Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mainstream News Media

To pick up a paper of watch the nightly news is just downright painful. I have not watched T.V. for a couple years now. What passes for news is incredible. When you detach from the program it is real obvious how easy it is to trick people. If you watch, you think you are getting real information but your really not. Your getting mesmerized. For instance, if you happen to question anything about what happened on 9-11 according to Fox news, you could be a terrorist. If you would like to see the Federal Reserve Bank audited, you could be a terrorist. If you support Ron Paul you could be a terrorist. There is incredible spin to lump, white supremacists, Ron Paul supporters, 9-11 truth movement people, veterans, with terrorism! Hello? I have even seen a story saying al qaeda are willing to work with these groups! Come on. How ridicules does it have to get for people to wake up? How long are we to continue trusting these people? How about the newest Wall st. trend. The so called "Green Movement". Brought to you by the same people who got the wonderful corporate bailouts because the Banks were to big to fail. Do not take my word on it. Research for yourself. See who good old Al Gore is partners with in his new company. See what they are up to. See how much more filthy rich the same people who brought us the recession, are going to get when they pass their carbon tax along with cap and trade. Please, open your eyes to the reality before you. Please research the Bilderberg group. See what these people are up to. Look at the World Health Organization. Your being fed a line of shit every night. And now they are trying to demonize the last groups of people who try to stand up to them. The time is now. Peaceful, civil, disobedience is what we must do. Say no now, or we will not have the chance latter. Time is running out folks! Wake up and turn off your tvs!


  1. "Television, the Drug of the nation, spreading lies and feeding radiation"
    ~Michael Franti and the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy

    "Television, the Drug of the Nation, spreading lies and feeding radiation" ~Michael Franti and the Dispoable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy

    Back in the early 90's they moved TV news into the "entertainment" divisions of the Corporations, and now instead of reporting events, they "tell stories" as if they are Hollywood. The 24-hour cable news channels think they are "journalists" by asking someone on a cellphone what they "sense" about a situation, in lieu of actually asking about FACTS.

  2. The adjective "green" has been turned into a valueless buzzword by Madison Ave. It is applied to products and corporations that are the very antithesis of environmentally safe.