Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Evolution of Promise Software and Swine Flu

I found this intriguing article here. I have always deeply respected some of the people mentioned in this article. The Article is entitled "The Illuminati Agenda For The Coming New Order". It pieces together the unfolding story of a intentionally created, pandemic virus, coupled with the legendary Promise software as the means to launch the current level 6 pandemic.

The author relies on some very noteworthy research by Michael Ruppert, and Catherine Austin Fitts, two people I have immense respect for as I have read many research documents by both. If you would like some original research into Promise software you can go here. (This is Ruppert's archived website, From the Wilderness, a wealth of research that almost cost Mike his life!)

I do think this is a very organized attempt at enacting a depopulation program. Hopefully, it will fizzle and not have the devastating affects on us that they hope for. In any case I would suggest being in the best state you can, physically and mentally, in order to resist the swine flu. And please, educate yourself before you make the decision to get a swine flu shot. You must access if the risks outweigh the benefits. I think they do, but you should always make your own, educated decisions on these matters. Be well, and take good care of yourselves.

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