Sunday, August 23, 2009


As you lay sleeping, peacefully dreaming, no cares in the world, I wish I could leave you there, undisturbed. For it was never my intent to shake you so hard. I do not mean to rattle your soul. Know I too would only wish to sleep, all of the time, to only forget this nightmare of pain and suffering that continues to happen to so many, at the hands of so few. I have tried so many times to look away, to pretend it is all wonderful, but for me it is not. I see them, I watch them hunt the innocent and slaughter the weak and helpless because they can. I would gladly take them all away from here, to protect our unborn and our old and weak. Maybe it's only my dream that I need to awaken from. Maybe it's my illusion that I feel them tighten their grip on us. Maybe I am no better then them for wanting to eliminate them, but I do. It feels like such an old battle. I feel I have been fighting them forever. I cant' stop. They are wrong. The young, the old, the weak, the handicapped, all have a right. As long as one of them is still here, we will never be safe. They live beside all of us. They whisper into our ear when we sleep. So please awaken, and help me fight, for if we stop, if we accept their evil deeds, as a part of us, we will never sleep peacefully again, for the whispers never end, and the pain never ceases, and I will always oppose them, till my final breath. Where once I used the sword, now I use words, though my fight is still the same.

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