Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dollar Will Be Destroyed

The thing I just can't understand is people are now being told, in the main stream media, that the dollar will be crashed in order to usher in a new global currency and a new world order, and yet the blind sheep keep saying oh that's a conspiracy theory! There is no hidden cabal. The economy is just free flowing, self correcting, and not manipulated! IT JUST HAPPENS! No one sees it coming.
It makes me laugh out loud that people are so naive. All components are in place.

You now have the three power centers of the world getting ready for the switch over.
Washington D.C. - the center of the military might to enforce the New World Order.
Bank of England- the center for all extraction of wealth from the world.
The Vatican.- the center of spiritual control of the world.

This shit is happening and it's real. What can we do about it?
Make people aware. This is the first and most important step. People must understand what is happening and why, before they can do anything about it!

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