Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Militarization of Amerika

Well it should be obvious to all the direction this country is heading, like a run away locomotive.
The G-20 event in Pittsburgh saw the roll out of the new LRAD non lethal crowd control weapon.
Police forces across the nation dressing like storm troopers from star wars. (I think the resistance would look good in white body armor!)
After 9-11 and the passing of the patriot act, which Obama wants to see extended, the governments focus has marched steadily towards demonizing it's citizenry. Now we are being told that terrorism from domestic causes are the problem. One of the things that really pisses me off is saying returning war veterans are a threat. What a slap in the face as families across the nation offer up their sons and daughters to the country's meat grinder, just to be treated like criminals when they return. Especially after they are lied to about the real reasons of the wars! If they knew the entire truth about these things the entire government would be lynched for murder and treason. But yet the average citizen still trusts and believes.......
As we see the U.N. talk of wanting a new global currency to replace the dollar, what role do you think the U.S. will play in a new global government? I will give you a hint, it is not an accident we spend 8 times more on our military then the next closest country!
It should come as no surprise that the U.S. is already in position to be the Worlds army with over 700 military bases worldwide!
With all the talk of world government and world banking system, why not a world military?
Now it is no secret that the U.S. is in debt to many other countries. Its no secret that they will never pay it back. What sort of arrangement will be made to square up with the world?
People talk of the American Empire run by the dollar, as default world currency, and enforced by the largest military ever known to man. What people do not realize is it is not an American Empire, but an empire run by international corporate bankers, who have no allegiances to any sovereign nation. If one were forced to put a name on this international empire, the British/Israeli/Amerikan Empire would be a better fit.
In the mean time it becomes clearer everyday that as we move towards a world wide governance of non sovereign, militarily controlled, borderless, worldships, the U.S. military will continue to terrorize it's own citizens as well as the world, in preparation for the day when world wide military dominance comes from U.N. sanctioned, Brussels regulated, Vatican approved, Zionist controlled, Amerikan slaughter machines! Brought to you by your worldwide Illuminati!

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