Thursday, July 30, 2009

World Homicide Organization

World homicide organization, I have seen this phrase in a couple of different articles that refer to WHO (World Health Organization). I find it increasingly accurate. This article, which appears in the American Chronicle is a very good wrap up of where we stand now.

The article, states that WHO's special vaccine advisory board, was mostly made up of top executives from the largest pharmaceutical companies. Imagine that. It further states that the minutes to this meeting are not released to the public. In other words, kept secret. If they are truly concerned about the health and well being of the planet's population, why the secrecy?

People have been conditioned to be naive. People, for the most part, want to believe our leaders have the same values we do. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It has been proven time and time again. We must let go of this childish notion that we will be protected and saved from the perils outside of us by these very people who are causing most of the threats. This is always been how they operate. They firmly believe in Order from Chaos! They create the threat, then come out and provide the solution. They are masterful at controlling the masses in this manner.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear. These people of power are not the same as you as you and I. They are intentionally created psychopaths. They have no remorse, they have no feelings of love or kindness, they are very convincing actors. These people's training begins at birth, and sometimes before. Their training consists of every conceivable form of abuse imaginable, and abuses most can't even conceive of. They are compromised in every way imaginable. From physically, to spiritually and all points in between. Systemic abuse creates heartless, soulless, obedient slaves. We all suffer from this on one degree or another. It is our adolescent behaviour as mankind, as a species, moves through puberty, into adulthood. We are still children.

Believe what you want, as that is always your right. When I started my whole hearted quest for the truth, I had no idea where it would take me. Some of my perceptions may be wrong. If I discover them, I will amend myself immediately. This created virus, known as the swine flu is, in my opinion, an orchestrated event, to coincide with a systemic collapse of our economy, thus confusing the exact nature, and cause of the collapse. It also creates a more obedient, subservient population, that is easier to manage for the powers that be. The truth is, as I see it, they control our economic system through the World banking system and the IMF, they control main stream dissemination of information through television, and newspapers, and are feverishly working on the internet, they control our health through the World Health Organization. They are also working on the religious front to combine all religions into one, all encompassing, NEW AGE RELIGION. Guess who sits at the top of the power structure, casting their all seeing eye over everyone? Believe what you want, but I strongly recommend preparing yourself for the inevitable challenges that lie ahead. Be strong inside, and bow to no other, yet always be prepared to assist each other in working through our collective adolescent period, so we may grow up to be kind, loving, responsible adults, and claim our rightful place among the cosmos. Be well, and please DO NOT ACCEPT THE SWINE FLU VACCINE!!!

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