Friday, May 22, 2009

Personal Observations

The ruling elite are losing their grip on society. They are falling into disarray as we continue to shine the light of reason upon them. I personally have no doubt we are on the verge of a new time of awakening and understanding in our world. It is a very hectic time, of rapidly evolving ideas and change. As with any change of this magnitude it will not be without some turmoil. As I am wholehearted in my support of all investigators who are trying to teach the public of the true nature of our dilemma, I would also caution against becoming afraid of such information. Fear is what they seek. Rage is what they seek. This is not just a material control scheme. It has a spiritual component as well. Please try to keep in mind, when the game is projected on the world stage, it is the culmination of every ones lesson needs at once. Some of us need the jolts of the outer world more than others. These ruling elite have a very negative need to create complete chaos and destruction that goes all the way back to their inception. They truly believe that they are doing what is best for mankind. They truly believe they are the pinnacle of evolution and anything they do for their advancement is within their rights as controllers, and overlords. They have become Gods in their own minds. They view themselves as unstoppable, and morally superior to all other humans. They set the agenda, they are to be obeyed at all cost. We are possessions to them, to be used at their leisure. To be sacrificed and enslaved. They have created the control mechanisms that they are above. In other words, while the rest of us are trying to play by the rules, they break them constantly. They create the problems, feed off of the response, then present the solution to the problem, which rarely helps and usually only worsens the problem, then feed off the negative responses to that. It is a perfect, self contained, self perpetuating, hell that their seems to be no way out of. There is a way out. But first a little more insight into the overlords game, and what is happening to their organization. Please also keep in mind, you can not fight them with violence. You must learn to confront them from a spiritually informed place of love and strength, that gives you the understanding of what civil disobedience means, and how best to pursue it effectively.

Right now, as you read these words, there is a war going on inside a war. There has been a coup going on inside the ruling elite. First you have the Rothschild faction, they would be the Illuminati, the luciferian occultists who have ties to multiple different groups including free masonry. Then you have the recently developed, Neocon faction, comprised of far right, evangelical, corporate banking elite( Bush, Cheney, Rockefeller's) also free masons. Now as the Bilerberg meetings prove, these groups comprise the overall group but there are disagreements within the group overall. They are both negative, they both wish to strip us of our rights and our wealth. They both are consumed with the need to control us. They are also secretly afraid of us. The main reason for controlling us is to keep us from realizing our true nature of being. For if we realized what that is, there would be absolutely no need for government, religion, law enforcement, courts and prisons, societal control structures, none of it!! That terrifies them! They would no longer be needed. The only way they remain in power is to deceive us with the belief we need all these things to have a order. But look how well the system is working! It is literally a house of cards ready to fall at any moment. There also is another faction of very highly developed, masonic masters, that I believe exists to undermine all of the ruling elite's efforts. They will never truly be known in the public mind, but I suspect they are there. They are the branch, of our masonic founding fathers. They are spiritually empowered through the cornerstone of secret, masonic teachings, combined with the positive energy of love for us all. They wish no harm on any of us. They seek only to teach us who we really are. However they may not directly violate our free will. They believe in, and follow universal law, as deemed by the enlightened ones who could truly be considered gods in the loosest sense. I have every reason to believe the late Joseph Campbell was one of these "White Hat Masons". Now please keep in mind this is an extremely simplified version, as there are many other components involved, including a oriental secret society putting tremendous pressure on the Bilderberg group to stand down. So where to go from here?

As I said at the close of the first paragraph, there are solutions. We need to understand that old methods of fighting are not going to work. If we Overwhelm them with force we will end up with a system very similar to what we have now. What we need is truth. What we need is a place where scarcity is not focused upon, but solutions for abundance are realized. That can only happen in a spiritually mature society, not obsessed with material growth, but with spiritual growth. Trust and love and expanding our understanding of our true nature of being. This not only can come about, but will come about. As long as I breath, I will accept nothing less than that. I give you my word as a human BEING , I will continue in every way possible, to try and teach and live this understanding. The time has come to change the lesson plan of the worlds stage. It no longer reflects the needs of the people. The beginning to doing just that lies in civilly disobeying authority on the grounds of answering to a higher authority. This will take tremendous courage and a complete understanding that this is indeed more important than living here in fear. I will respectfully disobey. I will not be bought, or enslaved, or killed. My true being is much more than this physical body. My mind shall not be stopped from expecting the very best conditions for us all! Even in death I will not abandon this mission. This I give my word to the universe. I KNOW WHO I AM! I ALSO KNOW WHO YOU ARE! All we need to do is stand up, and do what is right. We will succeed. Our children will not have to live like this. I will accept nothing else. May you all have a wonderful weekend, and make sure to love and protect each other with all your intent. May you all be well and happy. Don't be afraid of them, they are losing their power, everyday! Peace!


  1. "Language is on fire- the launch starts here-
    The warning of the word goes out to all the above, to all the below, and to all that have been cast aside
    For everyone who is re-energized, criticized, or disguised, from the roof of the powerhouses to the ground floor of your soul.
    To all who can fathom a subsidiary atmosphere and to all that can listen to the sound of cyber-fear.
    Chim-chim's bad-ass revenge equals the imaginative mind that enables us to resist strategies of containment brought onto us by political thunderwhores.
    It's the coming of the digital freakswing versus ape kills master - if you try you will catch on!
    Inhospitable cellular chaingangs and the slavespeak of consumerism are the monsters of plastic that await behind the hidden corners of the new hype.
    The surrender of our dignities and the disintegration of the WHAMMO FRISBEE within us all are the side effects of the emerging
    techno-psychology. The pushbutton landscape of the coming millenia and it's intellectual discriminations can't be avoided - they can only be downgraded,repudiated and anthropocentrically renovated. The history-distorting legislative heartbeat of the coming century aligns itself with weakness and over-indulgence.
    Chim-chim's badass revenge suggests that you structure your acceptance of the frequencies according to HOPE IN MAN AND A KICK-ASS OUTLOOK"

  2. Those negatives you are talking about ended up with more of the "alien" dna in them then some of the rest of us.

    The ones who made us were exactly the same.

    Back then they had to have humans that would supervise the rest while they were away....

    and so they begot themselves over and over right up until today!

    What do you think about all that? (wink)