Wednesday, September 2, 2009

October Surprise?

As we begin September many events are set to culminate. This is truly one of the most fascinating times to be alive. As I have stated in the past, these are the best of times, these are the worst of times. Never in my life have so many positive and negative possibilities lined up across from one another to do battle. It is nothing short of phenomenal.

One of the hottest topics is the economy. Even though every main stream media outlet is touting that the worse is over, those who study closely and ignore the talking heads, know we are all on the brink of economic disaster. The day of reckoning is approaching. The end of September is the end of the fiscal year for the government. We all know how broke they are. As they increase their spending, tax collections have fallen to a lower rate then ever before. Make no mistake. If the U.S. fails, the world economic system fails. The U.S. is running on fumes. It is certain, if we continue at our current pace, with the current plans, our economy will most certainly collapse. Hyperinflation is set to rocket out of this stratosphere. One of the most difficult things for most people to grasp is this is a planned collapse. There is a directing force behind all of this madness. They also don't always agree on how best to proceed, and I think that despite their vast knowledge, resources, and complex control grids they have established, they are still overlooking one minute detail. The wild card that is the human spirit.

Make no mistake, their agenda is pure evil. They want to reduce the world's population, to the point where those who are left will gladly submit to their rule as a subservient slave class. Many of you have a hard time believing that. It is your right to think anything you want. I think you should ask yourselves, at what point does their actions prove that they are attempting to enslave us all? What if their prison is designed to house us, just two feet beyond our perception of reality? Or more to the point, how many of us must die before you accept the game that is being played here? After all, it is only a game to them. Once you understand that, you have taken a large step in empowering yourselves.

Fear and control of your mind is their specialty. Their method of operation is order out of chaos. They have perfected the art of distraction and division. Every prejudiced philosophy known to man has roots in their creations. Every last one. Religion, governments, economic structures, scientific developments, all under careful scrutiny of the controllers. The more you understand the depth of their reach, the more you know how to see beyond the carefully manipulated reality they want you to believe. The more then you can empower yourself with a heightened experience of a spiritual nature, through which a connection can be made with our ancestors, and thus our future generations, to enable us to have the courage, love, and responsibility to stand up to these people and remove their power over us for once and for all. No saviours will do this for us. We must do this for ourselves. We must stand together. We must do it soon.

In these times of chaos, most of which is masterfully manufactured to keep us from knowing our own immense power, the future will appear to be hopeless. Do not buy into that bullshit. Do not overlook the possibility that comes from faith in our own divinity, service to our future generations, and unification of our own hearts and minds, to create the needed balance in this world, to become the catalyst for an awakening of the collective consciousness of mankind. It can occur with 7 billion or 7 million, whatever the need may be. Believe in yourself. That's all. Just believe in yourself. Lets make the October surprise become the dawning of the age of humanity, where unification is a choice made through love and respect, not a forced oppression through the barrel of a gun, or the withholding of food, or a mass viral infection. Do not be afraid. Fear feeds the beast, beyond anything you can imagine. We don't have to meet them with force and violence. That feeds them too. We must resist them, firmly, but peacefully. We must take away their self imposed right to rule. We do this by refusing to play their game in their manufactured reality. We have the power to awaken from their nightmare. It exists in each one of us. As one awakens, a tiny part of everyone awakens. And so it goes, until a sudden, mass awareness changes it all in the blink of an eye. You must have a complete understanding of love, forgiveness, responsibility, and accountability. Most of us possess these traits. What we must understand is the controllers are psychopaths. If you really want to understand the nature of your reality, study psychopaths, then the picture becomes crystal clear. The more good people polarize towards their natural state of being, living in love, the weaker the grip of the controllers.

The battle has been waged for generations. As the time approaches for their success, the window of failure is equally open. October may not be the time it becomes apparent which way it will go, but the view will get a little more into focus if we really want to know. Be well, and take good care of each other. The game is about to get interesting. Good luck folks!


  1. So true, every word!

    It's difficult for most people to see what's going on, as ideas like these are automatically categorized as crazy talk. However, if you *really* look around you without prejudice, it's actually difficult *not* to realize, all of this isn't "just happening". There's a reason to everything.

    There's a global awakening going on, which takes place both at the spiritual and at the materialistic levels. I'm very positive myself about the whole situation; even though it looks quite grim now, I believe we're rapidly speeding towards a completely different, almost paradise-like future. It's not going to take hundreds or even tens of years to happen -- quite frankly, I don't believe we would have that much time. It's all happening right now, even though most people still can't see or feel it.

    Everything is and will be ok. <3

  2. Thanks for the input, I couldn't agree with you more. We are in the midst of an extraordinary event, that from outer appearances seems to be very terrible. I too believe the outcome will be beyond our wildest dreams. Just gotta keep the faith and ride those waves of change!