Sunday, August 23, 2009

Left Vs. Right

As I keep harping about left-right false front arguments, main stream propaganda continues to prove the point front and center. As long as the public framed argument remains left-right, the criminals continue to run the farm. While these clowns argue for our entertainment, if its not entertaining that's too bad because then it has absolutely no value, the total economic collapse gains speed and severity. The longer they intentionally try to pull the wool over our eyes, the more we all pay, and when we run out of money, they will demand the pound of flesh from each of us. They are hoping that the swine flu is really bad this fall. That way the game can continue under the guise of all the devastating effects the pandemic will have on the economy. Yet another sacrificial lamb, or pig as the case may be, to keep the masses directed at all the wrong reasons. Hopefully all of us Americans will wake up to the real cause of all of this. The criminals who are in every branch of the government, and their international corporate banking masters. Wake up gang, they continue to sell us out! 2 TRILLION added debt, over night! WE are BANKRUPT!! Our society as we know it is finished! If we allow this to continue unabated we will all experience an event that will last for decades! With such a large population of elderly it is obvious what direction they are going. At a time when we should be taking care of so many, who worked so hard, to make this place better for us all, what are they doing? Yeah, your government appreciates your lifetime of hard work and paying taxes! The town hall rage is justified! Just wait when it becomes clear that there is no recovery! I'm glad I don't work in the federal government!
Please understand, they have no respect for human life. We are nothing but cattle to them. We are now being led to the slaughter house. Do we just obey and follow each other to death, or do we do something about it? You all know my vote! Dump the Federal reserve banksters! Make the thieves pay! Demand a return to constitutional economic policies that are to help us live, instead of killing us. They call us useless eaters. They think they have a right to live with every luxury and perk, all taken from our hard work! Come on people, let's get off our knees and get on our feet and show them just how worthless we really are! We must see past the illusion and join together. As a united peoples we can demand, honesty, accountability, and the long overdue restoration of the rule of law. If they do not respond to our constitutional demand for a redress of grievances we have no choice but to declare a revolution! It not only is our right, but our moral obligation. You may not see it now, but if things continue in the present direction, you will see it very soon. Good luck gang, see yall at the town hall meetings, and then if nothing changes, I will see you all on the streets of D.C.!

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