Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fun and Games

As I have said in the past, and will continue to state over and over, the delusional left-right paradigm that has gathered incredible energy in this country serves only one purpose. The division of our country, which then plays perfectly into the Master's plan to conquer. If we continue to get caught in this trap, we will most certainly fall, very far, into a very deep abyss, that will send us to a dark age, never before experienced by modern man.

Do the research. Turn off the t.v.
Think for yourselves.
Obama, health care reform is nothing but a back room brokered deal to bring 50 million uninsured Americans into the clutches of the mega corporate insurance-pharma industry that will net them billions of dollars, and expand governmental control over those who are forced to accept the government's health plan, all of course paid by increased taxes on us all.
It also serves a most important purpose of creating a smokescreen to hide the collapse of the government and the economy. The Federal Government is bankrupt, and they know it. If Obama was really concerned about the people, he would not continue to give our money to the bankrupt bank system, who have not unfrozen credit, and kept all the bailout money to pay for their self created toxic debt.
If the government really cared about us they would have forced the broken monetary system into bankruptcy, and immediately protected people's homes and jobs, along with the country's infrastructure. It should be obvious how well of a job they have done those things.
Obama promised change. We are getting change. The government sanctioned war on terror has accelerated, the big brother style police state has grown, all of the Bush era policies are not being stopped, but expanded. We were promised truth and transparency in government! The only thing we got was a Madison ave created cult of personality who is deceiving a lot of good hard working people into thinking "He cares about us!" WAKE UP!
The only way we stand a chance is to continue to stand up and say NO!!! We must collectively force the foreign bankers out of our country and set up a constitutional credit system that is not owned by foreign bankers, but is owned by we the people! Anything short of that we will be living in a new dark age! Real world problems demand real world solutions. We must do it now!
Study Lyndon Larouche's proposals, we can turn it around!

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