Saturday, October 10, 2009


What our children are dying for in Afghanistan!
What makes me really sad is that there are still so many good people who believe that their children are in Afghanistan fighting terrorists for our freedom!
The only thing these people are doing wrong is trusting their government. They seem to be incapable of suspending their blind belief long enough to look at some information that suggests something far different!
It has been an old trick during war to smuggle drugs into the country in American soldier's coffins.
Sad. Criminals have no care or respect.
It has been proven that the CIA is the largest drug running organization in the country.
As we can witness, a large supply of cheap heroin flows into the country. Making it possible to fight another war. The war on DRUGS!
It is a highly efficient system as they make huge money on the front end of the drug operation, bringing the drugs in. Then prosecuting addicts and dealers who get huge fines and large prison sentences, thus creating the cause of the problem and then providing the solution.
This is the main method of operation for the powers that be. Order out of chaos.
Unfortunately most people can not understand just how sinister these people truly are!
You will some day. The main method of reclaiming your power is to learn to accept the reality of the game.
Then and only then, can you take action to alleviate the cause of the problem. It is not easy.
Especially when main stream news does absolutely nothing to inform you of their sinister game and how they play it.
You must understand, if for nothing else, your children's sake.
Please stop offering your children up as sacrificial lambs to be slaughtered! They are not dying for freedom or some highly possessed ideal. They are dying for corporate and governmental profit. They are not respected. They are meat for evil bastards who get off on being in control!
Once you realize this you have come a long way in understanding the exact nature of war.
Why are we in Iraq?
Why are we in Afghanistan?
Why does the government lie us into war?
With profit comes power.
With power comes control.

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