Monday, December 7, 2009

Tiger Woods Distraction

Today is opening day. No not a golf championship, although it's hard to tell when all the media wants to talk about is Tiger Woods. It is the opening of the Copenhagen Climate Conference, where rulers from around the world amass in an orgy of writhing in ecstasy over climate cult! Yeah the good ladies of the red light district have even offered free services to conference attendees!(Tiger might be there! Sorry, couldn't resist.) How many private jets, limos, and bottles of champagne will it take to keep the elite happy? What will the carbon footprint of the conference look like? Why did St. Al of the Gore cancel his appearance when this conference was to be his crowning moment?

This climate conference has the possibility of having far reaching ramifications for every person on the planet, yet all we see on the news is Tiger Woods has had affairs with other woman! Who cares? The media have also been silent about climategate, you know, the leaked emails that prove the science behind climate change is equivalent to the moon being made of cheese. However, something closer to home seems to be brewing that could have an immediate impact on ouur economy. Obama seems to be considering, as early as today, formally declaring carbon dioxide a dangerous pollutant! An endangerment finding by the EPA could force limitations on CO2 output. This could be devastating to the economy.

Those of you who remember the May Bilderberg meeting may remember one of the hot topics was whether to crash the U.S. economy hard and fast, or let it burn slow. This EPA mandate would be a huge step in that direction. Obama seems to be dancing on the strings of the masters every whim. The elite have many plans all going at once. They are very intent right now. Let's not be distracted by silly shit right now. We are moving into a critical time of being. Let Tiger Woods play his games, he is only doing what the rich seem to like to do, break the rules then whine about how hard it is to be rich and famous! Oh such problems these poor people have. Let's keep our eye on the prize of learning how to take back our personal power and put an end to all this stupid bullshit, and really start taking care of each other. It will not happen by believing in the scam that is climate change!

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