Friday, April 23, 2010

What Did You Do For Earth Day?

Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of Earth Day! What did you do for the occasion? Did you shut off your electronic devices for the day? Or did you flush the toilet only once all day. Maybe you made a sign about global warming and put it up to educate the masses. Or perhaps you gathered with other like minded, well intentioned people, to make a difference. You do care about the earth don't you?

I have decided, after careful consideration I am not going green. I have also decided that I love Co2 and do not think that my breathing out poisons the earth's atmosphere. I do not think there are too many people on the planet, just too many people exploiting the idea there are too many people on the planet. Going green is just a stupid, fucking moronic advertising slogan to justify the save the planet carbon tax that the ruling elite are trying to force on everyone. I think we should all go red, and our advertising campaign can center around the fluid that should leak from every government official and news agency executive who promotes this carbon tax scheme!

There was a time when the ecological movement focused on the true culprits of our environment. As we have all witnessed, and collectively forgotten, modern life comes with a price. We have also learned that pollution, the main most harmful side effect, can be dealt with in a prudent, responsible manner, provided we all share a collective vision of responsibility. This focus is rightly promoted, however, Co2 is not a poison and the administrators offer a false remedy for the situation. Their solution is to create a market for carbon credits. It already exists. It was created by Al Gore and Ken Leigh of Enron fame. Folks, the solution is to tax the shit out of you for the right to breathe out! The ponzi scheme that is the derivatives market, based on fraud, is the exact model the carbon credit market was created from. The same model as the monetary system! Brought to you by the exact same people. The global warming agenda is driven by a lie, therefore the solution to the non-existent problem will always be just beyond the reach of succeeding. Just like there is never enough money in a monetary system to ever relieve the debt created by the system. It's just a new fancy form of enslavement. It would not surprise me if the completely dump the monetary system to adopt the carbon trade system.

What did you do for earth day? I turned all my gadgets on full blast, left my car run in the driveway all day, lit a wood fire in the burn pit, and left the water run all day. Stop gasping in horror, I'm just kidding. I did not support the intentional fraud known as global warming. Co2 is not a poison! If you believe that you probably believe that an all seeing man in the clouds will piss in your Cheerios if you curse him! Or that if you only believe you will go to heaven when you die! I will let you in on a little secret. That light at the end of the tunnel is not always what you believe it is! Peace! Go RED!!!!

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