Thursday, August 20, 2009

Meet the New Boss

The last three posts have an obvious thread that runs through them. Many truly believed they were getting change when the voted for Obama. They have gotten their wish, only not like they had hoped.
It was widely believed that the new boss was going to come in and clean up the government. He was going to start a new era of openness that would be a refreshing change from the previous 8 yrs of a building of a giant, oppressive, military run dictatorship that seemed to offer wars and constitutional attacks on our freedoms that were never before witnessed in this country. We were promised the end of wars, fiscal responsibility, CHANGE, from what we had. He even has his own logo for Christs sake! It's called the Obama wave and it reminds me of the Pepsi logo.

We were promised change, and what we got was a polished, Madison Ave, corporate puppet. We were sold down the river. The only wave washing over us is debt, which will drown us.

1. Continued corporate bailouts (for those too big to fail)

2. Wars! WARS! and more fucking wars!

3. Government health care! Who is going to pay for 50 million uninsured? Nazi T-4 death panel, forced vaccinations, government mandated lifestyles!

4. Increased militarization of police forces, wire tapping, spying on citizens, Loss of rights

5. Cap and tax, EVERYONE will pay more for energy of all types!

Guess what? Nothing has changed because your federal government is nothing but a bunch of puppets dancing on their strings, being pulled by the Illuminati. There is your unifying thread. This is a planned demolition of society. We are being manipulated by government and the media pets who advance their agendas. Have you noticed how MSNNBC, ABC, NBC, push Obama's agenda. when Fox complains? For the last 8yrs we have listened to Fox fall all over Bush. Can't you see the game? The right and left switch positions, and your made to think each time things will change. The same people remain in control! The same folks who are crashing our society, then they will show up with the solution! Just be good citizens and we will let you live, to be our slaves. We will save you!

The new boss is worse then the old boss. He is outright telling us, in his arrogant manner, what is going to happen. Only problem is we are telling him to shove it! I do feel sorry for him. If he doesn't perform properly, the Masters have no qualms over removing him. If that happens, the media would blame right wing extremists, when all along it would be the same group who killed, all our past presidents when they didn't perform properly. Wake up to your wonderful world. Run by the same assholes, for thousands of years! Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, no worse than the old boss.

The time has come to realize, our current government, economic, and societal structures are crumbling before our very eyes. This destruction is no accident. It is an intentional reset. Once the reset button is pushed, there is no going back. It will not be easy. Most will just freak out, when it happens. If those who remain freak out too, they will become very obedient slaves, and the world will become a very dark place indeed. But, if those who remain, keep their heads and realize the only ones who can save us are ourselves, and we do not give in to the master's demands, but rather demand our own set of rules, being that of natural law and a constitutional approach to a world of sovereign respect, for all nations and cultures, working in conjunction for what is truly the good of mankind, we will in no doubt earn our respective place in the galaxy, as respected, mature, spiritual beings, who will then, be shown just how small, and large, the universe really is! We will become welcomed members in a far greater family then we ever imagined. But first we have to earn our way there, by standing up, and reigning in these psychopathic control freaks. Ah yes, good times indeed! Good luck gang, we are going to need it!

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