money or you will die like the drowning polar bears! (ManBearPig! BOOOOOO!)
After you suddenly realise ALL of these MANUFACTURED events are for one purpose only............
To help you to understand one simple truth. Have you figured it out yet? I bet you have.

Odds and Ends

The whole premise of studying the exact nature of our reality is to unify the broken pieces. There are many fragments floating about, seemingly unattached to anything tangible. I think that is a fair description of the human condition at times. I have come to understand that two main simultaneous processes occurring together create our perceptions. The inflow and outflow of energy. We experience a constant array of inflowing information through our senses, to be processed by our mind. This happens when we are awake. When we are sleeping our mind continues to process energy flowing through dreams and inner processing. In return we expel energy through interaction and a constant outflow of energy through the electromagnetic field around our body. A constant, reciprocal process, always changing us, helping us to adapt to the inner and outer landscapes of perception. Integration seems to be the goal. An integrated human is operating in a state of kindness and compassion and knows what love is. A fragmented human is frightened, angry, hostile, and often fighting against everything and everyone. We experience all of these things throughout our life. As we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves we learn to not be tricked so easily into reacting to things. Action is thoughtful of intention, where reaction is without consideration. Reaction is a natural, built in, preservation mechanism.

As we further our understanding of ourselves we begin to approach the root of the state of being. A wonderful scientific experiment proved a startling event. Dr. Vladimir Poponin, found through experiments with DNA in a vacuum chamber a phenomena known as the DNA phantom effect.
Here's my oversimplified version of the experiment.

Dr. Poponin took a vacuum chamber and irradiated individual photons with a laser to make them visible. As was expected the photons where dispersed throughout the vacuum chamber. He then added a DNA strand and the photons gathered on the DNA strand. The remarkable part is when he withdrew the strand, the photons maintained the structure of the DNA! Why did they do that? Why did they not return to the dispersed pattern before the DNA strand was introduced? DNA is like a receiver and transmitter of sound and light waves. DNA contains 64 separate activation switches. It has been determined that only 20 switches are active at this time. What about those other 44 receptor, transmitter switches?

Another interesting discovery is in a light particle's ability to express itself in a wave pattern. As a wave pattern flows across the DNA molecule it will make contact at different points. If the wave is a high frequency wave it will have more closer a spacing in the peaks and valleys. If it is a low frequency wave it will be a longer shallower wave profile. We all know the strand of DNA is two pieces interwoven together. High frequency waves, be they light or sound waves intersect the DNA strands in more places than low frequency waves. The higher the rate of intersection the more points of switch activation. It has been learned that the emotions actually effect DNA in just such a way. Anger or fear has a lower vibratory frequency also ironically pulling the DNA strand apart causing fewer connections. Love on the other hand, through it's higher rate of vibration, compresses the DNA strand, increasing the contacts! These things prove in my mind how much intent from an individual affects reality! Fascinating!

Taking this information, it is interesting to see how someone can manipulate others reality. The constant barrage of frightening news has a direct affect on your being in very dramatic ways. Part of the evolutionary process of man is intentionally being manipulated in a very concrete, tangible way, by keeping people in fear. It is the central mode of oppression by the ruling elite. They are very clever in understanding the different methods of social engineering. Fear mongering is one of the most damaging methods. However, another revelation to come from this information is the fact that one person can make a difference! It does not require every single human to understand these concepts. A few, focused, informed individuals can effect all people. Proof of this lies in the DNA experiments. All it takes is the propagation of the high frequency wave energy to effect the quantum background that emanates throughout all time and space! Remember an atom is 99.9999 % space! Another interesting observation is that this information is also found at the heart of all spiritual teachings. The shift is underway right now!
It is inevitable that the dark forces of oppression and fear will be over run by the masses of people who will live in a much different way, despite all the false programing. The simple root force of creation will always prevail, no matter how much someone thinks they can constrain it!
Love in it's purest expression is the natural culmination of creation and evolution of our species. Fear and hate are the vital catalyst to remind us of this simple fact. May we learn our lessons and become that which we know we must be. Peace to you all!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Global Warming Cult, Swine Flu, Economic Meltdown

Remember the ominous warnings of the killer African bees? Or how about Y2K ?( I must admit, I did make sure I had wood for the fireplace that winter!) Well the Global Warming Cult is no different. You see, the whole premise of global warming is of course, man, was scientifically proven to be responsible for the global increase in temperature through carbon emissions. Climategate shattered these illusions. Even though the true agenda is worldwide taxation via a licence to pollute, the underlying driving force behind that is global governance. The one tell tale sign is FEAR! Be afraid of all the catastrophes that you are causing with your destructive lifestyle! St. Albert the Gore is so sure of this he has sold his mansion in Tennessee, stopped flying on jets, and fired his limo driver! Yea RIGHT! The real agenda behind the global warming cult? Control through the passage of the Copenhagen treaty. Worldwide governance by carbon taxation and further control over societies.

Remember the ominous warnings of swine flu in 1976? The government said everyone should get vaccinated to avoid the disease. Many people became very sick from those vaccines. The government spent millions in law suites for that debacle. Then, beyond all reason they try it again! Fear of course being the driver! The really sad part is, many frightened people got the vaccine again, and low and behold, reports start coming in about people getting very sick and some even dying. Meanwhile does the risk of a flu with a mortality rate way less then seasonal flu warrant a proclamation of mass vaccination and a declaration of a national health emergency by Obama? Who is behind all of this insanity? The World Wide Health organization or W.H.O. is. Besides enriching the pharmaceutical industry for their campaign contributions, the other hidden agenda is the world wide control of WHO, the health department arm of global government, over the health (death) policies of all nations. In case you have not been keeping track on your official Illuminati score card, this would be the primary organization for population control and implementation of the eugenics program the Elite are so fond of. (I so want to grow up and be like them, Inbreeding and ritual abuse and worshiping the likes of Lucifer and Satan! NOT!)

Remember the ominous warning from the Federal Reserve in September of 2008? Give us your money or the economy will melt down and marshal law will be ordered. Once again fear is used to force the issue! Well the Federal Reserve is an arm of the Rothschild banking cartel that is centered in London England. The world banking system which our federal reserve is a part of, is made up of the richest international bankers headed by the Rothschild family. The Rockefeller are the Rothschild arm in America. These people have funded both sides of every major war since Napoleon. They are also the perpetrators of every recession and depression that has ever occurred. All Federal taxes collected from us fund this international baking cartel. All debt owed by the federal government to the federal reserve is illegal and unconstitutional! What is the agenda behind control of the economies of the world? I think you get the picture.

All three of these main control mechanisms have one main thing in common. I can not stress this enough. They are all driven by fear. Fear is always the method for promoting deception. It is the constant state of fear that provides the person the inability to think properly. Main stream news media knows this all to well. Fear keeps you locked in the fight or flight mode. Is it any wonder why violence is so prevalent and we have this constant need to flee and run away from reality however we possibly can. There are many other ways the elite effect us. That will be for another post. If we recognize and take a proactive stand to no longer permit these intrusions into our lives, you would be amazed at the results. It is happening now. The more we see it, the more we talk about it, the easier it is for others to break free from it also. The tide has turned on many of these fronts. They will try their very best to enact these plans. They will succeed in some aspects and fail in others. We will never give up in striving for a world free from oppression and fear and control. It is what we do!

Down in a Hole

I have spent the better part of 25 yrs. searching for truth, both inside and outside. I have hung out with American Natives learning their spiritual ways, I have spent countless hours in reading and contemplation. The culmination of my search leading me to my present state of being. I have not achieved total enlightenment, and I probably never will, in this lifetime. I have learned that as disturbing as the truth may be at the time, it always leads me to a place of peace and well being, eventually. To my fellow seekers out there I wish you many hours of astonishment and confusion, for as any seasoned truth seeker knows, the dismantling of deception requires a death of sorts to belief systems that no longer hold up under scrutiny. My personal life has been comprised of turmoil and upheaval for many years. It has only been in the last year and a half that my life has calmed. I suppose as a direct result of letting go of certain naive belief systems that I held on to way longer than their true usefulness would deem necessary. I am a slow learner. Once I do finally get it, I embrace it, until the next bout of upheaval roots out the unnecessary beliefs. It is a process likened to peeling in onion. There are always layers of truth and deception to be dealt with.

Down in a hole represents my findings as a result of this constant, ongoing process. I am always changing. I am always honored when someone points out any misconception or distortion in my findings. I certainly never claim to know it all. I always welcome criticism, and it doesn't have to be limited to constructive, as destructive is equally as important. I do not have much of a need for self satisfaction as I suffer from no delusions of grandeur. I am as regular a guy as they come.
I have learned the importance of accepting new and different realities on a regular basis. This often accompanies the likes of admittance to being wrong or misguided on many occasions, to numerous to list! I am not paid or solicited by any outside force or agency. I do not try to engage in fear mongering, even though my findings may be unsettling. I have no political, religious affiliations, though at times do agree with certain works of certain individuals. Ah but the joys of keeping the ego in proper prospective! So as you read my perspective it is always issued with a reminder. These are my opinions, often supported with years of searching, but all the same they are mine. I do not wish that anyone would BELIEVE what I am stating here without doing some of their own research. Hence the name "Down in a Hole". My only intent is to show you some holes in some of the belief systems that you may wish to go down into and investigate for yourself. One thing I can assure you. Nothing is entirely as it seems to be. The most solid, firmly grounded constructs of society, are beginning to crack and break down from the immense stress and strain from the newly emerging energy that is human consciousness. These are the most terrifying times and these are the most exciting times! May we all find and maintain balance and peace of mind and heart as we continue are adventure as time/space traveling entities. Many fantastic truths lie waiting to be accepted. Hang on cause the ride is about to get good, or bad, depending of course on your perspective. I have come to believe we are here to experience a galactic- evolutionary moment of epic proportions! When will it happen? Now! And every moment that happened before, and everyone that occurs in the future! Happy hole searching.
Oh, by the way, the red pill is the only way to go in life!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The War On Climate

We are all aware of the accuracy of our local weather forecasters. The running joke is it is the only job you can be wrong half the time, and still have a job! If short term forecasts are nearly impossible to get right, why the hell does anyone believe weather can be forecasted 50 or 100 years in the future? How did we get to the place where we are the ones to blame for the weather?
If you look closely, it's been are carefully constructed plan. A plan that was carried out in secret. It is most certainly a conspiracy, and it's not a theory, it's a fact! It's a declared war on climate! It's known as climate change. The ironic thing is, the climate changes all the time. We are not causing it. It is nature, you know that force on our planet that is out of our control. It controls us, remember, it makes us put shorts on when it's hot, and put a coat on when it's cold. How far removed from reality have we become? The cherry on the top is to blame CO2 for these changes!

If you look back you can trace where this insanity has come from. The Club of Rome was formed in 1968. A global think tank formed by some of the richest most powerful people on the planet. A direct arm of the ruling elite. Together with the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, and the Council of Foreign Affairs, these groups have worked hand in hand with one goal in mind. Complete global dominance over the planet.

If you research their collective agendas you will discover that some key ideas such as the environmental movement and overpopulation came into being. I want to be very clear on one thing. The leading environmental groups started out as very good groups, devoted to truly educating people on the affects of pollution, and some wonderful solutions to these problems. As is always the case, and please always remember, these people operate in the shadows, hijacking organizations that have very good intentions. That's how they get so far with their agendas, hiding behind legitimate, beneficial causes. They very slowly infiltrate and assume control. This is exactly what has happened with the environmental movement morphing into global warming, which was global cooling in the late 70's, to finally climate change, so that all the bases are covered. The agenda in Copenhagen is hiding behind beneficial actions, which is why so many people support it.

Climategate is something everyone should study closely. Also remember we live in a political false paradigm. In the U.S. there is the appearance of two parties opposing each other. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Both are bought and paid for by the massa! You will get moments of truth from either side from time to time, but it is ALWAYS a perfectly measured, controlled opposition, never allowing the rabbit hole to lead too close to the truth. The system is genius! Very clever. I would say it ensnares 90% of the rabbits! The truth is there to see.

Copenhagen is a front for global governance. They are not even trying to hide it anymore. They are blatantly proclaiming this in the open. They believe they are unstoppable. As you research, you will find that the plan to cripple the U.S.A. has long been on the drawing board. They have done this through moving the heavy industry out of the country. They will continue to weaken the dollar since they control the supply of dollars. (Research the Federal Reserve). The carbon trading ponzi scheme is a wall st.- global banking scam to finish the job. The E.U. is in place. The U.N. will be the global governing body. All countries that do not sign on to the treaty will be locked out of the coming global green economy. This will spell complete ruin for a country. The taxes imposed on rich countries are said to be given to the poor countries. Nothing is farther from the truth. The IMF would be the global body responsible for redistributing wealth. They will do nothing of the sort. They will only continue their loan shark ways further decimating any countries who agree to accept their loans. The third world countries will be completely stripped of their natural resources. The U.S. will be forced into the role of global army to enforce the oppressive laws of the world government. There has never been a more important time to oppose a treaty in the history of humanity. The dark age that would ensue as a result of the global fascist government would be catastrophic to humanity, also serving to accomplish their goal of reducing the population of the planet by 90%!

Fortunately for us they will not succeed in enacting their plan. There will be some challenging times ahead of us. Removal of the federal reserve banking system will be the death knell of world government. Removal of the Zionist controlled politicians and media would be another step. These things may seem impossible but they are not. The forces seeking to control through fear and intimidation are growing weaker daily. We will see some great changes very soon. You will be amazed at future events. Do not fear and align yourself to be of service to your fellow man. And of course do not be afraid to oppose that which seeks to enslave you!

All The World's A Stage

Television, in all it's electronic glory, or gory, in all it's grandeur, and degradation, in all it's ability to hijack the human soul, is without question the mind control device of the century. From electronic alpha waves, to subliminal messages, to outright leading propaganda arm of the government, no single device has done more to shape consciousness than television. Until now.

Enter the Internet. There is a battle going on. A battle to determine supremacy of dispersing information. We live in the age of information. It is a shame. As long as there exists people who wish to control, the battle will rage. It has been this way since the beginning of man. There is even a story about it in the bible. It has to do with an apple from the tree of knowledge. Thus the first conspiracy theory was born! Those who began to conspire have never looked back. Eve knew enough not to remain a slave to ignorance. Adam's punk ass chickened out! The rest is history, so we our taught. Stories have enormous power. Some more than others. But I digress.........again.

As I have wrote on this blog many times, many false paradigms vie for our attention. Unless you make a serious attempt to align with the truth you inevitably live by deceit. Why should you care? It is very obvious the devil's playground is here on earth. It is very obvious that most people care nothing about anything but amassing more toys and playing with them, pretending that all the foundations of life are made of stone and will never change or, god forbid, crumble to dust before their very eyes. The ruling class, rich, elite live this way. Don't be fooled again. They are extremely knowledgeable about you. They have made you willingly embrace your slavery. They have done this through controlling your mind. Electronic media being the strongest yoke.

They are the plague. Even though you willingly embrace their game, you know deep down inside all good things must come to an end, as all bad things will also. The game is rigged. You have been lied to since birth. The very event that strikes the utmost fear in their tiny little hearts is happening as you read this blog. There is a vast, growing contingent of awakening people that, despite all odds, are no longer deceived by their petty little games. Despite all the efforts of control, fear mongering, surveillance, and threats, they are losing control of you. They will no longer be needed, very soon!

They exist for one reason. To be the catalyst to wake you up from this dream and save yourself! No one is going to come do it for you. Not Jesus, not E.T., not Obama. Although once we mature to the point of no longer needing them, I suspect we will receive all the proof we need of all those things. You, in all your unique splendor, and amazing potential are who you have been waiting for. All the world's a stage, and as you take your place on it, all those who came before you breathe a collective sigh of relief as you shed your fear and doubt about yourself. All those who come after you give thanks for your efforts. Bow only to that person in the mirror, and treat all others with the same respect. Resist all who wish to convince you, you are nothing more than fertilizer for their grand plan of enslavement. They can force you to work. They can make you pay taxes. They can manipulate you in many ways, but only if you allow them to. Keep inside you, truth to your being. They can curse you, they can slander, they can imprison, and they will eventually kill. They can not break your will to keep pure your intent of being. That truth will always be reborn, into an ever increasing expression that will one day override all the malicious intent that ever was. Do yourself a simple favor. Turn off the mind control box that is known as the television. Sit with your silence. Deep within the silence lies the truth of your being. Know that many others are doing this now also. You are not alone in your search. You have never been alone. The proof of the power of the silence is all around you. The proof is in the decaying and crumbling infrastructure of oppression. All the systems are collapsing. Do not be afraid. When all others run about in fear and panic, remain silent in your truth of being. You will understand soon, if you don't already. This is only a test......................

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The 12 Days

I will PROMISE you this!

Obama is expected to announce an escalation in the war. 30,000-35,000 troops are expected to be deployed. Just thought you might like to remember O's promise of the first thing he was going to do! Democrat or Republican don't make a damn bit of difference. They all dance on the end of the same puppet master's string!
You can take that to the bank!

Gibbs on Climate Ghange

Yes the climate is changing, every day, everywhere, all of the time. You must understand control must be maintained over this terrifying development! The cows are farting too much, and all those mouth breathers in America are polluting the atmosphere with excessive CO2! We must put a stop to this before killer tidal waves come and eat all our children. THIS IS A CODE RED WARNING!!!