Saturday, May 16, 2009

Control Paradigm

Once you start to question the reality of your life you begin to realize that we all are brainwashed to one degree or another. We have been sold a bill of goods. By our very nature we our societal animals. No one really wants to be cast out of their social group. It is a very frightening experience. To question the very societal paradigms we have all put our trust in takes a lot of intestinal fortitude. Many of us are doing just that. How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go? Just as an experiment I ask you to suspend your beliefs for a moment. Just as an exercise I ask you to allow your thoughts to venture out into uncharted territory to consider an idea. What if EVERYTHING you have been taught was centered around making you dependent on something or someone? What if your religion was nothing more than a control paradigm to rob you of your self worth? What if your government was nothing more than a series of laws and rules designed to rid you of your freedoms and liberties? What if the very world you know and love is all just an outer illusion, and in the truest sense of the word, does not exist in reality at all. What if science, the beloved study of proven facts, was nothing more than a sham to keep you contained in the knowable, proven, accepted reality that is before your very eyes? What if you were actually participating in an agreed upon illusion, in order to teach your conscious self the true nature of your soul? What if you agree, before you are born here, to a set up set of experiences, good and bad, to lead you to a place where you realize, this is all just a game? What if you suddenly woke up one day and knew that dying is just an illusion, and you never really die you just transform? Would you be afraid anymore if you knew, this is just a temporary state that is designed to be "REAL" in order for you to "buy in" to the game? The fact of the game to me is, it doesn't really matter what the game tries to do to you. What matters is what do you do to the game. Do you perpetuate the pain and suffering on others, or do you try to alleviate the turmoil? No matter where you are in your souls development, it's okay. Very old souls can live with very young souls quite easily. There's room for us all. Chances are if you are reading this blog you are at a crossroads in life. There is no such thing as accidents. I can assure you with all my being, the control paradigm is a mass produced, mass accepted, false reality, that once recognized, will melt away like an ice cream cone in summer! Just be yourself. Stop letting, religion, government, society, mass media, think for you. You know what I'm saying is true. Deep inside that inner voice dying to Say something is stirring. Listen to it. There is so much more going on here! This is the most powerful class room our souls have ever designed! Learn the simple lessons so we can all graduate! Peace, and liberty to you all. May you all be truly blessed with love and compassion each and every day!