Monday, October 19, 2009

Three Legged Stool of New World Order.

The New World Order gang has pulled all the stops and enacted a three prong approach to complete world domination. The Following plans are unfolding at this very moment.

The World Health Organization with the "Pandemic" over the swine flu. As a result of the staged release of the created swine flu, the WHO was looking to push the mandatory vaccine on the U.N. charter nations. Problem is the pandemic flu just hasn't panned out for them. Never fear though as the attenuated live virus nasal spray may be just the boost they need!

As the U.S. media continues to sing happy days are here again, as the dow hits 10000, the real facts are we are a completely bankrupt nation sitting on the brink of collapse. As the final sucker market draws the last little bit of wealth in, to be ransacked very soon, the finishing touches will be put on the collapse of the economy. Enter the new world wide financial system to save the day! Run by the IMF and the World Bank.

Climate bullshit takes the stage front and center in Copenhagen in December. On the agenda is a new treaty to ensure that the Co2 producing rich nations, who are supposedly fucking up the world, will have to stop producing and pay the poor countries who are not fucking up the world. The Ironic thing about this is the environmentalists who are also squawking about overpopulation, want us all to be 3rd world nations to save the planet. Problem is the worlds population is stable in the rich countries and only growing in the third world countries. Making us all poor will only explode the population. Why not just make us all rich instead? That would be in concert with the holographic system of society!

History is wrought with examples of people obsessed with ruling the world. Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, Napoleon, Hitler. Judging from the company is there any reason to think the current push to rule the world would be done by people who were decent human beings? A point I hope is well taken by all you globalists and U.N. supporters!

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