Sunday, May 31, 2009

Left vs. Right

As we continue down our merry way we inevitably come to a place where we realize that things aren't always as they seem. Something clicks, and just simply doesn't make sense. We ask ourselves a question. We are often afraid to ask out loud for fear of appearing stupid, or for fear of causing a problem. Ask enough questions and people label you a trouble maker. I have earned just such a label many times in my life. I actually have an aversion to following the herd to the point of out right rebelliousness. If I notice too many people sharing the same ideas I get nervous. I suppose it would be considered a phobia of sorts. So as more and more people awaken to what are quite obvious realities to me, my space becomes crowded. One particular exception I can make comes in the division of the political left vs. the political right. When you go as far down the rabbit hole (down in a hole) as you dare go things begin to take on a slightly different meaning in life. I love my country and everything that it is supposed to stand for. I also know there are many people out there that feel the exact same way as I do. All ages, all races, all political affiliations. All religions, the rich, and the poor, the gay and the straight. ALL OF US! This country was supposed to be founded on the principle that any person feeling persecuted or oppressed could immigrate here and start a new life, with certain inalienable, god given rights. A REPUBLIC, based on these rights with laws to protect the people. Many warnings were given to us by our founding fathers to remind us of our responsibilities as citizens. Many of our own ancestors gave their life in order to allow future generations to prevail in our country. How many citizens would die for these rights today? Today, I am asking everyone to awaken from the lies and stand as one people against the true enemy that has infiltrated our beloved nation. Our common enemy seeks to deceive us in many ways. None more effective then to divide us into two perfectly opposed groups, forcing us all to fall within the narrow parameters of these two groups. The truth of the matter is there are several different, wonderful ideas that make us all up. We are all very complex and unique. The enemy would have you believe your neighbor is the real enemy. Or anyone that doesn't look like you, or act like you, or think like you. Our political system is supposed to be comprised of two political parties. This is one of the more dangerous lies being accepted as truth today. Our congress, our house of representatives, our president all answer to the same group of people. They are supposed to answer to us, the people of this country, but they do not. They are completely bought for and paid in full by the corporate menace, that many have and are trying to warn us of. Powerful, rich, lobbyists, have completely hijacked, and taken over control. The last part of their mission, to control and enslave the entire population. While we argue conservative vs. liberal, they continue to pass legislation that continues to attack and erode our economy, our rights, our ability to rationally think for ourselves without being deluded by their constant cooperate programing that not only lies to you, but threatens the very existence of your family as well as mine. They have been poisoning the water with fluoride, telling you it is necessary for your teeth. They have systematically removed all the vitamins and nutrition from your food, made health care into a pharmaceutical bonanza for drug makers and insurance companies alike. They have convinced you to buy a house, drive a gas guzzling S.U.V., buy all the toys you could possibly want. Then try to convince you that YOU are the one destroying the environment by your reckless ways. Soon they will try to levy a carbon tax on your lifestyle, that they convinced you was your right. They tax you to death, then turn around and give the money that is supposed to be helping us to their rich, ponzi scheme, bankster buddies. One of the most soundest economic principles would be to end the Federal Reserve banking system. Do your research. This system, that began in 1913, is one of the main reasons we are in the situation we are in today. Left unabated, our upcoming depression will make the great depression appear like kindergarten. Lets not forget the wars we were lied into by one administration just to be continued by the next, and expanded it appears! Or lets not forget the thousands of innocent people that were killed that day in September, by box cutter wielding terrorists from a cave in Afghanistan (WINK!) How many assaults will it take? The landscape is littered with rabbit holes, all begging to be explored. Stop tripping on the damn things and go down one and check it out. My friends, they are fighting us from a unified, powerful, advanced position. The only way we stand a chance, is to set aside our juvenile differences, and band together in a overwhelming opposing force of one, and civilly disobey them. We must get off our asses, clean ourselves up, and take responsibility for ourselves, empowering ourselves, standing together as one. Divided we fall. The enemy is within. Once you realize that, the real work can begin. Cleaning up the god awful mess we have aloud to take place. We owe it to ourselves. We owe it to our children. We owe it to the rest of the world! Why not go viral with making this Independence day, the day we reclaim our country. Tell your friends, family, anyone and everyone. Take a stand. It may be our last chance. The enemy is not the conservative republicans, or the liberal democrats, or the vast majority of middle of the road, conscious, hard working Americans. It is your government, carrying out the agenda of the rich elite multinational bankers, seeking to control the whole world. You may not like that, but it is the simple truth! PEACE! To all I wish happiness and the right to pursue it, no matter who you are! And under no circumstances allow yourselves to be sucked into their little game. They want you to fight. Then they have the reason to kick our asses and lock us down. The only way this battle can be won is through peaceful means. CIVILLY DISOBEY THE MASTERS!!! NO IS THE WORD!!!

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