Saturday, October 24, 2009

Obama Declares Public Health Emergency

Just when you thought it was safe to go out...............THIS HAPPENS!
Interesting alternative take here.
As Oblamo's poll rating is in free fall, 73% at inauguration, to 53% at present, are we on the cusp of an EVENT? (Bush benefited tremendously after 9-11, remember the speech from the wreckage of the twin towers?)
I hate to say this, and pray I'm wrong, but given all the crazy shit going down, wouldn't it be the perfect time for a distraction of mass proportion? Let's keep our eyes open and pay very close attention. I think the big show is about to begin. The key with all this crap is, in the truest sense of the reality it is all just that, a show. So remember, as you get your popcorn and pull up a front row seat, don't be too taken in. Try not to give in to fear in these crazy times. Try to stay focused on what is truly important. Don't let fear run your life. Stay focused and make informed decisions.
Understand a lot can happen very quickly. Don't be fooled again!

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