Monday, October 5, 2009

Whiskey Pete

I chose to post these videos of the attack of Fullujah as a reminder of the wars still being waged by our government. I wanted to remind those who forgot about all the lies and justifications for the slaughter of over a million Iraqis. We were assured that weapons of mass destruction were going to be used on us. Remember Bush's speech about the mushroom cloud? We were constantly reminded about Saddam gassing his own people, (with chemical weapons provided by the U.S. government). We were told how our troops were going to be greeted with flowers as liberators. We witnessed the ridicules dress up of gutless George prancing around in a fighter pilot suit, in front of a huge banner declaring "Mission Accomplished". Do you remember any of that bullshit?

Whiskey Pete is military slang for white phosphorus. This substance is a chemical weapon. It burns to the bone as witnessed in the video. Horrifying weapon. Not that any are not. Some are worse than others.

As Obama took office in January, many were convinced by the slick campaign to believe many things would change. He promised to end the war in Iraq. Uh, yeah right. There are actually more troops and mercenaries in Iraq now then ever. Afghanistan is also being expanded. Then suddenly there is renewed war talk over Iran. Change you can believe in! More lies, more bullshit, more death, courtesy of Empire Incorporated! Meanwhile the rest of us slowly sink into oblivion without as much as a peep. Empire expands at the cost of our future. Can anyone see this?

The heroin trade has expanded the world over, thanks to the bountiful poppie crops from Afghanistan. The pipeline business looks promising too. More talk of election fraud over there, and Obama fires the loudest voice of fraud, so much for transparency of government! The thing that gets me most is the literal seamless transition from Bush to Obama. I think Obama's administration qualifies itself to be called, Bush dark, oh but that would be racist! (Cough^Bullshit^)

Then we have Obama saying Bloggers are bullshit and only listen to your Amerika sponsored main stream news propaganda! Yeah, let me get right on that. The fact of the matter is, Bloggers are taking over the dispersion of information. You want truth, don't turn on your t.v. Unless of course you would rather submerse yourself in candy coated streams of Obama rainbow change!
Google Operation Mockingbird! Find out for yourself. People are starting to get it. Look at the ratings numbers of mainstream news. Soon they are going to charge you for the bullshit they feed you. Bon apetite! oh and take a breath mint afterwards!

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