Friday, September 18, 2009

The Tinfoil Hat Brigade!

Please note the smugness and arrogance of this guy.

Some people would say, "The tinfoil hat brigade was out in mass today". These people are usually holding contempt prior to investigating some very obvious facts. Many people who can not consider the possibility that our government had a role to play on 9-11 are of the herd mentality. They fear being ridiculed by their friends, family, and coworkers. It is indeed sometimes difficult to stand tall in the winds of adversity. Others just can not wrap their brains around the idea that our own government could do such a thing to our own people. Why would they hold on to such an immature world view? I know how hard it is to hold these and other unpopular views. Many say, "So what if the bastards did do it, what the hell can I do about it?"
WE can do a lot. WE are doing a lot. WE are educating ourselves about a lot of things that are not what they seem to be. WE are awakening to the facts of the true nature of our shared reality.

Here you can find a fantastic video dealing with the facts of the 3 high rise explosions, that occurred in New York on 9-11. This was made by an architect named Richard Gage. Currently there are 866 architects and engineers who support a new, independent investigation. Also, 6 of the 10, 9-11 final report writers are saying there needs to be a new, independent investigation into 9-11. The first investigation was stonewalled, underfunded, and whitewashed with lies. Why else would Bush and Chenney refuse to testify under oath, or separately from each other. Did you know that 5 times the amount of money was spent investigating Clinton's affair, then FEMA spent investigating 9-11! If that's not an outrage to you, I don't even want to know you!

The facts are over 3000 people died on 9-11. Thousands have died and are dying in the subsequent wars. Hundreds are dying and critically ill from the dust and asbestos from the planned detonations of the twin towers and world trade center 7. For what?

Some facts to consider:
1. Evidence for several wall st. investigations for fraud including Enron, was lost in the demolition of wtc7!(convenient)
2. Evidence of the missing 2 trillion dollars Donald Rumsfield revealed on 9-10-01 was mysteriously destroyed when the accounting department at the pentagon was destroyed by a.......?(convenient)
3. Fire has NEVER in the history of man caused a collapse of a steel stuctured high rise building, until 9-11.
4.Billions of dollars were made by new owner, Larry Silverstein, from the world trade center insurance policy, that interestingly enough, contained a special terrorist clause! (convenient)
5. Millions of dollars were made off of put orders placed on the very airlines involved on 9-11.

And the list of anomalies goes on and on. But hey, these are just conspiracy theories, so just go back to sleep. It's all fine, shhhhhh, sleep now little sheep, dream of rainbows and gumdrops and nice things that will never hurt you, shhhhhhhhh. SLEEP!


  1. AE911truth is part of the coverup. The nonsense about nanothermite makes a laughing stock out of anyone who questions the events of 9/11. It is unscientific and nothing less than propaganda. Otherwise, there would be some connection between nanothermite and what happened to the buildings. The evidence contradicts the use of thermite.

    For those "believers" in nanothermite, please provide a proof of concept. Please provide calculations of how much nanothermite was required to do what was done. The nanothermite story has less evidence than the one about 19 guys with boxcutters.

    Think of it as an I.Q. test.
    And why have none of the AE911truthers been able to come up with any evidence that would hold up in a court of law?

  2. I'm curious Anon, what then constitutes scientific proof of what really happened that day?
    The 9-11 Commission Report?