Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Swine Flu

Ironic the Finnish government declared the swine flu not a dangerous pandemic the day before Obama declared a national health emergency for the swine flu.
People are not buying what the government is selling.
Remember if you take this poison and get really messed up from it, you can not hold the manufacturer responsible, and you will just have to live with it.
In 1976, millions were paid in compensation for the damage the untested vaccine caused.
This was before adjuvents. This was before using aborted fetal tissue and other protein sources other than eggs. It is widely believed that squalene, the deadly adjuvent in the experimental vaccines given to gulf war veterans, is behind the gulf war syndrome. The squalene that is used in some swine flu vaccines is reported to be many times stronger!
Look at the Washington Redskins cheerleader. If this happens to you, you will not be entitled to any compensation! Think about that!

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