Friday, September 11, 2009

Now For The Most Important Thing!

The courage exhibited on that insane day, eight years ago was phenomenal!
So many people gave everything they had to help and save those who were in danger. It can not be expressed enough that despite the catastrophic events, true heroes emerged. The worst events can bring the very best out of people. That day proved that. It was nothing short of amazing!

Eight years later, I hear of the first responders who are still getting very sick and dying from their work there. I remember the frantic attempts of rescuers sifting through the rubble with dogs, trying to find survivors. All those people who went there every day, never thinking of their own safety to help others. We so seldom stop to consider and give thanks to these people.

Now we find 70 percent of first responders have serious health issues as a result of their work! It is clear that breathing the dust on 9-11 is killing almost everyone who responded! WTF! To add insult to injury these people have had to fight the government for the care and help they need. They are the continued tragic story that Main stream candy land media is not reporting.
Many others are getting sick also. like people hired to clean up other buildings. We are not talking about the increase in asthma that local officials say is the only problem, we are talking full blown cancer that thousands have and will die from. Look here for a good insight.

When I went to New York in Feb. of 2002 to see the trade center site, the smell that still hung in the air was bizarre. My friend and I could not figure out what it was. It was the most acrid odor I have ever smelled. I have never smelled it before or after. I am absolutely convinced that it made thousands dreadfully ill. So the everlasting legacy of that day is it continues to take lives in New York. The government remains silent on helping those who need it most. Why does that not surprise me? Please join me today in offering a prayer for those who continue to fight the battle of 9-11. If you can, please consider sending a donation to the 9-11 first responders. May we all continue to help each other in any way we can! Please pass the word on, they still need our help!

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  1. It is so hard not to be angry all the time of the atrocities of not only our government but every single other one who allow themselves to be led by those criminal fuck wads who run everything.

    They are pure evil. They have no consideration for human life, unless it is their own.

    We are near the edge of...something...
    we can either fall or jump!