Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Something Big Happened Yesterday

We all know that the deep water horizon well gusher is spewing oil into the gulf. We are told by corporate media sources that 5,000 barrels per day is the leak rate. A lot of independent sources say much higher. Yesterday, while watching the live feed cam of the site, a blogger happened to notice something odd. The oil flow rate suddenly increased dramatically.

Hat's off to blogger, Monkeyfist!
Here you can see the unfolding drama with screen captures.
It goes way beyond drama though.
This could very well be the environmental catastrophe of the century.
Please do not believe the corporate media spin on this disaster.
As is the case, we will all end up paying for the corporate greed in ways that are inconceivable.
Our piece of shit government leads the way in lying and deceiving us.
I am beyond pissed off about all of this. Please stop watching and supporting the corporate media! Support independent Bloggers and their work in sharing the truth about what is really going on!
Thank you Monkeyfister!

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