Friday, September 4, 2009

Divide and Conquer

Another perfect example of the false left right, black white, paradigm. I think more people are starting to wake up to this bullshit. It is becoming so obvious that the powers to be are hoping for this perfect division of the country, so we can fight each other instead of focusing on them.

This was also made very clear when it was stated that if you question any of Obama's Policies you are a racist. How can that even be implied? To what degree of reality does this suggest? The sheer audacity of that statement makes the Obama administration clinically insane in my book. Many people are fed up with this kind of bullshit. I think most black people would agree that this sets race relations back 50 yrs at least. We have collectively lost our minds as a nation if we can't grow up, and think for ourselves, and see beyond this fantasy land liberal-conservative false paradigm that is destroying our nation. Then to throw in a contrived racial divide is just insane!
I don't give a fuck if the the whole country is racist towards one another. I know for a fact that all humans are created equally. The one thing that sets humans apart from animals is their ability to think and create things from their thoughts. This ability sets us apart from one another also. The real line is drawn between the ignorant and the wise.

If we continue to buy in to this petty, ignorant, destructive, fairy tale that the controllers have laid before us, we will lose the tiny shred of hope in remaining free that we have. Our only chance is to unite as one nation, kick out the left right bullshit, clean up the corruption in government and the unconstitutional banking system, repeal all laws pertaining to the fictitious war on terror, protect and strengthen our own sovereign nation's physical economic growth, through infrastructure development, and protection of PEOPLE'S asserts, (NOT WALL STREET'S).
We need to get our heads out of our asses and grow up, and stop supporting this ignorant soap opera that is the current diseased system. If we can mature spiritually, we will see that there are much better ways to run the show. We must learn how to fire the directors first. We can make them stage hands. This show must end!

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