Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I Am A FULL-MOONER!!! This is awesome. Watch how anybody who questions anything in the government is lumped together to be classified as INSANE! Of course you have the out the side of the mouth reference to Ron Paul, along with the reference to 9-11 TRUTHERS. I love how they create new words to try and discredit things that oppose their interests. As they are going on and on, notice how all things are tied up in a nice, tidy, package. Anyone who questions the government is insane! I find this extremely hilarious. Do they realize that they, the people who support the federal government, 100 per cent, are in the minority? Do you think they realize this in their little fairy tale lives, of high salaries, preforming for the cameras, spouting their telepromted propaganda, like little wooden puppets on strings? The best part is, there are people out there in tv land nodding in approval, joining the rest of the heard , bleating in unison, their indoctrinated language of sheepleneese. Let's see how well all the trusting masses do when they roll up their sleeves in the fall! " Oh my government would never do anything to hurt me, Chris Mathews said so." Well Chris, as this Full-Mooner would say, pucker up buddy, and plant a nice big smooch right on my.......( Oh sorry, I can't say that, I might be considered a cyber bully for hurting Chris's feelings!)

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