Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Freedom from Ignorance

There is a war for your heart and mind. It has been waged full scale for many years. You probably haven't noticed it, and you probably wont accept it even now. It has been devised so as to escape detection. It is created out of the very culture that has taught you everything you know and take for granted. It has slowly, systematically become such a part of your life that to consider it a threat would be like calling Mother Theresa a murderer. You see, you have the potential to be a threat. A threat to the world society. A threat to global governance. A threat to the collective being of the planet. Your crime you may be wondering? You erroneously believe you are free, and live in a free, sovereign nation. You are not. You are a slave, a corporate fiction, as you do not exist as a human being, you only exist as a number, which determines your value to society.

You believe that a document, a proclamation uttered by the founders of the idea of a nation, gives you certain unalienable rights. The document you refer to is the constitution of the United States of America. That document wasn't even written for you. It was written for the founders, the slave owners. You are a slave. They, the rich property owners where only protecting themselves from each other. It never dawned on them that the slaves would some day proclaim these rights for themselves. You are not a sovereign entity, but rather a slave of your own government! Did you even know that the color of the skin, of the first slaves of the new world was white? The next slaves were Indian. Then finally African. Slavery knows no ethnicity. Slavery knows no religion. Slavery knows no peace of mind or heart. That is your battle, against the self imposed slavery of ignorance.

Now you are saying to yourself, "What a bunch of bullshit, this guy is crazy!" Mental stability set aside, I offer to you the following for proof. When you pay your federal taxes who gets the money? The American government? No! The World Bank, through it's international reserve system. This international private banking system is the lifeblood of the British oligarchs, controlling the rest of the planet through the British Empire's monetary system.

Further proof would be the corrupt judicial system imposed on us slaves. Proven further by the legal fact that the moment you sign any document after being charged with a crime, you sign away your rights as a sovereign entity and you become a corporate fiction. A corporate fiction has no rights under the law because it is not human, but a fictional corporation. Why do you think every contract you sign with any other entity has your name in all CAPS! Why do you think 95% of the government are lawyers? Why do you think the true power of the jury has been corrupted and stolen from the people. Why is it when people sit on a jury they not only have the power to judge innocence and guilt, but also the power to judge the relevance of the very law that is alleged to be broken, and none of us know that! The true check and balance to tyrannical government is the power of the jury. Why do you think they try to avoid them at all costs?

If you could understand the totality of the lies you have been culturally sworn to as truth, you would demand the complete reversal of all known systems of society! You would immediately fire every single judge, politician, and religious leader in the country. You would immediately install the proper people to these positions and demand every citizen know and fully understand their vital role in society so we would never have to go through this bullshit ever again. Hell you would even understand that this alleged government is not a democracy but a republic founded on the rule of law, not the rule of the mob or majority.

Every aspect has been kept neatly hidden from you. You feel tired, beaten, and that you can never do anything to change the way things are. You feel just like the slave they know you are. You are not. Stand on your feet and proclaim your sovereignty. If you chose to live on your knees your already dead. Your only a slave if you think you are. Think for yourself. Study what is really going on. Be the free person you were meant to be. Bow before no other, unlike Obama who bowed before the Queen of England! The time has come to stop obeying the master and rise up onto our feet and proclaim we will no longer comply. WE MUST PRACTICE CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE! Like all the great peaceful, spiritual leaders of the past, there comes a time when it is far greater to die in noncompliance rather than live, licking the masters boots! We either do this now, collectively, together, thus setting things right again within our world, or we will most certainly perish, frightened, beaten, lost. We must see beyond all of their lies and deceits, and come together to remind them WE are the people and they need to work for us. We need to remind them, without us they are nothing. We should give them fair warning and an honest chance of integration into our society. If they choose to balk, then let it be on their heads as to the nature of the awakening force they chose to ignore. Make no mistake, we are awakening to their lies and deceit and treacherous plans of control and slaughter. We will in some way stand against them, for the day we realize, it matters not if we comply or revolt, for they will destroy us either way, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I will be there, standing, will you?


  1. There were also chinese slaves that worked mines out west during the cowboy days.

    And even though the constitution was not written for "us" the common people doesnt mean we cant take those ideals and make something positive with them.

    After of course, people realize and understand how things really work.

    Maybe if the pole shift really happens, or the planet Nibiru does slam into us, those things will be taken care of, as we will all have to start over in many ways.

    Of course those bastards have planned for those scenarios with their underground bunkers or cities and who knows what else!

    I still say we (as in all people) have always been slaves and there is a good chance we always will be if we dont all wake up and create our freedom once and for all!

    I mean on a spiritual level and on a 3rd density level!

  2. Powerfully and clearly written. I'm standing and shining the light for others to see.