Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Truth About the Left / Right Paradigm

The truth must be understood. The impact these lackeys are having on our society is astounding. I am talking about our government. I have been quietly sitting back waiting for Obama to turn away from the abyss and save the day. I honestly don't see it happening gang. I PRAY I AM WRONG!

Last week house vote on cap and trade carbon tax is one step closer to the abyss. This is one step closer to the end of OUR sovereignty. If the senate passes this bill, Obama is sure to sign it! GAME OVER SHEEPLE! Put your fucking chains on, get in line for your fucking death shot of flu vaccine, so you can go stand in another line with your fucking food voucher, to get your weekly ration of genetically modified shit to put into your already weakened body! WAKE UP! Do you realize how many jobs this bullshit carbon tax will cost this country? All for fighting against this bullshit fabricated story about global warming! Oh sorry its called climate change now. The only thing this carbon tax is, is a way for global banks to squeeze more fucking money out of us, while making that fucker, Al Gore, one rich bastard elitist, to fit right in with the rest of those lying scum! GET MAD! GET FURIOUS! THIS IS YOUR KIDS FUTURE THESE BASTARDS ARE STEALING. So what are you going to do? Sit on your ass and watch t.v.?

Here's one thing you can do. Call your fucking senator. Tell them, NO WAY, to the cap and trade carbon tax! Tell all your family and friends to do the same! Meanwhile wake up to the fact we are all being played by this stupid Republican, Democrat bullshit! THEY ARE THE SAME! They answer to the global elitists. They are the Federal Reserve, the United Nations, The World Health Organization. The Trilateral Commission. The Council on Foreign Affairs. The Bilderbergs, The Bohemian Grove assholes. Do the research. Learn about the luciferean worshipping occultists who control the world. These people are sick, savages who kill, rape, and steal from everyone. That's the simple truth. Don't believe me, look into it for your self. Or just go back to your little TV programs, and go back to sleep. It will all be OK in the morning! In the meantime, if you are still reading this, thank you if you are, you have intestinal fortitude, Watch this video by Ron Paul, one of the handful of politicians worth a shit, in this country!

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