Saturday, September 5, 2009

Personal Views On The Elite

Let's assume I've managed to convince you that the ruling elite exist. This post shares some personal views that I have on this subject.

The ruling elite have existed in some form since the beginning of man. Evidence of this fact exists throughout history. From kings to queens, shamans to popes, governmental leaders to CEOs, someone has always been directing the masses. This is very obvious. What is slightly more obscure are some of the methods the elite have used to remain in power. I will share some of my opinions on what have been some of the more efficient tools of their trade.

One of the most important tools the elite have always used is the fostering of the belief that they are somehow superior to us normal people. They have achieved this goal in many ways. Let me assure you that I believe the exact opposite is true. They are in many regards far less then us. They lack certain emotional capacities that have been developed through years of being the controlled ones. They believe they are above all of that. The mere presence of one of the most important human emotions, empathy, is a sign of weakness in their minds. Hence their ability to act upon a whole slew of different, destructive programs, without having the slightest twinge of guilt or remorse.

These programs would include but not be limited to, eugenics, abortion, planned manipulation of food sources (GMO foods), fluoridation of water supplies, medical system that focuses on sickness rather than health, poisoness vaccines, poor public school system, mass media propaganda, and many more manipulations on many different levels, all with one goal. To dis empower the masses, take away their ability to think, thus make them dependent upon others. The whole time they dis empower us, they are creating a widening gap buy empowering themselves.

For as many ways they dis empower us, they are exploiting ways to make them selves stronger. One of the main tools they use is doing exactly the opposite of what they tell us to do. Think about that. Watch what they do. Now the first obvious leg up they enjoy is wealth. A tremendous advantage to never have to worry or focus on life's necessities. How much more can you learn and practice if these things are never a concern? While most of us are forced to spend most of our waking hours devoting ourselves to these needs, they are free of this. What a huge advantage. Another advantage is the status they have from the wealth and the ability to buy their way out of problems. How many rich people buy their way out of severe punishments the rest of us would have to endure? Not to mention the use of their wealth to buy politicians and lawmakers to protect them in a multitude of ways. A lesser known and understood method is the technological advancements they have access to. Genetic modifications is a two way street. As science moves closer to understanding the secrets of life, and thus death, more ways become available to them to be able to extend their lives, indefinitely.

Think carefully about all the topics of life today. Take global warming. Do you think for one minute these people care about their carbon footprints of their lifestyles? Of course not. That is simply a new control paradigm to extricate more money from the masses via taxation on usage. Thus creating more of a hold on us. Governments win, corporations win, we lose.

A big issue right now is healthcare. Do you think for one second there is any resemblance between our healthcare and theirs? Of course not. Don't be foolish.

What about all of the laws governing our society today? Do they have to live by these ridicules mandates and rules? Of course not. We do though. The constraints continue to squeeze the life out of us, very slowly, the stress builds up with each day. How do you handle it today, compared to 20 yrs. ago? Unfortunately I think on some level they want us to become violent and revolt. They are putting the finishing touches on the police state system that will give them the tools and the clout to enforce their will on us once and for all. Very chilling prospect if you ask me.

What can we do? I think the very first thing we must do is very quickly teach each other about all the different divisive systems they have set up to keep us all fighting amongst ourselves. You all know what they are. Left-right political bullshit, racial bullshit, religious bullshit, etc, etc,. Help each other see where we are the same instead of focusing on differences. You will be amazed when you focus on assisting each other instead of doing what the ruling elite want you to do, which is destroying each other. Stop fearing each other, we all want the same shit! As this process continues we empower each other. Then we organize against the cause of all the chaos.
We do this with dignity, empathy, and true care for each other, including them. We do this by revolting against their unjust actions. We stand firm against their destructive actions, we do this by civilly disobeying them everywhere we can. If they refuse to mend their broken ways then we resort to the only solution we have left.

We do this for our children and their children. We do this now. We restore our constitution and we share this by the people, for the people paradigm with anyone else who would want it. We prove that a Republic, properly run by an awake and aware citizenship, is the best chance the world has, to live peacefully and in harmony with nature and each other. All the tools are there for us. We only have to be willing to pick them up and use them. Be well, and I hope we will all see each other soon, in the place we need to be. Peace!

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