Monday, October 19, 2009

Placing the Pieces of the Puzzle

There is much talk (rightly so) of the Zionist influence on the American government. There is no doubt the Israeli influence is far and wide, but it should be understood that it is part of the greater picture and not the exclusive power of the Illuminati.
The power base is comprised of many different aspects. They will work in concert together when needed to defeat an enemy that threatens their collective being. You will see many who will focus on the Jewish bankers as being the only seat of power in the Illuminati. That is not entirely true however. Even though the modern Illuminati was formed by a man of Jewish descent from Germany, it wasn't until later that the original power base enlisted the Jewish bankers to handle their money. That organization was none other than the Vatican.
So you see, the Illuminati have a power base in many places. They are a collection of different groups all falling under the umbrella of one goal, to control the world. Factions within the organization could be likened to the different Mafia families competing for control of a region. There will be bloody wars within, but if any real external group threatened the whole, they would join forces and subdue the threat. Religions have been a vital body to infiltrate. Catholics, Jews, Mormons, are some of the more obvious ones. Of course the Free Masons were infiltrated in the late 1700's, and to this day continue to be a occultic driving force within the group. So vast is the network of control that most leaders can not rise to prominence without coming up through their ranks. It is a huge network.
Many people have a very hard time accepting that many of the most prominent establishments are compromised by these people. The problem is many good people are deceived into thinking these establishments are for the overall good of humanity. That is the nature of the Illuminati, to hide behind deception, manipulating, controlling, creating chaos, then appearing with the solution, thus deceiving people that they are good. It goes way beyond the average persons ability to accept this. One should understand what they lack in compassion they make up for in intelligence. These people are cold, heartless, conspirators who are patient to the point of enacting plans that take generations to succeed. They are master strategists who understand how to create an illusion that rivals none in it's efficiency and it's ability to create a system that everyone has been brainwashed in, to one degree or another.
So while we argue over the most mundane of trivial, low level brainwashed agendas, (mainstream media's talking points), and even if we manage to start reading some more truthful facts from the alternative media, they are approaching the time of their complete control of society. As the master plan unfolds, the low level agenda exposes itself with no fear of consequence. The information we are allowed to see now is of no matter to them. What becomes painfully clear is their agenda is further ahead then we know. I am convinced that 9-11 was a symbolic sacrifice ritual.
As is evidenced throughout their symbolic representations, the pyramid shows how their hierarchy is structured. We are of course on the very bottom, thus we are considered the slave labor of the elites. We are nothing more than expendable beasts of burden to be beaten into submission or outright killed if we rebel. That truth is becoming more obvious every day. As every aspect of our environment is being subtly manipulated as evidenced by fluoride in the water, genetically modified food, vaccines with poison, intentionally dumbing down citizens through sub par schooling and idiotic programs on the T.V., on the flip side of that societal laws are being enacted to criminalize just about everything a person can do. Couple with these two disturbing trends the complete hijacking of the judicial system and you have the recipe for disaster. All the while the elite or those residing towards the top of the pyramid are free from prosecution and trauma of dealing with the very things that compromise our well being.
It will become apparent that a slave revolt will not only become necessary but a moral imperative to survival. However we should all understand that it is impossible to fight them outright. That is what they want. Sadly all those being enticed into the Patriot movement are being led to a slaughter. No, this slave revolt must be of a different nature. One of absolutely no violence. Violence is their stomping ground, and their method of operation. They completely own it. That is their battle ground. We must conduct this revolt on our terms of engagement.
Numbers are our strength. Not for long though, as they are embarking on a worldwide mass depopulation agenda that is slated to kick into overdrive. Therefore the time is now. The chains of oppression can only be severed by knowing the exact nature of the chains. The chains are economic. The chains are religious. The chains are the very societal system you have been brought up in, and believe is the reality of life. It is a false reality. It can be changed. We can achieve a holographic system of society. It is the only long term, sustainably viable system to ensure life. It is that or destruction. I will go into much more detail about my idea of a holographic society and what us slaves must do in order to achieve this. In the meantime, enjoy your bondage!

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