Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baxter International

Here is some interesting information about Baxter International. You may remember Baxter is the company that "Accidentally" shipped live avian flu virus, in vaccines, shipped to 18 different countries. They are the lead manufacturer for the H1N1 swine flu vaccine for the bulk of the governments vaccine order. Hm. I feel safe already! PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT THE UNSAFE VACCINES!

Here is some information on petitioning the right to self quarantine, in the event of a declared mass outbreak. Many people are fearing that the government will force citizens to either accept the vaccine or be in violation of the law, and be locked up. No such law exists that I am aware of. Vaccines could be required to allow citizens to go out in public. (Vaccinations are already required for children to attend school. All but two states allow for religious reasons to deny vaccines. Home schooled children are not required to be vaccinated.) Even if it is not deemed, Illegal to refuse the H1N1 swine flu vaccine, I fear officials will make it very difficult to refuse, by generating a mass panic through propaganda aimed at suggesting people will be put at risk, by those refusing vaccination. Nothing is further from the truth! The evidence clearly states, that vaccines will kill as many as the virus! There is clear evidence that the World Health Organization, working in concert with the Center of Disease Control, created this new, never seen before virus, a combination H1N1 swine flu, H5N1 bird flu, H3N2 human flu, to be released, to "SEED" the public, then to produce the vaccine to "Save" the public. If it pans out that people of brown skin, die at a much higher rate, than people of white skin, it is very safe to say this is a race specific bio weapon. Not unlike AIDS, kills far more people of African descent than any other people.

You should understand that this game of creating the calamity, using the main stream media to fan the flames of fear, then producing the solution to the calamity, is the oldest trick in the book to keep the unaware public in need of the protection of the rulers. The ruling Elite cement their position as the benevolent overlords, by appearing to have the best interests of the people as their motivation. The reality is, they are only interested in profits from the calamity. Be it war, disease, starvation. The extremely wealthy international bankers and the corporations and governments that support them are only interested in power and control. They see this swine flu as a wonderful way to rid the planet of the excessive useless eaters that are what they define as the TRUE curse of the world. This flu is just one of many tools in their arsenal of contempt against us ordinary folks.

Again I ask you, DO YOU TRUST THEM? I don't! I can also give you many reasons why you shouldn't either. Please, take a vary long look around you. Consider what is important to you. If you honestly think I am full of shit, that's fine. But if you sense something is not quite right, welcome. Follow your instincts. Trust your intuition, and learn about the reality of our world. Only by honestly accepting the true nature of the situation can we discover the way to best affect the changes to make this world safe and free for all people. Be well, and be blessed. And please, DO NOT ACCEPT THE UNSAFE VACCINES!!!

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