Monday, July 13, 2009

No Shoes Required

Come as you are, stay as long as you like, just bring a willingness to change. That's really all we have to do. No matter what happens, if we are willing to let go of old ways, that no longer serve a useful purpose, we can learn new things to take their place. As long as we try. As long as we never give in to the little voice inside that says "It's hopeless".

I sometimes feel like giving up on trying to help people understand that things aren't always as they seem in this place. I can not profess to know exactly what will happen. Many times things occur that I never dream of. Sometimes I am so far off base with an outcome, I laugh at myself and think, what the hell was I thinking? Then there are other moments where I hit it on the money.

I have been told by countless people to stop trying to change things, that the only thing you can change in the world is yourself, and many people can't even do that! I have thought about those words very carefully. I have decided that it is true, to the extent that a person will change, if and when they see fit. I also think that just because a person thinks they don't want to change, doesn't necessarily mean they wont. Circumstance will dictate, at a moments notice what will happen next. The wild card is always how a person will act, or react to a given situation. We all have a unique set of experiences, and unique ways of dealing with things that are often overlooked in daily life. When we are suddenly thrusted into an unfamiliar situation we will respond in a certain way. Many of us never know how we will respond in these situations. Until we are there.

A fantastic example of a group dynamic playing out in a situation is a catastrophic event. The event of the decade for us was 9-11. The shock of the event changed us forever. No matter how you responded, it changed you that day. You may have been saddened or you may have been outraged, or a mixture of all kinds of extremely powerful feelings. The fact remains, we were transformed into something very different, than what we were before the event.

No matter what you think happened that day, the fact remains, many people lost something near and dear to them. Many people also gained something that day. I think we can all agree, a crime against humanity was committed that day. 9-11 was my personal wake up call. It was through that event I realized that things are not as they seem around here. That was the moment I completely lost all trust in my federal government. I have not looked back. 9-11 was a disgusting, mass sacrifice, of the most diabolical extreme that I ever seen. (Of course history is littered with far worse crimes against humanity but at the time my little brainwashed, materialistic, whitewashed world did not include those events).

Mass hypnosis prevailed that day, and still does. Until you wake up to the fact, you will probably continue falling prey to the ever increasing intensity of events. 9-11 has worn off on many people. The next event will have to be even bigger than that. I do not know exactly what they have up their sleeve, but I do know, an economic collapse, coupled with a weaponized bio attack (swine flu) could be just the event. The flu frenzy just the ticket for distraction from the economy, then the cause for the collapse. (Mexico's devastated tourist season proof is of that).

My hope in telling you all of this is not to try and make you feel overwhelmed. My hope is you will research these things and make up your OWN mind, and then with that information, act or change, according to how you see fit. Knowledge is power. The power to affect change, the power to not freely hand over your rights. The power to resist if we must. The power to reclaim our dignity and self worth. The power to be free again, and we will only regain our freedom if we are willing to be responsible for it. The power to be a person who is not afraid to think for themselves, as is not afraid to help others, and possess an open heart to care about others.

Come as you are, stay as long as you like. There are no shoes required to join this club!

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  1. sometimes I feel that we have been fighting for our freedom for all of our lifetimes :(