Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Climate Treaty

More on Climate Treaty HERE.
One of the three ways the global cabal of international elitists are trying to close us down.
They wish to reduce the human population by at least 4 billion people.
They would eventually like to make 75% of North America their wilderness play ground.
They will be permitted to go where ever they like.
You and I will be trapped like rats in "sustainable living centers"
Read about Agenda 21.
Scream from the roof tops about this Climate Treaty in Copenhagen bullshit!
They are going for it now. This is not conspiracy, but documented fact.
They are convinced they can not fail now. They think they are invincible.
The United Nations is just a front for corporate globalists. These international bankers wish to
completely subvert our countries constitution. They must be stopped.
Do not support this insanity at any level. If your "Green friends" start spouting bullshit about
climate change and how great it is that the world is doing something about it, Tell them to
get their heads out of their asses and wake up to the facts! Global Warming is the biggest fraud of the century! Climate change, from human causes is complete bullshit! Wake up!
We are tightening the noose around our own necks, just like they want us to.
Lets wake up and kick the U.N. out of our country, along with the fraudulent Federal Reserve,
and expose this swine flu vaccine scam for once and for all! We would do well to completely empty the halls of congress and the rest of the federal government while we are at it.
There are plenty of constitutional, decent people to take their place!

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