Friday, October 23, 2009

Just Because

I decided to write a piece clarifying my position on certain environmental issues. It is easy to assume that someone who thinks that Climate Change is bullshit, does not believe there are environmental problems with the world. I never said I didn't think there weren't problems. My stand against the Climate Change crowd is taken in the belief that the actions taken by them will only exacerbate the problems.

Our earth is the most complicated, vast, interconnected system in our lives. We see it from our own tiny perspective. From a universal prospective our planet is a tiny, insignificant dust spec. Our entire world is a molecular representation to the whole. It is in it's being, a small copy of the universe as it provides us with everything we need to live. Some of us look with awe upon it's splendor and magnificent interconnected systems of life support. Others see it as a gigantic opportunity to be exploited for personal gain. Neither side is right or wrong. Without the exploiters we never would be able to achieve the levels of people we see on the planet today.

So what about that? We have roughly 6.7 billion individuals living on the planet. This would never have been possible without increases in technology and increased productivity in our society. Of course that has come at a cost. The cost being a strain on the ecosystem. There is no doubt that certain technologies push the envelope of well being for many, while allowing others to live in luxury. When we are born into the world we may be born into extreme poverty or extreme wealth. Most towards the poverty side of the line. The prevalent thinking that exists is that the rich nations are destroying the planet through excessive carbon emissions. The consensus has become in order to restore balance to the ecosystem, the rich countries must pay money to the poor countries for their carbon sins on the planet. Also rich countries must lower their carbon emissions while poor countries can increase their emissions. Of course a world governing body will oversee the process by establishing a carbon credit market.

Fine. Here's my rub. If our leaders were truly concerned about the state of our planet, the first thing that would be happening would be complete elimination of starvation. That is a very doable event. Worldwide poverty could be eliminated with a fraction of the money used to wage war. We know these things. The fact of the matter as I see it, is, the Climate Change crowd are not at all concerned about the environment, but only about further exploitation of everyone. The rich countries are made to feel guilty. The poor countries are told they live in poverty because the rich countries use all the resources. The super rich elite control it all! The same people who are proposing a worldwide governing body to control the resources. The same people who run the World Bank, World Trade Organization, International Monetary Foundation. Through all of these international governing bodies, the whole planets population is governed, manipulated, and controlled. To add to their power would be catastrophic to us all.

Now, there can be no doubt that the cultural implications to right the wrongs that exist in the world would be challenging to say the least. The frustrating thing to me is that many technologies exist, that if allowed to come to fruition, could change every one's life dramatically!
Here again, the same problem arises. The elite who own the international banks and huge corporations have a stranglehold on a lot of this technology. There exists technology to power everything, without causing pollution, that could be free to everyone. Yes, that solution exists. You will never see it. Not as long as those people who run the show are in power. For how can you control and manipulate people if there is abundance? It is only through scarcity that people are controlled. Only through threats of catastrophic events, that they can protect you from that you are controlled. Only through outright lies!

Here is another little secret to understand. We are being constantly told that over population is another huge problem. BULLSHIT! The biggest problem is the inefficient use of available resources as a direct result of technological suppression! We have the means to move beyond fossil fuels. We have the means to control population growth. Look at where population is growing the fastest. Poor countries! Look where it is stabilized. Rich countries. What is the solution? Release the technology that is available to the poorest countries. Teach them to use it first. The population is then stabilized, the rich nations can then adopt the technology and the problem is solved. Very simple. Not at all easy though. As we know the controllers will not freely give up their control over us. Again the solutions are available. The implementation is intentionally being prevented.

In summarizing, I am not at all against helping poor nations achieve wealth. I am all for new forms of energy production that not only do not destroy the earth, but actually regenerate the earth. We are at that crossroads. Handing the keys of the kingdom over to the criminally insane portion of our world is not the answer to the problems. That is why I am against the Global Warming- Climate Change crowd. They will force us into a controlled, herded, imprisoned state of being. They will enjoy the highest standard of life, while they tell us there is not enough for us. They are, and will, slowly convincing us we are the problem, and we need to die! The most incredible part of the story is many will and do believe their bullshit!
I DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. I do believe we must take the best from the ancients and combine it with the technology we can attain. Always using the latter with a sense of awe and appreciation for our planet and ALL who reside on her! Always working in conjunction with natural laws that strengthen all of us. Learning to put each other before ourselves. For that is the true problem. The earth will be fine. It is we who need to change.

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