Thursday, October 15, 2009

You Can Handle The Truth!

Many people seem to not want to know the truth. Many people want to be left alone to pursue their version of the dream in the manner of their choosing. I do not blame them. It is also their right as human beings to conduct themselves the way they see fit. We all to some degree help promote the experiences with which we build upon and learn from. We all learn to turn away from the difficulties to some degree. Some more than others.

I don't for one minute think that I have a direct pipeline to the truth. The truth is a very precarious expression that can morph into the most hideous lie in one second flat. Such is it's illusive nature. I also do not pretend to possess a perfectly operating bullshit meter, that alerts me when I run smack into a pile. Sometimes beautiful things rise out of bullshit. You learn a lot about yourself when you are deceived. I have found that lies can make for good fertile ground for truth to grow from.

So my main discourse lies rooted in an undeniable obsession with understanding the exact nature of our shared reality. Often this reality alludes my ability to accept it. I have come to realize that each of us has a built in mechanism for screening out certain realities that may make us feel uncomfortable. The final summation however suggests that as uncomfortable as the truth may be, it is far more advantageous to accept it rather than deny it. It seems that these are the seeds from which critical thinking arise.

I have been fortunate in the fact to have a distinct advantage in my quest. I have learned how to strip my belief systems down to a simple, concise level of operation. My mind is not bogged down with a lot of constraints as to what is possible and what is not. I have many possibilities that reside in quiet corners of my mind, waiting patiently for further confirmation in the expression of the overall mindset of society. Timing is everything. It now seems to me that truth has an unmistakable rhythm of expression that is more conscious of the well being of the whole than I could ever begin to understand. Disclosure of the truth can be ones liberation and enslavement at the same time. Truth can comfort and imperil simultaneously depending upon the systems which are supported, and those which are destroyed. It is vital to understand that this perception is the driving mechanism that dictates the pace at which we move forward or backward.

Knowing some of these concepts we can begin to understand our precarious nature of being at this moment. I firmly believe we are at a juncture where the truth of our reality is about to come crashing into our lives. We may be at a point collectively to be able to endure this and actually thrive as a result of this, and we may not. Multiple levels of understanding can provide immense comfort in difficult times, provided one is capable of shifting one's perspective when necessary.
One of the simplest truths I try to not stray from is do no harm. Truth can do no harm to us. We do it to ourselves, by being incapable of grasping it's significance when it knocks on our door. You can choose not to answer, but eventually it will crash through and become reality, like it or not.

In the end for this writer, truth is the option for each person to do as they wish with. They can ignore it and hold on to outdated systems which provide momentary illusions of well being, or they can accept it and learn to change accordingly, enduring a little discomfort in the short term, but providing long term growth and expansion of perception and being. Which ever one you choose, you win, because you learn a lot about yourself, and you also become the proud possessor of an exact measure of your spiritual maturity, which you will find to be priceless in the days to come!

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